The REAL Dog Bite Statistics Plus Media, Myths & Colleen Lynn EXPOSED

By | October 17, 2018

DOGSBITE.ORG website is not run by an “expert” in the field of canine behavior. It is run by a woman with a grudge. Her name is Colleen Lynn and she was the victim of a dog bite in 2007. Because of this incident that involved one individual dog she has decided to enact revenge on ALL pit bull type dogs.

Colleen Lynn blatantly lies on her website when she claims that pit bulls lead dog bite fatalities. She gathers all of her information from media reports, no questions asked. Clearly she doesn’t ask questions because most of what is reported in the media surrounding pit bulls and “attacks” is incorrect and has been repeatedly proven to be untrue.

Many question the truthfulness of Colleen’s account of what happened to her in June of 2007. Her story has changed multiple times. Pit Bulletin Legal News thoroughly investigated the incident and published these never before seen documents. It is clear to myself and many others “that Ms. Lynn never published the Seattle Animal Control records regarding the investigation because the story she is now telling bears very little resemblance to what actually happened, and are in total conflict with the only other witness involved: the dogwalker.”

While Colleen’s blatant disregard for the truth on her website is not a surprise and not unexpected, it is important for all of us to have the correct information easily available. Thankfully there is the National Canine Research Council whose dedicated staff comb through the details of every dog bite related fatality.

I encourage everyone to spend time carefully reading the invaluable information on NCR’s website including the 2010 Dog Bite Fatalities NCR and 2011 Preliminary Dog Bite Fatalities Report

The National Canine Research Council “re-interviews sources the media has reached, and located others they have not, among whom may be police investigators, animal control officers, coroners, veterinarians, health department officials, dog owners, and eye witnesses. They have obtained incident reports, bite reports, human and animal autopsy reports, summaries of judicial proceedings, and crime scene data and photographs when available.

Access the National Canine Research Dog Bite Statistics HERE
NCRC’s informative section on ineffective laws including breed specific legislation HERE
FAQ’s regarding dog bites HERE and Breed Specific FAQ’s HERE

Dog bite-related fatalities are exceedingly rare. In 2010, 33 fatalities occurrd within a population of more than 308 million and a canine population estimated at over 78 million. NCRC is currently investigating 31 incidents in a dog population of over 78 million that occurred during 2011 thay may qualify as dog bite related fatalities. A final tally is subject to change as a result of NCRC’s thorough investigations. Their final report will be available the first week of 2013.

It is important to recognize that when attempting to research dog bites, researchers have frequently failed to acknowledge the relevance of stressful or inhumane situations that humans often force dogs to endure. At NCRC, they urge people to consider what the world looks like from their dog’s point of view.

“There are at least two parties involved in a dog bite; a dog and one or more humans. Dog behavior cannot be understood or analyzed apart from humans, or the situations in which humans have placed dogs.”

Fight For My Rights! If not you, who? If not now, when?

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50 Responses to The REAL Dog Bite Statistics Plus Media, Myths & Colleen Lynn EXPOSED

  1.  Kasey Lynne says:

    I’m reading through the dog-bite related fatalities pdf, when did they start considering “Did owner exercise humane care, custody, control of dog” and such? love that they do that now, was just wondering when it started?

  2.  koko3mar says:

    I just read this, and then read the statistics/ sites you provided. I then read the website for this Colleen Lynn, it is not a dog bite statistic website that is honest, based upon facts, and general. It solely states that pit bulls and rottweillers are known as aggressive dogs with only “stories” of pit bull attacks. Is there any way to contact this lady and/or website? They have a contact us button, but then that is proceeded with a disclaimer if you want to reply with an “abusive comment”

    •  renda82 says:

      Koko, anything you do to comment on (DBO) will be delegated if it isn’t filled with hate for the Pit Bull breed. Lynn also is in “bed” with Craven Desires, a certain city of Denver employee, Clifton, of the ‘Clifton Report’ and many others. They accuse anyone that doesn’t hate the pit bull of being a “nutter”. They will accuse people of stocking them and say they fear for their lives because Pit Bull nutters are all “thugs” and “gang bangers”. I have concerns with Lynn’s claim that DBO is a “public education website” and is now a non profit. I wonder what the donations that she request are used for. Karma is writing a book on Ms. Lynn, I can’t wait until it throws it at her!

