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Two unfortunate incidents that occurred in Seattle recently, have gone on to underscore the paramount importance of renters insurance in Seattle, WA. In the first, an apartment fire resulted in one injured tenant, a lady, who was found lying beneath her 2nd story balcony. 44 other tenants were also rendered homeless after this fire extensively damaged 18 units of this 3 story apartment building.

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Smoke billows from a SeaTac apartment building on Saturday. (Kent Fire Department)

In the second incidence, an explosion, which is believed to have been triggered by an accidental gas leak, leveled several buildings in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Including an apartment building and a multi-family dwelling whose residents had to be evacuated to safety. Should any of these very unfortunate individuals or families had obtained Seattle renters insurance, their plight will be infinitely better.

What is renters insurance and its importance?

In essence, this is an insurance policy that operates in much or more similar manner as a homeowners insurance policy. The only major difference been that it is specifically tailored for those individuals who reside in rental homes. To this end, it can significantly assist such people to effectually protect themselves and their valuable belongings. Most particularly in the event of their apartments been subjected to any damage or even in the cases these homes are burglarized.

One popular misconception that quite a large number of tenants entertain is that the landlord’s insurance policy will cover their property in case of any loss or damage. However, this for the most part, usually depends on the exact rental lease that a tenant signs prior to moving into a rented apartment. Therefore, you should not make the assumption that your landlord will be held liable for damage triggered by issues like leaking roofs or broken down appliances. This of course can be the case if your rental lease explicitly states so.

However, in most cases than not, landlords normally place a clause, which denies any liability on their part for theft, damage to personal belongings or injuries that guests to your home might sustain. Additionally, the rental lease, you sign might also necessitate you to take up renters insurance in Seattle, WA, especially if the apartment is one of the high end varieties.

As such, this can be an excellent move on your part, which provides you with sufficient coverage in the event your personal property is stolen or damaged for one reason or the other. It will also give your sufficient legroom in the circumstances where you happen to unintentionally cause injuries or property damage to other units in your apartment block. Let us now look at just what Seattle renters insurance usually covers.

Injuries which guests to your home sustain

Accidents can occur at your rented home that can lead to invited guests to your home sustaining serious injuries. Some of the most common can include such individuals slipping, tripping or falling due to some negligence on your part. Objects like paintings or sculptures can also fall on them when least expected. In such occurrences, there is a very high possibility of being held liable for the injuries and medical expenses, should you guest sue you for negligence. And having bought some form of renters insurance policy can enable you to cover such expenses in a convenient manner.


In the event that burglars invade your rental home, your landlord will not be held responsible for any of your stolen valuables. This judgment naturally assumes that he or she was not in any way responsible for the break-in. For instance, there happen to be some states in the US, which require a landlord to put in place “minimum security measures.” Should a theft occur in one of their tenants homes as a result of inadequate security, he or she will have some level of culpability. On the other hand, if this was not the case, the likelihood of recovering your stolen valuables can be pretty slim, if you have not provided yourself with renters insurance.

Natural disasters

Should your rental and your personal property be subjected to extensive damage as a result of natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes or tornadoes, a rental insurance in Seattle, WA will have you covered. In such situations your landlord can take it upon himself or herself the duty of repairing the damages that the apartment sustained. But in most cases than not, the damage to your personal belongings and property will not be covered. Thus, taking the prudent step to obtain this type of insurance policy will allow you to safeguard your personal property whenever such natural disasters strike. Also, earthquake insurance is typically not included in a renters insurance policy. Some insurance companies do include as an optional endorsement for an additional fee. However, since there are several earthquake faults in Seattle, adding earthquake insurance to your renters insurance policy is a prudent course of ac

Unnatural fires that arise from short circuit damage

Fires that flare as a result of electrical faults or even short circuit damage can at times be covered by your landlord, through his landlord insurance policy. However, this is very rare. In most scenarios you will be usually held responsible for the smoke as well as fire damage. Not only to your personal belongings, but those of that occur to the rental property as well. Should you happen to live in a multi-family dwelling, like in the earlier mentioned incident, and the fire begins to spread to other units, you will be held liable for the damages to your neighbors’ property.

Extra living expenses

Most Seattle renters insurance policies are also highly noted for offering coverage for any additional living expenses you may incur after your rental home becomes uninhabitable for one reason or the other. This can be a veritable godsend, particularly if you perhaps do not have any relatives or close friends you can put up with after such disasters.

How much does a renters insurance policy cost?

The exact amount you may be obliged to foot for this kind insurance policy largely depends on the coverage you ultimately settle for. Most people tend to think that it can be very expensive, but this is certainly not always the case. The given rates for renters insurance normally differs in accordance with how much of your property you wish to be covered. The exact deductible amount you opt for and even the state you reside in are also important factors.

Nevertheless, on an average basis, you will be obliged to pay no than a couple of hundred of dollars for a $500,000 liability coverage along with $50,000 property damage. As you can evidently see renters insurance in Seattle, WA is not a luxury, but an important necessity that can offer comprehensive protection, if you live in a rental home.

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