Isis, Pit Bull Hero, Saves Owner From Attack and Inspires the Lifting of Town’s Pit Bull Ban

IsisMay 27th, 2015 (HAZEL PARK, MI) — The city council members of Hazel Park, Michigan banned the possession on newly acquired pit bulls or pit bulls that were not fully licensed on February 1, 2012. Anyone caught with a pit bull would be fined and would have to appear before a judge. The pit bull would also be impounded and put down if it were discovered. For two years, the ordinance stood in Hazel Park. Then along came a dog named Isis.

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Isis is a pit bull that lives with her owner Jamie Kraczkowski in Hazel Park, Michigan, against city ordinance and in secret. Isis is very loyal to her owner and loves her very much. Jamie also loves her dog more than anything. One day in March 2015, Jamie’s drunk ex-boyfriend appeared at her small home and tried to attack Jamie. Isis came to her owner’s rescue and bit the man, causing him to run away with fear. Faithful Isis soon became famous for being a hero to her owner.

Officials gained knowledge of this story and ordered Jamie to put her pit bull down. Perplexed and unwilling, Jamie decided to move away in order to spare her loyal friend’s life. Isis’ safety meant the most to Jamie. The woman made plans to move and even raised money for trip despite protests that were being given on her behalf.

Even though it has been some time since Isis showed her extreme bravery and heroism, the story did eventually inspire city officials to lift the ban on the pit bull breed. The city justified their actions for placing the ordinance in the first place, saying that they had to ban the breed because they couldn’t ban the bad dog owners. The officials did lift the band though because the breed is ultimately not at fault for some bad apples in the bunch.

Hazel Park is still wary of pit bulls though. They must be kept in enclosed backyard by at least six feet of fence. This is pretty high for residential fencing. The pit bulls also need to be licensed, kept up to date on shots, and the owners must have home or renter’s insurance. These ordinances are in effect despite local protestations against discriminating against this dog breed.

Pit bulls are just another breed of dog. They are loyal, loving creatures just like Isis. They can be extremely docile animals and even live with babies and small children. Pit bulls are only vicious when they grow up in abusive and negligent homes and are taught to fight. Police dogs behave very similarly to vicious pit bulls. Even though they are well trained creatures, they are certainly not nice creatures due to the way they were raised. Dogs are every affected by their environments, just like people. Towns like Hazel Park have fears about the breed and mixed feelings about how to address the dog issues they have, but banning pit bulls is certainly not the answer. Isis helped the town realize that, and for that reason, she truly is a hero.