      • I hope the link here works. I wanted to show you the real “thug” faces of pit bull “nutters”. It’s a picture of myself and my son. I’m 70, and wheelchair bound. He is my care provider. He’s also a former Marine, and is now clergy. His APBT is his service animal. We are obviously “nutters”.

  3.  Ann Cooper says:

    Here is another interesting article done by the NCRC about Pit Bulls:
    Sorry I couldn’t link it, but it’s definitely worth the read!

    •  renda82 says:

      Yes, The Pit Bull Placebo is worth a read. The DBO crowd and followers claim that the NCRC is a private org. (and it is) that is just pro Pit Bull and trying to “sell” their book. A book they allow anyone to download for free. The NCRC has also been accused of having so much power that they can make a government entity (the CDC) change their study results. Another fairy tale, I just heard not to long ago, was that HSUS, Vets, and Pit Bull advocates are all part of the Pit Bull ‘dogfighting’ and ‘back yard breeders’ crowd because of the money involved in dogfighting and breeding. Somehow over breeding makes money for the shelters and all the dog bites keep vets in business. Oh and everyone knows this to be fact but are to fearful of the “nutter’s” to voice it publicly. …WOW!…

    •  BSL News says:

      Thank you Ann, I am reading it now! 🙂

  4.  Stan Modjesky says:

    There are so many people publishing this kind of garbage that you have to wonder whether there is a financial motive, or whether they’re just weirdly obssessed. Another such publication is “Dangerous by Default,” written by one Tony Solesky. (Whom I am embarrassed to admit, is a distant cousin of mine.)
    His story starts with the mauling of his 10 year old son. I tried reading it, and I had to quit when I reached the point in the narrative where Solesky tells what happened when he got home after a 24 hour vigil at the hospital, and with the dog in question still on the loose: he did not call the police, call a lawyer, find the dog owner and confront him, call animal control. He called his COUNTY COUNCILMAN and STATE SENATOR! This tells me that the guy is either bullshitting us with the story, that he lacks normal judgment, or that he already had some kind of political agenda.

    His publication on ScribD is apparently sponsored by or somehow tied in with

    •  Ruth Schafer says:

      wow i can’t believe your related to that guy i had a wonderful chat with the guy on and there is no way that guy is in touch with reality “pit bulls” are no different then other dogs Boxer and bull dog where used in dog fight centuries ago and are now considered good dogs to have around children i hope that one the 4 breeds that make up the “pit bull” stereotype are acknowledged in the same way one day

      •  stan47 says:

        Yeah, he’s some kind of turd cousin. I’ve never met the guy, and hope that my luck holds in that regard, but I do follow his antics. Last November he ran a zero-budget, non party-affiliated campaign for County Executive, against a Democratic incumbent who is very well entrenched. Apparently all this stuff–the book, the campaign–is some pathetic attempt at him validating himself.

  5. Thank you for writing this blog; it is really well-written and to the point. I hope we can all realize, as a society, how our ignorance and fear leads to death, that we as humans are responsible for our domestic animals, that they can all be taught to love or act aggressively in fear, and that we can make responsible, RIGHT decisions. End BSL!

  6.  koko3mar says:

    Ann, I just got done reading, def an interesting read. I also saw when I went to this website where one can donate – and I remember thinking what are they donating to? What I find so crazy is that this lady (along with all of her counterparts) come across as so adament and holding their beliefs as the gospel truth of these aggressive dogs and the stories fabricated with such, but they dont want to hear any oppositional or questioning replies> if you believe so much in what you have to say, and it is accurate, then you should be willing to hear from all sides without considering them nutties.

    What a shame, this lady – karma is a bitch though, it always come back on that person.

