The True Colors of A Hero: Jack, the Pitbull, Saves Kitty From Coyotes!

Jack Saves Kitty 2

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They stand up for those in need, no matter who they’re up against. Such is the story of Jack the pit bull. He was once left in a shelter, but he got a second chance at life when Peter took him home. However, when Peter was deployed to Afghanistan, Jack stayed with Peter’s mother, Sherree, and her cat, Kitty.


These two family pets developed a special bond. They became fast friends, constantly at each others’ side. However, things took a turn for the worse when two coyotes, lurking around the neighborhood, decided that Kitty would make a delicious meal. When Sherree opened the door of her house she was shocked to find her cat being shaken violently by the coyotes. Kitty was at the mercy of the two creatures who were grabbing her by her head and tail. The scene would’ve painted a desperate and hopeless picture to most, but it was so just for a moment. When Jack realized what was happening, he didn’t waste a second to rush to the rescue of his feline friend. He fought off the two attackers and made headlines in trying to save Kitty.

Eventually, the cat was safe and the coyotes fended off. While Kitty did suffer some injuries and was unable to walk, doctors were assured she would be much better soon. Jack had gotten there just in time. Had it not been for him, no one would’ve been able to save the cat. In this sudden incident, Jack proved his friendship and loyalty. Sherree believes he understood the situation and the urgency instantly, for he wouldn’t have behaved the way he did to other dogs. Moreover, she also called him an example of the goodness of pit bulls. Pit bulls, like Jack, can protect you and the ones you love, especially in the face of such incidents.

While most people are careful around pit bulls due to their fearsome reputation, Jack shows a different side of them. After the incident, he stayed on guard for days, just to ensure that the coyotes didn’t return. All this while, he also kept a constant watch over Kitty to see if she was doing any better. He is an example of courage, loyalty and bravery, much like his owner, Peter. After all, it is unfair to judge a dog by his breed. Jack is the perfect image of a loyal, friendly and loving pit bull. While extremely strong, he uses his strength for the protection of those he loves.

Headlines will often bring sensational news of how someone got mauled by a pit bull, but it’s stories like this that restore our faith in the world. After all, you can’t dismiss an entire breed just because of a few bad ones. If that was the case, humans would be the worst of the lot.

After this incident, residents were advised to keep their animals in at night. The coyotes were eventually caught as well. But the bravery and heroism of Jack is well remembered. He set an example of heroism which is greatly admired even today.