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By Sloane Quealy-Miner


Android, who is owned by Google, has available in the Android Market a new downloadable game application for your phone called KG Dogfighting/ DOG WARS (developed by Kage Games LLC). This is a DOG FIGHTING GAME. The player feeds, waters, trains and FIGHTS the virtual dog for virtual money. It is clear to me that the people at Google/Android /Kage Games think dog fighting is a joke and that perpetuating the myth that pit bulls are inherently aggressive has no repercussions.


  • Flag this application and both add-on packs as inappropriate here. The application’s name is “KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars”, the 2 add-on applications are named “Dog Bucks”, and the developer is Kage Games LLC
  • If you’re an Android device user, search “Dog Wars” and “Dog Bucks” in the Android Market application. Flag all of them from your device as well.
  • Email Google at [email protected] and ask they remove KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars and both Dog Bucks packs from the Android Market. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so feel free to attach a photo of a victim of dog fighting
  • Sign the petition to Google and Android demanding KG Dogfighting/Dog Wars and related Dog Bucks apps be banned from the Market
  • Email Kage Games at [email protected] and ask them how they sleep at night. Their application demonizes dogs, perpetuates breedist and racist stereotypes, and inspires future dog fighters.

REPEATEDLY EMAIL until they take this application off the market.

This kind of stereotyping is responsible for countless deaths of loving, gentle and well adjusted pit bulls across the country. These innocent dogs suffer and die in shelters because it gives false verification to the public that pit bull type dogs are vicious. The people at Google/Android and Kage Games are too daft to realize that aggression is not a breed issue, it is a dog issue. Any dog breed can be “trained” to behave aggressively. This fact has been supported time and again.

The developers state on the game description page “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME…” It is not just a video game, it is irresponsible and devastating to the animals that are victims of this abuse. The animal abusers who participate in dog fights starve, beat and train the dogs to behave aggressively to both animals and people.

Fighting dogs are kept isolated from other dogs

Fighting dogs spend most of their lives on short, heavy chains, often just out of reach of other dogs.

Fighting dogs may also be given a variety of legal and illegal drugs, including anabolic steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness. Narcotic drugs may also be used to increase the dogs’ aggression, increase reactivity and mask pain or fear during a fight. Young animals are often trained or tested by allowing them to fight with other dogs in well-controlled “rolls.” Those who show little inclination to fight may be discarded or killed. Some fighters will use stolen pets as “bait dogs,” or sparring partners.

Fighting dogs used by all types of fighters may have their ears cropped and tails docked close to their bodies. This serves two purposes. First, it limits the areas of the body that another dog can grab onto in a fight, and second, it makes it more difficult for other dogs to read the animal’s mood and intentions through the normal body language cues dogs use in aggressive encounters. Fighters usually perform this cropping/docking themselves using crude and inhumane techniques

The effects of dog fighting are devastating, please take a moment to speak up for the victims, thank you

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1,100 Responses to DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED for Android phones – CALL TO ACTION

  1. Shannon kopp says:

    This is an outrage. Do people not have a clue that this is a real problem in the US and all over really. Dog fighting is cruel and inhumane. Anybody that would play this game should be shot. Please remove it. This should not be out there to give bad people any more ugly ideas on how to abuse animals. This is a real problem and there are sick people out there that would take the game to the next level which is reality.remove it please

    • Steven Bely says:

      I have switched my search engine in protest, and I think everyone else should as well. This is simply disgusting and I will not tolerate it, and to the makers of the game, and their comment “bug up your *ss”, I would like to put my foot up yours.

      Steve & The Nakita Foundation

      • Sharon Normandin says:

        Well said, Steve!

      • Josh Ghiroli says:

        Ok I own a pitbull and I am against dog fighting as much as the next person…but lets be realistic here. It’s a game, there are games about killing people but thats cool, oh and it’s ok to train and battle pets as long as the pets arnt based on a real species, i.e. Pokemon? I guess that makes sense since pokemon arn’t real…oh wait the dog’s on a video game arn’t either?

        This is whats wrong with the American public, no objectivity and always looking for something to whine and complain about. If you wanna make a difference actually do something productive like protest real dog fighters instead of posting a few lines so you can feel better about yourself when in the grand scheme of things this isn;t even an issue its a video game.

        Would it be better if they said “No animals were harmed in the making of this game.”?

      • Josh Ghiroli says:

        Oh and for the record, Android is open source and has nothing to do with the production of release of most apps on for the Android. So protesting Google is the same as protesting Microsoft because someone made a game for that you don’t like.

      • BSL News says:

        Google has the power to take the app from the Android market. Google also profits from this app. Your comparison is not the same.

      • Josh Ghiroli says:

        Oh so Microsoft doesn’t profit from apps made for windows?

        And what about my comparison to Pokemon?

        The fact is the game doesn’t hurt anybody and its a far far far better alternative to actual dog fighting. Like I stated before we have video games killing other people and killing zombies, there are boxing games and MMA games.

        And video games don’t make people do things they weren’t gonna do before. I play a lot of shooting games, does that mean I’m gonna go on a killing spree? Unlikely to say the least, I have no desire to shoot another human being unless I have to…and I’m in the U.S. Army…

      • V J Blanton says:

        I’m with Steven on this one..

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        Look, guys, Google has nothing to do with this. They’re not Apple. They don’t meticulously approve each app before it’s released to the Android Market, and they really only pull the ones that are harmful spyware or viruses when they find them. There’s this concept called “Open source” that Google ascribes to – it’s the idea that we don’t need Big Brother watching us. Look, dogfighting is terrible. Making a game about it is tasteless and disgusting. But seriously, Google has nothing to do with it. Point your ire at the developer.

      • kris says:


      • Amanda L. says:

        Josh: Pokemon battling is not even in the same category. There’s not the same amount of blood, gore, and serious violence. It’s also not based on a real life animal abuse epidemic. MMA? Come on. Think about what you’re saying. Two consenting adults in a ring is the same thing is animal abuse? I’m not a huge fan of violent video games in general, but the target does make a difference for me. Consenting adults or fantasy targets such as zombies aren’t the same thing as glorifying the abuse and torture of something. I would argue against a SAW game as well.

      • Andrea says:

        Well said Steven. I will also change my search engine now. This is utterly sickening and disgusting. Do they not relaise games replicate real life..

      • Adela says:

        Steven Bely: I share your opinions wholeheartedly. I will also change my search engine in protest for this reprehensible and despicable app. And I will tell others to do so too!

      • Steven Bely says:

        What’s next? “Rape a Child” app? You could stalk a five year old, plan, and role play kiddy porn!!!! or maybe “Gun a Gay”… app where you run around blasting homosexuals…..Really, you pick on poor defenseless animals, that have no voice, this time you are dead wrong. I am sure the people out there that care for animals will not tolerate this. You should be ashamed, no you should be fined, no better, you should be jailed, and let some inmates put something up your ass.

      • Chris F says:

        Totally agree with you Steve and followers. We must all band together to stop animal mistreatment.

      • ambritt says:

        I want to comment for the guy who compared this to pokemon. The pokemon in the game do not die, they are not harmed. The idea of the game is that they get really dizzy, faint, and then you put them back in their little pokeballs. In dog fighting, they generally DIE.

      • Sabrina H. says:

        I agree Steve. My Google search bar has been removed. I am protesting them because they have the ability to remove this app & have chosen not to do so. I am suprised Google is allowing their brand name to be associated with something so disgusting.

      • BSL News says:

        Josh: Pokemon? Really?

        If you can’t see the difference between pocket monsters and dog fighting then you’re just a bad troll.

      • Steven Bely says:

        here is a link to Google , it is a request to remove offensive application: so to those that wrote that Google has nothing to do with this, indeed they do, and they have the power to remove the application

      • Ryan B. says:

        Typical Americans. Josh is right it’s just a video game, and not to mention you have the power not to download the game it isn’t forced onto your mobile. To the people switching their search engine away from google I doubt 1,000 people would even be a ripple in their world wide corporation. If google were to remove this application then it would destroy their whole idea and they would all be like apple mind controlling people.

      • Jennifer says:

        I switched my search engine as well. good idea.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Ryan B: It’s true, my true goal is the downfall of apple and all free speech? That’s a bit silly. It’s fine to say you think free speech is valuable and important and that there are better ways to handle it. To say that removing an offensive app is the downfall of a corporation and all it stands for? That’s when you’re the one that’s lost perspective.

      • amanda says: this is a great alternative to google and DOES NOT record your searches, the sites you visit or your IP address. google DOES and this information is never deleted from their data base.

      • Josh Ghiroli says:

        Wow you guys take the slightest little difference and make it seem like the it’s night and day.

        Pokemon themselves arn’t based on real animals. Duh, so because these pixels (Yes they are just a bunch of pixels put together) resemble that of species of animal that exists its completely different? Bullshit, the concept remains the same the only difference is a slight design aspect. The intent is the same.

        And pokemon don’t die? Ok well I have played a handful of Army games where you have to shoot attack dogs. But thats fine?

        Like I said I don’t agree with the game, it is definitely tasteless there is no arguing that. But that fact remains that if people continue to get their feelings hurt over every little thing and continue to push and push and push until something is done then we as American’s are gonna have no rights. This god damn country is already headed that way. It’s a sad state of affairs when people think that their freedom of speech is to be used to suppress other peoples freedoms.

        The game is stupid and in bad taste got it, but there is nothing illegal about making the game and its his right to do so. Grow some calluses on your feelings and stop begin so whiny and sniffling about the small things and focus on the real detriments to the bully breeds, like the fact that I can’t even find a place to live every time I PCS because I have a Pit Bull.

      • Patrick says:

        Steve: you’re mad at the wrong people. Be mad at the dirtbags that created the game, not Google. They just make the operating system, and they have mechanisms in place to get bad apps banned.
        Not using Google anymore won’t do anything.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Josh: I still don’t think pokemon’s in the same category, but suspect you have a point about the attack dogs or other game violence (I don’t play enough to know). I definitely would like to see this passion for pit bull friendly housing as well, so I’ll concede that too. Good luck.

      • julie says:

        doing the same changing search engine too

      • Tyler Tucker says:

        What Steve, Sharon and Josh don’t obviously understand is that thsi is desenesitzing people. Studies do show that children who spend more time with violent games do have a tendency to be more violent themselves. Why do you think there are “ratings” on games, music, videos, movies…..?

        Josh when you compare pokemon characters to what could be actual animals it really does show how out of touch you are with this issue. Then again, you have stated you are in The Army so may be you are already desenseitized to horrific sights such as an animal who’s innate nature is to be a friend and protector to it’s master. I being a Marine will fight for the weak and innocent unlike the Army.

        So I guess having a video game showing American Soldiers being tortured, mamed and killed should be alright for you in the States?

      • Casie Brechtelsbauer says:

        This game is a horrible idea and only pushes us backwards in our fight against dog fighting. It should have never been made in the first place and the developer should be subject to the actions of real life dog fighting turned on them.

      • This is an atrocity , and especially coming from Google, I will never ever use them again and will convince others and all my friends to boycott and never reuse Google……………..this is one of the most hurtful and non caring thing to do …………..pls let us all boycott forever Google and teach them and anyone else that would even think of such ………..i do not know what to call it but terror and teaching future generations to keep this awful torture going on…….have you not heard about the michael vick case , i would think that it would be enough ……..but no some need this to be perpetuated on the torture of these defenseless creatures, never again will i have anything to do with google or any of their partners……………………

    • Carla says:

      I agree, how in this day can anyone have such a game.. I guess Michael Vick would buy this…. This is an inhumane and animal abuse you should be ashamed of yourself, how do people like this look at themselves in the mirror… PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME….

      • Suzie Labelle says:

        With all the issues going on with pit-bulls in America and Canada don’t you think this lacks good taste? What does this say about our society? I think it’s a sad day when people have nothing better to do than train either real or ‘video’ dog’s to fight each other. Although this may be just a ‘game’ to the 9 out of 10 people, there is still that 1 who is going to take the information used in this game to further investigate their sociopath ways. Isn’t the world violent enough?

      • well said carla this is in bad taste and you are probably right michiel vick would prob buy this filth of a so called game ..

      • Rachel L says:

        Wow! I’m overwhelmed! As an owner of 2 rescue pittys, it’s my responsibility to educate people about the breed. This game encourages the idea that pitbulls are mean, aggressive fighting dogs. Why do you think people are prejudice against the breed? We dont need anymore negative media attention including a video game. Dog fighting is not ok in any form for any type of dog. They are victims of this training and abuse.
        Steven B.- I agree with you “rape a child” app? Disgusting! Both victims of abuse.
        Josh- It’s just a video game? And you wonder why you cant find an apt.? Its because of the negative press about this breed!

      • justkj52 says:

        You’ve probably couldn’t wait to mention Michael Vick…lol What you may not know is that Vick is against this and has voiced his concern about it already… Stay updated before makinig an ignorant statment. And to the rest, I amd more with Josh.. I am with everyone in the ssense that it’s a tasteless game, but there are so many other games that depicts violence, prostitution, theft, etc… Did you all fight against those being made. We can go way back to paperboy, how the paper used to hit the dog in the head sometimes… I mean if you’re going to break it down, break it all the way down. Violence is violence no matter the severity. Duck hunt lead to kids liking BB guns to shoot animals not just birds, and then becoming infatuated with guns period. Frogger! You can’t tell me when you’re driving and see something in the road, you don’t say, “there’s ten points”….. LOL kidding… But seriously, if you’re going to make this argument, why wasn’t made for the others that depicts more serious crimes like human violence… GRAND THEFT AUTO………………..

    • this is why the world is the way it is because of this crap i cant believe that you people would even consider such a game it should be banded and burned i hope everyone who hears about this game black balls your company and any game that you may produce you people shpuld be ashamed of ypurself

      • I’m all for protesting things by calling advertisers, writing blogs, sending letters to the editors of your local and national news media, creating email campaigns and changing your personal search engine settings and preferences if you want. Each of these is a legitimate and fair means of protesting something in an open society. And, as my name and avatar suggests I’m a VERY outspoken fan of Dogs and personally find this particular game highly distasteful. However, the thought of people banning and burning things that they don’t like is a bit extreme is just a little too 3rd Riech and/or KKK for me.

    • nakedandnude says:

      Agree! Remove it now, please!

    • mary smith says:

      i agree this has got to stop. people can come up with enough horrible things they dont need encouragement. please stop now take it off the market and destroy the remaining games and prototype.

      • amanda says:

        it’s not so much as encouragement as a lead to this becoming more socially acceptable.. it might be a game but like most bad ideas do not remain in game all the time. it only takes a few idiots bored with the game and wanting to have a more real experience when they find they really enjoy it.
        just look at the kids who thought playing frogger in the street was a “cool” idea, just like the game.. it was fun till one of the boys lept out into traffic and was hit by an SUV. he had to be taken to the hospital.

        maybe this might seem like a poor comparison but it doesn’t take much for one person to have the desire to one-up things and make the game real.

    • Moose says:

      Dear lord are you all serious? Let’s count the games where HUMAN violence and crime are just a-okay….. It’s a game.if you protest this you must also protest EVERY game that involves acts if violence,every game where you shoot another.

      • HBSammy says:

        Adults have voices – they can defend themselves – they choose to buy or not to buy. Animals don’t have a voice – like children. If a game like this were made of a child, I’d be hollering, too. Get the difference?

      • WolfPaw says:

        You are absolutely right. Any games who glamorize violence should not be tolerated. In reality, there are kids who would see the covers to violent video games, think it looks cool, and play it, regardless of the rating. ANY games containing violence, such as ones that include rape, child abuse, domestic abuse, crime violence, animal abuse, etc., INCLUDING war games should really not be tolerated, or at least find a suitable way to keep ALL games like that out of the hands of children.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Moose: Not true. Some of those games involve zombies, self defense or consenting adult soldiers.

      • Christy says:

        I agree with you Moose, all these idiots jumped the ban wagon after the first person spoke out about this game. Otherwise, they would have never cared all on there own. People are so ignorant but like the saying says “ignorance is bliss….”

    • taylor says:

      Well said!

    • courtney Freeborn says:

      Take it down asap!!!!! Such a disgrace!

    • Eva says:

      This game should be removed. Promoting dog fights is against the law. Is there no imagination of producing other games that does not promotes fighting and killing. It is outrageous.

    • Mozes says:

      I’m with Josh all the way here. You guys are being absolutely ridiculous. How can you guys not complain about games that kill other human beings, but complain about games where animals are killed, not to mention the fact that it’s not real. I think one of the most disturbing things about this is that you guys value an animals life over a human’s life. I’m not expecting to win an argument, because this is a blog for hundreds of dog supporters, and this is all about matter of opinion. But guys this isn’t meant to train real life dog fighters, they have every right to do this. I just laugh at the idea of somebody saying “Why don’t you use google?” And then you guys replying, “Well, google is in cahoots with android and the android market, and there’s this one game on there, that I don’t like, so I’m protesting by not using anything google.” Because of a STUPID game! You guys got to get a life.

      • Amanda L. says:

        I will be -thrilled- if and when we value human life enough to protest violence against men, graphic shooting games, and so on. Usually when I even suggest they could be harmful, I get a barrage of ‘it’s just a game’ yadda, yadda. This tells me people are not to that point and will not suffer inconvenienced, regardless of if it is harmful to other people.

        If people can and do have this passion for animals, I will be glad that there is still that and work from there.

        I don’t plan to shoot anyone, want to shoot anyone, or wish violence on the producers. I struggle with Michael Vick based on the actual torture he inflicted, but I realize that the producers may be immature or misguided rather than sadistic.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Mozez, you’re a tard. You don’t have cameras into everybody’s houses monitoring them 24/7. You have no idea how many of us protest against games where you kill human beings and how many of us don’t. You also assume just because people value the lives and rights of animals, that it must mean we value their lives over the lives of other humans. People can care about more than one thing at the same time, dipshit. Go ride your moral high horse the fuck over to somebody who gives a shit about your dumbass generalizations.

      • drew says:

        good point. now spend a few years in nyc where pit bull fighting rings are prolific, dogs who dont fight are thrown off rooftops, beaten and let go in the park and on city streets and chained to steam pipes with no food and water to make them mean. check it out

      • Kristin Key says:

        I will never condone the killing of anyone. I am not only the proud owner of two beautiful Pitts I also work with animal control and trust me the things we see that is connected to dog fights are not pretty. Dog fighting is a reality and it is a reality it is hard to combat, to me this will never be “just a game”. Fact is this kind of game will help promote dog fighting and it carries the very real risk of making it “acceptable” and that is something we can never let happen. If you have once seen a puppy that can neither hear nor see and will never have a life because it was used as a bait dog for fighting dogs then you will understand what I am talking about. One of my Pitts came to my husband and I when she was 4 months old with an upper lip that was torn apart a face that was forever twisted and full of scars, a body that will never ever be quit right, because she was used for bait for stronger more aggressive dogs. Please let us do everything possible to stop the dog fighting even if it means banning a game.

    • Mary says:

      I see a lot of comments about the violent games with people as perp and victim. There is a huge difference…People have choices they can make. Animals have no say in what they are forced into. They can’t choose or not choose to go into a fight ring. If they refuse to fight or even if they just don’t do well, they are usually punsihed, often with torture or even horrible death (remember Michael Vick’s dogs).

      There is enough violence against animals out there.

      “Bless the beast and the children. They have no voice. They have no choice.”

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  3. Eric Storck says:

    The makers of this game ought to be shot! How productive is it to play a game that brings out one of the worst abuses in the human race?? I guess the makers aren’t a member of the human race. Just in the race to the bank!

    • John K says:


      For making a game about abusing animals, people should be executed. Really. With a straight face?

      And “the worst abuses in the human race.” Really. Holocaust? Wars? Rapes, murders, torture? but one of the “worst abuses in the human race” is making dogs fight. Despicable and should be stopped, absolutely. The people who make dogs fight should go to jail, absolutely. But have some perspective, please. Not all crime is on the same level.

      And once again. You, who abhors dog fighting, think people should be killed for making a game about it. Really?

      • amber says:

        they said “one of the worst” not the worst” if you are going to quote from someone do it right dumbass

      • Mary says:

        I see a lot of comments about the violent games with people as perp and victim. There is a huge difference…People have choices they can make. Animals have no say in what they are forced into. They can’t choose or not choose to go into a fight ring. If they refuse to fight or even if they just don’t do well, they are usually punsihed, often with torture or even horrible death (remember Michael Vick’s dogs).

        There is enough violence against animals out there.

        “Bless the beast and the children. They have no voice. They have no choice.”

      • Jeremy Ryan says:

        Amber you are actually the dumbass because he clearly says one of the worst but misplaced where the quotes should be. So next time if you want to act like a douchebag either read the comment or know what you are talking about

      • justkj52 says:

        The issue is not whether or not a dog has a choice or human has a choice, it’s simply the glorification of violence. If one thing is violent one, then it’s violent the other. If it didn’t bother you when they made GRAND THEFT AUTO, (not be mean) but this shouldn’t either…. Because like you probably said when Grand Theft Auto came out, ” It’s just a game.” Glorifying violence either way is bad, so where were then?

  4. Diane says:

    People should know that to fill out the complaint form the App is called “Dog Wars” and the developer is “Kage Games.”

  5. Fran says:

    Are stupid? Or are you stupid? The whole idea speaks for itself.

  6. Marie Elaina Rago says:

    I sent my comment, this is disgusting!!!

  7. Christy Clarke, MA says:

    The entire concept of this game is absolutely disgusting! It supports the unethical, cruelty and torture of dogs, many of which are family pets stolen and forced to fight, or killed as a result. I cannot begin to express how intensely angry the concept of dog fighting makes me, and equally so this ‘game’ designed by android. You can be sure, android will receive zero business or positive support from me if such game, or anything similar, are not immediately trashed.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? Android is the name of the smartphone operating system owned by Google. This software is given away free to manufacturers of phones under the open source philosophy. The makers of Android have nothing to do with the apps in the Market. Google curates the Android Market only to the extent of occasionally removing apps that have been reported and proven to be malware. The people you’re actually pissed at are the developers at Kage Games. Direct your rage there. Not only do you look like an idiot ranting about Android which has nothing to do with it, but you won’t get anywhere hating on a company like Google.

      • Tina Ferguson-Davis says:

        So Carrie, what do you suggest we all do? Just sit on our hands? If you know who to not contact, then maybe you know who we should contact? Personally, I don’t play any of these games, like Grand Theft Auto, etc., but this game takes sick, perverted and demeanted to a whole new level. This type of game will only hurt the real dogs that are living in hell by desensitizing the public with the virtual dogs first. Help us to help them.

      • Cait says:

        Carrie, if that’s true, then why does the Android Market complaint page redirect you to:

        You’ll notice “” in the URL. And should you decide to email them a complaint, you’ll find the address is [email protected]

        While yes, Kage Games is the developer and we can all direct our rage there, we can also rage at Google. They curate the Android Market, you said it yourself. I highly doubt they’d allow a game that lets you rape people or molest children, so why encourage a game that glorifies dog fighting, gives people a rudimentary understanding of dog fighting, and furthers the negative stereotypes surrounding American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and other breeds commonly referred to as “pit bulls”

        We can rage all we want at Kage Games, but we can tell Google that we do not approve of such a game in the Android market. Removing it would not necessarily compromise open source, since the software was a) available and b) the game is/was still made, but it will make the game inaccessible to any lowlife who might consider playing it as “entertainment”

      • JLS says:

        doesn’t matter who makes what or approves of it. the fact is that android-google’s names are on this disgusting, inhumane game and therefore, they shouldn’t be given any business. we need for them to understand what a stupid decision it was for them to put their names on this.

      • Jerry says:

        I have news for Carrie. If you own and control a system and allow illegal or inhumane pictures,apps or what ever it may be to be posted or offered on it you are in turn actually supporting it and can and should be held accountable. Emailing only the small game maker who is small potatoes at best will not stop others from doing the same but to address and bring to light those that can actually control apps. and such that are offered and has the power to eliminate them will accomplish much more!!!

    • brian says:

      Go get an iPhone and get off my open source band wagon. The whole point of open source is the freedom of choice. If the app doesn’t have malware or a virus it stays!!! If the app doesn’t violate a law, it stays!!! Do like me and don’t download the frickin’ thing.

  8. Sarah says:

    This game is sick an should be STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tim says:

    So you seem pretty oblivious and it shows in your title – Google did not ‘release’ this game, and for you to suggest that they support the abuse of dogs makes you look like a complete idiot.

    You’re probably the same type of person that thinks violent video games kill people – get a clue.

    • Gregory Towns says:

      Tim Research shows that video games do numb people to violence and many crimes committed are paterned after these games. You sir are the one needing to get a clue. Or do your research before talking out of your a**

      • Lynne Parker says:

        Exactly, Greg.

      • Shannon kopp says:

        I so agree. You need to go find God…i sure hope you dont have any animals. I feel sorry for them if u do. get a clue loser

      • Chris says:

        Actually that’s completely inaccurate, especially as its empirically impossible to prove that someone is desensitized. Its all a matter of opinion, and the only FACTS in the cases show the desensitization of children to be utter BS.
        As far as the game goes, Tim is right. Android didn’t release this. They probably don’t support it. But the Android operating system is what’s called “open source”, which means that anyone can put anything on there. Denying them that ability, to some, would be violating the premise of open source at its core. Kinda like free speech, just because you don’t like what the KKK has to say, but they’re still afforded a constitutional right to say it. I’m against dogfighting too, believe me, its digusting… but your fight is with Kage Games, not with Google.

      • John says:

        What research? Source please.

    • Danielle says:

      sir im not the one that thinks violent video games kill ppl but it does put ideas into ppls head just as this one and this is so horrific because everyone is having to move to keep there bull breed ppl have to get ride of a dog they have had for years cuz insurance wont let them have it cuz the community wont let them have it ect. win these ppl suffering wit there dog cuz of what other ppl have done to the bull breeds ther dogs have playd with infants stayed n the yard protect them and never draw blood of another dog or human so this is y everyone’s having a fit and im have in one because im a owner of a pit suffering and becuz i see the effcets of dog fightin win i work at a humane society

    • Lynne Parker says:

      Tim, they have created a game out of a felony. They are wrong. Period. You are the one who sounds like a complete idiot.

      • RDR says:

        He’s not an idiot. Is Rockstar wrong for creating GTA games? Because all you do is “commit” felonies in those. The thousands of games where you “kill” people get little attention. Because they are games. Once the people from Google start an actual dog fighting ring, I’ll get upset. Why is there no outrage about the app “nose candy”? Because it’s clear Google isn’t telling people to go out and blow coke because of an two-bit app. Don’t play the game or buy it for your kids if you think it’s inappropriate, but stay off your crosses at the same time and stick to the good fight, which is preventing actual dog fighting.

      • Bob says:

        Tim’s point is that the author of this article doesn’t understand how google works, and Tim is correct. Android is a program based on open-source code, meaning anyone can write additions to the software, including apps. Google does not regulate submitted content like apple does. It is up to the end user to report the problem (I’m sure this game somehow qualifies as against their policy) at which point the app will be reviewed and if it is in violation, it will be removed. If not, unfortunately this is nothing more than an opinion, and while you may not like it, nothing can be done. So yes, for you to imply that google and/or android endorse or condone this makes the author and everyone who agrees with it, stupid

      • John says:

        Haha, yeah, because video games never have crime in them.

      • Amanda L. says:

        RDR: Do you see a difference between a clearly fantasy game (violent or not) such as a mortal combat which features consenting adults vs. a ‘more points for beating your child game’? Would you consider the content to be different or the developers to be on the same level? I’d love for people to be as passionate about violence against women, children, and men. When we see that, we will see a difference in the we react to it as a society. Until then, I’ll settle for people realizing dog fighting is animal abuse on countless levels.

        To make the game more realistic, I suggest they feature an option for drowning/electrocuting, and beating your dog when it fails. To be serious, the level of torture involved in these crimes is why it may inspire more passion than a fantasy game like mortal kombat. My brief experience with grand theft auto seemed to indicate it wasn’t entirely accurate either, not that I think it’s the best game ever.

      • Mandy M says:

        RDR: GTA is a fictional game, the character name in gta is not a real man, the characters in the game are not based on real people, it is impossible to do the things in gta in real life…Dog fighting is real! this game is based off of real life! Modern warfare and call of duty is based on real life as well, but they are soilders, real people who have the choice to fight and kill for their home land, fighting dogs are no different than prisoners of war!

    • Anders says:

      Tim I endorse video games and ENJOY violent ones, but there is a difference between games that are based around fantasy combat, and games that glorify social disorders. Fighting monster aliens against each other is safe; saying this is “just a game” would be like advocating a “buy negro slaves” feature in farmville to boost your cotton revenue..