  7. I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers – a boy aged 7 and a girl aged 1. Both would lick anyone all over given the chance. We also have a senior cat aged 17. I have never met an agressive staffie in spite of knowing loads of them and even ones that I have never met before are always very friendly towards me. I used to work with German Shepherds and have handled a pack of them 26 strong, and I have also bred border collies. And I have never had a problem with any dog, mine or other peoples but my boy staffy has been attacked at different times by bigger dogs than him whose owners refuse to walk THEIR dogs on a lead. Larayne James-Roberts is my name.

  8. I’m ashamed to share a name with this idiotic woman. I have pit bull rescue and a staffordshire bull terrier. They are the loves of my life.

    The internet guarantees and the First Amendment guarantee a voice even to crazy people with an obsessive agenda, even it includes hate and false information. Fortunately, it provides a voice to the rest of us as well. Thanks for being one of them.

  9. she is only one person , we are an army, THE ANIMAL ARMY and our voice is loud…Quash the ignorance and the need for this (sub)human, and her opinions will be quashed!!!

  10.  Lisa Guyer says:

    ok what about sheppherds, dobermans, little ankle biters need i go on, so STOP w/ trying to make all pit bulls look bad, dont blame the wrong end of the leash, blame the dumb ass bastards that train the dogs

    •  stan47 says:

      Ankle biters indeed. I have been bitten on three different occasions by Westies. One of the little SOBs was the dog that went best-of-breed at Westminster a couple of years running.

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  12.  Kristy Graham says:

    I support the First Amendment and I have used it myself in blogging about a certain criminal in my area who has blatantly conned many people. I’m being sued for it. The thing is..ultimate truth is the perfect defense. So he will lose.

    With that said, I believe everyone has a right to their opinion. But when it is presented as “facts and education” you have moved out of the realm of opinion. And that is what this woman has done. And the media has embraced her because it helps them sell stories.

    Many people are suffering the loss of pets and short of that, monetary losses for having to move, get insurance, etc. Isn’t there a group that could sue this REGISTERED 501c3 in a class action suit for the pain and suffering she is causing due to giving out FALSE information presented as fact?

    I’m so sick of her lies that I literally get sick to my stomach when I hear her name. But she has the idiots in mainstream media (and that asshat in Denver) giving her a voice.

  13. Colleen is a piece of crap. Even when I tried to look up statistics on dog bites, I was shocked and wondered where these ‘statistics’ came from. I knew it was BS! This is polluting the minds of people and should be KNOWN that this is composed of FICTION. Exactly, ‘a woman with a grudge’. She needs to get a life!

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  16.  soonerdvm says:

    Come be on Facebook so I can LIKE you there?

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  19. Like my professors always say: “Never trust a .com ( website!” Great article bslnews, I’m currently working on a speech for my Oral Communication class and this is the information I need. Information with SOURCES!!!

  20. Thank you for all the wonderful information! This has been very helpful for me! I’m a sophomore in college and I’m doing my 10 page research paper for English on BSL. My teacher thought I was a bit crazy thinking dogs were being discriminated against. I was trying to find information about dog bites and the first website I looked at was I was a bit confused at the information I was getting from it. I’m glad I found this website. If anyone has Netflix there is a really amazing documentary called Beyond the Myth that just blew my mind. Again, thank you for the REAL statistics.

  21. I hope you get over your fear. As a person that has been bitten by many dogs, if it has teeth, it will bite. Get over your fears and face them head on. Leave pit bulls alone because you obviously do not have any experience with these breeds. Yep, pit bull is not a breed. Do you think you are the only one that has been bitten? I have a Maltese that will rip you many new holes in your behind, but she is the one that helps potty train and teach manners with my pit fosters. Never would have thunk it, eh? Go volunteer at your local shelter and do some good. Spewing hate is not good at all!

  22.  Nick Rhodes says:

    Thank you so much for your site and most importantly to you and your readers the links that help me to verify the information. Below is a link to an article I have been commenting to and your information allowed me to dig deeply into a particular character who has been hate messaging on there. My name is Nick Rhodes on the article should you get the time or inclination to view my prose.

    Once again my thanks to you and you readers.

