By Sloane Quely-Miner – [email protected]

On March 1st a call for help was put out to the rescue community regarding a dog we now call Pinky, living in deplorable conditions in Far Rockaway, NY. BSL News’ friend Christine Drakatos immediately went to help the dog and investigate the situation. The ASPCA failed to remove the dog despite the horrendous conditions,but thanks to Christine, the owner reluctantly took her inside after Christine stood outside for two hours, refusing to leave until the dog was inside.

"Rescue" Ink says the dog is fine, Even the ASPCA said it was no good!The next day the original person who put out the alert on Pinky to the rescue community spoke to someone at “Rescue” Ink. This is what they said to her, and I quote her, “He went on and on about the dog looks fine they took pictures the dog has food”.

Really! The dog chained to the stairwell is fine? Even the ASPCA made the owner take the dog off the chain the next day on Saturday when they came again. This is not acceptable that a dog on a chain in a stairwell warrants the end of their investigation and the help they provide to Pinky. But according to “Rescue” Ink the dog is fine, all is well and that was that.

Next “Rescue” Ink rolled down the street to a different house where I help Christine care for the dogs there. When the owner told “Rescue” Ink that we were caring for the dogs, Rescue Ink asked the owner not to tell Christine they were there. This in and of itself is shady and not on the up and up. Why did they tell the owner not to let Christine know they were there if they were acting in good faith?

The help that was offered to the owner by Rescue Ink was that concrete be poured in the front of the house. What good is pouring concrete going to do if the owners do not clean at all? And how is that helping the dogs unless people come to clean? Does “Rescue” Ink want to start coming to the house to clean too?

Next Rescue Ink posted a lie filled, defamatory note on Facebook claiming that we were not properly caring for the dogs after Christine had already spoken to them giving them the full story of what was going on with the owner and the dogs. They also chose to only post pictures of the dogs after an entire night of rain and chose not to post the multiple pictures that we sent Rescue Ink showing all we do and that are posted below.

Last year the ASPCA came to this house and found four pit bulls living in feces in the front of the house in a broken down crate. The dogs had no food or water but the ASPCA said that they could legally not remove the dogs. This is when Christine found out about dogs and got involved. Only after the ASPCA said they could not remove them.

After a few months of caring for the four dogs Christine at last convinced the owner to release two of the pit bulls to her and they have since been adopted into loving forever homes.

We do the best we can for these dogs while working within the parameters of the law. We offer to take the remaining mama and her daughter into rescue every time we go there. Until this happens we do the best we can in this situation. Because of our efforts, the dogs have igloos, feeding stations and water. I cannot tell you how many hours we spend cleaning, feeding, watering, and visiting with the dogs at the house every week.

Rescue Ink knew all this this prior to their posting yet they chose to lie to the public in an attempt to make themselves look good for doing absolutely nothing. Why? To fundraise?

Then they had the audacity to make yet another fradulent post making the untrue suggestion that they are the reason we are cleaning there when in fact we are there all the time. And according to them a kennel that we have been in the process of getting for some time now that we also installed is all their doing too. They blatantly lie, writing “Sometimes even a rescue group needs an education. The rescue group that stated the dog was fine and to leave the owner alone has now joined the clean-up.” We are there all the time! Then a recruit says “Glad everything is taken care of now”. Really, how is everything taken care of, Rescue Ink?

These guys are liars plain and simple. And anyone who knows Christine and I, including the rescue groups we do work with, who actually help us, know we are 100% for the animals. These guys are not on the up and up and routinely abuse their pseud0-celebrity “status” to fundraise without doing much at all for any actual, real animal.

No one loves the dogs more than Christine and I and those that help them regularly. It is HEARTBREAKING that the ASPCA did not remove these dogs. And it is DEVASTATING to us every time we go there because we cannot give them what we really want to. But it is UNCONCIONABLE that “RESCUE” INK has gone after us, slandering us, for actually doing what real rescuers should do, all the while trying to spin things to make themselves look good when they have done nothing.

Below are the pics “Rescue” Ink didn’t show you as well as a picture of the dogs in their new kennel as they are today.

"Rescue" Ink lies, what they didn't show you about our work

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  1. Nice work guys and “thank you! Ya know, you are not the first to say that Rescue Inc. is a fraud. (and I believe we all know about the ASPCA!) I have a friend who met up with them at a meeting and they insisted that a bad situation they were called on for was taken care of, when in fact they dogs were left in deplorable conditions when investigated further. Unfortunately I don’t remember the details since it was some time ago. I have no respect for Rescue Inc. and will never again give them my support, in fact I stopped rather quickly. I never got a good feel to their work which always appeared more “show” than anything else. But please keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let these fakes take your focus away from the animals, after all, nothing else matters

    • BSL News says:

      Thank you Gina! Someone else in Denver just messaged that “Rescue” Ink wanted their flight to be paid for by a local anti-BSL Group in Denver last year meanwhile Shorty flew out on his own dime. Disgusting!