    • jbdean says:

      Perhaps you should get a clue. It’s been proved, time and again, that violent games and movies DO lead to killings. It desensitizes a person so that what they see in the game/movie eventually becomes how they view it even in real life. This is one main reason the US government uses violent war games (like HALO, the type, not the actual game) on some to get soldiers prepared for war. Many of the teens that went on shooting sprees at their schools played violent video games a lot. Now there is the argument that this meanness is already in the person for them to be like they are but these games feed that inner cruel person (if that is the case, that is) and do not ease their desires but feed them until, eventually, the game is not enough to satisfy their urges and they escalate to the real thing. You should do your homework before telling someone else they look stupid. And whether or not Google released it, they own Android and the game is available to be played on Android phones. if they were concerned, they’d stop this game from being offered to Android customers.

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        You’re missing the point of open source software entirely. As stated above, it’s like free speech. I think the things that the Westboro Baptists do and say are beyond disgusting, subhuman, and the closest thing to the devil I’ve ever believed in. But they have a right to say them. Open source software provides its source code to anyone who cares to modify it. Anyone can write an app for the Android Market because it is built on open source philosophy. And while I find this game reprehensible and disgusting, just as you do, I wouldn’t want Google to change their entire philosophical system because of it. Open source software is too important, too necessary to innovation, to compromise it because some asshole made a game that puts me off my lunch.

      • John says:

        Again, source please.

      • RDR says:

        Show us proof. If it’s “proved” why haven’t I killed anyone yet? Why haven’t any of the the dozens of people I knew in college who played and enjoyed these games murderers? Show us proof. Substantiate.

      • Mandy M says:

        RDR: these games are fictional! gta is not going to make people shoot people! This dog fighting is real, this app is real, this app is based purely on real life…why are you soooooo pro this app? i think you are part of this app creation! other wise why are you sooooo passionate about promoting this game?

      • Amanda L. says:

        RDR: Not every gun owner shoots people either. The problem is not that every single person exposed to this will do damage, but the effect it can have on damaged and/or mentally ill people.

        You /= everyone else.

    • Chris F says:

      Ignore this idiot.

    • Kevin says:

      I’ve done extensive research for a thesis pertaining to whether or not violent video games cause violence. It is a hugely popular subject, but the fact of the matter is that there is just not enough data to determine if it actually does. It is my personal opinion that it does. It is also my personal opinion that this is a moral principle and it certainly glorifies one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed. Sick bastards. I volunteer in shelters every weekend and see the plight of so many Pit Bulls and mixes. No one wants them, and it is because of dog fighting.

  10. Erica Podjasek says:

    I was really looking forward to buying a new Android phone in May. This hasn’t been a quick, easy choice. We researched the phones that had the features we needed, researched plans, saved up to be able to pay a year in full plus the cost of the phones. Now, I think I’ll just have to wait to see if they get rid of this ap. I refuse to support ANY form of dog fighting, virtual or otherwise.

    • grace says:

      i hear u there girl this is absolutely insane and it makes me sick. so this is teaching ones tha,t oh it is on video so lets see how fun it is to do it for real and then here we go another michael Vic’s the scumbag ..the one who made this IS SICK DEMENTED NO GOOD PCS OF TRASH…killing people is one thing but, animals NEVER THEY ARE HELPLESS AND VOICELESS THEY CANT DEFEND THEMSELVES LIKE WE AS HUMANS CAN..THIS HUMAN RACE IS GETTING ME ANGRY WITH ALL THE DOG KILLING OR THROWN OUT TO THE TRASH UGHH HUMANS NEED TO THINK BEFORE THEY GET AN ANIMAL

      • Stephanie says:

        I help support the Humane Society and some of my contributions go to Pitbull fighting and helping to stop them. So on that note I say this game is absolutely disgusting! In the name of God get rid of it!

    • Mike says:

      Erica, you are blaming the wrong person here. That is like saying you won’t buy a computer because there are games that you disagree with. Google did not make this program, they are unfortunately allowing it to be sold on their market along with thousands of other apps.
      I really hope they do listen to the public and pull the app, but I don’t blame google or my Samsung Android phone for it.

      • HBSammy says:

        Michael Vic didn’t actually get in the ring with the Dog Fights either, but he did support it. Same as Google in my eyes.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        HBSammy, I question your logic. Please explain how they are the same. By your logic, they also support illegal drugs and the lifestyle it entails because there are games on there about illegal drug usage.

  11. Yvonne Bubienko says:

    I am shocked that anyone would make such a game, with so much violence someone other there actually thinks we need more? I am very sadden that I walk the planet with individuals that have a character which allows them this kind of a behavior. One think for sure will not support Android products seeing that they allow trash on their menu.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      Android has nothing to do with it! For chrissakes read the comments!!!

      • Jerry says:

        Grow up carrie and try and comprehend you cannot be allowed to glorify and profit on something that is illegal!!! Free speech is totally different once it breaks the law. A protest as someone mentioned by”the KKK” is hated by many but legal only until it incites a riot then it is no longer protected by the constitution and becomes illegal and is shut down. So do you feel a kiddie porn app should be allowed to exist too???

      • Cait says:

        Google curates the Android market, you said it yourself. Which means, while they are not responsible for the games created, they are responsible for what is and is not on the market. We can rage all we want at Kage Games, but we can tell Google that we do not approve of such a game in the Android market. After all, Kage Games just made the game, but Google is the one hosting it on the Android market.

        And since you are so up in arms about our First Amendment right to free speech: removing the game from the market does not compromise the concept of open source; since the software was available and this game is // was made, no one is talking about preventing anyone from making the games (free speech and all that jazz). Stop talking down to people as if they don’t understand their basic rights. There is no infringement on civil rights here – the game was made. What I want is it removed from the Android market, which is (as you said) OWNED AND CURATED BY GOOGLE.

  12. Mike Jones says:

    How is this worse than games like Grand Theft Auto, where the player is encouraged to murder other humans?

    Don’t get me wrong; I think dogfighting is very horrible, but that fact shouldn’t necessarily mean this game should be removed. I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with you, I’m just not as sure that it’s such a black and white issue. Free speech often takes precedence, even including videos depicting animal cruelty. See the Supreme Court ruling here:

    In any case, saying that people who make / play the game should be shot is ludicrous.

    • Nancy says:

      Mike~The law is wrong!!! It should not be under “free speech” this game is insulting to those of us who are trying to save animals from this horrific hell. BTW, I don’t play Grand Theft Auto either. I do not play any violent games at all.

      • Eric says:

        Who are you to determine what should be free speech and what shouldn’t be? The First Amendment is one of the most important assets to our form of government and is interpreted very broadly to encompass all forms of speech. Making games like this illegal would set a horrible precedent.

    • Lynne Parker says:

      I’m so tired of the “but there are worse things out there” arguments. Dogfighting is wrong, a cruel and inhumane activity and a felony in all states. Would it be okay to create a game out of other felonies, such as child porn, rape, or slavery? I also don’t really give a damn what the Supreme Court says. They are wrong about other issues (Citizens United, just for one). Free speech ends where another’s pain begins. Greg’s comment above about research proving that watching violence eventually numbs one to it is accurate. We need to either start behaving like a civilized people or stop claiming to be such.

      • Gary says:

        What you are tired or not tired of is irrelevant. Dog fighting may be the most vile thing in your world-view. That, however, does not mean someone playing a video _GAME_ depicting such an activity is does, has, or is thinking about doing it in real life.

        That you would cite the child porn example is ludicrous. We already have laws about child pornography. I’m not certain they extend to 3d rendered depictions of children in various sexually suggestive situations but if they did not, I assume the market is limited enough that making such a game is not financially viable. As such, very unlikely to be an issue.

        There was/is a game that came out in Japan…”Rape Simulation” or something like it. So there has been a game of that type. And yet…the world did not end and people have gone on w/their lives.

        “I also don’t really give a damn what the Supreme Court says. They are wrong about other issues (Citizens United, just for one). ”

        And I’m pretty sure they don’t really care about your opinions either. The difference here is that their opinions are a matter of law. Whether you agree with it or not changes nothing.

        They’ve done a number of things that I don’t agree with, but it changes nothing. Options I care to exercise are limited.

        “Free speech ends where another’s pain begins.”
        That is an _incorrect_ assertion. Just because someone is saying something hurtful and causes emotional distress does not infringe on someone’s rights because of that.

        There are countless instances of peaceful protests wherein the protesters have stated, yelled, and held up obnoxious signs that have most assuredly caused pain to the people they are protesting.

        The most recent in my mind are the group of callous asses that go around protesting military funerals. Yeah, that’s a good way to negatively impact surviving childrens’ psyche.

        That one actually saw legal proceedings. But free speech was upheld and as obnoxious as such a practice is and as much as I may wish they did not do such a thing, the law allows them to do it. And as I see all the constitutional rights as imperatives, I am glad the ruling did not go the other way.

        I don’t understand why your position on this is so hostile. It’s very much akin to “Practice x is not what I personally agree with and as such should be illegal because I say so!” It’s insanely arrogant of you and a lot of the others’ comments here as well. What is it that gives you the hubris, to say nothing of the _right_, to come out and tell _anyone_ they can’t do x, y, or z just because _you_ don’t like it? No one is forcing you to engage/see/hear/touch x, y, or z. Why impede everyone else’s choice?

        You don’t like dog fighting. Great. I don’t think any normal person would. You don’t like _simulated_ dogs fighting in a game setting. Apparently there are those that do or it would not have been made. Or they did it just to piss you, and your type, off. Either way it’s not illegal or wrong on any level. It’s the equivalent of mental masturbation. It just happens to be bits on a screen in an arrangement that looks like dogs fighting. No one is forcing you to look, hear, or play the damn thing. Quit screwing w/everyone else’s choices. You and those w/that mental frame of mind are total fucking arrogant assholes.

        Consider this scenario. You are in the dog fighting scene and are really trying to get out. But you just can’t seem to manage it. You keep getting pulled back in, the adrenaline, the blood, the pure carnage of it all, because you are a sick twisted sort, just gets you wet deep down in your nether region. And then you happen upon this game. Maybe, just _maybe_, playing the game w/it’s sights/sounds, while obviously not nearly as good from your perspective, is just enough to still get you off or at least give you enough pleasure that you don’t have to engage in the real deal. As someone trying to ditch an addiction uses other simulations of the thing they are trying to kick, perhaps this is that aid for you? But it gets pulled off the market because a bunch of misguided cretins feel obligated to interfere w/your right to play a game. The only option left to you is to return to the real deal.

        _Your_ way is not the correct way. Why can’t you just leave it be? It’s a game. If a game had any hold on anyone games would be all about advertisements. That was actually tried, “2nd life”, IIRC. Didn’t work out so well.

        The point is that whatever _you_ do is ultimately in your control. If you play a game and then go commit whatever vile acts, depending on your views, it’s entirely on _you_. The game had no bearing on that. If you were mentally unstable before, you will be mentally unstable after.

        As others have indicated it’s not Google that released the app. An individual developer did so and put it up on the marketplace. You are free to ignore it.

        Just leave people the choice.

    • Michael says:

      Mike, I understand what you’re saying, but a closer comparison might be with a betting game that takes place at a concentration camp where Jews are forced to fight to the death, or at some Asian prostitution ring where women and children are, even today, forced to hurt each other for the amusement of depraved men. Those of us who rescue desperately injured and traumatized dogs from the horror of places like Michael Vick’s kennels have no comprehension of a “game” where this kind of behavior is an amusement. And those of us who have adopted these abused dogs and brought them into our families, and watched over their slow and painful recovery are perhaps as outraged as you would probably be if your daughters were the subject of a game of rape and disfiguration. To us, it’s not a game.

      • Mike Jones says:

        Hi Michael,

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I totally understand that those who are closer to the horrific actions and results of dogfighting will feel more strongly about this.

        I just feel like the First Amendment protects speech, even horrific speech I hate. In this case, I would say the game is terrible, but legal. Android is fine to reject it from their app store (the First Amendment applies to government action, not Google’s), so definitely keep petitioning them!

    • Melissa says:

      This is ridiculous… There are worse games… Grand Theft auto… people killing people…

      You didn’t see Michael Vick killing people, right? Because it’s wrong. It’s illegal. And he wouldn’t have gotten away with it. Murders are investigated, and murderers are punished. Kids will learn, using this game, that it’s okay, exciting, cool, the dogs don’t speak back… they’re innocent. They know only what they’re trained to do. They have no morals, no logical way of thinking… it’s cruel and inhumane to hurt them, or teach them to hurt others… People learn that killing people is wrong. It’s instilled in us not to hurt people from childhood. By having a game that’s showing that a dog is a separate entity, the same rules don’t apply… at least not in the people’s minds that think dog fighting is okay.
      Most serial killers that have been reported have started out torturing and killing animals… if kids think that’s okay… where are we really headed?

      • Mike Jones says:

        Well, we do see lots of murders every year in America, so there certainly are people killing other people, even if not Michael Vick.

        It’s the responsibility of parents to make sure their children grow up with good morals, regarding both murder and dog abuse (and everything else bad in the world).

      • Sami says:

        Very good point… and I agree.

        But, let’s remember people DO get away with murder, every day. Even high profile people like O. J. Simpson…

        NONE of it is okay.

      • Jerry says:

        The idiocy shown in some of these statements supporting this app or saying there are worse things out there to worry about is the exact asinine thinking that allows such illegal crimes to exist!! Oh and dog fighting is illegal already too which is why this app must go!!

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        Jerry, you are trying to make an ad hominem argument which is considered extremely weak in world of debate. Perhaps you should review a website regarding debate.

    • seriously says:

      it’s different because when a human kills another human someone isn’t coming to my door to rip my beloved dog from her loving and responsible home based on her looks. it’s different because when someone kills another human there aren’t idiots running around screaming…get rid of em all!!!! so something that threatens the tranquility of home and my dog’s right to live with me is an insult. she has done nothing wrong, but games like this will inspire more of the same…blame the breed…blah blah blah. that’s why. get your legislation out of my living room and then talk to me. until then…this game has to go.

      • sarah says:

        I don’t like this game either. However I find it funny that you say “get your legislation out of my living room” in the same sentence that you are trying to tell people what can be in their living rooms. or phones.

    • Heather says:

      Animal cruelty is animal cruelty. I think what people are trying to get across to the makers is that this not only a reality, but also a tragedy in most cases. There is a difference between shooting someone and watching them die on a screen, compared to watching an animal bleed and mame itself to death. I dont know why anyone in their right mind would want to witness that, but Im sure you will make your millions…and then donate to local shelters who rescue such animals. Yeah. Didnt think so.

    • Dee says:

      This game is promoting something very real where animals that have no CHOICE in the matter – humans have a choice, they can walk away from a fight if they choose too. Animals can not, they aren’t allowed. This is why dogfighting and anything alluding to dogfighting is disgusting and criminal. You can argue people vs people fighting till you’re blue in the face, but it’s not anything close to the same thing.

      No, I don’t agree that people should be shot for making/playing the game – but I do believe those people should get some kind of mental health therapy.

      And I am SO sick of the “free speech” get out of jail free card statements. Really? So, if someone came up to you and started mouthing off about you or someone you care about, you would just shrug and say “that’s your opinion”? Sure you would.

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        Yes. I would, because I am an adult, and I have a job to be at on Monday morning, rather than spending it in a jail cell.

        Yes, I would, because I understand that whatever caused them to say that is their problem and not mine.

      • Yvre says:

        Animal fighters do not have choice, and human fighters do have choice, to walk out of battle. This is a false assertion.

        Dogs do have choice to walk out of a dog fight, this would displease their owner, those that do are most definitely abandoned before they get to the ring. On the other hand, humans do not always have a choice to walk out of battle, many are forced to the situation because of war; human fighters are also routinely tortured by their “owner” (promotor/general/etc) if they refuse to fight.

        Both War Games and Dog Fights are about killing virtual humans and virtual dogs. While the subject may be discomforting to some people, there is no actual humans or dogs that are harmed in the process.

        Children learns through plays, through plays, children explores their own and other people’s minds and behavior in a safe situation without the possibility of hurting real human or animals; a crucial part of a child’s play is the last part that is often overlooked: reflection. After the actual game had ended, consciously or not, children reflects on their plays and formed conclusions and opinions about what they did in the play.

        Children play fights with each other and through these fights they learned that punching others hurts other people and being punched hurts themselves, and they learn not to punch others; through games children might learn that dog fighting hurts the dogs just as much as it hurts them on their play fights, and they would learn dog fights is bad for the dogs. Whether the child would be able to to reach this conclusion would depend on the parent’s guidance.

        Censorship hurts education, it does not help reduce actual animal cruelty; but it makes it difficult to teach about animal cruelty.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Yvre: Dogs can be tossed back in, stopped from fleeing and prevented any number of ways. The idea that they have a choice is a false assertion. They do not ask to engage in the fight, set it up, come of their own free will, and then have the ability to walk out unhindered. Many, though not all soldiers have a degree of choice. MMA fighters and boxers do have a choice.

        Why is the game a better option than a discussion about dog fighting or a simple search online to reveal the reality of it? Do we need games to play out spousal, sexual, and animal abuse so children can safely test about beating a woman/child before than realize it’s bad? Do we need rape games? Why on earth is not there another way to discuss realistic issues?

        If Dog Wars showed the injuries to dogs, the treatment of bait dogs, allowed the option to torture a losing dog, etc, it might count as allowing children to see they dislike hurting an animal. At present, it’s a somewhat sanitized version of this reality: (R rating warning):

    • Sharon Normandin says:

      It’s no worse than GTA, but that’s not saying much. The game itself is in bad taste, and I wouldn’t play GTA either. Like someone else said, it’s in as bad taste as selling black slaves on Farmville would be.

    • jbdean says:

      I want to address your reply to Melissa: “Well, we do see lots of murders every year in America, so there certainly are people killing other people, even if not Michael Vick.

      It’s the responsibility of parents to make sure their children grow up with good morals, regarding both murder and dog abuse (and everything else bad in the world).”

      That’s an easy out for anyone that doesn’t want to take responsibility. But really, we are all responsible for one another. If you hear your neighbor beating his wife or kids or animals, would you not call the police? If you saw someone holding up a store, and you could safely, wouldn’t you call the police? If you found a child, lost and crying, wouldn’t you help him find his parents? If you said no to even one of these things, shame on you! If you said yes to all of them, way to go! We are trying to help protect those that have no voice. Sure, it falls under the First Amendment but the First Amendment does not protect against speech that will incite to cause harm (why it’s not legal to yell “Fire!” in a crowded room falsely). There is a lot of proof that this type of game is damaging and not productive. If we, as a society, don’t care what others do or say it’s up to someone else to train them or help them, then we are also not a good contribution to society. And keep in mind, Michael, that some of the best parents are not fortunate enough to spend quality time with their children. Often, through no fault of their own, they find themselves having to work 2 jobs or more simply to keep a roof over their heads, their kids in school and food on the table. This is why we should have the attitude that we ARE our brother’s keep and work towards making our society safer, stronger and more loving.

      • B says:

        Well said!

        Not to mention, “it’s the parents’ job to raise their children right” is not a viable argument. Is it the parents’ responsibility to raise their children to be law-abiding citizens? Absolutely! Does this happen? Unfortunately, not always (and not often enough). There is no system in place to ensure that every person who procreates has the means and inclinication to raise compassionate children who contribute to society. Most of the children I’ve encountered in the past decade have been rude, inconsiderate, and selfish, which leads me to conclude that many parents are, in fact, not doing their “job” in making sure the children they produce are upstanding citizens.

        So what happens when the parents fail to do their job? Whose responsibility are the mean children who grow into cruel adults? Herein lies the problem with “it’s not my responsibility, it’s someone else’s problem”.

        I’m reminded of the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. We’d be better off, as a society, if we cared for our fellow man a bit more.

  13. Tammy Livelsberger says:

    This is down right WRONG!!!!!! We are trying to STOP dog fighting not promote it. Lets give the poor dogs a chance to be dogs and put that fight into the minds of our young kids that have these phones. It is ridiculous how this can be allowed. The designers from Android I can’t believe you would even want your name associated with this. It is the most hateful thing a human can do to a dog. You instill love not hate in our most prized best friend. How dare you!!!!

    • Eric Storck says:

      Nicely said Tammy! I’m proud to have you as a FB friend and be married to a cousin!

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      The designers from Android have nothing to do with this game. Kindly direct your rage and exclamations at Kage Games instead.

      • Cait says:

        Carrie –

        Google curates the Android market, you said it yourself. Which means, while they are not responsible for the games created, they are responsible for what is and is not on the market. We can rage all we want at Kage Games, but we can tell Google that we do not approve of such a game in the Android market. After all, Kage Games just made the game, but Google is the one hosting it on the Android market.

        And since you are so up in arms about our First Amendment right to free speech: removing the game from the market does not compromise the concept of open source; since the software was available and this game is // was made, no one is talking about preventing anyone from making the games (free speech and all that jazz). Stop talking down to people as if they don’t understand their basic rights. There is no infringement on civil rights here – the game was made. What I want is it removed from the Android market, which is (as you said) OWNED AND CURATED BY GOOGLE.

  14. heidi Wollum says:

    have they lost their mind? Dog fighting as entertainment?

    No android for me!

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      The Android and Google folks have nothing to do with this game. Kindly direct your rage and exclamations at Kage Games instead.

      • Cait says:

        Re: Carrie –

        Google curates the Android market, you said it yourself. Which means, while they are not responsible for the games created, they are responsible for what is and is not on the market. We can rage all we want at Kage Games, but we can tell Google that we do not approve of such a game in the Android market. After all, Kage Games just made the game, but Google is the one hosting it on the Android market.

        And since you are so up in arms about our First Amendment right to free speech: removing the game from the market does not compromise the concept of open source; since the software was available and this game is // was made, no one is talking about preventing anyone from making the games (free speech and all that jazz). Stop talking down to people as if they don’t understand their basic rights. There is no infringement on civil rights here – the game was made. What I want is it removed from the Android market, which is (as you said) OWNED AND CURATED BY GOOGLE.

      • Mandy M says:

        Carrie you are an idiot!!! Get educated before you have an opinion, i hope google fired you!!!

      • Me says:

        Sorry Mandy- but it is you who needs to educate yourself. Google/Android does not own Kage Games, they don’t develop games for them. Even if they game is pulled from the market, it will still be available for download all over the web. I really hope some of you that are so outraged will go to the source of this problem to fix it.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        Mandy, if you are going to debate I would at least take the time to form a rational thought instead of mashing hate on your keyboard. Carrie has made a well thought out, reasoned argument. Your reply is “Carrie you are an idiot!!!”

  15. kris says:

    You people need to have your heads examined for coming out with a game like this. This is horrible how can you even put this out there for people to play. Than you wonder why people think it is alright to abuse animals. Its a$$holes like y’all that contaminate the youth of today. Put a game out on how to take care of your animals not hurt or kill them. Whoever make this game up are some real sickoos!!

  16. Sue says:

    “To turn an illegal and appalling action such as dog fighting into a GAME is ridiculous! Be assured legal action will be taken in this case.”

    My first message to Android.

    • Really? says:

      You cannot take legal action against someone for something that is 100% legal.

      Like it or not this falls under freedom of speech. Android has taken a very obvious stance towards protecting freedom of speech and expression with its applications and developers. There are games on the Android such as “Nose Candy” devoted entirely to snorting coke, there are games on Android devoted to the concept of pornographic ventures, there are games on Android devoted to growing drugs – all of this is legal, and like it or not there is nothing illegal about depicting a criminal act in a game or a movie. To say that these people do not deserve the protection of the Constitution and that we should make an exception and dismantle their game is just stupid. You cannot protect rights for people only when you like what they are doing. The reality is the developers of this game are well within their legal bounds and it is disgusting to think that legal rights and protections should be taken away from them just because YOU feel what they are doing is wrong. This is America and that is what freedom of expression and speech is about. You cannot just protect that right when it is ok with you and then say others do not deserve it.

      At least the developers here have given the game a mature rating, on Facebook your children can freely and openly murder their friends, perform hits on people, raid and kill other rival gangs, grow weed, pimp out women – the subject matter of video games has never been “pleasant” but that is the point – it is a game and nothing more. My boyfriend is sitting here as we speak playing the new mortal kombat – he just ripped a female’s liver out and “froze” it with his powers as Raiden. Does that mean I am going to sleep worse tonight for fear that he will try to rip out my liver? No – the same goes for this game – no one is going to become a dog fighting king pin over a video game.

      Also – it is a free game, so those of you screaming about money really need to do some more research.

      • Amanda L. says:

        There are games on the Android such as “Nose Candy” devoted entirely to snorting coke, there are games on Android devoted to the concept of pornographic ventures, there are games on Android devoted to growing drugs———-

        Thanks for the info, I know to give my money to more worthwhile companies.

        Are you saying that you cannot purchase perks/points/extras with money for the game?

        To be clear, I don’t want them shot, sued, or harmed. We’re not allowed to sue people for idiocy, sadly. I’m not sure if it would be productive or appropriate when there’s boycotts or other methods.

        The issue is not as simple as you like to portray, whether we’re talking about dog fighting or video game violence. I come from a solid home without childhood abuse and live in a nonviolent neighborhood. I played Mortal Kombat and was not turned into a sociopath either. But guess what? We’re not the issue.

        The issue is that joining a magical tournament and fighting with superpowers isn’t a realistic option for us. I don’t think joining the mafia is realistic for many of us, though you’ve more than convinced me the game could be harmful.

        Dog fighting? That’s available for teens and kids in a lot of urban and rural neighborhoods. Unlike your video game tournament, this is happening every -day-. A few rappers show vicious looking pit bulls in pictures and sing about it in it songs. It’s portrayed as cool and manly, something that kids notice. (If you don’t think this matters, stop and think about how advertising works. Did you ever buy a product because it was on TV? Because it had iCarly or whatever your hero was as a kid on it?) Some of these kids and young men are from violent neighborhoods where poverty is rampant. Others are from homes that are unsafe. Dog fighting has been linked to domestic violence and child abuse. Unsurprisingly, men that get off on torturing animals are not less likely to hurt women and children. Go figure.

        Glorifying dog fighting (like this game) is part of the cultural bs that this is a cool and manly sport. It does hurt people and animals. It has a harmful effect. I am honestly happy you are from a stable environment and not effected, but this goes far beyond you.

        Personally, I hope people can and will take a look at the effect of games like mafia wars and/or grand theft auto and decide if that’s what they want to play and have their kids exposed to. They may decide it is. I can’t change that, but I can continue to protest something as evil as dog fighting.

  17. june bullied says:

    do we not have enough cowardly cretins out there exploiting dogs for financial gain? what were you thinking? you must employ animal abusers. they’re the only ones who would invent a so-called game like this. this is not a game, it’s animal abuse. you are promoting dog-fighting something the world over is trying to ban. the cruelty involved is atrocious. i’m sure you can find new violent games involving humans, can you not?

  18. Sue says:

    “Yes, I have a bug up my b*tt about this game concept! Encouraging a cruel activity that is AGAINST THE LAW I guarantee will result in a market loss for your company. ”

    Another cheerful comment to Android.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      The Android &Google folks have nothing to do with this game. Kindly direct your rage and exclamations at Kage Games instead.

      • BSL News says:

        Stop spamming the same comments. What are you, anyways, a Google/Android lackey?

      • John says:

        Thank you for spamming the same comment – it is obvious that these morons need to hear it repeatedly before it gets to the core of their rotted brains.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        BSL News, I would imagine Carrie saw this posted by someone on facebook as did I. After reading the comments, I think a lot of us whom are educated on the Android market and distribution model are bothered at the ignorance level shown here. Very few of the comments are rational and this mob seems about two seconds away from grabbing the pitchforks and torches.

    • sarah says:

      The fact that you wrote “yes I have a bug up my b*tt” to Google kind of shows that you think they wrote that statement. They did not. Kage games wrote that statement, they also wrote the game. If you have a problem with it you really should take it up with Kage Games. I guess since Google is bigger company you guys are going after that. I’m not really sure of the reasoning to go after the platform instead of the actual game. The game is in bad taste…it’s not illegal and I don’t even think it’s against Android’s terms of service…so you really should just make sure you don’t buy any of Kage Game’s other games..and look into that company to make sure you aren’t giving them money. Also, if it’s a free game then it gets money from the advertisers that advertise on it, not from Google, and I don’t even know if Google gets any of that money. You really should contact the advertisers that advertise on the game and tell them instead of directing rage at Google. No I don’t work for Google, I just think it was apparent that this poor girl thinks they wrote the app and the comment about the app, based on her reply.

  19. L. Kuijt says:

    What in heavens name is going on with you people. Isn’t there enough war around the world. Now you teach even children that is oké with you when dogs are fighting. Don’t you ever realize that children take this for normal and start there own game,but then for real! Every were in the world people try to save all kind of animals. With this unethical “game” (I can hardly write the word down) I sure hope you’ll loose all you customers. I won’t be for sure.
    Hoping you will retry this so called name.

