Pit Bull Heroes Hall of Fame

Stories about pit bull attacks are tragic, but isolated incidents. Those stories are blasted all over the news, but it’s stories like the ones below that people never hear about. These are the stories of pit bull heroes – the dogs who selflessly defend their families from heinous crimes, save other animals from certain death, and pull their human guardians to safety in times of danger

Stories about pit bull bravery and heroism are by themselves powerful arguments against breed specific legislation.

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Pit Bull Hero Stories

Pit Bull Hero StoryPit Bull Hero's NameDateCityStateHeroic DeedVideoSummary
Sergeant Stubby, a Pit Bull, Was the Most Decorated Dog of WWISergeant Stubby7/15/1917New Haven CTNotifiesYesMost decorated dog of WWI was a pit bull. Warned soldiers of gas, incoming bombs, and caught a German spy. Later met three presidents.
Weela, a Pit Bull, Saves 30 People, 29 Dogs, 13 Horses, and 1 Cat From Massive FloodWeela1/5/1993Imperial BeachCANotifiesNoWeela swam across rough waters to bring food to animals trapped because of flood waters. She also saved people from crossing the river in dangerous spots.
Popsicle, a Pit Bull, Abandoned By Drug Dealers Becomes Top Drug Sniffing Dog For U.S. CustomsPopsicle4/26/1999BuffaloNYDetects DrugsNoPopsicle was found in bag inside a refrigerator at a known drug dealer. Popsicle graduated #1 from U.S. Customs drug sniffing program and helped prevent the largest cocaine shipment in U.S. history.
Benny, a Pit Bull, Shot Dead Saving Owner From MuggerBenny3/25/2006OaklandCAAttackerNoOwner pistle whipped. His pit bull attacked the mugger but was shot between the shoulder blades and died.
Destiny, a Pit Bull, Saves 9-Year Old Boy from AbductionDestiny7/26/2006Fort CollinsCOAbductionNoDog scares child predator away and alerts parents
Tank, a Pit Bull, Prevents Abduction of Teenage Girl. Another pit bull saves child.Tank8/10/2006KenaiAKAbductionNoTank bites the abductor preventing him from taking teen girl
Pit Bull Dies Saving Two Women From CobraChief2/24/2007ManilaPhillipinesAnimal AttackNoDog jumps in front of attacking cobra and dies saving its owner. Some sources report this article is fake to keep the Phillipine authorities from banning Pit Bulls.
Maya, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Rapists - Named Hero Dog of the YearMaya1/24/2008Sillicon ValleyCAAttackerNoNamed hero dog of the year in 2008
Cisco, a Pit Bull, Drags Woman With Broken Foot to SafetyCisco3/14/2008New RichmondWIPulls From DangerNoOwner slipped on ice in the backyard and broke her foot. Her 100 pound pit bull pulled her out the cold and to a phone.
Two Pit Bulls Save Chihuahua From the Jaws of a CoyoteUnknown8/2/2010LittletonCOSaves AnimalNoRushes to save Chihuahua taken by two coyotes
Diamond, a Pit Bull, Willing to Die to Save Family From Fire Named spcaLA's Hero Dog of the YearDiamond10/24/2010HaywordCAFireYesWarned father and nine year old daughter of a fire. Then found the sixteen year daughter hiding under the bed and layed with her until the firefighters arrived.
Purple, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Being RapedPurple12/13/2010BufordGARapeNoDog bites attacker while owner is almost raped
Phoebe, a Pit Bull, Saves Tiny Abandoned Kitten From DeathPhoebe12/27/2010TroyNYSaves AnimalNoPhoebe's good nose discovers a stray abadoned kitten
Layla, a Pit Bull, Becomes Expert Peanut SnifferLayla1/9/2011San DiegoCANotifiesNoDog can point out peanuts to alert family
Angel, a Stray Pit Bull, Saves Woman and Child From AttackerAngel2/4/2011 FLAttackerNoStray Pit defends mother and son against attacker
Gladys, a Pit Bull, Saves Baby BunniesGladys3/1/2011 RISaves AnimalNoFinds baby bunnies abandoned and saves them
Tank, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From FireTank5/23/2011Apple ValleyCAFireNoNotifies family of fire before they realize it
Bonnie, a Pit Bull, Pulls Owner From Car WreckBonnie7/20/2011ElkoNVPulls From DangerNopulls her out of a car wreckage!
Cash, a Pit Bull, Protects Pregnant Guardian From AttackerCash9/8/2011ElyriaOHRobberYesBites mugger who attacked a pregnant woman
Champion, a Pit Bull, Saves Elderly WomanChampion9/26/2011CarnegiePANotifiesYesNotifies owner of elderly fallen in ditch!