  2. Of course it’s not OK. ASPCA and Rescue Ink need to lift their game.
    No dog should have to live like these dogs are. They’re lucky you and Christine are at least seeing to their physical well-being, but living at the end of a chain or in a cage is cruel.

  3. People Who Live in Glass Houses ARE Throwing Stones Now aren’t they???
    Wow…you’d think that Rescue iNK had had enough confrontation for one life time…it amazes me that somehow RESCUE RINK has managed to disguise their REAL REPUTATION from so many innocent animal lovers…who STILL think that RESCUE INK is in it for the animals!
    The ONLY thing that Rescue INk is in this for is the MONEY…Period!
    PLEASE Google Them and read about all of their defamation of character complaints. It’s disgusting folks! Wake Up. Be Informed! Spread the Word!

  4. koko3mar says:

    Wow, when you look them up, they come across as such a good org – just like the aspca and other agencies in it for the $ and pat on the backs. Those two dogs in the pics have a beautiful area to live in, if you ever travel or need help in phoenix, let me know i will do what I can. Dont let them get to you, it always comes out what one’s true colors are like. You guys do amazing work for so many animals who dont have a voice.

    So with Pinky, I am taking it still there? Why can’t the aspca take Pinky – obviously the circumstances aren’t changing, and shame on Rescue Ink – just how do they treat the dogs they have.

  5. Please watermark your photos before you post them on the internet to protect your work and to keep Rescue Stink from stealing them. You can get a program for about 20 bucks. Well worth the investment

  6. Mark Cohan says:

    I haved read mixed reviews about Resc Inc in NYC so I cannot comment on them not even being from that area! but I know Sloane and if she says the dogs need to be rescued I believe her! and I think the ASPCA needs to get some new animal loving people to join them not in it for the applause just for the dogs/cats! ty Sloane and Christine(I don’t know you but if you are a rescuer that does what I read you are a friend of mine too)! thank you for all your hard work! keep at it! btw I love the mom and pup white pitties! they are gorgeous and deserve only the best like all others that trust and love mankind!
    mark in MA

  7. Mary Degon says:

    So disturbing when a rescue stops being a Rescue & becomes nothing more than Lip Service. With all the money they could generate SO much good! Very Upsetting! I had purchased their book a while back and was deeply moved & humbled by the stories there – – too bad they seem to have lost their direction and dedication to make a difference in abused & neglected animals lives. If you are a rescue – your a rescue for all -until they have been saved from a life of misery, pain & neglect. If your not then you have no right to proclaim that you are. The money that rescue’s receive is vital to their operations and to have imposters in their midst jeopardizes the survival of all if the public believes the money does not go directly to the animals! Then the only one to suffer Once again is the Innocent Animals!

  8. BSL News says:

    FROM Kate Riviello CAN YOU POST THIS ON THE ARTICLE ITSELF FOR ME: Sloane and Trudy, I can bear witness to the fact that you both were involved from the beginning because you both and the other woman from Suffolk County left me emails and phone… calls regarding this dog. I spoke to Officer Romano right after Officer Jerry evaluated the situation there with Officer Romano informing me that the dog did not have a chain embedded in his neck but that there was a “tethering issue” all of this documented as to the dates and times with emails and reports to the ASPCA. I also know you Sloane for seven years and Trudy for almost three years on FB as being two of the most dedicated rescuers I know (as well as Christine’s work in Far Rockaway). We in New York know who the rescuers are and who they aren’t. Keep up the incredible work ladies, its an honor to know you and work with you.

  9. Rescue Ink gives all other rescue’s a ‘bad rap’. These guys just might want to let go of some of their funds they are saving for rainy day…or I don’t know…ANOTHER new vehicle, and hire some professional PR people. From personal experience, these guys leave a lot to be desired in the area of ‘communication’. Seems they can’t take the heat, have jumped in the water and are slowly drowning. Can’t let these media whores take away the great reputations of other rescues. I take kindly to Pit Bullies…NOT PEOPLE BULLIES! If these guys want to keep it gold, they first need to start by not slinging shit. Treat others with the respect you think you deserve. Don’t dish what you can’t eat and do it for the DOGS! Someone else said it best ….”RESCUE STINK”. Christine, Trudy and Slone….keep up the good work! Love what you do! (Looks like to me that RI’s “Pressure” mantra is coming back to haunt them! BOO!

  10. rescue ink got involved in a case i was trying to get help with- a friend had been hurt and his dogs needed help. it’s a long story, but they used the story, which was dramatic and sad, to raise money and then refused to pay a dime of the expenses. i ended up paying for everything (boarding and vet care for three dogs, happy to pay for it), after getting hysterical calls from them claiming they had ‘no money’ and couldn’t afford to chip in. and i had gotten the email in which they asked for money for this guy’s sake. they had thrown a ‘benefit’ for him and his dogs.

    and the guy (unemployed, a veteran) ended up on their show.

    good for you for calling b.s on these guys.