  20. Yeah I have a bug up my butt says:

    yeah I got a major bug up my butt because this is NOT just a game it is glorifying something that is one, ILLEGAL.

    We have a major issue with dog fighting in this country and this is an ignorant statement.. “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME…”

    If they are so desperate to bring in more bucks why don’t they have a game where dog fighters are prey? Now that is a game I would buy and please spare me the ” well that is hurting people” this is an out rage and I plan on sharing this with every one I can.

    • John says:

      Actually, it IS just a game.

    • Joseph says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy/download it. If you think it’s offensive, give your 2 cents. But remember, Android apps can be made by anyone that can code and has $25 to give. Thousands of apps are released daily. To assume Google can effectively observe them all and pull anything within a day or two is ludicrous.

      Also, developers may not be in a country where such actions are frowned upon. The USA is not the defender of absolute morals.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        “The USA is not the defender of absolute morals.” This is the best quote I’ve seen here so far.

      • Andy says:

        Ewan: Seconded. It’s not like the USA is the only country in the world… there’s lots of other ones here too. One thing I do notice though as it seems to be generating a bigger stir there than anywhere else. I have to wonder how many non-Americans are responding to this post.

  21. natasja says:

    i have no words for this .
    it should be taken off the market.
    its clear google is not an animal friend at all

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      The Google folks have nothing to do with this game. Kindly direct your rage and exclamations at Kage Games instead.

      • Mandy M says:

        Well maybe google should examine this stuff before it goes public…if they did, this game would not be here, they are affiliated so now they are also getting bad wrap. oh and by the way i am sick of searching for things on google and getting ridiculous links that are the complete opposite of what i am searching for, maybe you should focus on that!!!

  22. Gregory Towns says:

    Just what we need another video game being pitched to scum of the earth. Violence is a learned trait, and these games desensitize the players to violence. The fucktards that play this are also probably the same ones that would say “it’s just a dog”. They have no right to be sharing the same air as the more evolved of us…

  23. Magda Zawol says:

    This will not be tolerated! Must be stopped ! What fool(s) came up with this hatred, approved hatred ? Stop promoting violence using innocent creatures in order to make $.

  24. Jenn says:

    Hey Google, what ever happened to “Do No Evil” ? This is evil. Do the right thing.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      Google has nothing to do with it!

      • Steven Bely says:

        Carrie, you keep on saying Google has nothing to do with it? Why, are you an employee? Google owns Android, and there is clearly a link to Google to remove offensive applications, so granted Kage should be held primarily responsible, but Google has the power to remove the app from the market

      • sarah says:

        Carrie keeps saying that because they don’t. Google does not approve apps like Apple does. If you see an itunes app that you hate then go after Apple because they approved it. However, Google does not police their developers and wants a free marketplace where people can create what they want and not have it approved or disapproved by Google. She most likely does not work for Google, but is just smart and knows where to place her hatred. You guys sure are talking a LOT about Google but hardly ever mention Kage games in the same sentence. You are boycotting Google but don’t say you are Boycotting Kage Games. They are the one that MADE the game. they are at fault.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        I’m much more offended at the uneducated mob mentality here than the actual game. How many of you that are upset by this actually downloaded and played the game?

  25. Joey Jojo says:

    No one cares about all the games that allow you to go around shooting people, running people over with cars, hacking them up with chain saws and sleeping with hookers but create a dog fighting game and everyone is up in arms.

    • StanM says:

      If you think nobody cares about these other games, you are sadly mistaken.

    • jbdean says:

      What does one have to do with the other? This article is about the dog fighting game. We’re staying on topic, thank you. You assume when you think just because we are angry over this game that we don’t get angry over the other violent games. Well, you know what happens when you assume … BTW, you’re assumptions are W.R.O.N.G.

  26. Tasha says:

    Sent my objections to this product. While I am aware the google/android did not create this app, I do know they have the power to remove it and believe they should do so. Dog fighting is an absolute detriment to our society, taking advantage of a loyal breed to do as it’s owner commands, good or bad. The children of our world have got to be taught better than this. I hope they remove the app quickly.

  27. Paul says:

    FYI: Google has nothing to do with this so you are barking up the wrong tree.

    They make an operating system for phones. It would be like raging at Microsoft if this game was made for windows. Google does not approve apps/games for the OS as Apple does, they have nothing to do with it.

    I don’t condone this game in any way, nut your outrage should be expressed at the developers, not Google.

    • Alex says:

      Hey Paul ,
      I’ve e-mailed the bloggers with this info, as well as contact info for the folks responsible for the game. I haven’t gotten a reply and people on Facebook are going crazy over boycotting Google over this game.
      Try dropping them another message? I’m playing damage control with a couple organizations I’m friends with online right now.

    • BSL News says:

      The developers, who created the game? You think we should waste time emailing them?

      Why wouldn’t we cut their source of distribution by going straight to the Android market and demanding the application be banned?

      Really, don’t waste your time emailing Kage Games – Google is distributing, and Google is profiting – Google has the power to take this game out of the Android market.

      • KamiSama says:

        If you’re going to complain you should know where to target your energies. To ignore the logic that, your allies against dog fighting, and sensible people are attempting to educate you of makes you seem foolish

        Yes, Google can ultimately nix the game, but what’s to stop the developer from developing version 2? You need to stop ignoring the information that people ( who understand the industry) are trying to inform you of. If you have a complaint you take it to the source not the middle man. In this case , google and android are the middle man. Focus your attention on Kage games, and stop putting the blame on Google.

        Also, last I checked Google and Android didn’t allow for this game to go live. But I could be wrong.

      • BSL News says:

        To think that complaining to the developer would accomplish anything is truly foolish.

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        Google is not profiting from this game or any other app in the Market. 30% of the income from app purchases goes to the wireless carriers, and 70% to the developer. Google only makes money from search traffic and ads.

      • Me says:

        Actually they are not profiting. The game is in Beta and being offered for free. Unless you count the one time developer fee of $25 to load apps.
        Also, not trying to be rude, but you have no concept of how Android works. It is nothing like how Apple works. Even if this game is banned from the Android Market, it can still be put on any other website and still downloaded to the phone. Just because it gets banned from the market, does NOT mean it it erased. There are many banned apps that are still out there for everyone, at anytime to download.
        So PLEASE, once again not being rude, until you educate yourself about Android, you are NOT going to solve the problem. Yes, Android can remove it if they feel it violates their policies. But the developer MUST be contacted in order to remove all existence of it.
        I really think if you just spent a few minutes of research about how Android operates, you would understand what all these people are trying to tell you. Which is Kaged Games is who this needs to be directed at.

      • John says:

        Or maybe you could respect and value the freedom of other individuals to make informed choices about the entertainment they consume, stop pissing on the tenets of civilized society and find something better to do.

      • Really? says:

        Google is not profiting off a free game. The only thing they got from this game was the $25 fee from the developing company that is needed to be paid in order to be a developer for Android apps.

        Are you likewise writing to Google and asking them to remove all the other games for the Android platform that depict illegal activities? For Google to selectively decide to pull one game and leave all the other games would be extremly hypocritical, could open them up for lawsuits from the developing company of this game, and most likely violates the contract they entered with the developers when the developers purchased the right to create games for Android. It is not illegal to depict a crime in a game, there is no legal grounds to pull this game. You people show an absolute disregard for anything except what you think is important, you will cry and scream that banning pit bulls is unconstitutional but then want to deny those same protections from other citizens just because you do not like what they are doing. If what they are doing is legal, they are still afforded the same protections as you.

      • BSL News says:

        The game is free to download, but dog bucks and “adrenaline shots” (to revive dead dogs) are not.

        Much like how Zynga games operate: the game is free, but the perks are not.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        BSL News, you are correct. However, in the case of dog bucks, Google still makes no profit. As stated earlier, the profit goes to the wireless carrier and developer.

    • jbdean says:

      “Google does not approve apps/games for the OS as Apple does…” Ah, one more reason why I use an iPhone. 😀

      But trust us, Paul, we are letting the developers know how we feel. 🙂

    • Dustin says:

      I agree that boycotting Google seems a bit silly. However, contacting Google and the Android Marketplace to get this removed is likely the best way to get results. Just remember, Google is not the devil. They have given us an ‘open marketplace’ where developers have more freedom. New policies and regulations are in order but a boycott is overkill and besides the point.

      Please learn how Google and the Android Marketplace work and take the necessary steps to get this sort of game regulated. Animosity should be directed at the developer.

  28. Petra Brooks says:

    Unbelievable… Any time a game like this is played it causes real life trouble. It was confirmed that there were children out there who played Grand Theft Auto and other violent games and after hours of playing they felt like causing trouble. Well, imagine if this hits the shelves!! Like another person said on this thread, there are thousands of animal activists out there who are trying all they can to diminish the stigma Pit Bulls and other bully breeds have to deal with and at the same time they are trying to make dog fighting a thing of the past but this just ENCOURAGES it! Games are supposed to be FUN. There is enough violence all over the world. Quit endorsing it!

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      “It was confirmed that there were children out there who played Grand Theft Auto and other violent games and after hours of playing they felt like causing trouble.” Source please.

  29. lplante says:

    Someone at Android needs to grow up..and someone needs to be fired

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Android didn’t create or expressly approve the game.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Dude, Carrie! Shut the fuck up! What are you, a Google/Android employee? In fact, just because you’re such an annoying twat, every time I see a comment by you about how Google/Andriod has nothing to do with this game I’m gonna send this article to ten fb friends telling them to share this article with instructions to specifically boycott Google. And I have over 2,000 fb friends.

      • Cait says:

        Oh Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. Just read this, and maybe you’ll be forced to think for once:

        Android Market Developer Program Policies

        The policies listed below play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for everyone using Android Market. Defined terms used here have the same meaning as in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

        Content Policies

        Our content policies apply to any content your application displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. In addition to complying with these policies, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines:

        – Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.”

        So, regardless of any moral or ethical issue you take with this game, the fact of the matter is that it is in direct violation of Google’s Android Market programmer policies.

      • Mandy M says:

        Kage Games LLC created this app! But google and others should examin this stuff before it goes public because they are affiliated!

      • Joseph says:

        “- Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.”

        A video game is not an unlawful activity. Apps that distribute child pornography or full versions of registered games (Portal 2, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc) are considered unlawful activities, as having and distributing child pornography is illegal, as is taking a full game and removing the securities that allows people to play the game without paying for it and distributing it.

        Understand what is being said and don’t get your facts mixed up. There are many games on the Android market that have illegal activities portrayed within them. These games are not illegal, as they do not violate any copyright or DRM laws. Are some in bad taste? Yes. Are some simulations of illegal activities? Yes. Be smart, avoid those apps, voice your opinion if you really want to, and move on. If you live in the USA, let people choose if they want the app or not. You are quick to take away choices for a country that is committed to spreading the wonderful ability to be free to choose!

      • Really? says:

        Cait – I think you fail to understand what Google means when they say do not make applications that engage in illegal acts.

        It is not illegal to make a game depicting the commiting of a crime, just because dog fighting is illegal that does not mean it is illegal to make a game about it. What Google is referencing is that applications should not break any laws, for example it is illegal to make Poker and Casino games where you play for real money – that is what they mean by make sure the application is not breaking any laws.

        If it were illegal to show crimes in games don’t you think all of the major video game companies would have already been shut down? Think of Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Red Dead Redemption, and the millions of other games that feature things including murdering other humans.

      • sarah says:

        People keep telling Carrie to Shutup, however, this article is giving the impression that Google is to blame, and Google is not to blame, Somebody needs to inform people about how this stuff works. Several people are posting the same comments about Google….that just shows how misleading this article is.

      • sarah says:

        Cait, I think they mean keep it legal in regards to viruses and other things. But if they don’t…then this is exactly the reason you should NOT be mad at Google. It is the developers defying googles request. Not Google. However, I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

  30. Jean Barber says:

    This is the most disturbing & disgusting thing I have ever seen or heard of!!!!! Why don’t you creeps that came up with this fight with each other, bring blood, kill each other. You are evil scum & that’s all!!!

  31. Pingback: DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED by Android/Google – CALL TO ACTION
  32. Ruth says:

    You are insane for marketing this “game”. Dog fighting is a criminal offense, you are glorfying it with this assinine “game”. Please reconsider your irresponsibility in creating this. We have enough cruelty in this world toward animals and to make a mockery of all of us that are out there on the front lines fighting against animal cruelty is just inhumane..Consider the message you are sending here.

  33. Barracuda Bob says:

    It may be legal and there may be some sick and twisted people who will enjoy a game like this, but honestly Google…really? Though it’s legal and Google has every right to market the app, it’s also a public relations nightmare.

    Following Michael Vicks little foray into bad taste and poor judgment, Google’s acceptance and marketing of this app; whether they’re responsible for it or not, is placing it’s good housekeeping seal of approval on it.

    I hope they choke on it.

    • Mandy M says:

      Kage Games LLC created this game…

    • Joseph says:

      Google didn’t develop the game, and I’m certain they would not actively promote the game.

      Anyone who has $25 and the ability to create code can release anything on the Android market. Since millions of people have both prerequisites, this ends up to be thousands of apps a day that enter the market. So, to assume Google can effectively oversee all these apps and remove them quickly is quite ludicrous.

      Also, remember there are game developers worldwide, and Google is an international corporation. Apps aren’t just developed in the USA. Developers in other nations can release an app that is perfectly fine in their culture, but offensive in the USA. You don’t have to like the app or buy/download the app, and if you really feel strongly, tell your friends not to buy the app.

  34. Danielle says:

    i work at a humane society and Ive showed this to everyone and we all feel the same as u are encouraging the action to fight dog or animals in general which is cruel that u look at dog fighting as OK to do, harmless and laugh at the fact people r getting in trouble for dog fighting and animal cruelty well I’m gonna laugh win the media heats up about your new lil game cuz i no that i don’t stand alone on this one middle finger followed by the index duces hope ur ass get n big trouble

    • Really? says:

      So let me get this straight – when I sit down and play Dead Space a game in which humans have become mutated into mindless killers, and I shoot and kill a pack of what is extremely obviously infant and toddler babies in the game – I’m training myself in real life to accept and want to go on an infant murdering spree?

      Come on people, it is a game. I have been playing violent games since childhood. Guess what? I have never fought another person in real life, I have never committed a crime, I am an upstanding citizen, graduated at the top of my class in school, perform community service, and dedicate tons of my spare time to volunteering and helping animals in rescue situations. Yup… those games certainly molded me into a heartless killing machine…

      Stay in touch with reality folks. This game is tasteless and disgusting but it is not going to bring about the downfall of society and turn us into a bunch of dog fighting criminals.

      • Mandy M says:

        Dog fighting is real…mutated humans that eats brains is totally unrealistic! This app is promoting dog fighting! A real thing. A zombie game is not going to promate killing zombies in real life because zombies are Not real! If you are pro this app the why are you even here????????????????? Hope you have fun at your dog fight tonight!

      • Annie says:

        Really…I think you are missing a huge point here. There are real consequences for murder, rape, etc. Everyone knows that these things are wrong and bad. Unfortunately in our society, not everyone realizes what a horrible thing dog fighting is. When someone gets in trouble for dog fighting, they get a slap on the wrist. Our society doesn’t condemn horrific abuse of animals (which is tied to human violence.) I think so many people are so upset, because they are fighting day in and out to stop dog fighting, and games like these help perpetuate the idea that it is an okay thing. So yes, everyone knows rape and murder games are for entertainment and in real life it is not acceptable…unfortunately that isn’t the same with animal abuse!

  35. derp says:

    Android is an operating system written by Google. This program has nothing to do with Google or Android any more than it is Apple or Microsoft’s fault if someone releases a crappy program for OSX or Windows.

    If you want to blame and censor, then go after these morons at Kage. This crap always seems to come up…movies and music and games that depict criminal behavior are not the same as actual people doing criminal things.

    These people are trolls looking for the lowest common denominator. It won’t turn normal, thoughtful, and caring people into killers. Just let them be a-holes and don’t buy their game. There is no law against being disgusting.

  36. RC says:

    “Anybody that would play this game should be shot.”

    “The makers of this game ought to be shot!”

    “They have no right to be sharing the same air as the more evolved of us…”

    “Why don’t you creeps that came up with this fight with each other, bring blood, kill each other. You are evil scum & that’s all!!!”

    You’re not helping.

    • StanM says:

      Excellent observation, and I agree. We need to express moral outrage without resorting to violent metaphors, otherwise we look like fools who are not to be taken seriously.

    • Mandy M says:

      NO You are NOT helping!! You are saying that people should be shot!?! You are no different than them!!

  37. Michelle says:

    Google should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking up a game of this sort. Will your next “game” be about rape n murder? Why not it’s only a video game right? Or how about a game where you drive around in a van with a puppy so you can “pretend” to abduct and abuse children?? Where does it stop? When is a game not a game?

    • RDR says:

      A. Google didn’t make the game.

      B. Unfortunately, there is still a dog fighting culture. There is no rape and murder culture. Where there is a market for something, it will blossom.

      C. It’s a long fall down from your high horse.

      • Rj says:

        Hey RDR,

        Slavery in the South was a ‘culture’ as well. Doesn’t mean it was right.

      • Joseph says:

        Yes, slavery may not have been the best thing ever, but you cannot effectively compare a game to an economic institution.

        Google can’t effectively control every app that is developed. It is an international corporation, so anyone that can pay the developers fee and can create code can release an app anywhere in the world. I’m certain there are a majority of apps that have been flagged at least once as offensive or harmful and are still on the market and some are probably best-sellers. To go through all those and analyze what is offensive or harmful, test it on the different versions of Android and gadgets that are Android-compatible takes time.

        I’m certain that Apple’s market has millions of useful and future best-selling apps that have been in queue for years now because Apple needs to inspect and approve every single one. I don’t like being told what I should and should not like. Android gets it. Let the people choose for themselves. If they don’t like it, they won’t buy/download. I don’t like the term “voting with your dollar,” but it truly fits in this situation. If you really feel strongly, tell your friends not to buy/download the app, and continue on with your life.

      • Mandy M says:

        Actually murder and rape is a culture, and has been since almost the time of man…Q: What do you think prisons are filled with? A: Murders and rapists! What do you live under a rock or something?

    • Mandy M says:

      Kage Games LLC created this app…

  38. Alan says:

    I like how they include the disclaimer about “having a bug up your ass” and “it’s just s game”. very unprofessional and insensitive. We’re obviously dealing with ignorance at the highest level. You can bet I sent out my emails …and they will go out 2 at a time, daily, until I get a response saying they removed the app.

  39. westphillygirl says:

    IT’S A GAME..everybody chill the f*ck out..there are real human atrocities goin on, why don’t you go help out your fellow human before worrying about a video game

    • RDR says:

      They have a right to be upset, but I completely agree. I’m more concerned with child slavery and horrible human rights abuses around the world than a phone app. I don’t even have a phone capable of getting apps. It’s great!

      • Mandy M says:

        you did not say that you condone this. i said i think that you condone this. This app is a real fighting ring! this app is based on real life! gta is fiction and cartoonish. By getting rid if this app is helping to get rid of dog fighting in real life. I actually do help stop fighting rings, i have risked my life 2 times already by helping to bring these evil people down…Im sorry i happen to take the day off! By the way when i say kids i am referring from like 15 yrs old to early 20’s. gta does not reflect reality…A dog fighting app and how to train it to fight REFLECTS REALITY.

      • Amanda L. says:

        See my previous comments where the culture of dog fighting is linked to the abuse of women and children in the home. Men capable of torturing animals are (surprise!) capable of hurting women and children. You’re concerned about that? Awesome! Let’s start with the idea that abuse is not cool and great game material, whether it features animals, women, or children.

    • Mandy M says:

      Dog Wars “teached” People on ‘How To’ Train a dog to fight..All they have to do next is buy a dog for pennies and start their own dog fighting club in their neighborhood. If you do not care about this then why are you even typing you opinion on here? If you are into helping kids around the world then great! you should then understand why we are standing up for pits just that same as you are standing up for humans, we should work together! I think you condone dog fighting, if you are telling us to just forget about these dogs and focus on what YOU are passionate about is extremely small minded and self centered! and fyi if a kid is growing up in a neighborhood where dog fighting in prominent, they are already growing up with the mentality that it is okay to be violent and hurt living things that cannot help them selves, and then by playing this game and getting trained on how to be violent, is hurting that kid!! You are ignorante!

      • RDR says:

        Ha. Where did I say i condoned dog fighting? It’s clear that there are more important things to worry about than a phone app though. Like…maybe actual dog fighting rings? Like I’ve said before, it’s easy to get on your moral high horse over a silly game instead of actually going out and doing something to stop the substantive act.

        And Yes. I’m sure that pushing a touch screen with their greasy fingers really “trains” kids how to be violent. If any of these kids got anywhere near an actual ring they would shit their pants, which is why this app is not a big deal. Can I turn on my xbox and beat an old lady to death with a baseball bat in any number of games? Yes. Does this reflect reality? No.

      • Amanda L. says:

        RDR: Not everyone is you. It’s important to remember that what may not influence -you-, may influence someone else. I was lucky to have not abusive parents, live in a non-violent neighborhood, and not be exposed to violence. Mortal Kombat did not make me violent.

        For a less stable person, things can have more power. Whether banning is the correct option or not, it is important to realize that. There are people that do look at media and draw conclusions that seem crazy to the more healthy among us.

  40. Lynne Parker says:

    They’ve made a game out of a felony. What’s next, an app for child porn? How about slavery? What felony can we make a game out of next?

    • Really? says:

      You must live in a very sheltered world if you do not realize that there are millions of games out there that have plots centered around commiting illegal acts.

  41. Erin says:

    From the Android Market Developer Program Policies:

    “Our content policies apply to any content your application displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. In addition to complying with these policies, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines….Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.”

    So all moral and ethical conversations aside, this game is in violation of their own rules. Android is notoriously lax in policing the apps, however, so don’t expect much.

    • Rj says:

      Great job on finding and posting this! Everyone, be sure to include this in your complaints!

    • Me says:

      It also states that it is up to the end user to report apps in violation. Once it is, it will be reviewed. So, give them a chance to remove it. It’s good Friday and a lot of companies are closed.

    • Joseph says:

      ~Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.~

      Understand what is being said and don’t get your facts mixed up. There are many games on the Android market that have illegal activities portrayed within them. These games are not illegal, as they do not violate any copyright or DRM laws. Are some in bad taste? Yes. Are some simulations of illegal activities? Yes. Be smart, avoid those apps, voice your opinion if you really want to, and move on. If you live in the USA, let people choose if they want the app or not. You are quick to take away choices for a country that is committed to spreading the wonderful ability to be free to choose!

      An illegal app would distribute child porn or games that are able to be downloaded and played without paying for it (Piracy). These actions are considered illegal. Creating a video game is not illegal. Don’t confuse an illegal act with a legal, consumable good that may portray illegal activities.

  42. deb says:

    Unreal!!! Sick people create these so called games and IDIOTS pay money n buy them n sit home and play them….we live in a sick n twisted society!!! One group trys to save the innocent animals from abuse and some sick bastard promotes it even though it is a game….it gives scum bags ideals….NO android fo me!! No games that involve killing or injuring anything!! What ever happened to a good old game of cards!?

  43. Joshua says:

    Thanks Google/Android, DOGWARS has convinced me to go with Iphone. Good job.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      Yeah, that just makes you a moron.

      • Tina Ferguson-Davis says:

        How in the world is calling a person a moron going to help?? Over and over you keep commenting on each person’s post that is disagreeing with the app as if you somehow you invented it and are trying to convince people that it is an okay game. Did you buy stock in the game or something?? If we all want to rant and rave then let us. How is it hurting you?

      • Amanda L. says:

        Sinking to the level of the people you are complaining about does not count as a moral high ground. 😉 I get you’re frustrated over not being heard. Repeatedly. It still may be time to take a breath and remember that people don’t think as well when wound up. I certainly don’t want an Android phone if they don’t move to enforce their own stated and posted policy about apps.

      • Cheyenne says:

        You just made me share this article with 2063 fb friends with specific instructions to boycott Google and Android. Seriously, stop being such an annoying twat.

    • Mandy M says:

      Do not forget that Kage Games LLC created this app.

    • Joseph says:

      Buying an iPhone is perfectly fine. They heavily moderate what is released and remove thousands of apps because Apple is afraid they might spark a little controversy. I don’t like the idea of being told what I will and won’t like. I like being able to punch in something I would like, read the description, if I like the description, see if there is a free version, test it out, and if I think it would be worth getting the full version, buy the full version.

      Android allows me to choose what I like and what I don’t like without pre-screening. Would I want this app? No. Would I give up Android and Google because of it? No. Android is the best market idea you could use, and Google cannot possibly pre-screen every app since thousands are released every day. The best apps that were created for Android first are likely still in a queue for the iOS to be screened. Who wants to wait to get the killer app when Apple is still screening Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja clones?

  44. Mercy says:

    “…it’s just a game”

    Okay then why didn’t they use Yorkies? Or Chihuahuas? Or even German Shepards who can be very aggressive? No, there’s a reason they used Pitties… Makes me sick.

    • John says:

      Yeah, the reason is that it’s an accurate game.

      It’s still just a game. You don’t have a point.

      • Amanda L. says:

        No, it’s that she doesn’t agree with your point. Which is okay. Not everyone feels ‘it’s a game’ is an excuse for bs.

      • John says:

        Amanda, please explain to me the point in pointing out that they didn’t use Yorkies. That is not somebody disagreeing with “my point” (even though I hadn’t posted anything when this person said what they said). It is somebody making a bad, illogical claim.

    • Amanda L. says:

      What I think and hope she meant, is that it’s part of the portrayal of dog fighting as glamorous and pit bulls as fighting dogs. Or that it was not accidental that they chose pit bulls, they are very much buying into the dog fighting culture.

      Sorry, if I seemed aggressive, by the by.

      Anyway, I don’t believe that glorifying the dog fighting culture is accidental or acceptable even though it is ‘just a game’. Women, children, and animals are harmed as a result of this culture. Animals are the greatest victims, but humans don’t escape unscathed. I don’t think saying ‘it’s just a game’ is a remotely acceptable excuse.

      I dream of the day that well meaning men and women take violence against women and children this seriously. That, instead of being amused, we find it shocking and horrible to see graphic rapes, murders, and abuse in movies. Since we are not at that point, I’ll settle for people realizing that torturing animals is not ‘cool’.

  45. CC says:

    omg how horrible! thats giving young kids/adults the idea that dog fighting are entertaining cause its promoted by video games… *sniff sniff* I’m sadden by this. I hope it gets pull-off the market! and yes, there are other violent games out there, shooting and all (never liked them either so I’m not being biased)… but c’mon this is so unethical =o(

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  47. Peggy says:

    This is very disturbing and least of all entertaining. ALL games that encourage cruelty and violence should be taken off the market. Children learn what they see, in reality, that’s bad enough…they don’t need any further encouragements. Why not create games that are fun and educational; that way you can feel good about the message that’s being sent out when these games are being played.

  48. Chris says:

    I have a few comments here:
    1) Google/Android may not have know that the game existed. It’s an open source system and anyone can contribute.
    2) I, like most of the rest of you, am disgusted by the content of the game and hope that Google will remove it.
    3) I hope all of you are just as vehement in your objections to “games” focusing on violence toward people, as well.
    4) There is no four!

  49. Grant says:

    yep well because of this i ripped the sim card out of my droid, and put it back in my blackberry… and i made sure i took pics of me doing this and sent them to android 🙂

    • RDR says:

      Wow, I bet they are still laughing all the way to the bank. Especially since they didn’t make the app.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Except in this case, your face doesn’t even care.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Reposting this article with specific instructions to boycott Google now.

      • Cait says:

        Oh Carrie. Just read this, and maybe you’ll be forced to think for once:

        Android Market Developer Program Policies

        The policies listed below play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for everyone using Android Market. Defined terms used here have the same meaning as in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

        Content Policies

        Our content policies apply to any content your application displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. In addition to complying with these policies, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines:

        – Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.”

        So, regardless of any moral or ethical issue you take with this game, the fact of the matter is that it is in direct violation of Google’s Android Market programmer policies. <— there's my source

      • Me says:

        Cheyenne you are EQUALLY as annoying with your comments to her. Have you even noticed the time difference between her comments and yours???? That just makes it worse.

      • John says:

        Cait, that policy applies to actually conducting illegal activities through apps, not apps depicting imaginary illegal activities.

        Man, if there’s anything this thread has taught me, it’s that basic logic should really be a scholastic requirement…

  50. Taylor says:

    wow are they serious? what is next an app about the sex trade? people have no respect these day, this is uncalled for. what kind of sick person would think to make this or ever have it on their phone.