Bommer, a Pit Bull, Fends Off Woman's AttackersBoomer10/19/2011Bullhead CityAZAttackerNoEscapes yard to save stranger from other pitbulls!
Titan, a Pit Bull, Saves Woman With Brain AneurysmTitan10/23/2011LawerncevilleGADetects IllnessNoKept owner from leaving house to show him wife
Dallas, a Pit Bull, Defends Home Against BearDallas12/1/2011TravaresFLAnimal AttackNoBeats bear in a fight!
Nikki, a Service Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Seizures Nikki2/15/2012OgdenUTDetects IllnessNoGives owner to to 2 hours notice before seizure
Kilo, a Pit Bull, Takes Bullet Instead Of Owner and Runs Off BurglarsKilo4/4/2012Staten IslandNYRobberYesProtected owner from home intruder and takes a bullet to the head.
Bo, a Pit Bull, and 12 Year-Old Girl Save Unconscious Drowning StrayBo4/5/2012ArabiLASaves AnimalNoBo notifies a young girl of a drowning dog.
Pit Bull Shot and Killed Defending Owners from RobbersUnknown4/9/2012Fort WorthTXRobberNoDied to save owner and owners wife
Lilly, a Pit Bull, Pulls Unconscious Owner From Oncoming TrainLilly5/3/2012ShirleyMAPulls From DangerYesDog gets hit by train to save owner!
Lilly, a Rescued Pit Bull, Finds Help For Fallen Owner Lilly6/11/2012BeachwoodNJNotifiesNoFound help for fallen owner
Ruger, a Pit Bull, Protects Valpo Family From Home InvasionRuger7/20/2012ValparasioILRobberNoRuger the Pit Bull protected family from home invasion.
Abby, a Pit Bull, Saves Neighbor From FireAbby10/30/2012IoniaMIFireNoNonstop barking to alert neighbor of fire
Chomper & Lily, Pit Bulls, Help Cops Catch ThiefChomper & Lily12/4/2012MidvaleUTNotifiesYesHelps police nab a car thief
Pit Bull Saves Woman From RapistUnknown1/5/2013West ColumbiaSCRapeNoSaved owner from being raped and possibly killed by two intruders
Pit Bull Trio - Stella, Noah, & Silas - Saves Owner From Gas LeakStella, Noah, & Silas1/30/2013LoganvilleWIDetects GasYesOwner was alerted to a gas leak while sleeping.
Baby, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From FireBaby2/13/2013WellstonOKFireYesNudged owner awake and then went back into the flames to save the other dogs.
Creature, a Pit Bull, Finds Missing Woman Suffering From DementiaCreature3/1/2013PiscatawayNJNotifiesYesFinds a woman with demential in a ditch.
Cain, a Pit Bull, Saves NY Woman From Burning HouseCain5/4/2013Long IslandNYFireYesBarked to alert owner of Fire. Saved her life.
Louie, a Pit Bull, Saves Mom and Baby From Home InvasionLouie5/7/2013BethanyOKRobberYesChased guy posing as UPS out of house
Lefty, a Pit Bull, Takes Bullet For OwnerLefty7/22/2013AccomacVAAttackerNoPitbull loses leg from bullet wound, saves family
Elle, a Pit Bull, Named 2013 Hero of the YearElle10/8/2013RoanokeNCTherapyYesHelps people with fear of dogs
TatorTot, a Pit Bull, Saves 4-Year Old BoyTatorTot10/9/2013Brooklyn ParkMNDetects IllnessYesDog smells low blood sugar levels in boy
Jack, a Pit Bull, Saves Cat from CoyotesJack10/12/2013TampaFLSaves AnimalYesPitbull fights off 2 coyotes to save cat!
Chako, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Abusive PartnerChako11/9/2013RichmondVAAttackerYesGot stabbed 12 times to save her owner!
Mercy, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Machete Wielding IntrudersMercy11/17/2013EdmontonCanadaAttackerYesA pit bull saved a woman from being attacked by a machete
Champ, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From MuggerChamp1/15/2014Little RockAKAttackerNoDog saved owner from getting mugged at home
Peaches, a Therapy Pit Bull, Helps Victims of Boston Marathon BombingPeaches1/15/2014CharlotteNCTherapyNoHelped the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Hunter, a Pit Bull, Saves Family Two Weeks After AdoptionHunter3/13/2014DetroitMIDetects GasYesNotices gas leak, saves family
Major, a Pit Bull, Calls 911 While Owner Has SeizureMajor5/12/2014ZanesvilleOHDetects IllnessYesVet owner has seizure and dog calls 911.
Ace, a Pit Bull, Saves Deaf Boy From FireAce7/23/2014IndianapolisINFireYesWakes up deaf boy to alert him of house fire
Blitz, the Pit Bull, Saves a Woman From Her Estranged HusbandBlitz8/24/2014HollandMIAttackerYesPit bull saved a female neighbor who was being attacked by her estranged husband.