  23.  Nick Rhodes says:

    Thought you might like this. A gentleman who spout of information using data and statistics from Colleen’s site and has been writing a lot on the below link.

    From: Nick Rhodes · College of Oceaneering
    Oh and in case you didn’t know who runs and operates http://www.dogsbite the lady’s name is Colleen Lynn this is a direct quote from Thomas McCartney from her FaceBook site.

    Thomas McCartney
    Hello Colleen, I have a great deal of respect for both your anti- pit bull cause and your site and use information from it often to help promote the eradication of the scourge of undog Mutants that infects the world.

    And Thomas uses her site for all of his brilliantly insightful and accurate information and I think you can see from his own words he only believes in species eradication. And we are the radicals, we are the crazies, we are the misinformed, we are the confused? Perhaps we are but we are fighting for the rights of an animal to exist, to have a place on this Earth with all of God’s other creatures. And you and others like you are humanities shining example of hope, compassion and understanding? What’s worse, the dog that bites the arm and maims the flesh or the voice that bites and maims the virtuous human spirit. Some quotes for you.
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke
    Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts. Tibetan Proverb
    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Albert Einstein
    And remember Thom and you others, research by the diligent ones will always root out who and what your kind really are.

    From: Nick Rhodes · College of Oceaneering
    To Thomas McCartney and others like him let me whisper a thought to you. Why do these people never put links to unbiased unaffiliated sources for their information or worse they link you to some YouTube privately shot partial video and speak off that its the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Because its not the whole truth. For some a sentence or two taken out of context from a much larger report or statistic is all that matters to them when trying t sway you to their opinion. Below I am putting the first five websites that came up when I entered, “are pitbull’s more likely to bite than other dog breeds?” Keep in mind that some of the other studies I read into that pitbull’s were the number one attackers in various regions; that in those regions the pitbull breed was the number one owned dog in those regions and that proper dog ownership (responsible) could not be verified in most cases.
    First link is for all those people that think http://www.dogsbite is an authoritative site to quote from.
    This site I was able to substantiate through more internet researches and links to national news syndicates to verify its accuracy. So you can do the same to prove its merit.
    The next site is from the ASPCA arguably nations leading advocate for all animal rights and their take on pitbull’s. This link is specifically to the pitbull article but you can click on home to get the overall view and responsibilities of the ASPCA.
    The next site is the Save Our Homeless Pets organization. Once again this is straight to their article on pitbull’s to see their overall agenda and purpose click their home button. You will see that their agenda is for all pets and that the article is simply one of many and was written to simply address a growing concern for illogical hysteria.
    No Pets Left Behind. Another organization where they simply talk about pitbull’s but this again you need to click their home button and you will see that pitbulls are once again not even close to being a priority. They are for all pets not matter what they are.
    How about the Center for Disease Control?
    Or PETA?

    Now all of these organizations have written about pitbull’s and most if not all of these articles and numerous others can have sentences taken out of context of the overall message by these haters and made to fit their own hate engorged agenda. I do not believe in nor condone the all out purposeful or neglectful elimination of any species on this planet. To think as such is an abomination. I know there are bad sides of town in every place and that statistics would align that those areas are more crime ridden than others; but I wouldn’t dream of labeling everyone in that kind of community as a worthless and despicable criminal. To do so would be the height of ignorance. I simply ask that you read the whole of an article, use your so called internet savvy and dig for the facts. See where links truly come from and question and investigate their validity. Make decisions based on high logic and intellectual deductive search and research. To do any less demeans us as thinkers….unless that is your real goal.

  24. I’m in Vet Tech School, and we’ve spent an abundance of class time talking about bsl. My friend showed me this site, and I’m so grateful he did. I was disgusted with DBO and everything it stood for. However, if any of you are looking to laugh, look under the FAQ on that site. I KID YOU NOT this question is there. “Q: How come pit bull owners say, “My dog might lick you to death.” How educational! haha Well thank you again for this website! I’m off to go walk my pittie. Does anyone know the best way for me to break it to her that she’s a bloodthirsty killer? I don’t think she understands because she won’t even chew on her toys and she loves people. I would hate for her not to be able to live up to her stereotype. 😉 <3 Pitties<3

    •  Stan Modjesky says:

      Rachel, thanks for sharing that detail about DBO. It provided a badly needed laugh, and I NEVER would have read that far into the site and found it on my own.

