Pit Bull Puppy Stabbed to Death at Dog Park in Auburn, WA

Auburn, WA has not been a very safe place this month for Pit Bulls in parks.  On Monday afternoon, Malia Moniz and Nicole Young brought their two Pit bulls to Roegner off-leash park. One was an extremely vivacious large puppy named Cain.

Pit Bull PuppyThe two Pit Bulls were playing when an unidentified man arrived at the park with his English bulldog. The man became nervous when Cain and his dog growled and nipped at one another.  He picked up his dog and yelled to the woman to get their dog.  The man was then seen on top of the pit bull swinging his hand up and down.  The police confirmed the man had stabbed Cain four times.

Nicole and Malia watched Cain’s eyes start to flutter and roll. He died before he could get medical attention. The police are waiting for a witness before proceeding further.

A few weeks earlier, in Big Bend Park, a different park in Auburn, a man beat and stabbed his pit-mix named Jewels.  Auburn police were dispatched when a man was seen pounding a dog with a rock. Stormy J. Gage was charged the 49-year-old Auburn man with one count of first-degree animal cruelty.

My advice – If you are a pit bull, or you own a pit bull stay the hell out Auburn, Washington!!!