Hades, a Pit Bull, Carries Child Away From Bee SwarmHades8/28/2014Oregon CityORPulls From DangerYesSaves kid from bees by giving him a ride away from danger.
Jinx, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From FireJinx9/2/2014SpringfieldMOFireNoPit bull woke up a sleeping mother and her one year old baby from a fire.
Buddy, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From FireBuddy9/12/2014MansfieldOHFireNoBuddy wakes owner from certain death by fire
Calie, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From 3 Alarm FireCalie9/20/2014ChelseaMAFireYesNotifies man of fire in house before alarms do
Messiah, a Pit Bull, Saves 72-Year Old Owner By Detecting Low Blood Sugar LevelMessiah10/23/2014Hudson FallsNYDetects IllnessNoAlso smells low blood sugar levels in owner.
Tiger, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner And Goes To Get Help For His Medical EmergencyTiger11/3/2014ToledoOHNotifiesNoFound neighbor to come give his person help
Trigger, a Pit Bull, Saves Child From Labrador Dog Attacking HerTrigger11/20/2014West Palm BeachFLAnimal AttackYesPitbull saves little girl from attacking lab!
Lou, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From FireLou1/20/2015CarbondalePAFireYesBarked to alert sleeping family of fire in house
Tank, the Pit Bull, Saves Family From Rabid RacoonTank2/12/2015NorwichCTAnimal AttackYesTank saves family from a rabid raccoon.
Thor, a Pit Bull, Stopped An Armed RobberyThor2/15/2015SacoMERobberYesThor, a pit bull, prevented an armed man from robbing a gas station.
Shrek, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From a FireShrek3/2/2015FarnhamNYFireYesPit bull warned family of fire.
Isis, a Pit Bull, Protects Owner From a Drunk BoyfriendIsis3/6/2015Hazel ParkMIAttackerYesIsis, the pit bull, saves owner from a destraught boyfriend.
Pittie, a Pit Bull, Saves KittenPittie3/16/2015DallasTXSaves AnimalYesKitten was abandoned and pitbull nursed it!
Raja, a Pit Bull, Saves His Human's Life During FireRaja4/8/2015IndianapolisINFireYesRaja saves owner from a raging fire
Ember, the Pit Bull, Notifies Owner of Son Collapsing With a SeizureEmber6/3/2015MonroeOHDetects IllnessYesSon collapses with a seizure and Ember, the families pit bull notifies the mother of her son's plight.
Sweet Dee, the Family Pit Bull, Saves Owner After Suffering a Heart AttackSweet Dee6/22/2015West RoxburyMADetects IllnessYesSweet Dee the family pit bull wakes up wife after discovering husband has had a heart attack in the family room.
Chief, a Pit Bull, Saves 3-Year-Old From Bear AttackChief7/20/2015Long ValleyNJAnimal AttackYesChief, the family's pit bull saw a bear running towards a 3-year-old and bite the the bear in the leg and chased the bear out of the yard.
Jonie, a Pit Bull, Saves ChachiJonie7/23/2015SavannahGASaves AnimalYesstray pit saves stray chiuahuah
Leala, a Pit Bull, Saves Two Year Old Life After Finding Him Face Down In PondLeala8/1/2015New South WalesAustraliaNotifiesYesDove into a pond to save a drowning two year old and unable to pull him out notifies parents.
Pit Bull Protects Toddler Abandoned in the WoodsUnknown10/15/2015JacksboroTNNotifiesYesMother high on meth abandoned her toddler in the woods. A pit bull in the neighborhood layed next to the child and protected him throughout the cold night.
Lucy, a Pit Bull, Dies Protecting Family From a Knife Wielding AttackerLucy10/20/2015Fort MeyerFLAttackerYesLucy dies protecting family from a knife wielding attacker.
Dulce, a Deaf Pit Bull, Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide PoisoningDulce1/9/2016SavannahOHDetects GasNoSaves from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Droggie, the Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Screwdriver Wielding AttackerDroggie1/12/2016West CovinaCAAttackerYesPit Bull steps in to save owner from a man attacking with a scewdriver.
3-Legged Pit Bull, Levi, Shot While Protecting OwnersLevi1/28/2016JanesvilleWIRobberYesPit bull shot protecting owner from a robber.
Precious, a Pit Bull, Dies Protecting Owner from AlligatorPrecious6/25/2016LaBelleFLAnimal AttackYesPit bull dies protection owner from an alligator.
Hero, Stray Pit Bull Stabbed Five Times Saving Woman From AttackerHero7/29/2016KnoxvilleTNAttackerYesStray pit bull saved woman from a knife wielding attacker.