  51. Silvia says:

    An insane video game for insane people!! … this must be stopped now!!!

  52. StanM says:

    I am disgusted by the whole “Mafia Wars” genre, but this is absolutely the most distasteful thing to have come down the pike.

  53. BSL News says:

    While it’s true that Android is merely an operating system and Android/Google had nothing to do with the development of the game, it’s available to download in the Android Market, which Google/Android certainly *do* have control over.

    Think “baby shaker” with the iPhone. Apple didn’t develop the “game”, but they sure yanked it from the app store once there was enough outrage.

    With enough outrage, Google can ban the Dog Wars app from the Android market, which essentially stops the mass distribution of the game and kills the profit motivation of the developer.

    Emailing the game’s developer will have no real effect – they’re in it to make money and clearly don’t have morals or ethics that extend beyond their own wallets. Killing the game’s distribution is where it’s at. Keep emailing Google and Android, folks.

    • Lynne Parker says:

      thumbs up

    • Rj says:


    • I am totally indifferent to how to complain or to whom. in helping to advertise it here and I am the administrator in antidogfight denmark and ask that you immediately stoppepe not promote it here. we are actually a few million people who try to stop this mess and it helps in not fucking with by promoting this shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

    • John says:

      What you are advocating is directly contrary to the principles of a free society. That is the only moral outrage here.

    • sarah says:

      Sorry but there’s a difference, and the difference is that Apple approved “baby shaker” in the first place. Google does not approve or want to police apps just because they are distasteful. They only want to make sure there are not illegal/harmful apps.

  54. Pingback: Email these bastards!!
  55. The so called “game” promotes violence and illegal activity. I urge all to boycott the Android unless Google removes this app.

  56. pjsurratt says:

    Shared & emailed.

  57. Danielle G says:

    I see a lot of comments asking how this is different than games where people get killed. Simple answer: If someone kills a person they go to jail for life. If they fight, abuse or kill a dog….what happens to them? Exactly.

    Someone is more likely to do this than rob and kill people. Wake up, these beautiful dogs have endured enough torture. Please don’t put anything else in someones head that they will want to see in person. Thank you.

    • Exactly. When the dog has outlived it’s usefulness, it’s dumped and left to die.

      I appreciate there are bad things happening to humans out there but the help always starts with humans, dogs (and other animals) can’t speak for themselves.

      Yes, it’s just a game but it’s sensationalising cruelty to animals.

      If they’re getting all defensive in the game description, surely that shows a guilty conscience? If they had made a game like Angry Birds instead, no-one would have blinked and eye and they’d make a damn site more money!

    • sarah says:

      Please work on stricter laws then and writing letters to legislators. Taking this game off of Android Marketplace isn’t going to stop the problem that you are upset about.

  58. Patty says:

    This is just SICK!! I can’t believe anyone would every do this. I believe people who come up with games should get the same repercusions as if it was done in the real world!! All these gamers are doing is puting more ideas in people’s heads.

  59. Shannon kopp says:

    i have an android. Who do I contact to get rid of it? Feel free to drop me some ideas. I love the phone but I cant support this. My heart and love for animals wont take it. Someone help

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      OMFG keeping your Android phone will not support this developer in any way unless you go, seek out this app, and download it. Google and Android have nothing whatsoever to do with the development, release, sale or profits of this app. THey provide the marketplace, but it’s not a police state – I’ve only ever seen them pull apps that were clearly proven to be malware.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Reposting article to fb wall letting everyone know to be sure and boycott the fuck out of google and android again.

  60. Melia says:

    Not defending this abhorrent app, but the software company responsible for this awful game is NOT affiliated with Google. It’s based in China according to their domain WHOIS information and they’re pirating the Android name. A little digging before writing the story would have been a good idea 😉

    Basically, Google didn’t produce this game at all. That being said, it should not be allowed in the droid app marketplace and I hope they remove it asap.

    • Don Nickles says:

      I understand google may not have developed it but they are promoting it, and that makes them just as guilty in my book.

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        No, they are not promoting it. The Market is open to anyone who buys a $25 developer’s kit. It’s open source. Google doesn’t police it, except occasionally pulling an app proven to be malware.

  61. Ashley says:

    This is horrible! This game is a slap in the face to us that rehabilitate these dogs, and help them recover from all the pain and violence they were forced to endure! I can’t believe someone thinks this is okay! Also, don’t tell me, “well there are worse games” of people killing people. Technically those aren’t worse, cause I would feel a lot worse about a dog being hurt than I would most humans! Humans are selfish, cruel and manupulative creatures, I for once have never seen those characteristics in a dog in my life. I wonder if there is some kind of mental virus thats going around in most of these peoples heads that are making them dumber and more violent. I say the world wont miss them one bit!

  62. I can not believe you are putting this trash on the Market. People work damn hard in teaching children to respect animals, and organisations work / volunteer their time to raise awareness against dog fighting. I take it you have never heard of such charities? I also believe you have never owned a dog!! SICK, just SICK.

  63. Ashley says:

    Whoops, typo I wouldn’t* feel worse.

  64. Ashley says:

    Cancel last typo correction 🙂

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  66. Don Nickles says:

    What the hell? A person who fights a dog is making up for short comings, and a person who plays a game about dog fighting is making up for even shorter short comings! This “game” needs to be pulled and the developers need to be charged with promoting animal cruelty! We are the North Idaho Pit-Bull Army and we will fight you with all we got to stop this disgusting piece of trash you call a game!

  67. Collette says:

    @ Mike Jones: It’s a crime to use the Internet to carry out or promote an illegal activity. Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states. The principle is the same as using the Internet to promote or engage in prostitution, murder, rape, child molestation, human trafficking, etc.

    The developers are located in Bellingham, WA. That makes them subject to US laws pertaining to the use of the Internet. First Amendment rights don’t protect criminal activity, or the promotion of criminal activity.

    • Really? says:

      I’m glad you are not in charge of determining what is a protected right and what is not.

      Although dog fighting may be illegal there is nothing illegal about depicting a crime in a game, movie, or book. I would not want to live in the police state where it is illegal to talk about or depict a crime – if you did not actually commit the crime you are not a criminal. Showing a bunch of pixel (ie DOTS ON A SCREEN THAT DO NOT EXIST IN REALITY) performing an illegal act is not a crime. If you cannot see the difference between commiting a crime and showing a fake situation that resembles a crime then I feel badly for you.

      • John says:

        This thread has been an incredibly disturbing example of how the uninformed masses are able to suppress our freedoms.

    • Amanda L. says:

      The problem you are both missing is that (this is not saying it should or shouldn’t be censored) is that those portrayals have power. Stop for a minute and think about advertising. Do you think companies spend millions because making a product seem exciting/effective/new doesn’t work? It’s been shown to have an effect on how people view it and whether they buy it.

      Portrayals of violence as positive/awesome/win can and often do work the same way. When kids watch rap videos, movies, and other things which constantly portray gangsters as powerful and manly, this makes them more likely to see gangsters in that way. Does it put a gun in their hand and make them shoot someone? Of course not. Does it mean a vulnerable child approached by gangsters more be more likely to say yes or think they’re cool? Yes. When kids see people they admire dog fighting and then get an invite to see it/a chance to do it, they are more likely to get involved. (If you don’t believe this, think about how celebrity products and brands sell. 😉 )

      The fight is to get these idiotic portrayals of it as ‘cool’ stopped. They do not make sadistic bastards abuse and torture dogs, but they help keep it looking appealing. Countless dogs have died horrific deaths that no living creature deserves to suffer, certainly not ‘natural’ (lions don’t need to electrocute their prey). I would be upset whether it’s a human being or animal that Vick chose to hang, drown, electrocute, and slam into the ground until it died. Fighting ignorance is just one piece of ending dog fighting. It all begins with education.

      • John says:

        Except it’s not education. It’s clustering together in the town square and gathering your torches.

        If you were really concerned with education and knowledge as being the key factor in decision-making (as I do), then you would not advocate boycots, censorship, blindly harassing google etc. You would convince us (ie, freethinking people who are interested in defending speech whenever possible) that there is a real harm in a dogfighting video game for a phone.

        What I’ve seen here instead (not from you specifically, of course) are threats of violence and murder, character assassination (you don’t agree with me?? you must love dog murder!) and some pretty pitiful leaps in logic without any sourced material that should make me or anyone else believe that this game will hurt any dog, anywhere. Because frankly, I don’t care what people’s “perceptions” are. They are free to think dog fighting is cool if they want. People have stupid, wrong and immoral “perceptions” all the time. The only time it is necessary to take any action is if it can be demonstrated that there is some real, physical danger.

        So let’s see some hard evidence of that, and we’ll talk. Otherwise, yes, “it’s just a game”.

      • Amanda L. says:

        John: I’m upset, but I don’t want to physically hurt people. I agree it makes animal rights activists look bad. It also takes away the moral high ground reaaaaaaally fast. That said, I don’t think protesting bad things is inappropriate. I flagged the app. I did it politely and without screaming. I don’t think that’s bad. I posted (without death threats) to friends, requesting they flag the app. Whether I avoid Android in the future depends on their response. I respectfully disagree with you that I cannot boycott, yet note someone’s right to disagree strongly with the maker’s of the product.

        I’ve tried via my responses to offer some education and explanation for my views and why I think it’s a problem. You may walk way still disagreeing, but I am hoping I made you think about the issue for even a moment. A lot of posters seem ignorant about the reality of dog fighting and I’ve offered more accurate information.

        I’m not arguing with many of your points or defending death threats, to be 100% clear. It’s not helpful, is offensive, and leaves you and others walking away and going ‘wow, they’re insane’. It’s not what I’m going for.

        I’ve posted about cultural aspects of dog fighting and it’s effect on the perception of it. I do feel that’s a notable point and hard to refute based on any examination of society. Ask your little girl/niece/neighbor if she likes iCarly or what she thinks about webshows now. That’s a deliberately innocent example of what can and does happen when people glorify dog fighting and people take notice of it as cool.

        I’m not suggesting you take up your pitchfork, but I do hope you’ll think about whether promoting it as ‘just a game’ and saying it doesn’t matter is entirely accurate. Unlike tournaments in Mortal Kombat with magic powers, a lot of real people actually do support dog fighting and torture animals.

  68. Collette says:

    To make sure your voice is heard, contact Android/Google directly (see below). Also the contact information should be reposted on the game’s page (see link in the main post) every 10 comments or so as the screen only shows a few comments at a time. I’d do it, but I’ve been (apparently) blocked. 🙂

    Complain to Android/Google here:

    Developer’s contact info:
    Kage Games, LLC
    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
    Bellevue, WA 98007

    Dog fighting is unlawful in all 50 states, including the state where the company’s office is located. It might be worth contacting the WA Attorney General’s office, as well:

    By phone: Call centers are open M-F 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    1.800.551.4636 (in Washington only)
    1.800.833.6384 for the hearing impaired

    • Don Nickles says:

      thank you for digging into this and getting the info, the whole thing has got me so damn mad. The North Idaho Pit-Bull Army may just have to load up and head over and see who these useless wastes of space are.

  69. Penny C says:

    This is a totally inhumane game to make for children.No wonder kids think its ok to be cruel and have no feelings due to insane games like this.What is wrong with your minds to think “This is just a game”,it disgusting,horrific and digracefull.There should be a law for promoting cruelty to make money for themselves.

    • Joseph says:

      Games are not specifically for children. They target different audiences depending on the content in the game. Some games target kids, and some games target adults (or rather, some are for those with less maturity [think Wii/DS/Nintendo] and some for more maturity [think PS3, XBOX 360, PC]). Even though it is in rather poor taste, I am certain this game was not intended to be aimed at the younger/less mature audience. If you give your children Android-enabled gadgets, you better make sure they have no ability to buy apps without you entering in the information to buy apps for them for each download.

      Also, illegal activities in the sense of the Android Marketplace terms is along the lines of distributing child porn, distributing pirated games, and unleashing viruses and malware onto user gadgets. A game or movie that depicts illegal activities are not illegal nor are they against the terms of the Android Marketplace.

      I do not approve of the idea in the app, but I cannot say to pull it from the marketplace either. If this is pulled, you must pull any movie, game, song, book, poem, writing, blog post, or print article that has anything depicting an illegal activity to be entirely fair under USA laws.

      Also, just remember, even though these developers are based in the USA, Google in an international corporation and as such, other games depicting actions considered illegal in the USA may be released in other countries where such actions are perfectly legal. Then, in that country, Google would be censoring an entire country’s culture just because it is illegal or frowned upon morally in another country. So, in all fairness, don’t buy/download the app, and tell your friends not to buy/download the app, and continue living your life.

  70. Dogs do not want to fight, be injured, be frightened and be abused. Pitbulls especially are very affectionate, loving, and loyal. A game like this is sickening. I wonder how these people can sleep at night.

  71. Dogs never want to be injured, scared, and abused. They only follow what their owners want them to do. Pit Bulls are amazing and affectionate dogs and shame on the people and company who created this game.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Killing animals is no worse than killing humans and there’s over 1000 games that involve killing humans.
    I also can’t help but notice you didn’t approve my previous comment. Is it because I pointed out one of many errors in this ‘article’? The entire comment thread seems to be full of people who agree with the author, I wonder why.

    Also, Google are not “promoting” this game. There’s over 150k apps in the Android Market. I doubt they even knew it existed before your users kindly pointed it out via email.

    • BSL News says:

      You’re mistaken – no comments have been deleted, all comments have been approved.

    • Don Nickles says:

      Anonymous, well the fact that you are hiding says it all. Hmmm as for you saying that google is not promoting this since there are over “150k apps” on the android market, well ingorance is NO excuse! If there was a molester app could they play ingnorant? People need to be held accountable for their ignorance, this “game” is wrong sick twisted and wrong! If one plays this “game” they are sick twisted and wrong! Googles support of this is sick twisted and wrong!

      • Anonymous says:

        Everyone is entitled to remain anonymous on the internet if they choose to. I don’t see why you mentioned it as it is totally irrelevant.
        It is a game. And it’s definitely not the most disturbing game I’ve ever heard of. And thanks to this website the developer will be making some more money.

      • StanM says:

        I think remaining somewhat anonymous by using a handle or nickname might be wise. I have received threats over comments I have made in some forums.

        But if you choose “anonymous” as your nom de plume, it lumps your comments with those of everyone else who chooses that name. That alone makes it a less-than-ideal choice.

  73. Ewan McGigger says:

    Google doesn’t make the app nor does it promote it. You can get upset all you want, but your anger is misguided. As far as I know, Google has only taken down apps because they are a phishing, scams, etc, etc. They don’t take down apps because they are unpopular or controversial. Bringing attention to the app will only make the curious check it out, generating revenue for that company. You honestly are just better off accepting there are some things in this world you can not control and letting the app fade into oblivion rather than bringing attention to it and making the developers boat loads of money. This is free advertising for them.

    • BSL News says:

      Google promotes the application by allowing it to be downloaded from the Android Market.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        I’m telling you the reality of it all. There are hundreds of controversial apps on there. As a matter of free speech, they won’t take an app like this down without a court order. Many of you seem to feel the app is illegal. Then take your argument to the courts and with a court order I’m sure it will be taken down. A small scale boycott of the #1 selling phone operating system is going to have little effect. Educate the developers and ask they retool the app with slightly different graphics and theme to have monsters or aliens fighting. This can be done with no rewriting of code, only sprite changes. You are wasting your time going the route you are going because nothing will be done and they will take no pain financially. You are just making the app developers more money with free advertising.

      • Carrie Abbott says:

        Open source. Read about it. Simple.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Carrie: “Our content policies apply to any content your application displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. In addition to complying with these policies, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines….Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product.” <— Was that misquoted? It appears to reference unlawful activities. Was that a reference to spammers and the l ike?

      • Cait says:

        Carrie –

        Since you are so up in arms about our First Amendment right to free speech: removing the game from the market does not compromise the concept of open source; since the software was available and this game was made.

        Mo one is talking about preventing anyone from making these types of games (free speech and all that jazz, despite their poor taste). Stop talking down to people as if they don’t understand their basic rights. There is no infringement on civil rights here – the game was made. What I want is it removed from the Android market, which is (as you said) owned and curated by Google

      • John says:

        Amanda: The policy applies to actual illegal activities conducted using apps. For instance, it would be counter-policy if I created an app that lets people know where dog fights are actually taking place. A fictional game does not fall under those parameters.

      • Joseph says:

        Allowing a download is not promoting. It is just leaving it there, waiting to be discovered. Promoting is putting it into a front page “Try This App” spot or a “If you like this game, try Dog Wars,” which is something I have not seen.

        By generating this controversy, it brings it into the limelight. Think about the whole Napster debacle. Piracy of music, software, etc was not as well known until the whole Napster issue exploded onto the news. Now, torrenting and filesharing is on fire.

        This app likely would have just sat there and only received minimal purchases/downloads, but now that it is being spread, it is more likely to reach those who would want such an app. In all reality, you are promoting this app by making it known this app is available.

      • BSL News says:

        We disagree wholeheartedly with your grasp of the situation.

      • Amanda L. says:

        John: I still hope they remove it, but I appreciate the polite and helpful reply. Thanks.

  74. Dawn Croft says:

    This game is appalling and the most horrific thing someone could think of. As a animal welfare professional I makes me sick to know a game like tos is actually out on the market. If you take the blinders off your eyes and see the horrific things these living, breathing creatures endure that actually live this type of life you would not endorse such a horrible game. It makes me wonder what type of people you are. I certainly hope whomever came up with this idea for a game doesn’t have children. What good values could they possible instill in them. Very disheartening to see this type of stuff. Pit bulls are wonderful animals that are full of love and loyalty. I know I have one and work with them on a daily basis.

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  76. San Diego Rottweiler Rescue says:

    To see that anyone would create such a game totally baffles me. There are young kids that are already strolling around with Pit Bulls and trying to make them mean, so why not create a game and teach them how to start fighting the dogs. Android shame on you for letting an app of this sort be published. Remember this is illegal and you will punished by law no matter how old you are or how famous you are….do you recall Michael Vick!

  77. Dani says:

    People keep saying how this game is the same as things like Grand Theft Auto or other games that allow the player to engage in illegal acts. I think the main difference here is that everyone (or nearly everyone) realizes that Grand Theft Auto is wrong and that those that commit Grand Theft Auto are criminals. The problem with the Dog Wars game is that people out there still actually believe that so-called “Bully Breeds” are inherently aggressive dogs and they are not – nothing could be further from the truth. But by having these stupid games out there, it just reinforces that stereotype and the laws (like BSL) that are based on these stereotypes lead to innocent dogs getting killed. That’s why I feel this game is wrong and should be removed.

    • sarah says:

      Maybe you should work on getting these things known. That way, when the next dog fighting game comes out it will be like GTA because people will know. If you get this one taken down, then what about the next one? Just get the issue known.

  78. pibble mom says:

    Cool. I am going to go submit “Spousal abuse, the game version” and “Coon Killer”. I am considering also “Gay bashers” and maybe even “pedophile, the lrp version” you guys are ok with tha right? I mean.. they are just games.. no one gets hurt.

    • Cait says:

      best comment ever. you, ma’am, win. point made.

    • RDR says:

      I agree. No one does get hurt. The DIFFERENCE is that all of those groups are PEOPLE, who are guaranteed rights as well in this country. While there are statutes in place to prevent abuse, dogs are not guaranteed rights like homosexuals, women, men, even killers. You know what? Let’s give dogs rights. But guess what? Next time a dog walks up to me and sniffs my nuts, I’m slapping a sexual harassment suit on it. I win.

      • Amanda L. says:

        The point is that abuse is not conveniently okay because it involves animals. You and others recognize this (usually) if it’s a child or woman involved. I hope you wouldn’t support a beating your child game as ‘just a game’. The rules just magically change when it’s something you don’t value or care much about. For the record, the dog fighting culture -does- hurt women and children. Domestic violence and child abuse occurs more often in these homes. Glorifying that culture hurts more than just dogs. Please consider that it can or even is hurtful to make abuse seem ‘cool’.

      • Mandy M says:

        Have you ever watched animal cops on animal planet…animals do have rights, people are arrested daily fined and or given jail time and probation…Animals do have rights! and when a dog smells our private parts it is not a bad thing, rude yes, but that is how they pick up on a lot of information!

      • Yvre says:

        For the record, the dog fighting culture -does- hurt women and children. Domestic violence and child abuse occurs more often in these homes.

        Amanda, I think you’re confusing correlation and causation. While domestic violence might be higher on homes that is indifferent to dog fighting; it does not imply that the dog fighting is what causes men to hurt women and children.

        People who enjoys dog fights tends to be aggressive themselves, which is the reason they tend to hurt women and children. These are merely correlation, not causation.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Yvre: I should have been more clear, my bad. My point is that promoting that culture and the aggressiveness that goes with it hurts more than just animals, as women and children are harmed by those same people. I was attempting to note that violence does not happen in a neat vaccuum. People that can and do hurt animals, often go on to hurt humans. It is a reason to take animal abuse more seriously than we do.

    • sarah says:

      Spousal abuse would probably work, I think the other things are hate speech.

    • John says:

      Bad analogy. The groups targeted in your fictional examples are human beings and would thus be aware that such games exist, which would in itself cause enough damage to make it worth preventing. Such is not the case with dogs.

  79. Jerri Miller says:

    Glorifying dog fighting is NOT a game! This is despicable..and I can only pray that you reconsider and NOT market this product.
    Dogs are forced to fight for their lives…IN REAL LIFE…it is NOT a game.

  80. Jerri Miller says:

    I also MUST say that promoting violence of any kind of just not right.
    Especially, when it comes to animals.
    They do NOT choose to fight to the death…
    Please do the right thing…do NOT let greed overcome compassion and the reality of dog fighting being beyond sickening.
    Must U make money off of this kind of sick behavior?
    Let the people who train and force dogs to fight, fight to their own death.
    Now..there’s a game!

  81. sara says:

    It’s not saying this app causes someone to fight real dogs, it’s saying that it’s stupid. It’s an endorsement

  82. terry otero says:

    i think this is absolutly horrifying….. And this game is wrong and my sons their wives and everyone else we know will be boycotting this and everything else you sell. everything

  83. A. Bass says:

    It is horrifying to me that any entity would try to take a vile and cruel activity from dark corners of society to the mainstream. Promoting torture and murder of animals is reprehensible.

  84. Phil Hubbard says:

    Okay. as someone who has raised AND been raised by “pit bulls” I can say that these dogs DO NOT like being forced to fight any more than we like the people forcing these dogs to kill each other. This game should NEVER EVER have been thought up much less created and released to the world. and whoever made this disturbing game NEEDS to “go away” because the world will be better off without them.

  85. janet lyons says:

    how could you support and encourage dogfighting?? This is disgusting and I will make sure my family doesn’t support your company by purchasing your products, I will also encourage my friends and co-workers to avoid your products. I have a great idea for a game,how about one where consumers that aren’t happy with their Androids or apps gets to find the creators and terrorize them,mutilate them, etc… Fun,huh???

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      Android and Google have nothing to do with the development or sales of this game. Get your facts straight before you mouth off about something you don’t have a clue about.

      • Cheyenne says:

        And repost again, twat.

      • Cait says:

        Oh Carrie.

        Since you are so up in arms about our First Amendment right to free speech: removing the game from the market does not compromise the concept of open source; since the software was available and this game was made.

        No one is talking about preventing anyone from making these types of games (free speech and all that jazz, despite their poor taste). Stop talking down to people as if they don’t understand their basic rights. There is no infringement on civil rights here – the game was made. What I want is it removed from the Android market, which is (as you said) owned and curated by Google. They have the power to remove it, and as someone mentioned, Apple didn’t develop the baby shaker app but they pulled that right quick.

      • sarah says:

        Cheyenne, you keep spamming your facebook when you notice a comment Carrie makes. How many people have unfriended you? I’m assuming some of your friends probably agree with Carrie anyway, I mean..Google didn’t make the game. Hey spam your facebook again since I just said this. I don’t care, I’m not your friend, and as such I’m not annoyed by your ignorance.

    • sarah says:

      Okay, in addition to Boycotting Google (which means no Youtube, Google, Android, other things) Are you going to make sure you don’t play or purchase any Kage Games as well? Or are you only going after Google because you don’t understand who actually created the game?

      • Cheyenne says:

        Fuck you, Sarah, you Google employee cuntwad. NOBODY has unfriended me. Kiss my ass!
        And no, none of them so far have said they agree with Carrie’s opinion. And now, I’m gonna go post the article to my FB again, and tell everybody Google endorses this game and calls it hours of endless fun for the whole family! Suck it!

      • Andy says:

        Such immaturity and ignorance you show Cheyenne. You do realise that your behavior makes you seem extremely unreasonable, right? Oh, and if you’re going to launch a barrage of swear words at me, don’t bother replying… I’ll tell you now that you’re going to come off as a petulant child.

  86. Lexus says:

    DISGUSTING – google should be ASHAMED of this

  87. J. Crosby says:

    This ‘game’ is no more acceptable than a game that featured the murder of minorities by hooded thugs, or frankly, any other violent crime. “Rape For Fun” anyone? Why can’t these developers use their creative talents to, say, actually be creative?

  88. Susan says:

    Good job feeding the sick minds of serial killers everywhere you bunch of fuck ups!

  89. furry dogmother says:

    I sent the following comment along with the flag: “Dogfighting–even in a cybergame–is UNACCEPTABLE. Would you market or even accept without challenge a game that simulates child rape, sodomizing an infant, and/or promoting juvenile pornography? I think not. Animal abuse is no more socially valid.”
    This isn’t censorship or an attempt to limit gamers’ First Amendment rights to be as stupid as they wanna be. It’s freaking common decency. Dogfighting is not “art” or “freedom of expression” or “fun.” It’s illegal in 50 states now, and is *cruelty.* If you support it, even in a game, you deserve to have your throat ripped out by a pack of hungry hyenas.

  90. natalie says:

    Unbelievable that this has actually been allowed its so SICK and should be pulled with immediate effect.

  92. Terry says:

    Digusting…disgusting…disgusting!!!! Needs to be pulled NOW!

  93. Ginni Green says:

    If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember:

    1. It is just A VIDEO GAME
    2. Perhaps one day we will make gerbil wars or beta fish wars for people who can’t understand fantasy role play games
    3. Just because something is illegal in real life in certain countries, does not mean it is illegal to make a song, movie, or video game about it (looking at you XDA Developer Forums… deleting our beta testing thread and banning our account?!)
    4. Just go slingshot some virtual birds to kill some virtual pigs.
    5. Go complain to someone who cares about Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Weed Farmer, Smoke a Bowl (these two are listed in the top 15 of casual games on Android Market) and maybe even Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry from 1987.
    6. This is listed as a HIGH MATURITY app, and does NOT violate the Terms of Use with the Google market in any way!!!

    These people are insane. I play RPG’s all the time, never have I once thought, ” I’d love to be able to fight and kill dogs since I can’t IRL I wish someone would make a game” Hmm…I hope these people lose everything they have and their company goes under fast

  94. Jen says:

    Absolutely sickening! Take this off the market!

  95. Cathy Radcliffe says:

    This is absolutely HIDEOUS!!!!! Those who think any form of dog fighting is a game should be hung by their ball!!!

  96. rose says:

    This is a disgrace and the moron who invented it probably brutalizes more than dog. Makes me so sick!!! Fill out the complain form here:

  97. miumisha says:

    This is beyond disturbing that someone would even make a game like this. It’s not just a game. It’s instilling in people’s minds when they play this game that it’s alright to do this. And even if they feel that dog fighting is cruel, when they start playing this, their minds will change and feel apathetic towards dogs and possibly will do it themselves. It’s cruel an wrong and it attacks the psych of someone’s mind when playing this game to say it’s OK to play this and simulate real dog fighting.

    Dog fighting is illegal in some states and should be illegal around the world. Sure, in the wild, it is necessary for survival, but these domestic animals look to us for protection and love and security, and taking all that away, starving it, taking away their ears and tails, making it feel insecure, making it aggressive towards other dogs and animals and people for it’s owner’s own personal money maker and entertainment is sick.

    Please, take this game off the market and save potential animal abusers from playing this and thinking everything is just a game. Once an idea is formed, it is hard not to follow through with it. And to whoever came up with this “game concept”: I truly hope that you don’t own a dog, and if you do, don’t use it as some thing for your viewing pleasure. You are sick to even thought of this in the first place to even want to make this into a game, let alone, release it to the public. So don’t say “It’s just a game, it’s no big deal.” Well, to some people who cannot grasp game fantasy to reality, it’s not a game, and to those who find liking this “game”, will most likely find liking it in real life unfortunately.

    So, please, if you really care about animals, please, just take this game down and save potential animal’s lives by prohibiting others from playing this horrific game.

