Killer Cops Target Pit Bulls!

Rescue Dog Parrot Gunned Down by Officer Scott Fike

Rescue Dog Parrot Gunned Down by Officer Scott Fike

All over the country we have seen an increase in unjustified killings by police of friendly, well adjusted dogs. In many cases pit bulls.

It is clear to me that many officers believe they have a free pass to kill when it comes to pit bulls. These morally bankrupt cops repeatedly used the tired defense that the dog was “vicious” or “aggressive” when in countless cases the witnesses have reported otherwise.

We cannot continue to allow cops to kill innocent animals and put the lives of innocent people in danger. We must speak up regarding this clear abuse of power by police officers who are supposed to serve and protect, not terrorize and needlessly kill the innocent!

Cop Shoots Playful Pit Bull In Front of Shocked Owners

Cops Shoot Dog In Face In Fenced Back Yard

Cops Kill Service Dog

Florida Cop Not Disciplined After Shooting Family Dog Dead in Front of 2-year-old Child

Off Duty Tulsa Officer Kills Pit Bull

Cop Kills Pit Bull Serving Warrant To Wrong House

Pit Bull Shot By Deputy In Yard

Police Officer Shoots Pit Bull In Head After Alleged Attack

Cop Kills Pit Bull At Traffic Stop

Innocent Pit Bull Killed by Cop For No Reason

Police Shooting Of Kincaid, Family Pit Bull, Leads To Lawsuit, Hope For Reform In Baltimore

Trigger Happy Chicago Killer Cop Murderers Innocent Pit Bull Puppy


Charlotte, NC – Cop Shoots Innocent Pit Bull and Injures Another – Chino & Ivy

TX – Cop Shoots To Kill Innocent Pit Bull

NYC City Cop Shoots to Kill Innocent Pit Bull On Crowded Street And Lets Her Writher In Pain

Cheatham County Tennessee Cops Snuff Out Life Of Innocent Pit Bull Kojo

Perinton, NY Cops Murder 7 year Old Pit Bull In His Own Yard

Birmingham, Alabama Killer Cops Unnecessarily Kill 5 Month Old Pit Bull

Hoke County, NC Sgt. Corey Manning Executes Pit Bull And Attempts To Cover Up

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Unnecessarily Kills Pit Bull Protecting Body of Owner

Vermont Cops Kill Stray Pit Bull And The Story Does Not Add Up

Camden, NJ Police Officers Open Fire on Crowded Street Killing Pit Bull Puppy

Justice for Ice, Pit Bull Killed by Ansonia, CT Police Officer

Eve and Ruckus Shot In The Head Execution Style by Harrisburg City Police

Toledo, OH Police Kill Pit Bull Then Laugh About Killing

Williamsburg, VA Police Officer Unjustifiably Use Deadly Force Against Pit Bull

Trigger Happy Portland, OR Police Officer Kills Pit Bull

Blue the Pit Bull Shot By D.C. Police Officer For Being Off Leash

Rescued Pit Bull Dog Shot Dead By Cop At Crowded Street Festival

Gulfport Mississippi Cops Shoot and Kill Chained Pit Bull

Lagrange Missouri Cops Murder Helpless Female Pit Bull (video clip)

California Cops Kill Pit Bull Cupid After Entering Home Through Window

TBI Launches Investigation Into Kingsport Police Officer’s Shooting of Pit Bull

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11 Responses to Killer Cops Target Pit Bulls!

  1. Jan Kline says:

    are these cops insane? what part of rescue dog and working dog don’t you understand. Clearly they have too much power and are given too much leeway. They should be fired or at least be under investigation and told to stay home without pay. The police now have too much power and it goes to their head.

  2. This subject is close to my heart 20 years ago my aunt bit bull who everyone loved was shot 10 times by cops and all he did was jump up bark like any good dog would do. He was 15 years old , he was a kind bit bull who never hurt anyone he even loved kids more .We miss you

  3. koko3mar says:

    I tried contacting regarding the most recent story in oklahoma, I got a phone number but they would give no further info on how to send comments to the police dept or hwy patrol. This poor dog was just doing its job, thought he was doing great and then was shot over a cops ignorance and bias.i hope this guy wakes up, realizes they shot his dog and go after them. Maybe if enough people go after the police dept they will get tired of having lawsuits and change out of necessity of not having to pay compensation.

    Then there are those people who say that if this was their dog and they were in that situation, shoot their dog to save their life. Sad examples of human beings, their dogs are better examples of selflessness.

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  5. Makes me scared for all of us. Not just our dogs. When officers of the law discharge their weapon for any reason it puts lives in jeopardy. They should follow the same procedure as they would with a human using the least amount of deadly force necessary. I think in most instances these dog victims could have been subdued with non-lethal force fi they were showing aggressive behavior. We have to remember that it is in the dog’s genes to protect their owner and territory. So at the end of the day this is akin to an officer shooting a child or a mentally-incapacitated adult who is simply scared and trying to protect what is theirs. They have no concept of what the police are here for and apparently some of the members of law enforcement don’t either.
    @vote for Derby

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  7. This is just wrong in so many ways! These cops think they can do anything they want and sadly some of them get away with it!! They need to be prosecuted for hurting or killing an innocent pit bull it is a crime and just because they are a cop doesnt mean they shouldnt pay. They have gotten way out of hand lately and its sickening.

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  10. People need to know how the police K9 handlers treat their own K9’s. It is brutal,. and sometimes the dogs die after being hanged or kicked on the “training” field. My website is

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