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"I finally got renters insurance. I was always concerned that I needed to get renters insurance because my landlord's insurance didn't cover my stuff. I'm so glad I did, my upstairs neighbor left the bathtub water running and flooded my apartment!"

Juan Moya - Kirkland Renter

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At we believe mitigating your risk of renting an apartment in Kirkland should be quick and easy. We represent the leading renters insurance companies offering renters insurance Kirkland. To get more information about your options:

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Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

An unfortunate incident occurred in Kirkland recently, which emphasizes the paramount importance of renters insurance in Kirkland, WA. An apartment fire resulted in one injured tenant, a lady, who was transferred to Harborview Medical Center with burn injuries. Twelve units were destroyed, causing 9 families to be displaced after the fire.

Kirkland Apartment Fire - Tenants Did Not Have Renters Insurance

In another fire, 8 people were displaced after a blaze through the second story of an apartment building in Kirkland, Washington. Six units were destroyed and surrounding units had minor smoke damage. If any of these unfortunate victims had purchased Kirkland renters insurance, the aftermath of this disaster would have been much more pleasant.

How Do I Get Renters Insurance in Kirkland WA?

Renters insurance for tenants has a number of benefits, including the fact that your contents will be protected during unexpected events such as theft and fire. Renters insurance in Kirkland, WA is just like any other kind of renters insurance, though there are a few things that you should bear in mind if you want to save some cash.

Value You’re Possessions: The premium you pay for renters insurance is going to be based on the value of your possessions. To get the most accurate renters insurance quotes, you’ll need to know how much your possessions are worth. Some insurers have special deals for very valuable items which you can look out for when comparing policies. Don’t get more insurance than you really need (but don’t undervalue your items either)

How To Pay: The way you pay can also impact your premium, and many Kirkland, WA firms will knock money off if you pay your insurance as a lump sum, rather than monthly. This will save you money in the long term, but only if you can afford to pay the higher number up front.

Compare: Renters insurance, Kirkland, WA, will differ from national prices, so use an online comparison service that specifically looks through Kirkland, WA prices rather than national prices.

If you’ve already got insurance other than renters insurance, Kirkland, WA companies may offer you a discount if you then sign up to another kind of insurance with the same company.

It’s also worth doing your research and checking whether certain factors may save you money. For example, having protective devices such as a smoke detector could reduce the premium you pay, or there may be insurers aimed at certain age groups. Students, for example, may find better deals, or you could look for an insurer specifically for those who are retired.

To get the best deals on renters insurance, Kirkland, WA, it really is important that you don’t miss out this research stage. Although it may take time, there are some fantastic deals available once you start looking. If you are looking for renters insurance in Seattle, then please click on the link at the top of the page.

Which Insurance Companies Offer Renters Insurance in Kirkland WA?

What is the best renters insurance in Seattle?

So, you want to find the best renters insurance in Seattle? To determine which insurance company offers the best renters insurance it is necessary to define what “best” means to you. Are you looking for the insurance company with the best price, service, and coverage? These attributes are the typically on the top of everyone’s list but you might also be influenced commercials, word of mouth, or reputation. You might also consider how you buy renters insurance, if you buy it through an insurance agent, or direct from the insurance company.

Unfortunately, most people incorrectly believe all insurance is a commodity. In other words, all factors are the same, there is no best renters insurance or top renters insurance company, only thing that really matters is price. Where we can really help you is shopping for you and finding the best price, best service, and best coverage.  All you need to do is buy the renters insurance from the company we determine best fits your needs and budget.

Renters Insurance is Available in the Following Seattle Neighborhoods and Zip Codes:

Seattle Neighborhoods: Ballard, Beacon Hill, Belltown, Blue Ridge, Boulevard Park, Broadview, Burien, Capitol Hill, Central Area, Columbia City, Downtown, Eastlake, Fremont, Georgetown, Green Lake, Greenwood, International District, Kenmore, Lake City, Lake Forest Park, Laurelhurst, Madison Park, Madrona, Magnolia, Montlake, Mount Baker, Northgate, Phinney Ridge, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne, Rainier Beach, Rainier Valley, Ravenna, Riverton, Sandpoint, Seward Park, Shoreline, Sodo, South Park, University District, Wallingford, West Seattle, White Center, Windermere