      Tony Solesky, the guy who brought about BSL here in Maryland, is a distant cousin of mine. I read about two chapters into his book about his son’s experience, and stopped at the point where he said that the first thing he did after coming home from his initial vigil at the hospital was to call his county councilman and state senator. Now, that’s either a despicable lie, or flat-out insane. Under the circumstances, a person might be expected to call the police, or county animal control. But most likely, he would go and confront the dog’s owner, perhaps with bad results. But honestly–who, after a family member is injured–would call a couple of politicians?

  25.  Tracy Harris says:

    Did anyone else look at the police report? While it is a terrible picture of the dog, nothing about that dog says pit bull to me, it screams Boxer….or boxer mix.

  26. I too am an avid hater of and Colleen Lynn. I do post the Anti- stuff on my page everyday and told all of my friends and followers that I would do so until she is just gone. I am against BSL and will fight it until I can’t anymore. I am the proud owner of a almost 6 year old american Staffy and a 4 year old american bulldog. Both would just love to kiss you to death! The thing we need to do is keep proving that she’s is a lair. That she just has it bad for “that type of dog”, because she thought that maybe it could have been a pitbull that bit her, but that it was never proven that it was. I noticed that she’s hiding behind an attorney on her site. I have to ask anybody that really believes what Colleen Lynn says: Why would she have to do that if she were even telling any truth at all? What is she hiding from? And why don’t they allow anyone that is anti BSL to comment on their site? Because it is all lies that’s why. They have to do that to be able to spread their propaganda the way they want to. I will just keep spreading the word about this nutcase and someday soon she will be off of the net. There is a petition as I type. Thanks for the great site and keep up the good work BSL News.

    •  tambrathegreat says:

      They don’t allow comments on their site at all. They are propagandists and want no other information but those ‘facts’ that they manufactured to support their bias. What a BS site.

  27. I would like to put my 2 cents worth in. Many years ago, I was trailed by a large pack of about 10-15 small dogs… mostly Chihuahuas, fuzzy dogs, and small terrier mixes. To most it would have been laughable, had not this pack of small dogs been accompanied by 3 large Lab mixes. I know what a Pit Bull looks like and these were Labs. This was in rural Indiana… and these small dogs were exhibiting all the behavior of a predatory hunting pack. My guess is that they were a mix of owned, dumped, and feral dogs. Had I tripped, or been knocked down, it could have been bad. All it takes is a bite, even by a small dog, in the wrong place…. an artery…. (worst dog bite I ever saw was a vet tech who had her nose and upper lip torn a way by a Pom). To escape this hunting pack, I went into a yard with a Pit Bull, whom I didn’t know, who happily greeted me and then turned to face down that pack, which departed. I suspect that at least some of these dog attacks that are occurring are made up of such a mix of dogs – owned, but allowed to roam, strays which have been abandoned by owners, and truly feral dogs, born w/o human contact. A starving feral dog is no different than a coyote or a wolf… They are predators…. but due to genetics, they are predators that can be domesticated. Moreover, a feral dog can lead otherwise good dogs to bad behavior..

  28.  tambrathegreat says:

    That Lynn lady’s BS site doesn’t even have a way to contact them. She obviously doesn’t want any information outside the very biased information she makes up for her site. I’m disgusted that she is allowed to have such a site, much less that people are reading it and considering it to be even partial fact.

