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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Seattle?

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The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance in Seattle, Washington

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How Does Car Insurance Work in Seattle?

If you intend to drive a car in Seattle, it is mandatory to have yourself registered under at least one of the following –

  • Auto Insurance
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Self-Insured
  • Liability Bond

People mostly opt for full coverage auto insurance policy for their car, as this is easier then the other options and the rates are quite moderate based on the coverage they provide. An average car insurance Seattle Washington comes with a monthly payment rate of $125, or an annual payment rate of $1,499.

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need in Seattle?

A car insurance is basically designed to safeguard the driver as well as the passengers from any financial issues, in case of an accident, or any issues related to their car.

It is recommended to get insurance when you buy a car, not just because it is the law but the protection car insurance affords beyond the law are extremely helpful. If you have an older auto you may need classic car insurance and if you don't own a car you may need non-owner car insurance. In case of an accident, the victim might sue the driver, and the driver has to pay a huge amount as compensation.

Here’s where the insurance comes in handy and performs its magical. If the driver has a car insurance, then the insurance company protects the driver from paying that huge sum.

Types of Car Insurance

Liability Coverage 

Liability Coverage covers for the harms caused by the vehicle to other people. It covers both injuries to a person’s body as well as property. So, if an accident or harm is caused to someone else and you owe them money, then the liability coverage not only pays for that, but also for the attorney if one is involved. Following is the monetary coverage that it pays for–

In any one accident, $25,000 is paid for 1 injured person.

In any one accident, $50,000 is paid for 2 injured persons.

In any one accident, $10,000 is paid for any property damage.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UMC) or Uninsured Motorist (UM) covers the harm caused to you, by another motorist. It works, only when the opposite party has either no liability coverage or an insufficient one. Though it is kind of optional, still it is to be included in the auto insurance policy. According to it-

In any one accident, $25,000 is paid for 1 injured person.

In any one accident, $50,000 is paid for 2 injured persons.

In any one accident, $5,000 is paid for any property damage.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage 

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP) pays for the medical expanses regardless of whose fault it was. So, one can claim for the insurance in case of any accident. It can be of three types depending on the one you choose-

$50,000-$100,000 for medical or rehabilitation purposes.

$12,000 or $24,000 for work loss coverage.

$4,000 for funeral process.

Collision Coverage 

This is an optional kind of coverage in auto insurance Seattle, WA. If this type is bought then regardless of whose fault it was, the coverage pays for the damage caused to the car due to collision. Since, there are no stated laws for this, the terms are decided by the insurance company.

Comprehensive Coverage

It is another optional kind that covers damages caused to the car, other than collision. Like, damage caused due theft, natural calamities, vandalism etc. For this also the terms are decided by the insurance company.

Overall car insurance Seattle is mandatory, so you may choose whichever you want. But, it is always advisable to go for an auto insurance policy, as it saves you a lot of money and risk and allows you to drive around tension free.


Reimburses you for the cost of towing your vehicle to your home or the nearest auto repair facility.

Rental Reimbursement

Pays the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is in the repair shop.

Car Insurance Lawyer

If you hurt or kill my client in a car accident that is your fault. I will sue you for damages including pain and suffering. Make sure you have enough liability insurance to protect your assets (home equity, savings/investments, and wages). If you don't, then any settlement amount above your liability limits will come out of your own pocket. Consider a Personal Liability Umbrella if your assets exceed $1,000,000.

Car Insurance Lawyer, Seattle, WA


How Do I Get a Seattle Car Insurance Quotes?

There is no doubt that it is mandatory to get your vehicle insured. Driving your car on the roads without insurance is an offense and it could land you into lot of trouble should there be an accident or other such problems.

There are many auto insurance companies and therefore getting the right policy for your vehicle should not be a big problem. 

The Key to Getting an Online Car Insurance Quote

However, choosing the best Seattle auto insurance quotes could be a confusing decision for many because there are so many companies offering car insurance. You must know where and how to look for them and the internet certainly has a big role to play.

Today, most of the auto insurance policies are sold online and therefore you must know how to make the best use of the internet. We will try and find out the ways and means by which you can get the best possible insurance quotes for your automobile.

Do Some Thorough Research

As mentioned above, the internet is the best place where you will be able to get the best possible rates and auto insurance policies. Therefore, you must spend some time researching on the internet, using the right keywords.