Seattle Zip Codes: 98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109, 98112, 98115, 98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125, 98126, 98133, 98134, 98136, 98144, 98146, 98155, 98177, 98178, 98199

Apartment Buildings in Seattle that Require Renters Insurance for their Tenants

Building Name Address Phone Residential Targeted Area
1715 Apartments 1715 NW 58th St 206-289-0621 Ballard
1806 23rd Ave 1806 23rd Ave 866-997-9539 Madison-Miller
1812 12th Ave 1812 12th Avenue 855-748-4173 Capitol Hill
47+7 Sustainable Living 4558 7th Ave NE 206-429-8123 University District - NW
4730 California 4730 California Ave SW 206-632-4730 West Seattle Junction
507 Northgate 507 NE Northgate 866-800-1634 Northgate
525 at the Enclave 525 NE Northgate Way 206-623-2222 Northgate
8727 Phinney Ave N 8727 Phinney Ave N 844-879-0894 Greenwood-Phinney Ridge
9th & Pine Apartments 1601 9th Ave 206-623-1122 Denny Triangle
Alley 24 224 Pontius Ave. N. 855-982-2752 South Lake Union
Altamira Apts 4100 SW Alaska St. 206-937-8439 West Seattle Junction
Alturra aPodments 306 Summit Ave E 206-801-3570 Capitol Hill
Angeline 4801 Rainier Ave S. 206-452-4182 Columbia City
Aperture on Fifth 500 John St 844-920-2838 Uptown
Array 14027 Lake City Way NE 877-824-1118 Lake City
Aura West 4435 35th Ave SW 206-707-9100 West Seattle Junction
Avalon Ballard 1400 NW Market St. 866-960-6255 Ballard
Avalon Queen Anne 300 3rd Ave. W. 866-856-2705 Uptown
Ballard on the Park 2233 NW 58th St. 206-204-5400 Ballard
Ballard Public Lofts 6450 24th Ave. NW 206-467-1483 Ballard
Barclay Broadway 412 Broadway 206-588-8600 First Hill
BASE Capitol Hill 1728 12th Ave 425-773-0559 Capitol Hill
Beryl 1200 E Pike St 206-320-1200 Pike/Pine
Blake 5020 California Ave SW 206-935-3435 West Seattle Junction
Borealis 109 Dexter Ave. N. 206-441-1414 Denny Triangle
Bowman Stoneway 3801 Stone Way N 206-466-1785 Wallingford
Boxcar 975 John St 206-467-1111 South Lake Union
Bridges at 11th 4529 11th Ave NE 206-569-5416 University District - NW
Broadstone Koi 1139 NW Market Street 844-284-7654 Ballard
Broadstone Sky 4745 40th Ave SW 844-367-3017 West Seattle Junction
Broadway Building 1620 Broadway Ave. E. 844-205-3116 Capitol Hill
Cal Park Studios 1806 12th Avenue 855-748-4173 Capitol Hill
Central, The 2203 E Union St 206-328-7075 23rd & Union-Jackson
Centro aPodments 1304 E John St 206-801-3570 Capitol Hill
Century, The 101 Taylor Ave N. 206-317-4214 Uptown
Citizen, The 1220 E Madison 206-621-8888 Capitol Hill
CityLine 4740 32nd Ave S 855-342-4174 Columbia City
Commons at Ballard 5621 22nd Ave. NW 206-963-5499 Ballard
Cortena 227 Boyston Ave E 206-801-3570 Capitol Hill
Craft Apartments 1315 E Jefferson 206-735-0709 Capitol Hill
Cubix 918 N 103rd St 206-782-9299 Aurora Licton Springs
Cue Apartments 721 E Pine St 800-283-2987 Pike/Pine
Decibel 301 12th Ave 206-624-1133 12th Avenue
Denning 2721 17th Ave S 206-653-4088 North Beacon Hill
Denny 18 1823 18th Ave 206-769-5223 12th Avenue
East Howe Steps 1823 Eastlake Ave E. 206-485-5305 Eastlake
East John Apartments 1113 E John St. 877-204-6402 Capitol Hill
Eastlake Flats 2820 Eastlake Ave E 206-735-0256 Eastlake
Eleanor 800 NE 67th St. 855-261-1358 Roosevelt
Element 42 2622 California Ave SW 206-935-3810 Admiral
Emerald 10 315 10th Ave 425-765-7611 12th Avenue