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  30. I’m not trying to underestimate the trauma of being attacked by any kind or breed of animal because yes it’s scary . Being an animal lover from the day I was born littorally from what my mom tells me lol I never had a fear of any animal so in my 30 years of life I have been attacked by a Doberman pincher whom I had played with and even slept on and in no way did I nor my parents blame that dog they actually blamed them selfs and thanks to my parents and my love and understanding of animals benjiman the dobby continued to be one of my best friends until he passed away at 15 , at the age of 10 I was once again attacked by my best friends Rottweiler because I let my guard down and forgot that my best friends family rescued this dog from a very curl sittioation so when he joined there family he became very protective of them because he saw them as the ones how saved him , so when I put my arm around my best friend he saw it as a threat to her so grabbed me by my back and may have shook me once or twice and I could feel the min, he realized what he was doing because he let go and laid down and started to whimper he reacted in the only way he knew how when he felt someone he loved maybe in harm . I am not going to sit here and tell u I was playing Robby the next day , but in time I once again trusted him to the point that I knew he was only protecting the one he loved . At 14 my own black lab that my dad brought home from the pound at the age of 4 months old and at the time he came at me ( im sry i just cant stand the word attack ) we had , had him for 6 years I startled him while he was sleeping and even tho he realized who he was about to go after and stopped dead in his tracks ,but who’s to say if it wasn’t me he saw he very well may have made contact with whome ever it was, and as for the most recent in counter was with the most dangerous dog ever the dun dun duuuun pit bull …. I have been a pit bull advocate since before I can remember so of course I have spent a lot of time at our local pit bull rescue helping in anyway I can so I have gained an extrem understanding of this breed and the more I Lauren the more I love and respect them if at all possible lol , but anyway a female with puppy’s came to us after being rescued from a dog fighting ring she was used only as a breeder but due to my training I get to work with the tougher cases and this poor amazing mommy was to say the one of the tough ones but I managed to gain some what of a bond with her so again I let my guard down and tried to help adjust one of the puppy’s while she was feeding and she let me know that after the extrem toucher she had been threw no unconditional bond with a human was ever going to be established , and we knew that the day she came in I was just praying that maybe this one time we could show this animal that they do deserve so much better and there are humans that will do nothing but give her that better . I ended up with a 9 1/2 inch scare and damaged ligaments and permanent nerve damage and that pain didn’t come close to the pain I felt while I held her head and tried to assure her she was going to a much better place and that her puppy’s where going to be safe because I would have taken all 9 little girls home if I couldn’t find perfect family’s for each of them my heart hurts just weighting this , but as sad as it was having to have to watch that happen to an amazing mommy It also gives me even more drive to speak for not only pit bulls but all dogs and I am reminded of miss daisy every morning I wake up to that puppy I let my guard down for I took her home and she is not only a spitting image of her mom but she is my second child and my 9 year old daughters best friend . I guess the point to all my rambling lol is no matter what breed a dog is it is truly 100% on the humans who own them on how they come out to be and I could nor would I ever place blame on a hole breed because of what just one dog did if I did that to humans I would be considered a racist and I’m pretty sure that became intolerable a very long time ago

  31.  Tom Mullen says:

    Hi. thank you for this website. I love it too as Ms. Lynn also maligns Rottweilers. She is unbelievably dishonest or just plain dumb and using this emotional-tied issue in her pea brain, I imagine, in making money off her website. Someone should ask her what she does to earn money for a living, but that’s a side issue.

    Any dog that would attack a person like what was experienced by Colleen Lynn should be put down. As the owner of a pure-bred Rott, and attends dogs shows often, including showing my own, if there is a particular rottweiler which is so imbalanced and dangerous, I am the first to say put it down, given humane assessment of the situation. But for this woman to allege that all rotts and all pits are inherently dangerous and ridiculously “should be banned from breeding further” (by the way every law that tried to ban a particular breeding program AND adopts spay and neuter programs HAS FAILED) just drives me CRAZY!!

    This has viscerally touched a nerve and love to meet her so I can challenge her, she is absolutely no expert under any theory. She should be exposed for the utter bullshit artist she is.