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Positive Pitbull Heroes Stories

Where are the positive pitbull articles? Have you heard of Lilly the hero pitbull? What about pitbull war heroes, Weela the pitbull hero, or Elle the pitbull hero? Would you ever expect a pitbull named Baby to be a pitbull hero? I hope you enjoy the pitbull heroes stories we have pulled together.

We started to do some research and discovered a few articles where pit bulls heroically saved their owners from fires, attackers, and even bee swarms.  We thought surely someone has consolidated all the pit bull heroes into one list.  We were able to find some lists but many of the links to the original news article were broken and the list were incomplete.

Unable to find a complete list of pit bull heroes we decided we would have to compile the list ourselves and create the Pit Bull Heroes Hall of Fame.  The pit bull heroes list includes 76 pit bull hero stories, the link to the original news article, date, name of the pit bull hero, location, heroic deed, video link,  and quick summary.

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45 Responses to Pit Bull Heroes Hall of Fame

Pit Bull Heroes Hall of Fame


      We are Stafi/Pit Bull lovers. Go the Terriers, The only time a Terries or any dog attacks is when threatened, or ABUSED. Our dogs will always be there for us why do you think they call them “A MAN’S BEST FRIEND”
      The Minter’s Harare Zimabawe.

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    1. This is so wonderful, thank you! I can’t imagine life without my pit bull. Most loyal companions in the world.

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    1. Thank you for sharing the good news!