Equinox Apts 1520 Eastlake 877-815-3051 Eastlake
Evolve 954 E Union St 206-328-4006 Pike/Pine
Expo 100 Republican St. 866-271-0726 Uptown
Fauntleroy Lofts 5949 California Ave SW 206-429-5023 Morgan Junction
Footprint 11th 422 11th Ave E 855-816-6234 Capitol Hill
Footprint Delridge 4546 Delridge Way SW 855-412-3708 Delridge/Westwood Highland Pk.
Footprint-Avalon Studios 3266 SW Avalon Way 855-751-8538 West Seattle Junction
Franklin Studios 2371 Franklin Ave E 855-205-6598 Eastlake
Greenhouse 3701 S Hudson St. 855-332-6286 Columbia City
Greenwood 143 NW 85th Street 855-872-1938 Greenwood-Phinney Ridge
H2O Apts 201 West Harrison 206-282-0400 Uptown
Helene Apartments 414 NE Ravenna Blvd. 206-715-7561 Green Lake
Holgate Apts 1814 12th Avenue S 206-769-5223 North Beacon Hill
Icon Apartments 400 S Jackson St. 206-232-2037 Chinatown/ID
Identity (Building "D") 4119 12th Ave NE 206-259-5926 University District - NW
Identity (Building "I") 4106 12th Ave 206-259-5926 University District - NW
Ilaria 1305 E Mercer 206-801-3570 Capitol Hill
Janus 101 NW 85th St. 206-445-6905 Greenwood-Phinney Ridge
Joseph Arnold Lofts 2708 Elliot Ave 206-639-9816 Belltown
Joule Apts 523 Broadway Ave E 866-543-3903 Capitol Hill
Junction 47 4700 California Ave SW 844-611-1787 West Seattle Junction
Junction Flats 4433 42nd Avenue SW 206-420-8222 West Seattle Junction
Kavela 6521 Roosevelt Way NE 206-522-4600 Roosevelt
Keelson 1537 NW 56th St. 206-604-4356 Ballard
Kulle Urban Living 1815 Bellevue Ave. 206-403-1467 Capitol Hill
Larson Building 3206 Harvard Ave E. 206-486-5861 Capitol Hill/Eastlake
Lexicon 120 Harvard Ave E 206-325-7000 Capitol Hill
Lightbox 4545 8th Ave NE 866-878-0546 University District - NW
Lime Studios 3639 Linden Ave N. 206-420-1577 Fremont
Link Apts, The 4550 38th Ave SW 206-937-5465 West Seattle Junction
LIV at East John 1113 E John St 877-204-6402 Capitol Hill
Local 418 Apartments 418 Bellevue Ave E 206-334-6763 Capitol Hill
Local 422 Apartments 422 Summit Ave E 206-334-6763 Capitol Hill
Lofts at the Junction 4535 44th Avenue SW 206-317-7549 West Seattle Junction
Lyric 230 Broadway Ave E 800-648-3912 Capitol Hill
Mad Flats 1523 East Madison Street 844-551-4961 Capitol Hill
Marq West Seattle 3261 SW Avalon Way 844-336-0057 West Seattle Junction
Minnie Flats 101 Denny Way 206-900-8163 Belltown
Modera Capitol Hill 1427 1th Ave. 844-896-1071 Capitol Hill
Modera South Lake Union 434 Dexter 855-289-4475 South Lake Union
Mural Apts, The 4727 42nd Ave SW 206-935-0676 West Seattle Junction
Muriels Landing 5240 University Way NE 206-517-4021 University District - NW
Noble, The 4301 Stone Way 206-577-3450 Wallingford
Nova Apts 4600 36th Ave SW 844-439-8491 West Seattle Junction
OneOne6 116 13th Ave E 425-773-0559 Capitol Hill
Oregon 42 4502 42nd Ave SW 877-268-3086 West Seattle Junction
Othello Station South 4219 S Othello St 206-782-8466 MLK @ Holly
Phinney Ave Studios 8731 Phinney Ave N 844-879-0894 Greenwood-Phinney Ridge
Pine + Minor 1519 Minor Ave 855-982-9984 Pike/Pine
Positano 3640 Woodland Park Ave N 206-801-3570 Fremont
Pratt Park 1800 S Jackson St 877-317-2678 23rd & Union-Jackson
Prexy 4737 Roosevelt Way NE 206-566-3071 University District
Publix 504 Fifth Ave S. 206-467-1581 International District
Ramiro's Place 200 10th Ave E 425-773-0559 Capitol Hill