  32. WOW! All I can say is I raised 3 pitbulls at different times. I trained them all to not be dog and food aggressive by having them socialized with other dogs from a young age, hand and bowl fed them all (even with my hand in their bowl) and it helps to discipline and NOT BEAT YOUR DOG!!! I am a Veteran of our Armed Forces and I have PTSD. To maintain my anxieties from building up and getting me to the point of me “losing my temper”, I have a companion pet which happens to be an American Staffordshire Terrier. The ways she assists me with my anexieties is simply with her personality…………………energetic, goofy, playful. As soon as she notices the change in my demeanor she trots over to me and puts her head on my lap and stares until I can’t help but laugh!!! She knows what to do and when to do it. And she does it for me and my family. We actually got her when we were still in the military and our friend has a special needs child and when he first seen her, he loved her and wanted to take her home. He would pat her on her head really hard because he wasn’t aware of his strength until we showed him how to pet her. She is soooo patient and playful with children whether they’re a special needs child or not. She reminds me of my previous 3 pitbulls I have raised properly. All my dogs I had/have are all a bully breed or American Staffordshire Terrier (fun fact, because of the lack of knowledge in knowing what a bully breed is, people created the name Pitbull as a false and generic name for the bull(y) breeds!) and all were protective, loving, friendly, and not one bit vicious!!!

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  1. Melanie Schlaginhaufen

    Wow. I’m surprised that so few of your readers believe that the American Pit Bull Terrier is not a dog capable of killing a human being and that Pit Bull type dogs don’t kill more people in the US than any other beeed of dog. You can even find footage of Pit Bull attacks on YouTube, and as a past president of a Humane Society I have seen numerous videos of dog fights and have been Involved in cruelty cases as well as fighting cases where we seized dogs, and had to hold them until the court cases. These dogs totally destroyed the fencing at the county shelter and became increasingly people aggressive just from the frustration of being in a shelter environment (because they were dog aggressive and eventually, within less than a week, most of them would try to attack kennel workers, as they were so worked up from seeing other dogs through chain link). Incredibly sad seeing them housed where basically someone had to hose their run without going in it, poor dogs getting soaked etc. Anyway, in addition to fostering Pits who eventually had to be put down and seeing the dogs we had to house at the shelter, I interviewed one of the top breeders of APBTs in the US, in 2005. He gave me books as well as his decades of experience with these dogs, and he stated they were never intended to be family pets. Those that are good pets are basically what he would call “culls” because they don’t have the qualities of prey and fight drive, and gameness, which is the desire to never quit. Talk to an animal control or policeman who has had to shoot a Pit more than once, to get it off a victim. Have you interviewed an ER nurse who has seen the remains of a ten year old girl who was attacked by three Pit Bulls? I have. The child had less than half her body left, and there were multiple adults who tried to get these dogs off of the child. What did she do to trigger the attack? She got off of a school bus, and started running down her driveway! The bus driver was the first adult on the scene but neighbors and even her mother were there before it was over and they couldn’t save her. Please understand that I showed dogs for over 35 years and was a professional trainer for over 30 years and I went to more aggression seminars than I could count, including weekend canine behavioral workshops at Cornell. DogsBite does provide links to newspaper articles, etc. I have no idea what actually inspires Colleen but frankly I admire her courage. And true fanciers of these breeds are protective of them and don’t want dogs of unknown history pulled from shelters and put in the wrong hands. APBTs have been ruined by BYBs who will sell to anyone, and rescue groups who are unrealistic are covering up problems, placing aggressive dogs who are actually killing people. I never thought I would live to see the day when dogs adopted from shelters or those who have been transferred from rescue to rescue before adoption, were killing people. But that’s what it has come to. BTW I am not an advocate of BSL, or at least bot the way the word has come to be used. Despite how you may feel about DogsBite or its founder, I hope you will get to know breed differences and accept that some breeds do present more danger than others. I showed Siberians and did breed rescue, yet every year a Siberian kills an infant. Why? High prey drive, Thus no one should be rescuing or breeding Siberians unless they know this and are willing to tell everyone who wishes to buy or adopt, and unless they screen homes carefully! Same with Pit Bull type dogs, just even more issues to understand. Through my years of dealing with the pet owning public, I’ve heard it all, and seen some horrific bites. Have I seen bites by Chihuahuas? Yep. But they didn’t main or kill their victims! Breed makes a difference!


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