    1. PItbulls are so loyal, and just freakin funny,, i couldnt live with out mine!

    1. the fact is how alot is about how they raised and alot of them are raised for fighting. but any breed can be raised that way. so it’s the great people who treat there animals right!!! I love pit bulls

        • Not necessarily true Karen, tho it DOES have a LOT to do with it.. but to say that is to deny the surviving and wonderful VICKtory dogs!! <3 They were raised and bred to fight – to the death – and look at them now!

    1. I love this bully breed so much!! I could not live without my two beautiful babies!! They are my family!! I know we are changing the outlook one great story at a time. As long as we stick together things will change.

    1. RENDA82says:

      I would like to add another hero that paid for saving his owner with his life last Saturday Jan. 12 2012. RIP BRAVE PUTZ!!!http://www.examiner.com/dogs-in-national/heroic-dog-inspires-new-rules-at-shelter The Rose Brooks Center for women chief executive officer, Susan Miller, made the decision to break the rules and took in a domestic violence victim and Great Dane. The dog had saved his owner from her hammer-wielding boyfriend. “She was not going to leave her pet alone with him,” Miller said. “He saved her life.” That decision would go on to lead to a change in policy at the shelter. About 40 percent of battered women with pets stay in abusive relationships to protect or remain with their pets. Shelter officials say they’ve seen a 300 percent increase in applications since becoming pet-friendly.
      http://www.examiner.com/dogs-in-national/dog-put-to-death-video So why would a judge condemn another dog to death for saving his owner? A Pit bull named Putz was put to death by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. Putz was taken in by ACC after protecting his owner from her abusive ex-husband. The same ex-husband whom, in a past incident, held a knife to her dog’s throat and treated to kill it. According to the owner of Putz the ex-husband was trying to hit her and Putz jumped up to her rescue and bit the man. Two heroic canines, two very different endings. Who can tell me why?

        • Hi, I have emailed back and forthe with Minneapolis animal control. I let them know that the rescue community would make sure that people who have donated in the past wouls no longer donate and that people who were considering donating to them would stop once they heard what killers they were. Here is there email [email protected]

    1. I HAVE A GROUP ON FACE BOOK TO TRY AND HELP STOP THE BANNING OF PIT BULLS IF YOU LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES AND DON’T WANT THEM BANNED OR HAVE RESTRICTIONS ON THEM PLEASE JOIN http://www.facebook.com/groups/113297142135383/113342832130814/ Maybe we can finally do something about it

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    1. Amazing! Love all these stories. Long live the pitbull!!!!!

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    1. HWD DLFsays:

      Awesome: Here’s what my dog loves to do: http://i.minus.com/iwBI0gYqmYjDD.jpg (love him, but he’s lazy as heck). Then again, at 12 years old, he deserves the rest!

    1. Imagine all the other ‘bully’ heros out there that the lame stream media refused to portray in a good light. The headline for the recent case of the missing 3 year old protected by his pittie buddy overnight stated only ‘Dog Protects Lost Toddler’. Had he bitten someone, it would have screamed PIT BULL in bold capital letters!

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    1. This is amazing I love this.

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    1. PLEASE ALL PITBULL LOVERS go on fb and type in “save mickey” like and sign for him to be saved.he is a fellow pit!!!!

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    1. Here’s another story I really liked. A woman was leaving a park with her 2 year old son when a man tried to attack her and a Pitbull-mix ran up and chased the man off. Her and her son had never even seen the dog before. The woman ran for her car and put her son in his car seat and before she could get in and drive off, the pit came back, jumped into her backseat next to the little boy and just waited until the cops and animal control got there. THIS is a story that should have made every headline but, of course, didn’t,

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    1. For those that are so passionate about this breed… I am trying to open a pitt bull rescue in the state of Kentucky since we don’t have one. Below is a link to my gofundme account. please feel free to read and share to everyone that you know.


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    1. Love and JOY! Thank you so much for the links — we LOVE our Pibbles!!!

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    1. love pitbulls i wrote a book for school an the “p” word and this website really helped me

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