    Another thing, I really hate how they show a pit bull in the game picture. It sickens me just looking at that, because that breed has such a bad reputation because of people who created this game and whoever is abusing these poor creatures. If trained right, these “bully Breeds” are the most gently, loving, affectionate, patient dogs that loves kids any person could ask for in a dog. And there is a petition going around for Banning such bully breeds. Even if they aren’t a pit bull, any breed considered a bully will be banned. They have proven in other parts of the world where these breeds were banned that it does not stop the people who abuse these animals from buying a different breed of dog and treating it the same way. Any dog has the potential to be as dangerous as the pit bull. Please, if you also see this petition, do not sign it, because it is not the breed’s fault for the way it acts, it is the owner’s fault for treating it the way they do and not training it properly.

    I hope they right this wrong and hope to god no one ever plays this sick sick game.

  98. Mikayla says:

    This is disgusting!!!
    Dog fights in themselves are of ONLY the circle of life and should not EVER be put in to action by pathetic human beings!
    This issue alone is worldwide and brings disgustment to many people. This torture should NEVER be put in to any sort of entertainment! Especially a game!
    Where’s the humanity?
    This makes me sick!

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  100. Mama Wolf says:

    I get its just a video game but its such a bad one. Its easier for people to raise and fight dogs then to follow GTA video gamesness into real life. Most people wont go out and kill a cop and take off in a stolen chopper. But someone can go buy a bully dog and raise it and find people to fight it under wraps. Some companies cant just leave well enough alone shit <.<

  101. jennifer says:

    My bf just called our local news station and they are going to look into it and HOPEFULLY do a story about it!!!

    also the company had this to say on their description for the game:
    If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember:

    1. It is just A VIDEO GAME
    2. Perhaps one day we will make gerbil wars or beta fish wars for people who can’t understand fantasy role play games
    3. Just because something is illegal in real life in certain countries, does not mean it is illegal to make a song, movie, or video game about it (looking at you XDA Developer Forums… deleting our beta testing thread and banning our account?!)
    4. Just go slingshot some virtual birds to kill some virtual pigs.
    5. Go complain to someone who cares about Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Weed Farmer, Smoke a Bowl (these two are listed in the top 15 of casual games on Android Market) and maybe even Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry from 1987.
    6. This is listed as a HIGH MATURITY app, and does NOT violate the Terms of Use with the Google market in any way!!!

    Let’s Get it On

    • Ginni Green says:

      Love how they sensor themselves for saying “butt” but killing dogs is ok

    • Amanda L. says:

      John: Neither does the word butt, really. It is an interesting reflection of what we consider to be more offensive. heh.

      • John says:

        Except it’s a bad comparison, because certainly “killing dogs is ok” does not accurately reflect the moral disposition of a person who says that “this phone app is ok”.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Depends on whether they’re talking about it from a free speech point of view vs. a ‘this is so cool!’ one. I may not agree with all of the points raised, but I can at least respect the ‘I don’t like it, but I’m concerned about censorship’ point of view.

  102. Jeanne Evanchuk says:

    I emailed google and promised that they will continue to hear from me until this “game” is removed from the market.

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  104. Amanda Harrison says:

    I contacted my local news channels and posted this on their walls, they are HIGHLY interested in this. as a person who rescues abused pitbulls and ring dogs, this game is more than “grand theft auto” kids can access this application, they have no way to verify the age and why support something that is destroying our wonderful breed???? How dare they promote such a thing knowing kids will get this and they have unlimited access to backyard breeders who breed pitbulls and sell them for as little as $25.00???? We have a hard enough time trying to stop the dog fighting rings without google doing this. I say everyone needs to boycot google and use instead. I am so angry. I have a pitbull who was fought that has to either have his leg amputated or rebroken with a metal plate and screws put in his ankle…. SICK JUST SICK, They are the ones with bugs up their a** looking for any way to make money and I am sure there is a law somewhere that will prohibit this game app. EVERYONE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL NEWS CARRIER ABOUT THIS…….

    • Ginni Green says:

      Curious to know who you contacted about this…would like to see what / if they have to say

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      As I dearly hope someone intelligent at your local news station will realize, Google actually has nothing to do with this game.

    • Mandy M says:

      Kage Games LLC created this game…Get educated before you have an opinion, people.

    • sarah says:

      Do it. Boycott Google for this game that they did not create. Are you boycotting Kage Games too since they actually made the game?

      If you are only boycotting Google for a game they have no control over, please don’t stop at Ask .com. You must also not use these and anything made by these companies because they are owned by Google: AOL, Youtube, Android, (Not a comprehensive list, be sure to check the hundreds of things that are actually owned by Google so that you can be sure to boycott them too).
      Also, since wireless carries get a portion of the proceeds for apps, be sure to boycott your wireless carrier too, as well as all other wireless carriers since they get more profits from this game than Google does, and you are boycotting Google so why not.

      Or you could just not worry about all of that and boycott the ACTUAL CREATOR of the game. Would be easier and more to the point.

  105. Lea Anne Meers says:

    Really people are you so sick in the head that you think this game is O.K?????? I personally am so pissed about this that I can not think about anything but this plan!!!!! You do know what goes around comes back to you, and when the time comes,I would hate to be in your shoes…..We are all going to fight this, protest it and whatever it may take…You can bet your sweet little phone wont be around long,with this game……You are justifying abuseing dogs,SICK SICK SICK!!!! That makes you know better than our Dog abuser than mike vic, but im guessing you all must like him…He paid not enough,Im hopein you realize how terrible this is, soon we will have kids doing these sickining things to dogs…And wont you all feel STUPID…..What if it is one of your kids!!!!!!

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  107. Tracie Cook says:

    This is disgusting. Maybe they should make games promoting drug use and rape and any other atrocious human behavior for kids to emulate. I can’t imagine what inspired anyone to create a game that promotes cruelity and I hope enough decent people are outraged enough to stop it!

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  109. Discusting! You people are promoting the violence of these animals! How do you sleep at night? I think the creators of this garbage should go through what these dogs have gone through! And with games like this will most likely keep going through.

  110. Cathy says:

    Are you kidding? Has “civilization” not advanced any more than this? HELLO! I don’t care if it is a freakin game, tests have proven that after being exposed to “gratuitious” violence over and over again, people begin to accept it as ok. If you morons weren’t born with a moral conscience, how about developing one?

  111. Dog fighting is despicable, cruel and heartless. Furthermore, there is an inextricable link between animal cruelty and child abuse. There is enough violence in the world. Must we profit off of cruelty? This is sick and demented.

  112. Kristie says:

    this is disgusting with a capital D! my choice in the iPhone was a good one.

    • Carrie Abbott says:

      You may be an idiot with a capital I. Google and Android have nothing to do with this game. Though since you’re clearly too dense to understand that (or do any research) you’re probably better off with the iphone.

      • Tina Ferguson-Davis says:

        Again with putting a person down for posting how they feel. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Carrie: Maybe she dislikes the sort of people and developers that Android seems to attract?

      • Cheyenne says:

        I’m gonna tell everybody to boycott Android AND buy an iPhone.

      • Cait says:

        Apparently Carrie is too dense to realize that a) removal of the game does not, in fact, amount to suppression of free speech and b) that Google’s/Android’s hosting of this game on the market they own and curate is essentially the same as supporting it

      • DSLO says:

        Carrie not only do you sound like a broken record, you sound like an idiot. If people believe emailing Google will have an impact, that’s their right. SHUT the hell up. Is this all you do all day? Your friggin loser!

    • sarah says:

      Kristie, Good idea, have Apple sensor things for you because you might not be smart enough to do it yourself 🙂. However, your wireless carrier makes more money from this app than Google does so maybe you should throw your phone away all together.

  113. iam really sick of people like this, the only thing this game will do is teach little kids that is ok to put dogs to fight dont they get it, whats these wrong with theses people

  114. Sandy fueston says:

    I own a pitbull,i am highy offened by this.quit trying to exploit our dogs in a bad way.

  115. Kris Kelly says:

    Who was the genius that thought of this game?
    It’s amazing that the United States of America points to other countrys and accuses them of abusing people and animals but we are just as bad. The US is a third world country when it comes to animals and violence.
    We promote this kind of violence and wonder why kids are blowing up schools and we are spending more money on high security prisons and not on our schools. It’s embarrassing to see this kind of stuff in this country.
    I’ll be using for now on.

  116. Kris Kelly says:

    Who was the genius that thought of this game?
    It’s amazing that the United States of America points to other countrys and accuses them of abusing people and animals but we are just as bad. The US is a third world country when it comes to animals and violence.
    We promote this kind of violence and wonder why kids are blowing up schools and we are spending more money on high security prisons and not on our schools. It’s embarrassing to see this kind of stuff in this country.
    I’ll be using for now on.

  117. C.C. says:

    i can actually see a value in this. it gives me an idea.

    first of all. Google probably isnt even aware that this game exists. Android is open source and anyone can contribute so switching search engines is kind of stupid.

    as for the game. what if there was a game about taking down dogfighters? a sort of mystery/suspense/crime drama/action type game….where you investigate and bust up dogfighting rings? thoughts?

  118. Ruth Ann Olsen says:

    SICK AND WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Johnny b.a.d Clash says:

    You really are the lowest of lowness. You set of cowards. You set of scum. YOU set of miserable little cunts . What’s your problem? Can’t find a girl? If I ever got hold of you the biggest piece of you that was left would be your ears

    • Mandy M says:

      If you are against this then why you yourself are you promoting violence you are no different than they are…and i am female and not appreciate that “C” word!

  120. Arlene says:

    I simply CANNOT understand the need to reproduce violence or criminality “virtually” or in film/television in an already violent and unhappy world – sorry developers and film-makers (whichever company you represent or work for) but you need to rethink the many so called “games” and films that are being foisted upon the already burgeoning market and come up with something that is so much better and far more entertaining than this!

  121. rebecca says:

    This is disgusting!! what kind of stupid kid came up with this game? I think google/Android need a “special ed” class on what dogfighting entails, lets put them in a ring and watch them battle it out…man against man…Ill pay for that app. Dogfighting and animal abuse is not a joke!!! come on Google, dont tell me your going to put a Nazi Death Camp game on next…get it together!! Use some common sense!!!!

  122. Linda says:

    You have got to be kidding! This is disgusting! Stop it now!

  123. nancy nielson says:

    This is disgusting, people have gone to jail for this activity, Its inhumane, is this what we want our kids to learn, is this supposed to be fun? What type of person thinks this is fun?And what type of people makes this stuff and put it out there. Very sad.

  124. Denise says:

    This is disgusting…you are promoting animal abuse…..stop the madness

  125. Tina Ferguson-Davis says:

    SHAMEFUL! The creators and those who would chose to play this sick, twisted and demeanted ‘game’ are lower than gutter sludge. Just picture for a moment what gutter sludge looks like and you are lying beneath it. I will no longer use google or anything that is owned or has any connection to google. If you think it is just a ‘game’ wait to see how many people stop using your products and maybe you’ll come to realize that fighting dogs, virtually or otherwise, is NOT a game. AGAIN SHAMEFUL!!

  126. Trent says:

    Take it up with the developers and do NOT blame Google or Android. The Android OS was created by Google as an open source project, meaning anybody can create anything they want for it. Unlike Apple’s corporate bullying that limits what “they” think is acceptable, Google’s stance is for open access. It’s like utilizing the First Amendment, but digitally. Yes, I think this is a horrible app that never should have been written. However, place the blame where it belongs – the developers – and NOT on the creators of the OS. It’s like blaming Microsoft or Dell for the viruses that appear on Windows systems.

    • BSL News says:

      Google has the power to ban this app from the Android market. You don’t see this?

      • Trent says:

        Yes, but then they fall into censorship, such as Apple. Take the personal ethics out of it and realize that it’s a game. Where do we draw the line for censorship? If it represents something illegal, does that mean the game shouldn’t be allowed in the market? if so, then all the first person shooter (FPS) games should be outlawed because they represent assault, battery, and homicide. Mortal Kombat has to go because it’s showed brutal methods of killing (ripping spinal cords out, decapitation, etc, etc,). How about Angry Birds? Does that constitute animal abuse also? I mean, we’re using a sling shot to launch birds (illegal in real life) to kill pigs (also illegal in real life). That’s my point. Where do we draw the line on what’s allowed and what’s not? That’s the point of “open source development”. Take your personal feeling out of the equation and express your dissatisfaction with the app developers and NOT Google.

      • Gloria Anderson says:

        THEN DOOOOOO IT NOW. Assholes

      • Me says:

        Yes they can ban it. But the app will not go away just because it’s banned. Search the internet from banned apps from Android Market. Guess what they are still out there and available to download even though they are no longer in the market.
        You keep treating those of us who know and use Android as stupid. You act like we don’t know what we are talking about. Why? We are trying to help you get this COMPLETELY removed from the internet.

      • BSL News says:

        Removing this application from the Android market removes their major source of distribution. We use Android, too, and understand that the application can still exist separate from the Android market, but the fact is that most Droid users will not know how to get this app from another source.

      • Me says:

        Maybe so, but a HUGE portion of Android users do know how to do it. Maybe you should go look at the amount of members on android boards. Maybe you should see how many people are using these black market apps that would still carry this game.
        The type people who would use this game will find it and still play it regardless if it’s on the market or not.
        So while I understand the significants of this game being removed from the market, it really does nothing to solve the REAL issue.
        Are you saying that you don’t care if the game if out there, just not on the market?

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  128. Karin says:

    This is ridiculously disgusting. Thanks for confirming how vile human beings can be.

  129. May Moss says:

    All I want to ask is…WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO PLAY A GAME LIKE THIS????? And it may not have been developed by Android or Google, but surely they can do something about it? And as for the person who said it was just a game…..well maybe, but a sick one!!

  130. tina rago says:

    This is horrific on making a game which is supposed to be fun about dogs killing each other. You should be ashamed to even think of promoting animal abuse!!!!!! Disguisting

  131. Stephanie says:

    I help support the Humane Society and a lot of my contributions go towards Pitbull Dog fighting and helping to stop these sick bastards! So for this game to get out into the hands of people is only promoting dog fighting! Needs to stop!!!! Get rid of this game! It totally disgusting!

  132. Susan Peterson says:

    What is wrong with you sick bastards.Get a life and a grip.I will find out who besides google supports this and I will never do business with you again.i will start by dropping gmail effective immediatly

  133. Lillian says:

    this is animal abuse it will encouage dog fighting dog figting is not a game it is not funny it is SICK

  134. nancy valinho says:


  135. jbdean says:

    I just checked the game’s download page. 5 pages of complaints and zero downloads. I wonder how long it will take the developers to “get it?”

  136. This issue CAN BE FOUGHT and WON. A very similar situation occured with Verizon Wireless in early 2008. They ran an ad depicting pit bulls as ferocious junk yard dogs. We asked Verizon to discontinue the ad and they snubbed their nose at us. We called, we demanded we stomped our feet… and then we protested outside several Verizon Retail stores. The general managers of the stores went balistic and called the police… who did nothing as we were within our rights. The up-shot… the ad was pulled off TV within 24 hours.
    The same can be done to google. As this is a virtual market… DONT BOTHER WITH EMAILING GOOGLE. DO GO DIRECTLY to The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and ALL OTHER large publications and write letters to the editor. ITS FREE, takes only a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Also, hit all NON-PIT BULL dog related blogs, websites, online forums, facebook, etc.

    This issue needs to be gone after aggressively. Not because of Google, but to send a message to the entire world that the 1980’s and sensationalizing/ bastardizing this breed IS OVER!!!!

  137. Trudy Ashworth says:

    This is horrible and you should be ashamed of your self’s , dog fighting is not any kind of a sport It’s brutality !!! You need to get this off of here and stop promoting this horrible Piece of crap so called game ! Your horrible BASTARDS

  138. denise says:

    I am disgusted by the nature of this game. I don’t care if it is a game. Does it take a rocket scientist to see how wrong this is?????? HERE what is wrong with a company OR A CREATOR WHO THINKS THIS IS OK?. WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE IDIOTS .PLEASE DELETE THIS GAME..NOW

  139. marty rynearson says:

    I am disgusted as anyone re this game but this article in not factually correct. Google does not own Android, it is open source. No one “approves” apps like big brother Apple does. You might get Google to pressure Kage games to remove the app. Seems to me Kage games is the one that should be boycotted.

    • Ugh says:

      False. Google owns Android, really. I understand it’s open source, but come on:

      And if Google/Android didn’t have any control over the apps they allow in the market then they wouldn’t have the “flag” option.

      Please – yeah, boycott the developer but get the fucking thing pulled from the Market, too.

  140. AbbyCat says:

    For all Android users – Please also flag this app on your phone! Just do a search for Dog Wars on Market, click on it when it comes up in the search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Flagg as inappropriate”. This is just another way to bombard them with complaints. 🙂

  141. Trevor says:

    As childish, and ridiculous as this game is, dont’ blame google, what makes them amazing, is there LACK of moderation on the market, we can get games and apps that the iPhone market, or BB would NEVER allow, freedom of apps to choose from for user purpose, not the purpose of the manufacturer ONLY! That being said, just report it to google as inappropriate, and spam forums, facebook, twitter, with this pages link, so more can do it, then it can be removed from the market. Dont boycott the company that has nothing to do with it, these reports are NEEDED to take things off the market, they cannot proactively take it off without them, keep reporting, dont blame google till they DONT remove it 🙂

  142. Richard Mazza says:

    Don’t go after Google nor Android…. These company’s do more good than bad…..
    Please put all you disgust , emails , phone calls and letters to stop the REAL DEAL…

    The owners of KAGE GAMES LLC. If you take the money away, they will go away….

    You don’t stop the freeway because one off ramp is bad… fix the off ramp…

    Fight to close KAGE GAMES LLC.!!!!!

  143. Gloria Anderson says:

    This is outrageously irresponsible. I am speechless; what a horrible example you are setting. Dog abuse is rampant and you want to make it a game? SHAME ON YOU. You belong in a dark place to rot.

  144. Stacey says:

    To he*ll with google, android, open share markets, michael vick (he still needs to burn in he*ll) and this stupid app!

  145. Desiree says:

    Wow i’m very very upset with this game. I own 2 Pit Bulls and i’m trying to let people know that this breed is a great dog. To have things like this give’s me or us owners a bad rep. I’m so pissed!
    Why in the world would someone even think about doing or making this game? I would fire whoever made these kind of games. Teaching people how to fight pit bulls is very sick. I think we need to be complaining and write to fox news, or cnn

  146. Val says:

    This is really disturbing and disgusting. What is wrong with the person or people that thought of such a game?

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  148. Lovanna Wayman says:

    This may ‘just be a video game’, but it is supporting a very bad thing! If there was an app for killing babies or blowing up government buildings, I bet it would have never made it to the public. But this is just senseless to let this type of game continue. Google should have more marketing savy than to back such a cruel source of perverted entertainment.

  149. Donna Modafferi says:

    Shame on you Google!!!!! Never knew you were such a hateful, cruel, abusive company!!! Screw Droid, getting iphone tomorrow!!!

  150. Hereta Cervantes says:

    This is wrong. I know it’s just a video game, but the whole concept just seems wrong. So disappointed!

  151. Lindy says:

    YES!! I have a bug up my butt. I see thousands of pit bulls euthanised every year because of the misconception that all pit bulls are aggressive and this advocates that. I have also seen many other innocent animals who have been used as bait dogs who look at you in pain and confusion while they lie dying. On all levels this game is wrong. People have been fighting for years to stop dog fighting and now a game like this says it’s okay to do just that. Yes, I know it’s just a game and yes, it isn’t real, but it’s a very real thing happening out there every day and innocent animals who have no choice, are being killed. Please make the choice to remove this game. Thank you.

  152. Stacey says:

    I emailed google and filled out the “inappropriate app” template you linked to. I tweeted and put it on my facebook.

    Everyone, don’t give up. Let’s keep up the pressure to get this off the market!.

  153. Mayr says:

    Stupid game and ignorant people commenting in favor of it!

  154. tatiana says:

    Does Carrie Abbott work for Google? Not trying to argue, but she’s responding everything. I have sent my comments to the developer.

  155. Rene says:

    Does it really matter who thought up this game?…who sponsers it…who are the supporters, or the profitors.? No. The fact is that it is making it seem okay to abuse animals. What will the new genration think? That dig fighting is exciting!

  156. Vivien Green says:

    This is obnoxious it just feeds the brutish mentality that is causing suffering and pain to so many dogs today. Dog fighting is illegal and this game should be banned as it can be considered an incitement to barbaric behavior in reality. The type of people who would even consider this game fun would in my opinion be brutish enough to carry the “fun” into the real world.
    This so called game needs to be banned.

  157. Mary says:

    you people need to wake up! it maybe just a “video game” but it gives people ideas, people that are to stupid to think for themselves. pit bulls are amazing dogs! and it has nothing to do with the breed! its the people on the other end of the leash! and if your willing to hurt a animal that only does what you teach them to do. what kind of mother, father or person are you?! probably the kind that doesnt need to be in the world anyways!

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  159. Rita says:

    Are you guys insane!! Pits have a bad enough rap. These dogs are sweet loveable. Hope no one downloads the damn thing

  160. Anonymous Messenger says:

    It’s not a matter of whether or not the game is morally or ethically acceptable by the general population, it’s a matter of whether or not a person has the freedom to publish and create this game. Just because you disagree with the concept of the game doesn’t mean that it should be banned. Our country was based on the ideologies of freedom and liberty, to say that someone can or cannot do something goes against the American Way. If you don’t like the game, that’s one thing. To say that the game should be banned and pulled off of the shelf is unpatriotic. There was once a country who said that less than desirable ideas and thoughts should not only be illegal, but punishable by law. It was called Nazi Germany.

    • Mandy M says:

      Dogs Wars is extremely realistic, all these other games are cartoonish and unrealistic, except for games like modern warfare and cod which people have a choice to go to war for their homeland, animals have no choice and are no different than a prisoner of war…I think you condone dog fighting, if you do not care about this either way than why are you even putting your opinion on here?

      For your information this app “teaches” people on how to train dogs to fight, all they have to do now is go to a back yard breeder and start their own neighborhood dog fight club!

  161. Julie says:

    I will no longer use these!!! I have already switched my search engine…. BING here I come!!!! (Because Its Not Google)!!!!!! Very very disappointing!!!!

    • Mandy M says:

      Do not forget about Kage Games LLC they are the creators…

    • sarah says:

      Don’t forget erasing your Gmail account, not using AOL and definitely don’t view any youtube videos, even if they are embedded in other sites. these are all owned by Google. Also if it’s just because of this game, please throw away your cell phone too because your carrier gets more proceeds from the download of this game than Google does, and since you are boycotting all of Googles companies, you might as well boycott someone that actually gets profits from the game.

      Oh hey, maybe you could boycott the creator of the game too, I mean, you are boycotting other people that don’t make any money off of it, might as well boycott the person that actually CREATED it!

      Also, don’t forget, Bing is owned by Microsoft. Thousands of violent games are available on Microsofts platform too. Maybe you should not use their search engine either. Actually, turn off your whole computer and throw it out the window, the whole thing is connected in some way or another to this game!

  162. Kristen says:

    Dog fightin in our country has become a cruel and selfish epidemic, now we put it on display for people right from home! It horrible what dogs go through in fighting/baiting, now as humans you put it on display that its okay, WRONG!!!! This a disgusting game and it pain me to think we are promoting this as a form of entertainment! This should not be allowed to continue, some people are trying to change the way the rest of you look at the pit breed and this doesnt help at all!!!! To the creators you are sick and distorted people, and theres a special place in HELL for you!!!! BTW this is not just a game its sends the WRONG message…

  163. Nina Eckhoff says:

    It’s “just” a game that supports dog fighting – which is cruelty to animals. Those who invented this game need to be held accountable – and not just a slap on the wrist. A big, fat fine and some jail time – that’s the language they understand. Post their names and phone numbers / e- mail addresses, etc… hey, it’s “just” their personal information…

  164. Wendy Morris says:


  165. Ginni Green says:

    people who love this games comments….

    Todd 18/04/2011

    I Love it. reminds me of good old days knew if I didn’t make this app someone would TTD648″

  166. D.Fuller says:

    Are they serious??? Why not an app for Child abuse or perhaps murder?? What is the world coming to? I don’t care if Android or google have nothing to do with, thier name is attached to it and they are subject to every piece of criticism. If they want to keep supporters for their business it would be wise for them to detach themselves as soon as possible. If they continue I will make sure not to have anything to do with them and will certainally block everything that even remotely has to do with their companies. This is an unbelievable outrage.

  167. Anon says:

    Who’s to say they can’t release this game?It is just a game and if you take it seriously then you’re just stupid.Grand Theft Auto promotes illegal activities and is very real in today’s society,but you don’t see a wave of people being butthurt about it.There are games where you even shoot deformed babies trying to kill you,but no one makes a big stink about that.It’s just a game so calm your asses down.Do I condone dog fights?No I don’t.Do I give a shit about this game?Nope because guess what!?Who wants to spend money on a game like this?

    • Anon says:

      oh and another thing,the bigger stink you make about this game the more attention it’ll get just a little FYI.

    • Mandy M says:

      Dogs Wars is extremely realistic, all these other games are cartoonish and unrealistic, except for games like modern warfare and cod which people have a choice to go to war for their homeland, animals have no choice and are no different than a prisoner of war…I think you do condone it, if you do not care about this either way than why are you even putting your opinin on here?

      For your information this app “teaches” people on how to train dogs to fight, all they have to do now is go to a back yard breeder and start their own neighborhood dog fight club!

  168. Janette says:

    I do agree that this is a disgusting app and should indeed be stopped. I understand that some of you are arguing that there are video games where people kill people and no one even notices or says anything. Well, a good point to be made is that animal abuse sometimes comes before harm to other people. If someone gets the idea in their brain (say, from an Android app) that they are going to harm an animal, they might very well one day decide that it isn’t all that different to harm a human. Anyways, the reason I commented in the first place was to let you people who want to boycott Google know that you can go to and download a toolbar and all your searches benefit the ASPCA. The search browser is powered by Yahoo, not Google. I don’t know about the whole Google having nothing to do with it thing, but I find the ASPCA search bar to do quite well.

  169. Kim Miller says:

    I realize that this is “just a game” as the developers put it, but it is disgusting and whatever they say, it DOES promote the so-called “sport” of dogfighting. Anything that gives ANY kind of “approval nod” to the mistreatment and abuse of animals should be banned, we are having a hard enough time fighting the abuse and Breed Specific Legislation as it is, without a stupid app for a phone that encourages people to enter the cruel world of dogfighting.

  170. Clara says:


  171. Kim Miller says:

    (This is an addition to my previous post)
    Kage Games LLC should be held to task for the release of this sorry excuse for entertainment…just do not buy anything that they produce, flag this app as wrong, or whatever, and report to every website that you use for social purposes that it is wrong and should be banned and removed.

  172. Raichle Farrelly says:

    Hi – I adapted Sloane’s text and and gave due credit in order to create a petition. You had the information, I just took it a little wider. Thank you so much for your diligence! Here’s the petition on Also, I believe there are two of them now – another woman started one herself. Thanks!!

    Petition to Google/Android Market Team –

  173. Marieke says:

    This is so sick! Don’t the makers have any sence of responsability? And also…they need to see a doctor if they like this. Their soul is very sick.

  174. Tim S. says:

    Another effective strategy is to email the Google advertisers that appear on the “Dog Wars” game page and tell them that they are being associated with dog fighting, why you object to it, and that you will not buy their products for helping to promote it. Examples of advertisers on the page are: Radio Fence ([email protected] and OK Obedience “Online Dog Training Videos” ([email protected]

    • sarah says:

      Exactly. and I really bet that if a dog obedience school knew they were being associated with this app they would stop advertising which = no money for the developers.

  175. I am sorry, but this is disgraceful. My company was approached last Summer to produce such a game for the XBox360, Play Station 3, and PC platforms. We were offered a handsome amount of money to produce such a product. My answer to the people that brought the concept to us was “Abso-Fucking-Lutely NO!”

    To the people that are arguing about Grand Theft Auto, Crysis, Pokemon, Angry Birds, Sheep Launcher, Call Of Duty, etc., please allow me to remind them of one thing – there is a fine line between fantasy and out and out digital brutality.

    Ask yourself this – Are there any video games out there called “Excessive Force: Files From the LAPD” or “Who Wants To Date a 5th Grader”? No! Why? Because it crosses the line from fantasy into out right bad taste. Angry Birds is a goofy waste of time. And nobody is out there trying to launch a sheep into space with a fulcrum. Call Of Duty is a battle simulation. And it has a mature rating. COD was not meant for kids, and I shame the parents that let their kids play COD. If Grand Theft Auto was any more unrealistic, it would have been a cartoon. I played it. Yes it was violent and yes it was geared towards adults. But it DID NOT teach you how to go out and carjack people, how to become a pimp, or how to become a drug dealer.