Inputting suitable keywords will give you a list of agents as well as insurance companies who sell their auto insurance policies directly to customers. This will help you to broad base your search and identify at least a dozen such service providers.

Be Sure About Your Requirements 

Auto insurance companies require some basic information based on which they can offer you quotes. They would ask for garage location, which in most cases is the location of your home where the vehicle usually is parked. If you have more than one such location, you must give the address where the vehicle stays parked for majority of the time.

Be Ready With Necessary Information About The Vehicle

While seeking online quotes, you must provide the necessary information required by the insurance companies. This could include the name of the car manufacturer, the model name, year of purchase, date purchased, odometer and various other pertinent details. In most cases there is a readymade template available and you must fill in all the relevant details correctly and accurately.

Add Driver Information

If the vehicle is being driven by more than one driver, then the necessary details should also be provided. There could be many situations where both the husband and wife could be sharing the same vehicle. If so, you must give relevant details like their age, and driving license details. Most insurance companies require information concerning all licensed drivers living at the residence.

You might also be required to share information about your driving track record and the tickets you might have gathered over a period of time. This could impact the cost of your insurance policy quite significantly.

Fully Complete the Online Auto Insurance Application

Once you have shortlisted a few auto insurance agents or companies, you must ensure that you fill up all the relevant details completely, fully and accurately. This will help you to get the best possible quotes and also avoid unnecessary delays and moving of information back and forth. This could even lead to increased premium costs because in many cases, the rates are valid only for a certain period of time.


How Much is Car Insurance in Seattle?

If you are looking to buy car insurance, then there are several factors that you need to consider in order to get the auto insurance that suits you best.

This way, if you are aware of the guidelines that insurance companies use to determine the price for car insurance, then you can perhaps influence those factors so that you can get a better and affordable car insurance deal.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Auto Insurance

Thus, the ability to get low-cost car insurance will be in your hands by being aware of the criteria for determination of your car insurance rates. Below are the factors that determine car insurance prices.

Age Group

The most important criterion for determining car insurance cost is the age group of the driver who is going to get insured. In principle, if you are of older age, then you will be considered in a lower risk group and thus you will be able to get your car insurance for a cheaper price.


Research shows men are more likely to crash particularly in their early driving years.Women are considered a low-risk group and thus get a lower price for their car insurance policy.

Driver's Record

If you have a driving record that is filled with accident records, speeding tickets, and other violations; then, of course, you will be considered in a high-risk group and thus you will have a more expensive insurance quote as a result.

However, if you have a good record, then you will be able to have a better pricing for your auto insurance policy.

Car Type

Owning a high-priced car will cause you to have a higher insurance premium and having a low-cost car will result in low-cost insurance premiums.

Also, the historic cost to repair the car and the amount of damage certain cars cause other property and bodily injury is taken in consideration.

Car Safety

The relative safety factors that you provide for your vehicle is also an important factor in determining the car insurance cost. If you have a closed garage and if you have an advanced alarm system for your car (as well as for your garage), then your auto insurance costs can be lowered considerably. Make sure that the insurance company knows about the safety conditions that you provide for your car.

Frequency of Usage

The car mileage, as well as the frequency of usage for your car, are vital in determining the cost of insurance. If you use your car too frequently, then you are considered to be in a higher risk group and thus your insurance premiums will go up.

Credit Rating

If you have a bad credit rating, then this will also affect your insurance premiums. If you have a negative report with a low credit score, then you will be considered as a higher risk group and thus your average cost of car insurance will be higher than normal.

Thus, if you want to get a lower price, then it is important for you to maintain a clean credit history so that you can get better prices.

Claims Record of Driver

If you have a bad credit rating, then this will also affect your insurance premiums. If you have a negative report with a low credit score, then you will be considered as a higher risk group and thus your average cost of car insurance will be higher than normal.

Thus, if you want to get a lower price, then it is important for you to maintain a clean credit history so that you can get better prices.


How To Compare Seattle Car Insurance?

There are many things in life that you must have in Seattle. Car insurance is one of those things.

Most people cannot afford to pay for all the costs associated with an accident. Car insurance helps cover the cost of injuries and damages that are a direct result of an accident. This is why it is so important that you have car insurance.

Just because you must have car insurance does not mean that you have to pay a lot for it. In fact, you should always shop for the best deal possible. You can make sure that you are getting the best deal when you compare car insurance in Seattle.

