Pit Bull Hades Saves Boy From Bee Swarm

Hades Pit Bull

August 27th, 2014 — OREGON CITY, OR — A perfect example of just how great a loyal, well-loved pit bull can be in your family is the story of Hades, a female pit bull who was owned by a family in a suburban neighborhood in Oregon City, Oregon. Hades’ owner, Jesse-Cole Shaver, was an eight year old boy playing with his friends around the neighborhood. One of the boys stepped on a dead log and released a swarm of angry bees. All the boys ran away, except for Jesse-Cole, who must have fallen down or was scared to stone. Hades recognized the danger and grabbed Jesse-Cole by the pant leg and dragged him up the hill. Hades then stopped, and allowed Jesse-Cole to climb on her back and carried him to safety. Jesse-Cole’s mother saw the spectacle from her car. Hades got the eight year old away from the bees after he had undergone at least twenty four stings.


Hades saved Jesse Cole’s life. He could have undergone a severe amount of bee stings that could have made him very sick or killed him. Hades showed her bravery and loyalty by rescuing her human friend. Hades grew up around these children and loved them so much that she risked her life to save one of them. Most dog breeds wouldn’t have jumped in to save the day, so this story displays the great magnitude at which popular opinion is wrong about these sweet pit bulls.

Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in existence. Known as fierce, vicious creatures, many people protest this breed of dog and call for its extinction. Families make complaints when pit bulls move into their neighborhoods. These dogs have a fierce bark and will definitely scare your mail man, but they are not what they seem. Pit bulls are just like any other breed of dog: they are loyal, loving creatures who are usually spoiled by their owners and act like big babies. They pant and roll onto their backs so that they can receive belly rubs. If taken care of, like all other dog breeds, pit bulls will be friendly, gentle, and protective creatures to you and your family.

Pit bulls gained their bad reputation because they were turned into fighting dogs. Men would train these dogs to rip at each other’s throats for sport and for money. These dogs were abused, mistreated, and not fed properly. When released, they could not trust any human, and they attacked innocent people. The pit bulls that committed these crimes were conditioned to act like this by the men that controlled this sick sport. The men are the real monsters. Dog fighting is illegal and highly frowned upon. It is considered animal abuse. Pit bulls are victims, not the enemy. The breed is not to blame for the bad behavior of the poor dogs that were bred to fight and killed to survive.

Families should consider adopting pit bulls if they want loyal, smart, and loving companions for their children to grow up with. No dog breed is perfect, but pit bulls are not the vicious dog breed they are portrayed to be and they should not be discriminated again. If you love dogs, consider getting a pit bull.