Ray Apartments 3636 Stone Way N 206-632-9000 Fremont
Ray East 3651 Interlake Ave N 206-632-9000 Fremont
REO Flats 1515 14th Ave 844-746-9591 Pike/Pine
Reverb 1023 E Alder St 206-624-1133 12th Avenue
Roosevelt Townhomes 6313 15th Ave NE 206-527-6157 Roosevelt
Rooster 910 NE 65th St 206-681-9294 Roosevelt
Rubix 515 Harvard Ave E 206-467-4846 Capitol Hill
Ruth Court 123 18th Ave E. 844-494-2482 Capitol Hill
Session Apartments 1717 22nd Ave. 206-323-9113 Capitol Hill
Slate Apartments 3040 17th Ave W 206-397-3341 Dravus
Smith and Burns 1321 N 45th St. 206-829-5018 Greenlake/ Wallingford
Solana aPodments 310 17th Ave S 206-801-3570 23rd & Union-Jackson
Solo Lofts 2018 NW 57 St. 206-972-7107 Ballard
Sophie Studios, The 4743 21st Ave NE 206-403-1467 University District - NW
Springline 3220 California Ave SW 206-687-7564 Admiral
Spruce 3922 SW Alaska St 855-997-6603 West Seattle Junction
Square One 1012 NE 63rd St 844-592-1888 Roosevelt
Squire Park Plaza 1700 S Jackson Street 206-204-8746 23rd & Union-Jackson
Stack House 420 Pontius Ave N 844-338-4905 South Lake Union
Stencil Apartments 2407 E Union St. 206-328-7074 23rd & Union-Jackson
Strada aPodments 4516 7th Ave NE 206-801-3570 University District - NW
Stream Belmont 500 Belmont Ave E 206-325-3663 Capitol Hill
Stream Fifteen 605 15th Ave E 206-999-2853 Capitol Hill
708 Uptown 708 6th Ave N 844-244-2901 Uptown
Studio 7 Apartments 4029 7th Ave SW 855-224-3538 University District- NW
Terrazza aPodments 413 11th Ave 206-801-3570 12th Avenue
Thornton Place 308 NE Thornton Place 206-523-1111 Northgate
Three20 320 East Pine St 844-584-4084 Pike/Pine
Trovere aPodments 4309 7th Ave NE 206-801-3570 University District - NW
Velo Apts 3653 Woodland Park Ave N 206-651-3996 Fremont
Venetia 4324 8th Ave NE 206-801-3570 University District - NW
Vibe Fremont 3601 Greenwood Ave N 206-812-1109 Fremont
Viridian Apartments 6917 California Ave SW 888-726-7892 Morgan Junction
Wallingford Studios 4516 Meridian Ave N 877-257-7208 Wallingford
Wally Apts 4111 Stone Way N 206-623-1275 Wallingford
Walton Lofts 2521 Western Ave 206-962-3573 Belltown
Whittaker (Phase I) 4755 Fauntleroy Way SW 206-866-2917 West Seattle Junction
Yardhouse 1406 E Republican St 206-623-5504 Capitol Hill
Youngstown Flats 4040 26th Ave SW 855-815-3807 Delridge/West wood Highland Park
Zephyr 1650 E. Olive Way 206-322-9010 Capitol Hill

How To Get the Cheapest Renters Insurance in Seattle?

At we believe mitigating your risk of renting an apartment in Seattle should be quick and easy. We represent the leading renters insurance companies offering renters insurance in Seattle. To get more information about your options:

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Customer Testimonials

A long time ago someone told me that the landlord's insurance would cover my belongings.  There was a fire upstairs (someone left candles unattended) and the tenant lost all their clothes and electronics. No renters insurance. The dude was screwed.

Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming Seattle - Queen Anne

Getting renters insurance was easy and a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be. It was good to get it off my to-do list.

Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Seattle - Capitol Hill

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