Car Insurance Comparison Can Decease Your Rates

You should compare car insurance before you purchase any new car insurance policy. You should also compare prices periodically to make sure you are still getting the best deal possible.

Finding great deals on car insurance in Seattle may not be a daunting task. Adverts for cheap car insurance can be found everywhere. You may even have some websites and phone numbers memorized due to the prevalence of car insurance advertising. If not, you can do a quick search online using your favorite search engine. This will likely provide you with numerous deals that you would not have found otherwise.

Once you find a few great deals, you need to compare car insurance so that you can find the best car insurance policy to meet your individual needs. Pay attention to the following:


The premium is the amount of money that you will pay for the car insurance. Be careful not to compare car insurance based on premium alone. There are many factors that can affect the cost of a policy, and the lowest premium might not be attached to the best policy.


The deductible is the amount of money that you will have to pay out of pocket for any claim that you file. The excess that you choose directly affects the cost of your policy.


Make sure that you understand all that is covered and not covered when you compare car insurance. What looks like a great deal may turn out to be a stingy policy that doesn't give you protection when you need it.


Always ask for all discounts that you are eligible for. Don't think that you won't be eligible. There are several different types of discounts to choose from. Different insurers offer different discounts so be sure to ask.

Reputation & Reviews

Check the reviews and the official insurer ratings of the car insurance companies you're comparing.

Reviews are generally unbiased assessments that former or current buyers give online about the experience they had with the company in question. These can very good places to start as the reviews are mostly not sugar-coated. Insurer rating may also give you a lot of information about the car insurance company that you are considering to do business with.

What auto insurance features are you looking for?

Determine what features you want for your car insurance policy before you call companies asking for a quote. Before you get on the phone or start contacting insurance companies online, think carefully about what you need to meet your minimum needs.

Are you looking for a basic policy that meets the minimum legal requirements in the event you are involved in an accident, or do you want additional features such as roadside assistance, towing repair help or car rental coverage? Some companies will offer these things at no additional charge, while others charge a monthly fee for these features, so be sure and decide what you are looking for before you start placing those first calls requesting quotes. Otherwise, you will be easily convinced to sign up for things that you may not desire.

Car insurance is a necessity, but you can control the cost of it by comparing car insurance quotes. Never purchase a policy based on price alone. Always do a car insurance comparison so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal and a policy that meets your needs.


Who Is the Best Car Insurance Company in Seattle?

When it comes to car insurance which is designed to protect you and your investment, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a financially stable and reputable insurance company.

However, with a plethora of insurance companies in Seattle, finding the best can be quite a daunting task.

How to determine the best car insurance company in Seattle?

Here are some effective tips to help you find the best insurance company in Seattle, Washington.

Check the state’s insurance department website

Washington has an insurance department website that regulates auto insurers. This website contains valuable information about insurance companies such as licensing and complaint filings. It also includes the rate filings of the insurance company which means that you can see how often the provider requests to increase its rates as well as if the requests are granted.

Check financial stability

It is important to check the financial status of an insurance company so as to determine whether or not it will be able to pay your claims. You can check the financial strength rating on websites of companies such as Standard & Poor, A.M. Best, Fitch or Moody's, and Fitch Group. Though most major insurance companies are safe bets, this information is helpful when dealing with lesser known companies.

Check licensing

All insurance companies in Seattle must be licensed to operate. For your own peace of mind, ensure that you only deal with a licensed provider. You can confirm the license validity with the State’s department by phone or online.

Find out what the customers think

In order to determine whether or not you will be happy with a specific insurance company, you need to find out what the customers think. Request for contact details of at least five random customers and ask them information about the provider such as the length of time it takes to settle a claim, the ease of filing a claim and how easy it is to reach the customer service.

If you get all positive review, then you can hire the insurance company, if not, then consider looking somewhere else.


Who Offers the Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle?

What is the cheapest car insurance in Seattle?

This is one of the questions many car owners in Seattle are looking for answers on online. If you are one of them, we have you sorted. In this article, we have explained steps you can use to find cheap car insurance Seattle companies. Read on to learn more.

The Best Method for Getting Cheap Car Insurance in Seattle

The car owners in Seattle with the cheapest auto insurance rates were not giving these rates, they earned them by following the steps outlined below.

Compare auto insurance quotes online

There are several third party websites you can use to compare car insurance quotes from different companies using your zip code. You don’t need to pay anything to compare quotes from top companies. These sites offer a free online resource for car owners interested in learning more about car insurance.