  11. Sounds more and more like Rescue Ink is taking their cue from the ASPCA and HSUS. So sad 🙁
    I don’t know Christine, Trudy and Sloane, but it sounds like you have the dogs best interests at heart and you do what is best at the time.
    BTW I would rather see those dogs in the kennel with their houses, food and water than at the ASPCA. Chances are they would get a cold and be on the e-list within a week. They are safer where they are.

    Keep up the GOOD work guys!!!

  12. From Denver: I remember last year when they were trying to get us to raise money to get them out here to speak at a protest…that left a bad taste in my mouth….we were already working on raising money to help a local rescue with the protest and pit fest 1….why would we put up money for a group that only pretty much the rescue community knows…no TV show anymore…why would we take money out of a local rescues fund raising… to get well E-list celebrities….. it was iffy considering….. Shorty Rossi flew here on his own dime for the same protest… and filmed it for animal planet…..the more I hear about “rescue ink” and the random acts of BS…i wounder what they really are doing???

  13. last year we begged rescue ink to help a horse being abused in a state park because the locals wouldn’t touch it. they said, “we’ll help! tell everyone rescue ink is coming!” over the period of a week we sent pictures and heard assurances that they could help. the day they got here, they did nothing but ride around on motorcycles and pose for pictures. the horse never got help. pictures of the horse named c. doc: http://on.fb.me/cdoctn (i posted this on their facebook too because it really pisses me off.)

    the reason they were here was for a fundraiser to help a local group of rescues trying to establish a low cost spay / neuter clinic. when they got here they had their hands out for money! i don’t know wtf for.. since they were paid 2k and had all their expenses covered. oh.. and they refused to ride used motorcycles. they had to have new ones to use while they were in town. THAT is where their priorities were. rescue ink is a joke.

  14. koko3mar says:

    Michelle, so I have been looking at the facebook for rescue ink – I think they “edited your pic” – but they want to consistently post on one or two stories that they really supposedly helped on. A joke, when it comes down it though, we are all on here because we are concerned about these animals and thank you to Sloane, Christine, and Trudy the real heroes.

    • koko3mar, if you see anything that looks remotely like the horse i tried to save or about what happened here in tennessee.. please show me the link. you can view the individual article if you click on the date and time below it. i would sue them seven ways to sunday if they used any of my photographs without permission/attribution!

  15. koko3mar says:

    also, when you look at their pics on their facebook page with pinky, one pic states that the dog is chained so it will not run in the street – really? and the other pic looks like the guy has a box cutter in his hand while holding the dog – the dog does not look cared for or happy. can we still email and contact the aspca despite what rescue ink states is good conditions (with those pics) to f/u? or are they done?

  16. Last year a woman who rescues wanted to have a fund raiser to help with medical bills for the dogs. She set a date & went to many places in Howard Beach & asked for help, many places did say they would help her, with the fund raising, that is until Rescue Ink heard about it. They didn’t like that someone came onto their ‘turf’, so they went to all the places that said would help this woman, and before you knew it, they backed out. In the end, the woman lost money & no animals were helped. After reading the article about this incident I tweeted one of the RI members, & his response was, ‘don’t believe everything you read’..that was it…Well, RI, I might not believe everything I read, but I do believe my gut…& My Bronx gut tells me that RI does not do what they are supposed to …and that is RESCUE ANIMALS…

  17. Christine Drakatos is one of the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet!! There is NO ONE on this earth more dedicated to helping animals. I seriously dont know how she does it!!! She is truly my hero…as for Rescue Ink…one word…KARMA!!! (unless I’m allowed to curse on here!!!!)

  18. Don’t forget to check into the Lexus Project for legal help. Me thinks someone needs to put it on the table that no rescue should slander another rescue. If you can’t focus on doing something for the betterment of the animals…then shut up and let others do it, but don’t sit there and give yourself undo credit lest you reap what you sew.

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  20. Maybe that’s why Eric Bellows left. Just a thought. He’s still rescuing as many animals as feasible possible…even after his multiple surgeries.

  21. Even though these dogs have a better area to live in now, as shown by the pictures, it is still NO WAY for a dog to have to spend its short days here on earth! Those dogs need to be taken to loving, warm, giving homes! This “new” home is nothing but a cage, actually totally unacceptable!

    • BSL News says:

      I care for these dogs everyday. If it wasn’t for my friend and I they would not have fresh water, food, love and exercise. We do the best we can with the situation. No one loves them more than us.

  22. Just a big “Thank you” ladies for being who you are and doing what you do!!!

  23. REscues need to get together and get these dogs to where they will be properly cared for and shut down Rescue Inkl

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