    Dog Fighter is an out and out training simulation for people on HOW TO TRAIN DOGS TO FIGHT! Pure and simple. There is not one shred of fantasy to this game. In fact, if it were any more realistic, you would think you were watching a Michael Vick video.

    Writing Google is a great start. Not buying the game is even better. That will send more of a message than contacting Google. And boycotting Google because of this game is like boycotting Toyota because the Goodyear tires on your new Camry were defective after 3,000 miles.

    It really isn’t Google’s fault. They have an open marketplace where anyone can submit software for sale as long as it isn’t a virus, spyware, malware, or anything that could severely hinder the performance of the Android based device.

    Bottom line – this game should be banned. The best way – Spread the word. Tell your friends. And have them tell their friends. Send letters to Google. Contact local news outlets. Talk about it on Facebook and Twitter. But don’t buy this horrible excuse of code that teaches you how to train and fight dogs.

    The best thing about free market economy – Your dollars speak louder than your words. If they don’t make any money, soon, it will be a thing of the past.

    Adam Goldman
    Mojo-Bone Software Studios Corp.
    Developer of video games for the PC.
    Xbox360, PS3, iOS and Android games coming soon.

    • Tim S. says:

      “Not buying the game is even better.”

      I understand your point but this makes no sense. Since we are people who would not have bought this game in the first place there is no added benefit or message to the game creator (or Google) in not buying the game — they are not losing sales — the sale was never a consideration in the first place. In other words, how would they even notice? Therefore, it has no real impact.

      “Hitting” Google in the pocketbook (via its advertisers — in particular, those who advertise on this game’s page) and “annoying” Google (with the “offense game” emails) simply makes much more sense as a strategy.

    • Mandy M says:

      You are awesome my man, your words are amazing, you have one of “the” best comments on here 🙂

  176. Alicia says:

    This link will take you directly to the “Report Inappropriate Apps” page.

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  178. Dee Simon says:

    What were you thinking??? Obviously, you weren’t. This lame game is only going to make things worse for the poor animals. There’s so much abuse of animals out there now it has reached holocaust proportions in what is supposed to be a civilized society. Animals are being tortured for fun. They are being killed out of misplaced anger over anything and everything. Michael Vick is a monster and you are reinforcing his disgusting murderous behavior??? WHY WHY WHY for Gods sake would you encourage others to torture and murder innocent animals. The depths at which man will go to earn a buck is disgusting. You already have blood on your hands.

  179. paige says:

    Are u people insane?!?! It’s not “just a game”, people do this in real life!

  180. Kristine Dahms says:

    And to the developer’s comment: ‘don’t get a bug up your butt, it’s just a game’?
    That’s like saying, it’s just a video game on Catholic pedophiles, don’t get a bug
    up your butt.

  181. Marnie says:

    REALLLLLY! Kage Games, have you no integrity? Is it all for the buck? I am appalled, disgusted, and disappointed in you!

  182. Hilary Frommer says:

    if anyone downloads this game is a sick fuck! we need to boycott this game!!! get rid of this shit!!!!

  183. Pingback: clay harrison dot net » Blog Archive » Brain Farts April 22, 2011
  184. Tiff says:

    You can say all you want that Android isn’t to blame, but just go to the download website, click “more”, and read the entire description. They don’t give a rat’s a** about the dogs this can potentially hurt or the people this offends. They make a complete joke of it. Even if they did have the ability to stop this game, they wouldn’t. They totally SUPPORT it!!!
    I agree that it’s up to parents to monitor their children’s gaming and to watch what they let them get their hands on, and I agree that insensitive bastards are gonna do what they do and play such things no matter what, but that doesn’t make the creation and circulation of such games right. And yes, GTA is absolutely disgusting as well. Many games are and should have never been allowed to surface. It’s the responsibility of consumers to change their idea of what “entertainment” is just as much as it’s the responsibility of game developers not to promote such crap in our society. If they don’t see demand for it they usually won’t make it/keep it out, but they also need to not push the envelope and try such ideas in the first place. This needs to be a joint effort to rid the market of games like this. Stop showing up at the Colosseum and the “entertainment” won’t be provided. Voice distaste at developers like Kage for their sick and twisted ideas as well as encourage up-and-coming developers not to make such games. Change is a slow process, but it starts here.
    On a final note, this is indeed a more dangerous situation because animals aren’t nearly as protected against crime as humans are. Crimes against animals usually result in a slap on the wrist compared to crimes against humans. People with such minds will be more inclined to torture/kill animals because they know they are going to pretty much get away with it. Not enough people care about animal plight to make a huge difference in how they are treated, especially with all the people saying that we all should not make a fuss over animals when there’s so many humans in the world who “deserve” our help more. Life is life, all harm towards life is wrong. The fact of the matter is, desensitization towards animals has a far more deadly result at large with the consequences of animal abuse being so meager and the general human mindset towards animals being that they don’t matter as much as we do. As a result, any type of encouragement of abusive behavior towards animals such as this app should be shut down as quickly as possible. We need animals in this world. They deserve more respect than they receive. Period.

    • Me says:

      What you are reading are comments from the developer, Kage Games, not Android. You are reading it incorrectly.

    • sarah says:

      I hope you aren’t writing this on a windows computer because Microsoft has as much to do with GTA as Google does with this game.

  185. Sandy says:

    This is disgusting and disturbing and must stop! Have we lost our mind that we find this entertaining in the support of this type of program. Has Google no social conscience or responsibility that they would promote this type of program for entertainment and revenue? A sad day indeed!

  186. Anon86 says:

    For those of you saying that the difference between Killing humans in a game and killing animals in a game is a lot different? Then why aren’t you all on the asses of the creators of Call Of Duty: Black Ops? Have any of you that have kids boyfriends who own this game actually SAT down and watched them play it? Guess what people… We’re killing dogs in there.. Have I killed a human being or a animal? NO! Everyone that is saying “violent games are causing our youth to kill and go on killing sprees” WRONG! I have been playing videos games for over 20 years now.. TWENTY YEARS and I have not once ever been in trouble with law with shooting people or killing anyone. Same goes for my friends, my father, my uncle, my friends kids. VIDEO GAMES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW A CHILD ACTS. It’s all on the upbringing, their surroundings and how their parents treat them. Get a goddamn clue already! Video games are PIXELS projected onto our TVs and Computer Screens. If someone wants to VIRTUALLY play a game that involves training a dog to fight they have their every right to do it! It does NOT mean they will raise their shiatsu to do battle next.

    • Mandy M says:

      I dare you to watch a documentary on dog fighting and see real footage, oh wait you probably are going to a dog fight tonight…If you promote this game you promote dog fighting…War is a real thing and playing COD games is about people…People choose to go to war and defend their home land, Animals do not have a say and are no different than a prisoner of war!!

      • sarah says:

        These animals are not real, they are pixels. Defend real animals if you want to defend real animals.

  187. Laura C. says:

    Dog fighting should be absolutely shunned in every way, shape and form. It is a vile disease that must be eradicated if there is any hope for our species.

  188. carley says:

    It is Xactly as stated. Its jyst a game. Ya don’t like than don’t play it. I think I’m gonna go play it just cuz now. All ur doin is drawing Xtra attention to it lol NEXT

    • Mandy M says:

      I think you need to watch a documentary on dog fighting and see real footage, oh wait you probably are going to a dog fight tonight…I’m sorry if you are too lazy to get a real job and have to rely on income from your dog fighting ring in your basement…

    • Amanda L. says:

      Carley: I don’t suppose going out and doing something productive is an option? I know your local shelter/woman’s shelter/hospital would love to have more volunteers.

  189. Cheyenne says:

    Right! A game promoting dogfighting. I will be reposting and sharing this article for sure. I have 2063 FB friends at the moment, and at least 200 AR people and groups on my list as well. Most of them are already spreading the story like crazy. I’ll let everyone know to share too.
    Also, every time that twatrag Google employee Carrie Abbot bawws and spams about how Google/Android has nothing to do with it, I’m going to repost and share this article again and tell everybody Google themselves made the game for Android, so be sure to boycott them straight away and get an iPhone instead. You’re very fucking welcome, Carrie. 😀

    • Me says:

      Good job Cheyenne. You are just proving that your mentality level is no higher than hers.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Yeah, but I’m still one step up from you, because you just proved you’re a moralfag. 😀

    • Me says:

      Are you 13? Great job on the name calling. Does it makes you feel like a real big person when you do that?
      Please, please try your best to have an intelligent comment without resorting to name calling. It only makes YOU look bad and completely dismisses any relevant point you may have.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Am I pissing you off, moralfag? 🙂

      • Me says:

        No, you are not pissing me off. I actually find it laughable that someone has so little intelligence they can only respond by name calling. With each comment you continue to prove that you can’t hold a rational debate over something.
        So please continue, it still only makes YOU look

      • Cheyenne says:

        Ohh, so you’re not getting pissed of moralfag? Are you sure? Cuz it sounds like you’re getting kinda mad, bro. 🙂

      • Me says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am a women. As stated a few times, I just find you hilarious and unintelligent. How could that piss me off? You obviously have nothing meaningful to inject except 13 year old name calling. Actually, I’m beginning to feel sad for you.

    • sarah says:

      If you spam something false on facebook most of your friends will realize you are stupid or get really annoyed at you. Have fun with that.

  190. Goody says:

    Lol Its a game people… There are games about Killing people and you dont see everyone getting bent out of shape about that lol… I dont agree with dog fighting but a game about it is no big deal….

    • Steven Bely says:

      Goody , what’s next….child rape games, shoot a gay, this is just wrong

    • Mandy M says:

      Actually there are a lot of people who are bent out of shape about GTA shooting cops and such games!!!! I think you need to watch a documentary on dog fighting and see real footage, oh wait you probably are going to a dog fight tonight…

    • TheScampiCat says:

      Goody, I am curious, how old might you be?

    • Amanda L. says:

      We do realize it’s a game. The problem is that a lot of people go out of their way to make dog fighting seem ‘cool’ rather than the past time of animal abusers with various mental illnesses. The more that happens, the more people on the fence may think of it as ‘cool’ and either engage in it or help support it by keeping secrets, etc.

      Think about advertising on your TV for, say, medication. A medication is made to seem helpful and something that happy people use. So, more people go buy ti and support it. The concept works for advertising for toys, clothes, stores, etc. Do you think that it stops working for something like dog fighting when a popular rapper mentions it in a song? No, the song does not physically make anyone hurt a dog. It does make it seem to be what it’s not.

      Campaigns against rape often start with simple concepts like violence is wrong, it hurts women, and it’s always a crime. They do that because people doesn’t always grasp that, as obvious as it seems to us. If they don’t grasp that about women, I have a feeling they have even more trouble trasping it about dogs.

  191. rescuemom1218 says:

    this is RIDIUCLOUSSS!!!!!! I’m contacting my local news channel to see if they can get some more info and more press release out! This disgusts me.

  192. Michala Bell says:

    Totally Shocking!!
    As if Real dogs fights are not shocking enough, you are glorifying this so called sport with creating a game about it,

    Comparisons about pokemon and other fantasy pets are not the same, we do not have dragon wars taking place in basements where real dragons are starved and tortured and mercilessly ripped apart for sheer enjoyment

  193. emma bird says:

    Who in the world thought this up ?? Are you running out of violent ideas involving humans ?? SICK SICK SICK

  194. Nan says:

    This is a sin! There is so much sadness going on for the world of animals that this is just one more thing that man can do to ruin the image of these breeds. It’s also sad that it all comes down to GREED, anything to make a buck and drag down the lives of the innocent. Game makers should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. You are no better then rapist, serial killers, child molesters, and animal abusers of al kinds!! THERE WILL BE A TIME THAT YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF YOUR TUNNEL..Let it be said

  195. Pingback: DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED for Android phones – CALL TO ACTION (via BSL News) « brokenspoon
  196. Andrew says:

    I am thinking animals have more to fear from the conduct of KFC, McDonalds, the Meat Industry, and the American consumer who facilitates animal cruelty by an insistance on low priced animal products. Seriously folk, when reality treats animals nicely maybe we can move on to video games, but we are not there yet.

  197. Julie Williams says:

    This is sick, it want banning along with the companies that have produced it and are supporting it.

  198. lisa says:

    It disgust me how companies will produce any kind of junk to make a buck. It won’t get any support from me and my family….

    To you Goody….the games about killing people are disgusting too. If you have ever lost anyone to violence you would not be laughing.

  199. kim says:

    This is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!! To promote animal abuse and cruelity WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???????

  200. Eileen Kerrigan says:

    Carrie Abbott wrote: “There’s this concept called “Open source” that Google ascribes to – it’s the idea that we don’t need Big Brother watching us.”

    Unfortunately, it seems that game developers with a complete lack of compassion and empathy DO need someone telling them what not to do, since they don’t have the sense to figure it out for themselves 🙁 Anyone with a few working brain cells can see that a dogfighting video game is tasteless, and that it glorifies cruel and ILLEGAL behavior. Just like toddlers, dim-witted people DO need someone watching them.

  201. Jenny says:

    This game should NOT be released! this is disgusting and completely unbelievable!

  202. Kimberely says:

    I am disgusted in this new video. Dont the makers know that there is a growing problem with people actually fighting these poor dogs? This encourages people to fight them in real life and is absolutely iuncalled for. STOP THIS OUTRAGE… I will tell family and friends never to buy from this company again.

  203. Mitchell Fuchs says:

    I can only wish that the developer(s) are tortured and endure a slow a painful death like so many of these dogs are subjected to every minute of every day.

  204. maria-theresa kjær larsen says:

    it might be just a game as some says but consider that this game legelize dogfighting.. would you think a game where you area pedophile is okay? or a game where u need to rape others? maybe animals also???

  205. Julie says:


  206. STacey S says:

    I think this is a Very bad game to have it needs to be gone! You have this game and if this is to be done in real life people go to jail for this and animal are really hurt with this game your saying to kids and adults thats its ok to do this

  207. brittany says:

    How can a person be so SICK and TWISTED to even think about putting an app out there. Its really sad when society has to turn to dog fighting when they can’t get enough sick pleasure from everything else that is happening in the world. I think this person whoever thinks this is ‘just a game’ needs a serious reality check. If it were up to me I would give the sick fuck a hefty fine and throw his pathetic ass in jail for the uproar he has caused just by making one an offensive and two just down right sick app for your phone. Thanks for reading…. and if the one who published it is reading…. FUCK YOU, seriously.

  208. Pingback: Dog fighting Ap for Android phones? - German Shepherd Dog Forums
  209. Christi says:

    I am disgusted by the ignorance of Google. People are working day and night to rid the world of the evil practice of dog fighting while Google wants to make a GAME out of it. Don’t they know this will just pump up stupid teenagers to want to do it in real life? Dogs are living, breathing beings and having them fight to a bloody death should NEVER be entertaining! Not in real life or pretend life. Only a very sick mind would choose to entertain themselves this way. No more googling or Android for me and I will tell all of my animal loving clients and friends (many hundreds) about this and will urge them to rid themselves of any connection to a company that is this reckless and unfeeling. All in the name of GREED! Google, do you not have enough freaking money as it is? You make me SICK!

    • Kat says:

      Just how low can you go…seems like there are no limits to the disgusting things going on in the name of a “game.” I’m done with Google! You know, boundaries are a good thing. Only the sickest minds will play this game and get their thrills. What is wrong with wholesome and uplifting? There is a larger audience for wholesome than there is for dark and hateful.

    • Mandy M says:

      Kage Games LLC created this game, they need the bad publicity, please!!

    • Me says:

      Please do more research about this before you start telling your clients. I would really hate for you to lose all creditability with your clients once they realize you were not telling them the whole story.
      Kaged Games created the game and place it on the Android Market. Android specifically says that it’s up to the end user to complain about apps. Once they do they will review to see if it needs to be taken down. I am sure yesterday is the first time they have heard of the game. Yesterday was Good Friday and most companies are closed until Monday. Give them a chance to make it right.

    • sarah says:

      Don’t forget to stop watching cute animal vids on Youtube. They own that too. However, they don’t own the dog fighting app so… you know..boycott whatever you want.

  210. Ed Buckby says:

    Before we all go and protest Google, let’s keep in mind that GOOGLE DIDN’T DO THIS! Another company did. Blaming Google is like blaming Nissan because a drunk driver killed your dog while driving one of their cars.

    Google didn’t do this, okay?

    And as awful as this sounds, EFFECTIVELY, the more we talk about this and the more press it gets, the more popular it will get. Thing Grand Theft Auto, okay?

    I don’t like it, either, but welcome to America, I guess. And I have 2 (recovered) game dogs. Please no speeches 🙂. Let’s just let this app die . . . hopefully quietly.

  211. Jeannine Currier says:

    I am against any violent games, not just this one. These kinds of games desensitize people, and especially children, against the horror of real killing. If you had attended a real dog fight, and had watched an innocent animal, with no choice in the matter, get it’s flesh ripped apart, you would not think the game is so cool. If you had to spend the night in a foxhole with bullets flying over your head, or had to shoot a child because you didn’t know if some other violent person had wired that child up to explode when they got next to you, you would not think war games were so cool. Violence is not a game and turning it into one in any way, shape or form only perpetuates it in the real world.

  212. lisa west says:

    Outraged. I demand you rethink this. Pull it off and destroy it.

  213. Maria says:

    The form this links to is to report trademark violations. It’s a good idea but reaching out to totally the wrong people to get this removed. If you have an Android phone, go to the Marketplace. Search for the app and flag it as inappropriate. If it violates their developer rules they can get it taken down.

  214. Susan Allan says:

    This is horrible. The people that created this game are cruel and obviously brainless. They should be ashamed of themselves. Dog fighting is not entertainment. This is a sad, sad world that we are living in.

  215. Pingback: Flight Simulator Games | Buy Pro Flight Simulator
  216. Katie Smither says:

    This makes me embrassed to own an android phone.May need to go change my phone – does android sponsor Vick?Wouldn’t be surprised. This game needs to be removed asap – its sick .. would they add a “date rape” game? Or can I get a game where I can torture Vick in cruel ways and not dogs?

  217. becky says:

    really. there is enough terrible games out as it is. dog fighting is illegeal. that doesn’t mean it should be legal top make a game about it. this game teaches horrible thing sto children

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  219. Pingback: DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED for Android phones – CALL TO ACTION … | Open Hacking
  220. Google-
    You FAIL! You pretend it’s not a big deal. It’s just a game. Kill the Dog.
    What’s next? A game about Concentration Camps? Oh come on, it’s just a game, right? You’re bringing up a new generation of young minds and teaching them that the torture and fighting and killing of Dogs is Cool. I’m Boycotting Google Search Engine and am using Yahoo from now on. You people truly are the bottom of the barrel.

  221. JLS says:

    Let me just add another many voices (mine, my husband’s, my 2 dogs, and all my family and friends) to the many that have already voiced disgust with this game. The real thing is already a HUGE problem, we don’t need to be adding any insult to injury. If you don’t cease and disist with the stupid, idiodic games like this, expect responses from dog lovers and pit bull lovers that WON’T be pleasant.

  222. I agree whole heartedly with Shannon kopp’s comment.
    ” Dog fighting is cruel and inhumane. Anybody that would play this game should be shot. Please remove it. This should not be out there to give bad people any more ugly ideas on how to abuse animals. This is a real problem and there are sick people out there that would take the game to the next level which is reality.remove it please”

    Alfred A. Montapert said:
    Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.
    How true.

    • Mandy M says:

      If you are against this then why are you promoting someone getting shot? You are just as bad as the app and the creators…

  223. Ashlyn says:

    omg! ok us bully lovers have been trying to get people to see them for the loving gentle creatures that they are and you release a game like this? who the heck do you think you are? i mean seriously. you are just making matters worse and just so you can get money? your mammma obviously didnt raise you right.

  224. ROSE says:

    I am OUTRAGED!!! This is ridiculous! I don’t know how you could think this is a good thing. You are only going to promote dog fighting. CRUELTY to animals is not a game and is not fun! I am going to do everything I can to prevent this from happening and if it does happen – Android, Google and all others affiliated with it will suffer from my loss of business and possibly many of my friends as well. This is just SICK!!!

  225. Erik says:

    I love this game.

    • Mandy M says:

      Only because you do this in real life and you are going to get busted for it eventually and then you will go to jail…I wonder if you will like the game then?

      • sarah says:

        Mandy, playing a game does not mean you do it in real life. If you automatically make that leap then no wonder you are upset about this game. It’s not real life. And no…I don’t condone Dog fighting (since you are obviously going to go there)

      • Andy says:

        Doing something in a game does not mean that you’ll do it in real life…. otherwise we’d be seeing a lot of shootings and car thefts as a result of GTA. If this is not the case, cite the source of your facts, otherwise your assertion is just an opinion.

  226. Kaite says:

    that’s just sick! why would anybody want to get this is just morally wrong..

  227. landry says:

    Please…lets think about this. I know that the almighty dollar is pushing this, but for once can just say no. To push this is like saying it is okay to abuse animals. Can we please put morals in front of the dollar signs. Please…maybe come up with a game that rescues animals from abuser instead of promoting them.

  228. Joe Cinirelli says:

    What about making a rape game? Just with blood and death? Made by google for the android. Pieces of Sh*. Dogs are being cruelly harmed and killed and these people are making games promoting it. This is reason for a federal investigation. You go to jail for this MotherF*s.

  229. Kathy says:

    This app shouldn’t have NEVER EVER even been Made. I know this is just a game but does this company know how it will infulence fools to think this is ok in real Life. Shows how stupid some people can be.. an Stupid can’t be fixed just ignorence can be. I hope they ban this App ASAP.

  230. Leslie says:

    You should be ashamed!!! It’s not only a game!! How much more violence against these pit bulls do we need to see? I have seen the outrages things that these dogs go through. Are you teaching our kids to murder? I am disgusted by the ignorance of Google. Never will I have Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!again. Shame on you!!!

  231. Lindsay says:

    Don’t hate on Google and Android for what is not their fault. If this were Apple/iPhone, I would say go to town – and here’s why.

    Apple polices every app that makes it onto the iTunes Appstore. They review it, and it either gets approval or does not. They get a lot of flack for this in many different circles, but that’s the policy they’ve adopted with many of their products – closed loop, by approval only.

    Google has adopted a policy of general openness with Android (at some level to avoid the backlash Apple gets). Any phone dev can make an Android phone, any studio can make an app or a game, and it’ll go up. They do not police the market, and do not review every app. They rely on people like you, and articles like this to find bad apps, report them, and give them hell.

    Hate on Kage Studios who developed the game. Be disgusted, be outraged, and let them have it. Find every opportunity you can to give them the worst name possible. And tell Google that this content is inappropriate, illegal, and needs to be removed from the app store.

    Google did not make the game. Kage Studios did. Give hate where hate is due.

    • Me says:

      This is what I have been saying. The more replys from BSL News I read, the more I understand. They don’t care if the app is still avaiable else where all over the web, they just want it removed from the Android Market.
      I assumed the ultimate goal was to get rid of the app entirely, but that is obviously not what BSL News is trying to do.

      • Me says:

        I will just say this, although they believe it is foolish to go after the developer. That is exactly what I plan to do. Google/Android have no control over Kaged Games. Even if they pull it from the market, these people will STILL continue to do this. If we want these things to stop, we need to go to the SOURCE and not the middle man. To me, it’s just like going after the people who post free dogs on Craigslist that dog fighters get and use for their sick enjoyment. While that needs to be stopped, stopping it will NOT stop dog fights.

  232. Jo Anne says:

    This is outrageous and is the worst exploitation of animal abuse. Stop this game. Who thought of this? It makes you look barbaric!!!!!

  233. Melanie says:

    This is a very sick concept. I understand it’s a video game, but if these sick people play it, what’s to stop them if they like it enough to go out & do it for real. This promotes the stupid activity of dog fighting. Whoever came up with this game concept is a damn moron, to put it nicely.

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  235. Bill Kipp says:

    This is beyond deplorable. Google you suck. There is ample evidence of violence against animals not only being completely wrong, but also as a stepping stone to doing violence to humans. You are directly contributing to the destruction of the moral fiber of our youngsters and increased violence as we as a society continue to depersonalize violence for financial gain. Please take this off the market.

  236. Dolores Paddock says:

    Really a dumb game to make. Let children learn from their peers that dog fighting is fun. That pitbulls are vicious. The stupidity behind this game is insurmontable. What it will teach people about abusing dog is so wrong. Take the game down! Do the right thing.

  237. This Dog Wars game is totally disgusting. Don’t the makers remember the outrage at Michael Vic???? I hope this damages their company from all the people expressing their anger that a company could be this stupid to produce such a “game”.

  238. Mandy M says:

    We should not even have to be here doing this!! I Dare the creators to watch real footage of dog fighting! I Dare them to go to a home that has Dog Fighting! I Dare them to go to a Dog Fight! This Is No different then creating an application called the “N” Word Wars and train the KKK how to feed, water, and train all people of colors to do slave labor!! It is just as controversial and wrong! I think the creators of this game are pro dog fighting, pro animal abuse, and possibly participate these abusive and criminal practices in reality!

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  240. birthe hammerum says:

    stop det galskab nu

  241. Brenda says:

    We need to STOP pushing ANYTHING that promotes any kind of fighting, bias, bashing, or any other negative warmongering or brainwashing crap on our children. Do not feed hate, as it will eventually devour all it encounters!
    STOP THIS!!!!

  242. bedowling says:

    I am beyond disgusted! I’m speechless for the moment,..but will be spreading the word with ferocity. UNBELIEVABLE!

  243. farmvilleman says:

    All this talk of killing and abuse has me triggerfingering for some GTA. Just saying.

  244. Amy Evangelisto says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME GOOGLE/ANDROID!? This is an ABSOLUTE outrage! I will NEVER own an ANDROID, and I will NEVER use GOOGLE again! I am livid about your ‘Dog Wars’ game. How could anyone think a game like that would be alright?? Have you seen photos of dogs that have been fought in real life? I have terrible images in my mind from seeing dogs that have been shredded in dogs fights. I am sicked that you people would make a game, that will just encourage more dog-fighting. I am in absolute shock, and extremely angry. My search engine is switched, goodbye GOOGLE! So long ANDROID…even though I haven’t had one, and NEVER will own one after seeing this!

    • Amy Evangelisto says:


    • Colleen Hall says:

      Couldn’t agree more! No matter what is being said about video games being okay – i disagree! They make kids numb! Also children are very impressionable and this would most definitely give some kids bad ideas no matter how their parents have brought them up! TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET!!! FOR SOCIETY’S SAKE!!!!

    • sarah says:

      Google did not make the app. The article is misleading. If you are going to boycott Google that’s fine, but I will laugh if while you are boycotting Google you buy a Kage Games game…because they are the ones that created the dog fighting game.

  245. emily says:

    For developers to so use “bug up your butt”? Yeah, that’s the same maturity, stupidity and heartlessness that developed this game. They have no clue or care about what happens to these animals.

  246. Cami says:

    I agree with all of you that are against this! Please make sure to follow the link & file a formal complaint, not just comment here. Make your words count!

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  248. Sent to both google and android:
    This is disgusting that this game would be created no less marketed. Are these people insane? I thought people these days were of a higher mind and more aware that than. It is one thing if man wants to fight man and that sort of violence, but it is different with animals. They deserve our protection, not our exploitation. Next I assume will be child prostitution rings, where you kidnap children and sell them? Bet that will be a big hit too.
    Julia Trops

    • Peter says:

      Are you implying that humans are not as important as animals? Do we not deserve protection from just the same sort of exploitation? Why don’t you explain how two men fighting each other doesn’t insinuate the same violent ideals as setting two dogs upon one another.

      And just to be clear, my stance on this is based upon those questions. I don’t see this game as anymore offensive than I do first person shooters or mmo’s. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not you buy and/or play the game. Get over it.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Peter: You’re not making sense. Two men consenting to fight in a ring bears no relation to the reality of dog fighting.

        Let’s start with the beginning. Dogs are often starved/prodded and harrassed into being more aggressive. They are offered small animals and more timid dogs and encouraged to maul them:

        There is a bound pit bull that was used. Note the restraints so it can’t defend itself. These dogs often die from their injuries, others are dumped and left to do. Some nice people use chihuahuas. The dogs that pass these tests continue to be trained. Sometimes they are starved to be more aggressive. Then they make it to the ring.

        If they fail, they might be left to die. Michael Vick and friends drowned, beat, hanged, and electrocuted dogs that failed. The winner is patched up as best they can and lives to fight again.

        Which part of this were you comparing to MMA? The when they beat/torture men that fail? Starvation?