Compare quotes offline

You need to consult your area local phone book to know the number of insurance companies or agents near you. Then, you need to visit each of them to know how much they are asking for insurance premiums. During the visit, remember to take notes regarding how much they are asking.

Check for discounts

Most car insurance companies in Seattle offer a variety of discounts to customers who insure multiple cars with one policy, agree to receive documents online, pay their entire annual premium at once, drivers who have a clean driving record and much more. You need to consult with agents or check car insurance company websites to find out which ones might apply to you.

Get recommendations

You need to ask your friends and family members to recommend the cheapest car insurance Seattle companies for you. Ask them which company they use and how much they are paying in premiums. You are sure to receive an unbiased advice and opinion from them.

Review sites

You will know who offers the cheapest car insurance in Seattle using consumer or expert reviews posted on various websites. Through these sites, you will know not only who offers the cheapest insurance but also who offers better services.


How Do I Find Auto Insurance Near Seattle?

You might've heard buying from a national insurer is the way to go; but this isn't always the case. So why buy from a local insurer?

When choosing a car insurance near me policy, you will realize many benefits. 

Some reasons to buy car insurance locally are: 

  • Local car insurance agents are familiar with your city in Washington, so can offer the best quote in the area.
  • Local agents know your city in Washington risk profile. Although a national agent has the data, local agents actually understand risk, knows the most common claims in the area, and can point you in the right direction when choosing a policy.
  • They are there. As simple as it sounds, you can always pop in, ask questions, get new quote rates, or learn about other policy options as you desire.

Even though you might want to go through national, top insurers for auto policies, it pays off to at least shop locally. These are some reasons to consider a local Washington insurer/agent, when choosing your car insurance policy.

To get specific recommendations of car insurance agents in your city, please click on the link below.

