Raja, Pit Bull Hero, Saves Owner from House Fire

Raja Pit Bull HeroAny animal lover who owns a pet will tell you a dog is like a child. Some pet parents will even let it be common knowledge that their dog will obey better than their own children. Pit bulls are often a very controversial dog breed. It seems that people want to hold on to the bad stories and forget the Pit Bull hero stories that are shared. Perhaps it is just that we feel we have to protect our family from harm, even if it means missing out on the good. Pit Bulls are actually one of the most loyal breeds, most well taken care of will even withstand a fire to save their owner.

One of many Pit Bull Hero Stories

One cold night, an owner is sitting by a fire with their pit bull. After a little bit the owner notices the fire has gone out so they take the ashes and remove them from the fireplace. The ashes are disposed of in a plastic wastebasket. The owner then finishes their nightly routine and settles in for the night.

Not long after they are awakened by the pit bull jumping up on the bed. Tired and agitated they push the pet back in to the floor and tells them to go lie down. The dog then grabs the blanket and pulls it off the bed. When the owner gets up to retrieve the blanket, the pit bull is clearly acting agitated and runs out of the run. The owner hears the pit barking from the other room. Curious, the owner follows the pet down the hall. The entire front end of the house is engulfed in flames. The ashes have burned through the contents of the waste basket and are now working through the living room. The owner escapes the fire, only because her beloved pet has made her aware of the situation.

Raja Pit Bull Hero House

Pet Pit Bulls are the True Victims of Injustices

Pit bull hero stories are everywhere. You can find them online or in the newspaper regularly. Why, then, are some home owners insurance blacklisting them? In some cases home owners are finding out that just because they own a pit bull they cannot get covered. In other cases, when the home owner insurance is cancelled as soon as the company finds out that a home owner has a pit bull. Companies charge thousands of dollars extra to cover a home that has a beloved pit bull, if they do happen to cover the home at all. This is discrimination that is causing shelters all over the world to fill up with ousted pit bulls. Not only is it unjust, but it is also costing some of these loving dogs their lives. Pets that have never done anything but love their family’s are being rejected simply because of the type of dog the happen to be. All dog breeds have stories of mean personalities, but only the pit bulls lose their life because of the type of dog they were born as. That is probably the worse injustice that mankind can inflict on any animal. It should be left up to a family to decide what kind of animal they want to adopt, not a home owner insurance company.