        I’m not a huge fan of violent video games. I do note that most feature a heavy fantasy element (mortal kombat) or usually some degree of consenting adults. I think they can and do contribute to violence at times, when in the hands of unstable individuals. Regardless of my personal opinion, most of us are not able to run join the mafia, go to a magic tournament, or kill zombies. Far more of us could fight our pit bulls.

        We also have some rappers and aspects of society joining in to add to the illusion that this is cool, awesome, and manly. This is not something I am aware of happening with Mortal Kombat. The issue is different on a few levels. If, knowing all that, you still support it, that is your right. I do think I have legit reasons to consider it harmful and to want it removed.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Here are some examples to help show how like boxing/MMA/etc dog fighting is: (R rating. Pictures show blood or disturbing content.) Dead pit bulls the dog fighters couldn’t be bothered to throw away: A fight survivor:×277.png

      There is no comparison. The men who do their own fighting actually count as men. 😉

  249. Cyndi says:


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  251. Kara says:

    People who are arguing this is “just a game” are missing a huge point, I think. Yes, there are many other violent games out there. Whether or now we’re okay with those games is irrelevant. The key here is that this game perpetuates a very harmful stereotype.

    Does Grand Theft Auto have characters that are only black males? No! The characters are black, Asian, Hispanic, white, male and female. If Grand Theft Auto and other games like it ONLY featured black characters committing crimes and acts of violence, do you think people would pitch a holy fit about it? You best your ass they would! And for good reason. It would be perpetuating a harmful and incorrect stereotype.

    That’s how this game is different than all other games that depict violence. This is a game that reinforces specific negative stereotypes that are already causing so many problems in society for these dogs. If this game allowed you to choose from hundreds of breeds of dogs – if you could choose to train a sheepdog, collie, retriever, great dane, Irish Setter, pointer, etc., etc., then this wouldn’t be as big a deal. This would become a game about “dog fighting” (which, in and of itself, I find to be completely asinine and fail to see the entertainment value in, but I digress) and not a game about PIT BULL fighting! That is where the primary problem is. There are more and more areas of the country enacting breed specific legislation to discriminate against pit bulls and their owners. Most pit bulls are loving and loyal members of families, but that is NOT the image that comes to so many people’s minds when they think of them. And this game will only make things worse. That is the problem here.

    This game is vile and irresponsible. I am just as appalled by this as if Grand Theft Auto came out with black-only version of their game.

    • Linda says:

      I agree totally!

    • Peter says:

      Stereotypes are in your head, and you’re no better, as someone who calls out the stereotypes, than someone who cries about being part of one. People like you keep them going simply by bringing them up. No one ever surpassed a stereotype through pity.

      • Kara says:

        Yes, Peter. The way to eliminate discrimination is to not talk about it, not point out how wrong it is and pretend it doesn’t exist. Really good philosophy.

    • Carrie W says:

      I am not good with words but; as I read your comment we , My family and my three Bully’s want to thank you for so wonderfully saying just what we would love so accurately want to say. Your education is so right on . Well said thank you.

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  253. Darci says:

    While I personally find even the concept of this game totally repulsive, I have to argue on the side of the developers. They have the right to make the game, market the game, and make their money off the game. I would never in a million years buy this game, play this game, nor allow my children to do either. We are all responsible for ourselves and our own actions. Karma will come along and deal with those who don’t think things through and cause needless pain and suffering.

    I hope the game is pulled at some point; however, it’s a part of the free enterprise system we in America are so proud of. Freedom isn’t free and sometimes it’s the conscience that pays.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my, a glimmer of hope in such a gloomy place. I’ve found the one person in here who doesn’t think entirely backwards

  254. Lisa says:

    Seriously?? This is ridiculous!! I will protest not to use Google… This is uncalled for and it is morally wrong! Dog fighting is not a game, it is a serious matter, and this application is going to allow kids to believe that it is okay…. This app needs to be eliminated!

  255. Please stop such games and ban them. They create a havoc in the mind of innocent people and turn them into barbarians. Please support us and get this application banned, we have enough tank and plane battle games, why indulge into such a barbaric game ?

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  257. I have a legal rescue called Pit Crew Rescue and I see first hand the results of dog fighting.. It is a sick, inhumane & twisted. I am personally “human aggressive” towards dog fighters. These people are nothing but cowards that can’t fight themselves so they make their dogs do it!! Anyone, that supports, buys or plays this “game” is a sick individual!!! TAKE THIS BS OFF THE MARKET!!!

    Bill Ziegler AKA “PitBill”
    Pit Crew Rescue

  258. Tatty says:

    STOP animal mistreatment……THIS GAME MUST BE STOPPED, This app shouldn’t have never ever even been made…stop promoting dog fighting.

  259. I have a legal Pit Bull rescue called Pit Crew Rescue & see first hand the results of dog fighting. It is a cruel, sick and inhumane!! These people that are involved in this are nothing but cowards that can’t fight their own fights so they have they dogs do it for them. anyone, who buys or purchase this “game” is a low life scum. TAKE THIS BS GAME OFF THE MARKET!

    Bill Ziegler AKA “PitBill”
    Pit Crew Rescue

  260. Linda says:

    I have never really liked Google, now I know why!!!!

  261. Jim says:

    Its only a game according to developers, what a joke. If that’s the case, why not make a game that trains you to be a prostitute, or even a game that runs around and kills little kids? That should be okay too under those same justifications they use for this game right? Stupid people are both drawn to play and create games of ignorance.

  262. Julie says:

    Ya it’s just a game but there are idiots hout there that don’t realize the differnce. In games where you kill people and this game. Just like the idiots that copy what they see in Jackass they will also copy what they see here. Unfortantly these idiots exist and this is why this game needs to go.

  263. Calia says:

    “The developers state on the game description page “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME…””

    Grand Theft Auto is “Just a video game”, that didn’t stop kids from copying it by stealing cars and going on a shooting spree:

    If people really want to own a game where they train and fight animals, they should just get Pokemon.

  264. Helen says:

    Repulsive that such a game is allowed!! Are you people playing with a full deck? The fact you see nothing wrong with this shows your ignorance and sheer greed for money,getting it no matter. Shame! You are disgusting!!!

  265. Rhonda says:


  266. scratchtopaz says:

    If this doesn’t get yanked – where does it end? The kiddie porn creator “game” … they’re not really children they just look like them. You’re not really a sadistic pervert – you’re just a gamer.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Hurr im going to join the other 2 people who share this bigoted, illogical opinion and boycott a browser which generates no income anyways. hurrrr.

    Seriously guys… Enough playing with yourself in the bathroom thinking of things to annoy the world with. We have enough of that in government.

  268. j v says:

    i created an anti dog wars “not violent video games in general” facebook group last night but i dont have many members yet. if you think dog wars is promoting dog fighting feel free to join.!/home.php?sk=group_205984856098549&closeTheater=1

  269. Pingback: DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED for Android phones – CALL TO ACTION … | Content Store
  270. Are you friggen kidding me?
    What a bunch of morons you are to promote this sick, hateful sport.
    All it does is propogate hate. TAKE IT OFF. The world is sick enough as it is!!!!!!!!!!

  271. Are you friggen kidding me?
    This just propagates hate and death. What a bunch of morons.
    Isn’t the world sick enough without this hateful game.
    Take it off- you hateful idiots!

  272. Melinda says:

    We have enough violence in the world between humans. We have enough violence between dogs. Why in the world would anyone want this on their phone, computer or anywhere. We wonder what is happening to this world, we accept crap like this without saying a word. Stand up for our animals (real or virtual)!

  273. Alicia says:


  274. Melinda says:

    Maybe everyone should get rid of the Android phone to get the point across. When they ask why, tell them. Stop using the company that sells Android!

    • sarah says:

      They won’t ask why. Your wireless carrier makes more profit off of this game than android/Google does. Throw away your cell phone too.

  275. Vangie says:

    Android are you serious? Why would you glorify dog fighting? ASPCA and many other organizations are trying to stop this. The pain those animals go through. They are abused and scarred for life. Alot have to be put down because that’s all they know. I am extremely disappointed you would create such a game. I will be posting this on Facebook and have all my friends do the same. This is just disgusting. Google/ Android/ Kage Games you are just as bad as the people who fight these dogs.

  276. Joe says:

    Everybody makes good points. However as in many threads I find people have been writing their opinions (on both sides) and venting their own feelings without actually addressing the right points (a few exceptions aside). I want to make a few points and I ask people to read the whole thing before replying as I am attempting to understand both sides.

    Android is own by Google. Google is a company and can give people the ability to write their code and applications in Android. Just as Gilbert is a paper manufacturer company and gives people the ability to write whatever they want in paper or Microsoft gives people the ability to write whatever they want in Microsoft Word (I know these are really basic analogies). As such, any company has the ability to write any sort of code they want for whatever purpose they want. Now, the Android App store has the moral obligation (not legal though) to withdraw any application that is offensive to a certain group (s) of people which is why they have this link:
    Which by the way I have already used to report this game. Just as retailers will not sell certain types of magazines or books if people frequenting such places make a complaint (not that this is either right or wrong).

    Just as people would not sabotage a paper company because someone used a piece of paper to write some sort of hate speech against a group of people, Google cannot be held responsible for something that another company wrote using their software when this is open source. However, when it comes to distributing the product, there is a way for people to report the issue and stop it from reaching the public.

    Bottom line, there is a difference between law and morals and nothing practical will come from changing your search engine. I will prefer google to other engines out there because it works for me and makes my browsing either for work or personal purposes much easier.

    • Peter says:

      Beat me to it. Thank you. Maybe this will put an end to some, if not all, the ignorant posts here. Maybe even stop the misdirected emails and posts, and point people in the right direction.

  277. Aida Pour Kian says:

    This is disgusting that someone actually had the mind set to create such a game to teach animal cruelty and violence against animals. This person needs to be placed in a mental ward and throw away the key. The android application needs to be tossed in the TOILET and FLUSHED!

  278. Amanda says:

    Are you kidding me….this makes me want to go get a I phone and trade android in!! I have a 3 yr old beautiful and friendly” pit bull” and this is not the image I put out for her! ….SMH right now!

  279. Y says:

    Wow! Amazing how much everybody put so much effort into protesting against this!

    I would like to see each of u protest against hunger, and fight for world peace first!

    Get ur priorities straight people!

    • BSL News says:

      People have an amazing ability to care about more than one thing at a time, genius.

      Just because people are pissed about an application that glorifies dog fighting doesn’t mean they don’t also care about other issues, obviously.

    • David R says:

      Who is to say we don’t? This forum is about one topic – a dog fighting game – I would feel odd talking about hunger and world peace here, but in a forum about hunger and world peace, I am happy to speak out against it there – let me know where you fight against hunger and for world peace and I would be happy to join you in that forum.

    • Coralxgrave says:

      My priorities are straight. Animals first, people second, or somewhere towards the bottom of the list. Or maybe not even on the list. Ha.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Y: Out of curiousity, are you actively engaged in volunteering and fighting for world peace atm?

  280. David R says:

    I’m wondering where people are getting their comparison concepts, but saying something like it compares to “Grand Theft Auto” is a pretty absurd argument. “Grand Theft Auto” involves human characters, who can speak for themselves, and should it spill over to reality, there are two “people” who can communicate before the bloodshed, correct? “Hey don’t shoot me man, it’s a game”. Should this game spill over to reality, the dogs really have no say.

    This game is pathetic as it is 1) portraying the already maligned pit bull in the incorrect light (as the owner of 3 pit bulls, I can confidently tell you that), 2) it tries to make a barbaric blood sport with dogs okay in pop culture (for men who are not men, but hopeless, cowardly trash who are so insecure with their manhood that they need to participate in the harm animals as part of their penis measuring and are too afraid to get into a boxing ring with a real man because they know they will get their ass kicked) and 3) it certainly does lead the way for the new wave of games like, Rape that Chick!, Shoot the Race You Hate!, Molest a Child!, Concentration Camp Bingo!, etc as bottom line it promotes and condones irresponsibility, violence and hate toward another soul.

    All involved in its development and promotion should be held accountable and should be ashamed. Hope you know that with the release of this game, about 1,000 more live pit bulls will be beaten, body-slammed, dunked in water and electrocuted, forced to walk on treadmills all day long, hung by their necks, drowned, thrown away as garbage and euthanized and 1,000 more dogs stolen from families from Poodles to Scotties to Shepherds to Pugs to Chihuahuas will be mauled and torn apart as bait dogs with your blessing. Thanks for your contribution to this world your limited time on this earth.

    • sarah says:

      Are you seriously saying that if someone is going to shoot me and i say “Hey man don’t shoot me” That’s going to give me an edge over a dog? like..the dog yelping and stuff..kind of the same thing… you think he’s more likely to listen to me and say “ohhhhhhh okay i won’t thanks then, sorry i didn’t realize this isn’t what you wanted”. but with the dog he’s going to be like “What i don’t understand why he keeps yelping…this should be super fun for him” ????????

  281. Desiree says:

    I saw someone say ” This game is cool” wow.
    Anyway’s this game seriously has to go. This makes pit bulls looks bad when they aren’t. I have 2 Pit Bulls and I educate people on this breed. Anther thing that is against Pit Bulls is the reason us people can’t find apartments or any where that takes them but for people who want to fight them or the shelter. Way to go.
    Jeez are people stupid?

  282. Tawnya says:

    Listen, I am disgusted as well with this whole dog wars but lets be realistic–If there was anything we could do about it then Grand Theft Auto for example would have been pulled of the shelves years ago–Instead new versions are released which are even worse than the last. I think that whoever releases these types of games need to be aware of what they are promoting but boycotting Google or Mirosoft isn’t really going to accomplish a whole lot. And to the guy that compared this to Pokemon needs to have his head examined. The only simularity is that they are both games. The graphics are different and the objective is totally different. I suggest that people out there that have children just continue to keep your eye out.. I know people like to blame games, movies, music ect, but I have yet to hear that someone got off on the game made me do it. Most people are not idiots.
    Don’t ya just love America? It is funny, while I understand the concern, it seems we only accept the constitution when it suits us. But hey, if there is a petition and this game gets pulled all the better. The thing is don’t just stop here. Start a petition on all violent games to make your point! Everyone have a great Easter!

  283. Desiree says:

    priorities straight? Wow I guess someone of you don’t give a crap about animals and how they are abused.
    World peace… Do you think that can be pull out of our ass any time soon? You think that’s ever going to happen? Keep dreaming. Every one once to fight instead of growing up. These dogs can’t speak like us humans can. I think you need to stop being a little selfish about how we need to look at only world peace and hunger. Let me ask you some thing. If someone went out of there way to hurt your pet, or say something about the breed of your pet in a bad way what would you do? What happend if one day you couldn’t get a place any where because of things like this? That makes your dog or cat look so bad. Streotyping is the worst. When your pet is against the whole world maybe then you’ll understand.
    Also the other games on there like how to sniff coke or use drugs is something that shouldn’t be on there.

  284. Earl Messer says:

    A copy of my message to Android marketing, the principles apply to all involved with the game with the exception of the part about marketing their product: While the developers try to preemptively dismiss people who will criticize the game by stating “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME…” this avoids several issues. First, for your product, is that many dog/animal lovers will find this game extremely objectionable and these would have been your customers but many won’t be once they read and hear all of the comments I and many others will post and publish. Second, on an ethical level, this is very different from other games that portray violence. Most of those games, while perhaps adding to the desensitization of the players to violence, take place in realms far removed from our normal world and with weapons the vast majority of the players can’t obtain and thus mimic the game in real life. Dogs, however, are readily available and the cruelty of real live dogfighting can and likely will be mimiced by many of the players of this game. Additionally, it has been proven that a willingness to abuse and mistreat animals is linked to a willingness and a desire to commit actual abuses to other humans. So, by promoting this game and having it on your platform, you are contributing to both the mistreatment of animals and the abuse of other humans, usually women and children. Even if this only promotes that activity in 5% of the players, figure each of those likely will abuse at least 2 dogs and 2 people. Look at the number of players you’re anticipating, take 5% of that number, then multiply by those abused beings. Those are the lives you are directly contacting in a negative and potentially fatal manner. Is it worth both the outrage of potential customers as well as the knowledge that you helped to cause all this pain? Please stop carrying and promoting this game!

  285. Peter says:

    I won’t be the first to say it, but this is how it is, plain and simple:

    It appears that, whenever people don’t like something, they move to make it go away, even if it (whatever it is) has every damned right to exist. If such a concept is acceptable, why not move towards getting rid of music you find offensive? Movies? Books? People? By those means, everyone could, at anytime, say that another person’s views are repulsive, and start a movement to ban those views. The point I’m attempting to get across is that, the developer (as poor taste as they have in audience and genre) has the right to do as he pleases, the same as you have every right NOT to give them business. I highly doubt they get very much business anyways.

    Now, this is not to say that I support them. I have properly reported them as per the link supplied by “Joe” (which a bit above this post), and I hope you join me in doing it as such, and not by the more early suggestion to bomb Google with emails. Doing it this way tells them exactly what you’re talking about, and they don’t have to read a jumble of words from a bunch of people referring vaguely to an app.

    Here’s hoping people actually notice this post (most of the actually good ones like Joe’s get ignored)
    Here’s the link:

    • Mandy M says:

      When something is WRONG they stand up for it. What about Gay marriage? It is wrong to not them get married! What about women over in the middle east? We stood up and now they can show there face! You are an idiot. We do not just disagree with this, this is wrong!! What about Sex slaves? are you telling me that people just do not like it? No, we are against it because it is wrong not just because we do not like it!

      • Peter says:

        Firstly, I’d like to receive the respect I deserve, seeing as I never once insulted anyone. Secondly, don’t take credit for things you didn’t actually do, because I highly doubt you were ever part of this elusive “we”.
        Also, there is a difference between a simple little video game that you can properly report and hopefully participate in it’s removal, and real-life activities such as gay marriage. Where one is only related to us, the consumers in the market, only in terms of business, the other is a personal issue on whether or not you agree with it.

    • Amanda L. says:

      I think there’s a middle ground between banning every swear word and rightly protesting ‘lite’ child porn. The argument about free speech can get so passionate that we lose track of that and sell out people and/or animals. ‘It’s okay if it’s lite child porn feeding the habit of child molesters, because they have free speech to make it.’ I won’t say I know what the answer -is-, but I can’t think it’s stand by and do nothing because it’s all right.

      • Peter says:

        And I never said as such.
        Let me clarify the principle here:
        The developer has the LEGAL right to make this game, but is MORALLY wrong. We have the LEGAL right to oppose this, and a MORAL and LOGICAL ability to oppose it correctly.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Peter: I wasn’t trying to insult you, honest. -_- I was trying discuss the issues around censorship and distasteful material somewhat intelligently. It’s just most of the posts here to contain black or white think. Either we ban everything and beat up Google -or- removing a single app will turn America into China. I don’t think either position is terribly accurate.

  286. Kenny says:

    It amazes me how inaccurate this article is:

    1) Google does not own Android
    2) Neither Google nor the Android developers have anything to do with putting out this application
    3) Removing the Google search bar from your web browser has no relevance to any of the parties involved.

    • BSL News says:

      Yes, they do.

      This article does not claim that Android has anything to do with the creation of the application, but Google/Android are certainly instrumental in the distribution of the application through the Android Market.

      This article never claimed that removing Google’s search bar would have any relevance.

  287. michelle myers says:

    I wonder where the line is…..When you fight for one issue it starts to pave the way for others…eg…Who would like the app….
    Pedophiles and little kids,
    or the RAPE game…

    there is no difference in the amount of suffering or violence,
    for our beautiful scaredand damaged dogs either…. absolutely sickening!!!

  288. Tawnya says:

    This game shouldn’t be compared to Grand Theft Auto–Really? It has the same concept. It is called VIOLENCE- KILLING– DEATH–I mean seriously-

    • Mandy M says:

      This app is not about killing…it is about how to train your dog to fight…Have you seen any real footage on dog fighting?? Oh, wait you are probably going to one tonight…If you are pro this app then why are you even here????????????????????????????????????

      • Peter says:

        How about you get off this persons ass about something they never said? Tawnya never said she supported it, so your argument has no grounds.

  289. Coralxgrave says:

    It’s completely reasonable that people are angry about this game. Dog fighting is a severely overlooked issue in todays society. I sent my complaint. It honestly is the equivalent of a pedophile game. Whoever plays this is straight up scum.
    Ps. A little less of the religiously influenced comments please? You don’t need to ‘find god’ to be an ethical and compassionate person, usually quite the opposite. Thanks.

  290. Tawnya says:

    I had not read your last post before posting mine, but after reading it, I see we share the same sentiment about the whole thing.

  291. Mary says:

    This is beyond disgusting! After all we’ve done to criminalize dog fighting and get rid of it, I’m speechless that anyone would consider this “entertainment.” Sick!

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  293. TheScampiCat says:

    Here’s the email for the developer.

    [email protected]

    Have at it. I did.

  294. Linda Simonds says:

    unbelievable! beautiful pitbulls are killed every day in shelters. they don’t even try to get homes for these so misunderstood dogs. and you develop this “game” depicting the fighting, maiming and killing of dogs. FOR MONEY!! stinking greedy b*******s. bug up my b**t Kage Games? YOU BETCHA.
    I like what one person wrote —-you can’t fix stupid but you can fix ignorant.

  295. Gail says:

    This is disgusting…you are promoting animal abuse…..stop the madness….Get some real FEELINGS!!!….This is all just too sick…Put God in your life…..These ideas will change !

  296. dowhatsright says:

    One more game about killing dogs. One more game about killing people. Just because these games are out, doesn’t make it right. We’re exploting our kids to ridiculous visualizations and trends in an already violent society. Be a man and stand up for what’s right, don’t make excuses for it. If your kid spends all this time on the phone and in front of the tv playing games for hours, there’s probably something wrong with your parenting skills as well.

  297. dowhatsright says:

    If you can hurt an animal, you’re just as likely to hurt a person. Why promote it?

  298. Mabel says:

    STOP PROMOTING DOG FIGHTING, this is not a game it´s violence. This game must be stopped . “say NO to animal cruelty”.

  299. so games where we kill each other are alright…but a game where dogs fight each other, that’s where i draw the line! Let us kill only humans! If you are caught killing an animal in a video game, you should be jailed…

    sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

    • Mandy M says:

      This game is not about killing animals dim wit! It is an app that pretty mush teaches you how to train you dog to fight! Have you ever seen real footage of dog fighting? oh wait you are probably going to one tonight. GTA and such games are cartoonish and unrealistic…This App is as realistic as it gets…if you are pro this app then why are you even here????????????????????????????

    • Amanda L. says:

      Richard: I’d love for people to think about whether showing murder in games is a great idea. Since many of them have decided that it is, I’ll settle for not glorifying animal abuse. Btw, dog fighting has been linked to child abuse and domestic violence. Surprisingly, men that can torture and kill animals frequently are more likely to beat women and children.

  300. Carolyn Waters says:

    Having seen first hand the victims of dog fighting, both the fighters, losers and bait dogs, this is irresponsible. It is not just a game. Android and Google should be ashamed and pull this off the market immediately. They should not glamorize such a vicious act as dog fighting. I am writing to my State Senator and congressman, and sending this to the television news station.

  301. Judy says:

    I myself do not like the games where people are killing people and I darn sure would not under any circumstance aqgree with a dog fighting game… whats wrong with people, is life all just about making money anymore? Do we not care what we are teaching,showing,raising our children to believe that this kind of thing is ok? Killing at any level is just not a good thing…

  302. Linda P says:

    What the [email protected]*#K is wrong with you??? This is total shit!!!!

  303. Linda hunter says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and should not be allowed!!! I’m horrified !!these people should be prosecuted——-without question.

  304. Tawnya says:

    Good grief–I have been reading everyone’s posts and it is like this people, while we can moan and groan about what we don’t like but the reality is we can’t really do anything about this or anything. If people really have a problem then DO something about it, or at least try instead of coming on here and just talk about it. We of course are all intitled to our opinion but just talking isn’t going to solve anything. Have a Twizzler–It makes mouths happy!!

    • Mandy M says:

      You are an idiot! We are here posting comments to help motivate each other to get out there and do something…This site is helping everyone to see that they are not alone…If you do not like what is going on here then why are you even here??????????????????????? Sounds like you are condoning dog fighting trying to tell people they are in the wrong finding a common ground. pssht you are a brat fyi I HATE TWIZZLERS!

      • Peter says:

        I just love how everyone you disagree with, you automatically place under your own little category of “people who support ‘x’-activity and therefore should be insulted and hated”.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Tawnya: Some people are able to both talk -and- do something about it. They are just that awesome.

  305. Elena says:

    One of the things that stands most in the way of animal rights is EDUCATION, and this application is a slap in the face to all the people who spend their lives rescuing animals and educating others to prevent heinous activities like dog fights. You have to draw the line somewhere. I bet if there was a game that promoted pedophilia or child abuse in some way no one would justify it, but since arrogant humans consider animals less than them then their rights aren’t taken seriously. But animals are just as vulnerable to cruel humans as children and their exploitation should not be a GAME.

  306. Cindy Bennett says:

    I can’t even believe this exists!! What is wrong with people. This seriously makes me want to throw up.

  307. Drea says:

    You don’t need to truly understand how Google/Android/Game developers work together when an app is developed, released and promoted. They are all connected in business and it is an excellent idea to apply as much pressure as possible at all contact points. If you’re against this game, here are some links (in addition to the links/contacts listed in the article) that will help you voice your opinion:

    Petition at

    Game developers email: [email protected] **please note: the “pitboss” in this email is not Shorty Rossi from Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue!

    Send emails, post comments, make phone calls…make your voice heard. If you disagree that there is a problem with the concept of Dog Wars, why are you wasting your time posting on this site? You won’t change anyone’s mind, and clearly no one is interested in your opinion. Go troll somewhere else.

    • Mandy M says:

      ha then what are you doing? If you feel that way then why are you even on here?????????????????????????????????…Im sorry you feel you are too good for everyone on here. It is nice that we can all come together and voice our opinions…I am thrilled to see how many people are on here that are against this pointless app…Hypocrite.

      • Drea says:

        Wow, Mandy, wth? Reread my comment and maybe think a little before you go bashing people. I totally disagree with this app and am doing everything I can to encourage people to speak out against it.

  308. ralph says:

    i wanna play dat game

    • Mandy M says:

      Only because you do it in real life, and you will get busted, and you will go to jail…see if you like that game then…Learn to speak English the right way.

  309. Mark K. says:

    As a boy, growing up in the Detroit area, I was outside with some friends one day at a park. We were playing frisbee. All of the sudden, I see this big brown pit bull running towards me. I was 11 years old, slow, chubby. The thing jumps on me and starts biting me. Its owner comes sprinting over, but the thing is so god damn strong it won’t stop. I end up getting ambulanced ( which I don’t remember). When I wake up, I’m missing an eyelid, have a broken hand, and I have over 180 stitches in different places in my body. I missed my entire baseball season with my friends and for over a year, till the scars slowly faded, I was stared at and made fun of behind my back by people who didn’t know what happened. 4 years later, i was 15. I was riding my bike home from my friends house when i was attacked by a German shepherd that had gotten lose. It only bit me 5 or 6 times before people saved me. 30 more stichtes. dogs are vicious animals. People who think dogs are there “friends” are delusional. These are WILD animals who are stronger than people think. I’m an adult now, and I have a concealed carry permit because I’m still afraid of being attacked. I will never own a dog and if I ever see one growling or barking near my children, if its off its leash, I WILL blow its head off of its shoulders.

    • David says:

      I got attacked by a German Shepherd when I was a child, hospital and stitches too. But I now have three of the friendliest pit bulls in my life now – guess I am delusional, responsible, but delusional because these 3 wouldn’t hurt a fly (but I would hurt anyone who tries to hurt them – ironic?). It’s a shame what you went through, but your hateful comments are like me saying that one man attacked me, so I will blow the head off of any man who stares at me the wrong way. You generalizing all dogs is very destructive – the majority of wild dogs are created by wild people. Irresponsible trash that take them from innocent puppies and teach them to attack people like you and me. You shouldn’t focus your hate toward all the dogs, save some for the owners. But I am glad you are responsible enough to never own a dog – one less pup to be subjected to that sort of view is better for all involved.

    • Katt says:

      And thus people, the circle of mis-directed hatred continues…. 😀

    • Mandy M says:

      Dude, Its not the dogs fault it is the owners fault…Puppies are just like babes they learn as they go, and if an owner does not raise that puppy right then it is an unbalanced dog that had no direction. Also German Shepards, Dobermans, rottweilers ect, are “man stoppers” it is in their breed to attack people they are used as guard dogs ect, if someone wants a family pet they should do their research first. Also Pit bulls are in the “Bully” breed, they are not made to attack people…In fact back in the day during bull fighting it was instilled that they do not bit people…if you watch real footage on a dog fight it is sickening, but the owners will get in the ring and get right in the dogs face yelling at it and telling it to fight harder, and the dog Never bites the owner, its in the breed…also its takes weeks or months to get a pit bull to be horribly aggressive, it is so abused, also steroids and other human drugs like cocaine are given to the dogs that makes them even more unbalanced…This page is here for people that against an application on a cell phone that teaches you how to train your dog to fight…this is not a page for people who are against dogs because you grew up in a bad neighborhood…you need therapy and it is sad that you are teaching your children to shoot an innocent animal!