Car Insurance Aberdeen WA Car Insurance Mill Creek WA
Car Insurance Airway Heights WA Car Insurance Millwood WA
Car Insurance Algona WA Car Insurance Milton WA
Car Insurance Anacortes WA Car Insurance Monroe WA
Car Insurance Arlington WA Car Insurance Montesano WA
Car Insurance Asotin WA Car Insurance Morton WA
Car Insurance Auburn WA Car Insurance Moses Lake WA
Car Insurance Bainbridge Island WA Car Insurance Mossyrock WA
Car Insurance Battle Ground WA Car Insurance Mount Vernon WA
Car Insurance Bellevue WA Car Insurance Mountlake Terrace WA
Car Insurance Bellingham WA Car Insurance Moxee WA
Car Insurance Benton City WA Car Insurance Mukilteo WA
Car Insurance Bingen WA Car Insurance Napavine WA
Car Insurance Black Diamond WA Car Insurance Newcastle WA
Car Insurance Blaine WA Car Insurance Newport WA
Car Insurance Bonney Lake WA Car Insurance Nooksack WA
Car Insurance Bothell WA Car Insurance Normandy Park WA
Car Insurance Bremerton WA Car Insurance North Bend WA
Car Insurance Brewster WA Car Insurance North Bonneville WA
Car Insurance Bridgeport WA Car Insurance Oak Harbor WA
Car Insurance Brier WA Car Insurance Oakville WA
Car Insurance Buckley WA Car Insurance Ocean Shores WA
Car Insurance Burien WA Car Insurance Okanogan WA
Car Insurance Burlington WA Car Insurance Olympia WA
Car Insurance Camas WA Car Insurance Omak WA
Car Insurance Carnation WA Car Insurance Oroville WA
Car Insurance Cashmere WA Car Insurance Orting WA
Car Insurance Castle Rock WA Car Insurance Othello WA
Car Insurance Centralia WA Car Insurance Pacific WA
Car Insurance Chehalis WA Car Insurance Palouse WA
Car Insurance Chelan WA Car Insurance Pasco WA
Car Insurance Cheney WA Car Insurance Pateros WA
Car Insurance Chewelah WA Car Insurance Pomeroy WA
Car Insurance Clarkston WA Car Insurance Port Angeles WA
Car Insurance Cle Elum WA Car Insurance Port Orchard WA
Car Insurance Clyde Hill WA Car Insurance Port Townsend WA
Car Insurance Colfax WA Car Insurance Poulsbo WA
Car Insurance College Place WA Car Insurance Prescott WA
Car Insurance Colville WA Car Insurance Prosser WA
Car Insurance Connell WA Car Insurance Pullman WA
Car Insurance Cosmopolis WA Car Insurance Puyallup WA
Car Insurance Covington WA Car Insurance Quincy WA
Car Insurance Davenport WA Car Insurance Rainier WA
Car Insurance Dayton WA Car Insurance Raymond WA
Car Insurance Deer Park WA Car Insurance Redmond WA
Car Insurance Des Moines WA Car Insurance Renton WA
Car Insurance DuPont WA Car Insurance Republic WA
Car Insurance Duvall WA Car Insurance Richland WA
Car Insurance East Wenatchee WA Car Insurance Ridgefield WA
Car Insurance Edgewood WA Car Insurance Ritzville WA
Car Insurance Edmonds WA Car Insurance Rock Island WA
Car Insurance Electric City WA Car Insurance Roslyn WA
Car Insurance Ellensburg WA Car Insurance Roy WA
Car Insurance Elma WA Car Insurance Royal City WA
Car Insurance Entiat WA Car Insurance Ruston WA
Car Insurance Enumclaw WA Car Insurance Sammamish WA
Car Insurance Ephrata WA Car Insurance SeaTac WA
Car Insurance Everett WA Car Insurance Seattle WA
Car Insurance Everson WA Car Insurance Sedro-Woolley WA
Car Insurance Federal Way WA Car Insurance Selah WA
Car Insurance Ferndale WA Car Insurance Sequim WA
Car Insurance Fife WA Car Insurance Shelton WA
Car Insurance Fircrest WA Car Insurance Shoreline WA
Car Insurance Forks WA Car Insurance Snohomish WA
Car Insurance George WA Car Insurance Snoqualmie WA
Car Insurance Gig Harbor WA Car Insurance Soap Lake WA
Car Insurance Gold Bar WA Car Insurance South Bend WA
Car Insurance Goldendale WA Car Insurance Spangle WA
Car Insurance Grand Coulee WA Car Insurance Spokane WA
Car Insurance Grandview WA Car Insurance Spokane Valley WA
Car Insurance Granger WA Car Insurance Sprague WA
Car Insurance Granite Falls WA Car Insurance Stanwood WA
Car Insurance Harrington WA Car Insurance Stevenson WA
Car Insurance Hoquiam WA Car Insurance Sultan WA
Car Insurance Ilwaco WA Car Insurance Sumas WA
Car Insurance Issaquah WA Car Insurance Sumner WA
Car Insurance Kahlotus WA Car Insurance Sunnyside WA
Car Insurance Kalama WA Car Insurance Tacoma WA
Car Insurance Kelso WA Car Insurance Tekoa WA
Car Insurance Kenmore WA Car Insurance Tenino WA
Car Insurance Kennewick WA Car Insurance Tieton WA
Car Insurance Kent WA Car Insurance Toledo WA
Car Insurance Kettle Falls WA Car Insurance Tonasket WA
Car Insurance Kirkland WA Car Insurance Toppenish WA
Car Insurance Kittitas WA Car Insurance Tukwila WA
Car Insurance La Center WA Car Insurance Tumwater WA
Car Insurance Lacey WA Car Insurance Union Gap WA
Car Insurance Lake Forest Park WA Car Insurance University Place WA
Car Insurance Lake Stevens WA Car Insurance Vader WA
Car Insurance Lakewood WA Car Insurance Vancouver WA
Car Insurance Langley WA Car Insurance Waitsburg WA
Car Insurance Leavenworth WA Car Insurance Walla Walla WA
Car Insurance Liberty Lake WA Car Insurance Wapato WA
Car Insurance Long Beach WA Car Insurance Warden WA
Car Insurance Longview WA Car Insurance Washougal WA
Car Insurance Lynden WA Car Insurance Wenatchee WA
Car Insurance Lynnwood WA Car Insurance West Richland WA
Car Insurance Mabton WA Car Insurance Westport WA
Car Insurance Maple Valley WA Car Insurance White Salmon WA
Car Insurance Marysville WA Car Insurance Winlock WA
Car Insurance Mattawa WA Car Insurance Woodinville WA
Car Insurance McCleary WA Car Insurance Woodland WA
Car Insurance Medical Lake WA Car Insurance Woodway WA
Car Insurance Medina WA Car Insurance Yakima WA
Car Insurance Mercer Island WA Car Insurance Yelm WA
Car Insurance Mesa WA Car Insurance Zillah WA

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