      • Peter says:

        “…you need therapy and it is sad that you are teaching your children to shoot an innocent animal!”

        Oh really? Tell us something, Mandy: Is a human life, especially the life of an innocent child, worth so much less than that of an animal (who, although they don’t know better, will still act as such) that is capable of hurting someone? Regardless of whether they know or not, an animal that knows only to hurt will do just that: they will hurt what they perceive as whatever they’re taught to hurt. At the end of the day, it’s self defense; life or death/injury, and I for one would sure as hell prefer to get away with all of me intact.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Oh waaah waaaah! Because two dogs did it, they all do, right? Yes, go tell your story about those two dogs that attacked you all over the web, and I’m sure you’ll convince the masses to change their minds about dogs. Oh, wait no, don’t. Because everybody already knows dogs are not naturally vicious animals. They have to be taught by their owners to be that way. So go tell your sob story, if it’s even true, to a shrink instead. Nobody is going to start hating and fearing dogs just because one whiny stranger on the internet comes bawling and telling everybody two dogs attacked them back when they were a little fat kid.

    • Katt says:

      Also remember humans have viscous tendencies too. If one is not raised properly at all, think of some the oddest or ridiculous things a human would do without direction. They would probably go back to their basic surviving instincts. Find food, shelter, territory, mate/reproduce, die. Oh wait…. we already do that, just on a more larger and much more threatening scale. Yea, I’m more afraid of humans than I am of pits.

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  311. Nancy Kuniansky says:

    This is appalling . The developers, marketers, and management should be ashamed of themselves .

  312. Lara O says:

    This is not a game it’s a promotion of violence.

    To Richard Allen, all violent games should be banned cause they promote violence, and there are people/kids that will use it in real life….. cause it’s just a game for them, and if you can’t see how this is serious than you really have a problem…

    Hope they’ll ban it, and they will if enough people complains about it and boycott… they start to think only if they loose money -.-

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  314. ellen forson says:

    This makes me sick. Google should hang their head in shame. I no longer will Google anything. I can find my information some where else. I hope they lose their advertisers.

  315. Linda says:

    I refuse to use ANYTHING by GOOGLE/ANDROID until they remove this app… Whoever approved this app should be fired!!! ASSHOLES…

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  317. Mike says:

    Listen people, I am a pit bull lover and I fight for them and for people to know the truth about them. I also donate to the ASPCA when possible and think that people how fight and abuse animals should spend the rest of their lives in jail – my point is that this is a game. This is a free country and people can make whatever they want. If you do not like the game, then don’t play it – that is your CHOICE. It is not anyone’s place to demand a game be taken off the market; nobody has the right to tell someone they can’t sell something. Yes, maybe it promotes something that I do not agree with, but censorship would ruin the premise of freedom. There is controversy over shooting games, too, but they still sell. Bottom line – You people need to get over yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

    • Mandy M says:

      I actually believe that yes you do agree with this game! If you are pro this app then why are you even here???????????????…Have you ever seen any real footage of dog fighting?? Oh wait you are probably going to one tonight! Games Like GTA and such are cartoonish and unrealistic…this app is realistic, it teaches you how to train a dog to fight! You obviously agree with dog fighting! why else would you be here trying to prevent people from disagreeing with this app? Also the fact that mothers can not prevent there kids from playing this, anyone can down load this, you are ignorant!

    • David says:

      Yeah, Mike, not so good a contribution in the name of a pit bull lover. I promise to get over myself if you promise to not be a hypocrite. As many people have pointed out, where do you draw the line on censorship and freedom in the name of condoning violence. I don’t feel my freedom removed from me in the slightest when snuff videos, kiddie porn, etc are banned from the marketplace, I feel safe and protected.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Mike: The greatest evil is not.. promoting and defending evil, but telling someone they shouldn’t make money off glorifying torture? That’s… really, really sad.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mike, you’re a lying sack of douche.

  318. Sandy says:


    Checked off “content is inhumane & abusive”

    Comment: “Dog fighting is inhumane & abusive”

  319. Robin says:

    NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!! according to article, google says if one has bug up their butt about the app–it’s just a game. BULLSHOT!!!! from such types of games are some of our military trained! just a game my A$$.

  320. Sandy says:


    Checked off: Hateful or abusive content

    Comment: Dog fighting is hateful and abusive

  321. Jo Anne Campanelli says:

    Are you serious?? A dog fighting game?? Wow, anything for money. I will boycott this company.

  322. Britt Johnson says:

    this app is disgusting!!! i saw it on android market,it promotes dog fighting!! shame on u Google 4 allowing iton ur site as an app,im disgusted and furious !!!!

  323. Stella Sutkiewicz says:

    Whoever thought of this… approved it… created it… or spent ANY kind of time or effort on it needs to be locked up with about ten abused (and yes, they ARE abused) dogs and left there with a *****ing pork chop around their scrawny pencil neck. Vicious jackasses.

  324. Joseph says:

    Ok, this is coming from someone who went to a liberal liberal arts college for Political Science and US History with a Secondary Education teaching degree. I will state that I would never buy/download this app, and I have a 12-yr old Rat Terrier and I am seeing the signs of aging and am at that stage where I wonder what is better, to let him live since he is still mostly happy, or to put him down because he shows many signs of aging, and has more difficulty getting around, especially up and down stairs.

    Now, what scares me is the lack of people looking into what is behind the app, who is responsible for it, and what appropriate measures can be taken to resolve any issue with the app. Kage Games released this game app. Android and Google have no affiliation with the creation of this game.

    It is on the marketplace, which Google owns. However, I can pay my developer dues and code an app and release it on the marketplace just as easily as Kage Games. So, while Google is hosting it, I could theoretically release an app just as morally appalling and it would be on the market instantly, with no knowledge to Google. Trying to screen and approve/deny every app is not feasible, especially when it is so open. Apps that are released first to Android then, if they are a success, to Apple, they must sit in a queue and wait for Apple to approve or deny their app. Personal opinion, I’d rather let the Android Marketplace decide via purchases/downloads. More on this a few paragraphs later.

    That being said, it is a holiday weekend. Most businesses based in the USA give the weekend off for their workers. Calling for this to be removed immediately is likely not going to happen because of this holiday weekend. I’m not saying don’t submit for removal, but realize there are so many things to consider that an immediate response is unlikely.

    Now, the biggest issue with anything in the USA is how little people delve into the issue and just give a knee-jerk reaction, often based on what whistleblowers, news media, or any other potential source of information (blog, online, newspaper/magazine, local tv, national tv, books, teachers, parents, children, other relatives, friends, enemies, allies, random people, etc) has to say.

    This is the most threatening thing to the USA (and any nation) within its own borders. This is where people have developed the term “sheeple,” the idea that people will follow one person/entity (news organization, government, etc) wielding some form of authority, credibility, correctness, or other object that the people/sheeple believe, and not do any research or information verifying to decide if the leader has total factual basis, partial factual basis, or no factual basis.

    The major issues now are with the media and religious affiliations taking something they deem offensive, inappropriate, harmful, or against their beliefs, and giving a blanket form of disapproval, often in the form of protests, boycotts, even hate messages. As a Political Science and US History teacher, I understand this is within their rights, regardless if they agree with my beliefs or not.

    Within this, there tends to be the “you’re with us or against us” bandwagon, pitting you against their every belief if you disagree, or aligning you with their every belief if you agree. This is very harmful and creates the great division within our government currently, making it difficult to even agree to create a budget to fund the country (with money that isn’t every really seen anyways, its all bank account transactions saying yes, you have this amount deposited now).

    While not everything can be verified, and I do understand that presenting this idea makes me the one person to lead people/sheeple, I want you to think and make your own ideas and beliefs. I want you to think more thoroughly and openly about as many possible sides as you can before you make an opinion. It takes work, but it prevents you from finding out what you thought you wanted in one place was applied to another place and you didn’t like the results of it being applied elsewhere.

    I only try to lead in the sense that being open to thinking for yourself and investigating the information is a good thing. In fact, after you come to try this, I do not care if you agree or disagree with this. I do not wish to lead everyone in my personal beliefs, but rather to open up the eyes and prevent a sheeple nation.

    Yes, Google owns Android and Android is hosting this application. But, regardless of your opinion, remember that anyone that can afford the developer’s fee and knows how to code can create an app that presents anything from dog fights to tip calculators to an interactive movie that includes pornography. Understand that because of this, there are going to be apps that you find offensive, inappropriate, and in poor taste.

    Google and Android are trying to prevent the sheeple that Apple has created with their oversight. I do not hate Apple, and their oversight of each app submitted for their iOS is their call. However, denying developers the release of their app is rather aggravating for the developer and the people that would be interested in the denied app.

    Take a step back, remember that the Android Marketplace terms for “illegal activities” is for distributing child pornography, software/music piracy, and the spread of malicious viruses and malware. A video game released by a developer does not violate these terms.

    Choose one you get the information, and understand Google and Android are not the ones to blame and boycott. They have such a wonderful service that is open to anyone that wants to code and can afford the tools to code for Android. If you must, submit your request to have it removed, and tell your friends to do the same. But please, do not switch phones, gadgets, and search engines because someone developed an application you find offensive, immoral, and/or in bad taste, as Google allows the market to choose and download apps the people want.

    Make an informed, educated choice. It helps you, your friends, your families, your city, your state, your country, and the Earth when you make an informed, educated choice.

    • Katt says:

      No! What are you doing?! You’re giving them a well-rounded educated opinion and advice! Oh well…. I heard Earth is a pretty bad planet. Filled with haters, war mongers, greedy socialites, and what not. I am so totally switching to a new planet! I heard the Sun is pretty good. (packs bags and rockets off)

      Cheers on a very good post BTW.

    • Me says:

      Good luck. 90% of the folks posting don’t look past the article headline before adding their comment.

      • Andy says:

        It’s quite unfortunate really…

      • Peter says:

        Or they pick-and-choose things to pay attention to and take full arguments out of context. That would be 5 of the 10% left in your ratio, “Me”. Just look at that Mandy character :/

  325. Mina says:

    Wow. Some of these comments are laughable. The fact of the matter is, I would put money on the fact that the people disgusted by this application take all of the necessary steps to fight all forms of animal cruelty, whether it be contacting decision-makers, legislators, protesting, signing petitions, and donating. Newsflash: We do it because we care about fostering a humane life for all living things (not just animals). If you don’t have such a passion, that’s fine, but don’t trivialize the difference we are trying to make. If you think that outlets that glorify cruelty don’t have an impact on the public you are sadly mistaken. If this were an application with pedophiles picking the perfect child to attack–there would be no question that it should be removed. Dogfighting is a crime, and its victims are very real. An entire breed of dog has been stereotyped as being vicious and deadly when in fact, their owners are the dangerous ones. Anyone who makes excuses for something like this (it’s a free world, this is Big Brother) is contributing to its occurrence. There is nothing fun or entertaining about seeing innocent living things being forced to submit to acts of violence for the amusement of others. I fight any form of cruelty whenever possible, and I am damn proud of it.

  326. meghan August says:

    I have now also changed my search engine, sent atleast 4 emails, two different flag things and sent this atricle to everyone i know! Hopfully we get a response. I have a pit bull too, he’s a love bug and to see this game makes me mad. I hate the creator’s response, it glorifyies dog fighting wich is illegal and sickening

  327. Joyce mow says:

    Inappropriate game . Please remove!!!

  328. Jessica says:


  329. For everyone defending the game... says:

    You can’t compare this game to other violent games. There are real consequences for murder, rape, etc. Everyone knows that these things are wrong and bad. Unfortunately in our society, not everyone realizes what a horrible thing dog fighting is. When someone gets in trouble for dog fighting, they get a slap on the wrist. Our society doesn’t condemn horrific abuse of animals (which is tied to human violence.) I think so many people are so upset, because they are fighting day in and out to stop dog fighting, and games like these help perpetuate the idea that it is an okay thing. So yes, everyone knows rape and murder games are for entertainment and in real life it is not acceptable…unfortunately that isn’t the same with animal abuse!

    • Joseph says:

      We don’t “defend” the game in a traditional sense. I find what the game depicts deplorable and would rather it never came out. However, there are so many things to consider that there is no easy answer.

      The biggest issue comes down to the first amendment. Since video games have not been deemed illegal and are considered artistic, what is presented in a video game does not matter as long as it is not marketed to an audience that cannot make an educated choice if it would be harmful to them or not. Being marked as a mature app, it passes and should not be censored. It then comes down to consumers as to purchase and download the app or not.

      Removing this game then creates the notion that video games are no longer artistic and we can pull any game off of the market for any reason we see fit, costing businesses to close, stores to lose profits (bye bye GameStop and local games businesses) and lay off workers, etc, until video game development and sales end, putting lots of full and part-time workers out of a job. And in the USA especially, it is tough to get a decent job to pay the bills now.

      Also, this loss to the first amendment then can be applied to future issues, and soon the only entertainment produced is either censored by the government or produced solely by the government. Yes, violence may start out small with abuse to animals and insects, but the crumble of your rights also start out the same way. Everything has repercussions. The development of one controversial game, book, movie, song, etc will not destroy a truly civilized nation. The removal of one controversial game, book, song, movie, etc can, however, as the precedent sets in motion that free speech through media is not protected and may eventually be removed all together.

  330. Shawn T McNeil says:

    I don’t need to elaborate this game is just plain wrong!

  331. Emilia says:

    I feel the need to point out that Android is not a company and google does not controll the applications that individual developers make for their devices. So beat up on Kage Games not Google

  332. Dory Cote says:

    This is so offensive. I cannot believe you would consider releasing this obviously abusive game. Shame on you!!

  333. Dominique says:

    In what ways does this same seen appealing or fun? Come to reality and realize what this game promotes is illegal and has consequences. When does it become fun to torture animals who we already have dominance over! This game needs to be removed!

  334. anna mercer says:

    outrages! please remove the game!

  335. Pingback: Secure Locks | FIND LAPTOP SECURITY DEVICES
  336. Chris says:

    its a fucking game. who cares. if you dont like it, dont play it. i stand strong on the issue of dog fighting. i think its brutal and those who participate in it should be torn apart by one of these poor dogs that have been turned into killing machines. but at the end of the day its just a game. thats like giving someone shit for making call of duty or any other military shooting game. what about kids who play pokemon and fight with cute little animals. get a fucking life.

    • Hm says:

      After working at Gamestop for three years I can PROMISE you those games, even Pokemon, get flack too. I promise.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Chris: You’re comparing pokemon and this? Seriously? Or Call of Duty which features consenting adults? ‘How to beat your child’ as a video game is a better example.

      • Joseph says:

        Children really don’t care about the whole consenting adults part of Call of Duty. They enjoy the shooting and trying to beat the game. When I was student teaching for 7th and 8th Graders, they would always talk about Call of Duty when they were not in my class, as I said the game’s rating was for people 17 or older, so if they wanted to talk about it, they would have to do it outside of my classroom.

        Why is everyone automatically saying kids are going to learn that dog fighting is perfectly fine? I was told from when I was in first grade that video games like Doom are not real, and the things that are done in the game should not be done in real life. I’ve played Doom, Half-Life, Quake, Duke Nukem, Counter-Strike, Metal Gear Solid, Wolfenstein, Grand Theft Auto, and Medal of Honor games since I was about 7-8, and I always separated the differences between the games and real life, with no violent tendencies. I was told this explicitly from time to time and my parents gave me pop quizzes involving what would be appropriate in certain situations like if I found a gun while walking home from school or if I was really angry at someone what would I do. Instead of being sheltered, they used the games as learning experiences.

        So, if a former alcoholic avoids alcohol the rest of his/her life, alcohol is still affecting their life. The true way to tell if an alcoholic has recovered is to offer them alcohol, and see if they can stop before they binge. Avoiding the issue does nothing but spread ignorance that alcohol destroys everyone’s life, when in reality there are plenty of people that have an occasional drink and never have any issues. Our kids don’t learn about this. They get sheltered and when the time comes to choose to drink or not, they don’t make an educated choice, they either follow their sheltered way and shun it, or give in and start drinking.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Joseph: wasn’t aware of the level of violence in Call of Duty until your previous post, so I concede that point. I thought it was a general war game. I do think older children can grasp the difference between fighting nazis and randomly stabbing people as an escaped mental patient or other such concepts.

        They say that, because there is a number of other people saying that. It’s on rap albums and in the movies. It’s in neighborhoods, both urban and rural. There is a large battle across the country for people to see and punish horrific examples of animal abuse as a crime, and that’s not even counting dog fighting. The recent raids indicate this as a large problem. My response to that problem and games glorifying dog fighting is different that thinking shooting random monster games. Or even shooting people that are trying to kill you in a video game.

        You, and others like you, are not the problem. I come from a stable, non-abusive home. I played Mortal Kombat and am not remotely violent. We are not the problem. We are not the child that is more likely to think of dog fighting as cool, the more he hears it and the more often he sees ‘cool’ portrayals of it. I’m pretty sure we can find evidence that suggest dog fighting is a more likely scenario than the setting of Duke Nukem.

        Someone avoiding something that nearly destroyed their lives is not proof of recovery? That’s just silly. I work in the substance abuse field. If an alcoholic feels he needs to avoid dealing with booze or bars for years, that is his right and props to him for following through. He is doing what he needs to do and doesn’t need to prove anything to random people by drinking alcohol so you can judge him healed. It’s not your business what he does or does not.

        Pedophiles are noted to have a compulsion to molest children. Do you think we should put them near children to see if they are healed of the compulsion to molest children? Is avoiding the issue better than testing their responses to molest children? That logic is flawed and dangerous.

        People that can drink and stop are not alcoholics and can drink as they legally please (please don’t drink and drive though). Educating children about the dangers of alcohol -abuse- does not keep people from drinking. Research will tell you the exact opposite, as many drug education programs have failed. No idea where you’re getting this from. Kids can learn about alcohol without a recovered alcohol harming himself to prove something from you. Alcohol education /= him drinking, anymore a pedophile hanging out with children is sex ed.

      • Andy says:

        Pokemon is exactly the same thing, albeit with no blood. In fact, I heard it been referred to as digitised cock fighting in the past. There’s Pokemon in the game that look exactly like real animals, including dogs and they can fight each other so I don’t get what the difference is between this game and Pokemon is. In both cases, all I’m doing is pushing buttons on a machine… how can that teach or convince anyone to get into actual animal fighting? Or better yet, how can those actions convince anyone to commit illegal activities?

        Anyone with a good upbringing knows the difference between right and wrong and understand that a game is just a game; there will be no consequences with regards to killing an artificial person in an artificial environment, same goes for an animal or other creature. Perhaps when these artificial life forms gain sentience, it’ll be considered wrong to kill them, but for the time being, they’re essentially just bits of code programmed to act or react in certain ways.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Andy: First off, let me note that I have seen the tv show and not played the game. What happened on the tv show was: pokemon battled with unrealistic violence. If the pokemon was hurt, Ash/others checked to see if it go on, removed the pokemon, or gave in. The pokemon were sentient and gave the impression of enjoying it much of the time. Any injuries were vague and without gore and the pokemon got medical care/bandaids/etc. I may be missing something about the games, but I’m not seeing where that is digital cock fighting?

        I am thrilled that you are a stable individual that is not unduly influenced by what you play/see/read. Happy as I am for you, that does not relate to the problem. The problem is that several sources are glorifying/minimizing/lying about dog fighting. These include rappers, movies, etc. The game is just more thing that makes it seem cool. Will it make a healthy person turn insane? No. Might it add the bs around dog fighting already, especially with a biased person? Quite possibly.

        There are countless people that lack your good upbringing and do not (oddly enough) magically realize the things you assume everyone knows. A kid from a violent home may think violence is correct and the only way to survive. Beating a woman or child may be just what the parent/man/whoever does. Trust me, there are a lot of these homes and a lot of people capable of abusing people and animals.

        I’m not saying you have to take all this and feel bad if you play the game. I am saying that people can and do see things like this that are not from your healthy environment and the effects are not necessarily the same.

      • Andy says:

        Amanda L: I accept that the TV show isn’t that violent as it’s aimed at kids and is shown during the day, but you have to consider that the game itself works upon exactly the same mechanics as Dog Wars; the only real difference is that there is more than likely blood in this game. You cannot compare the cartoon version of something to the game it was based upon simply because certain things in the game would not transfer well into another media form. It’s understandable that the cartoon would flesh out certain things that wouldnt be possible, or would be tedious in a game. At its core though, the Pokemon games are pretty much about two Pokemon fighting each other until one faints. I have played the Pokemon games and have quite a few of them, so I’m essentially coming from this based upon being a gamer for 20 years, although I’ve also studied Computer Games related courses at university, so between my experience and my education, and also I remember stuff like Colombine.

        I had to write essays relating to games and genres, and thus I also had to be aware of the controversey surrounding certain games, so I’m attempting to come at this from an academic point of view, because I noticed that many people who protest the games become ironically quite violent when letting their feelings be known. As for the Pokemon enjoying the fighting, that’s a matter of opinion, as I have observed in the series and the games as occasionally refusing to fight. Additionally, you have trainers in the TV series treating Pokemon pretty badly. Even the cartoon has a somewhat realistic setting, despite the medium that conveys it, given that the characters are human, and evetything is familiar, even if it’s a different place. Some of the Pokemon too, to repeat what I said earlier, resemble real animals. In theory, the cartoon (as could any media really) leave an impression upon anyone; it’s not just limited to games. People need to realise that while the activity portrayed within this game is illegal and cruel from a moral standpoint in the real world, in a virtual world, it does no harm to none. Any reasonably-minded person will understand that the game is not real and while people go on about it getting into the hands of kids, the reality of it is that kids shouldn’t be getting their hands on these types of games in the first place.

        Another problem which is a major one is that computer and video games are considered to be for kids only, which is one of the reasons where this entire protesting stems from, because a lot of those protesting feel that it’ll make kids think dog fighting is cool. This is the major reason why the game is aimed at mature adults, and not kids… the subject matter is really only suitable for adults, as kids are still somewhat impressionable. That’s not to say that some adults aren’t impressional either, but at the end of the day certain arguments tend to become a bit pointless if all that’s done is shouting about it. Additionally, people need to accept that the removal of this game sets a precident, as said earlier on; if this game is removed, then what about all the other games that portray illegal activity, such as GTA? This has the potential to affect more than just the Dog Wars games, and peolple need to understand that. Again, as many people have said before, the game itself is not illegal… but what is portrayed within the game is. At the end of the day, this in itself is not illegal, which is why I refer back to my previous point of setting a precident.

        As you said yourself, it’s possible it may add to the “bs” surrounding dog fighting, but equally it may not do a thing. The only thing I can guaranteed this article (and those like it) has done is make more people aware of the game and thus more people will download it; like I said before it’s free marketing for the game. If people just voted with their feet and just ignored it, then the game would have just been there neaerly gathering just, with perhaps only a relative handful of users. Campaigns like this only serve to increase the userbase/customers of that which is being protested, because you have the scenario where “if people are complaining about it, then it must be cool.” Also, just because these sources are glorifying certain things, it doesn’t mean people pay attention to what is said. That’s the beauty of free speech… just because you hear it, it doesn’t mean you have to take it aboard; while people are free to speak, you’re free to ignore.

        As for my upbringing, I’ll have to state for the record that I’ve actually got Asperger Syndrome, so the stuff the average people take for granted and assume everyone knows, I had to be taught. I’m one of those sorts of people that have the potential to be easily impressionable. I’ve also got other issues that I do not wish to discuss on a public forum, but suffice it to say that those people already had problems in the first place and they don’t necessarily need a game to set them on their negative path. Equally, people who came from broken homes might actually turn out to be fine members of society, because they’re determined to get out of their situation. everyone is different, so we have no idea what’ll set people off.

        I understand what you’re saying, and I honestly won’t feel bad when I get around to playing the game, because I know it won’t encourage me to get into dog fighting at all. Anyway, more than likely it wouldn’t necessarily be a game that influences people to do things, it’d be more likely someone they know who would bring them into it, given the entire activity is underground anyway.

        I am wondering though if a game exactly like this, except based on cock fighting would generate the amount of controversy this game does?

      • Amanda L. says:

        hm. I guess I’d have to see it before I could judge? I’m afraid to assume anything, after having so mistaken Call of Duty (had no idea you could shoot civilians, for example). I do note the difference between a KO and having to be revived with adrenaline shots, and concede the larger one about dueling.

        It isn’t that I think the game will warp sane people. I realize that some perfectly nice people may play it and never harm anyone, much like Mortal Kombat. I was never concerned about those people, however.

        Rating Movies as ‘R’ and flagging material as adults only limits, but does not prevent it from being available to kids or teens. I’ve known a few parents that talked about showing their young children notably gory horror movies. Someone else referenced several young teens playing Call of Duty and so on. I realize you and other law abiding sorts are not responsible for that. I also realize that making everything conform to a ‘G’ rating isn’t the correct response either. I’d like to see a middle ground though or some of the more extreme stuff talked about. Most of the conversations I’ve had (especially here) result in people telling me how a) it can do no damage because I’m unharmed and b) there’s no way that I should not be able to play a criminal that shoots prostitutes, even if it could be potentially harmful on some level. Why the heck should I be denied a totally violent option my video games?!

        I’d be happy if there were even conversations that considered whether there could be harm, rather than going ‘eh, whatever’. I’m not talking banning here, to be completely clear. I’m talking about really looking at things and having a conversation.

        I’m not entirely buying the domino effect argument. You seem to be taking a far more well informed approach, but it is still a -guess-. It is equally like that, at most, the app is removed and we hear nothing else. That is equally as likely as your option. People have protested and gotten things edited/removed/banned before. While there at times harmful effects, society has gone on and still easily managed to become more sexualized and violent. I’m not sure where you get the idea that we have so much power. If people did, GtA and the like wouldn’t exist. They and far worse things do.

        I don’t know whether the campaign will get the app removed, but that is one of the possibilities, along with increasing the user base. I certainly didn’t expect this much attention, I thought I’d only see a few other pit bull activists.

        I apologize for assuming re: your upbringing. After half a dozen posts of ‘I’m normal, play violent games, so that proves such and such’ I was going with that. In my field, I’ve had the chance to work with at risk families and I’m certainly not saying a video game will make people bad or that people don’t make choices. I just don’t think violent input is helpful for a variety of a traumatized/disturbed people.

        You’re right about how people enter dog fighting, at least the ‘formal’ type. I just don’t appreciate yet one more reference making it seem cool by uninformed people. I’m going to wager that the developers have no involvement with animal rights and have never had to work with the gory reality, such as putting mauled dogs to sleep. Then again, maybe they don’t care.

        I’d flag a cock fighting app too. It’s another blood sport. Whether or not I’m wrong about the fantasy element (i.e. Harry Potter vs. Call of Duty), having it stripped away makes my choice more clear. Rightly or wrongly, I really do feel that having violence/sex from all directions and so often connected adds to the problems we already have. How to fight that and not go overboard and/or be respectful of people’s choices is something I am still working out.

  337. Louise says:

    This is NOT just a game. This is a social problem that happens everyday with REAL victims. This Android application reinforces the notion that it’s “ok” to laugh, joke, and have fun while watching pit bulls tear each other to bits. In response to the people that think this conceptual and not reality – come work at my animal shelter for one week.

    • brian says:

      I agree. that’s why i like cock fighting better. at least when it’s over you get a tasty dinner.

      So… Grand Theft Auto reinforces the notion that it’s “ok” (really “‘s not needed here) to laugh, joke, and have fun while pimps shoot up hookers and cops. After playing that game how did i ever become the person that i am. Why don’t i beat my girlfriend, why don’t i have anger issues, how in gods name do i respect my parents and live an honest and fulfilling life.

      Maybe, the answer is more complex then notions that video games reinforce.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Brian: You /= everyone. You are also not the problem. I played Mortal Kombat. I am also from a healthy home. I was not abused and my neighborhood is not violent.

        Dog fighting is/has been glorified by rappers, movies, and more. There is a message that thousands of kids are getting that dogfighting is ‘cool’ and that cool people are doing it. Unlike the fantasy tournaments in mortal kombat, many of them can get involved in dog fighting. To get rid of dog fighting starts with education and games like these set that effort back.

        I am happy you’re a reason well adjusted human being that does not hurt women, but you’re not the population I’m worried about.

  338. Gene Butman says:

    Maybe I’m a bit ole fashioned, but I think it stinks. It is a definite reflection of our society and it’s cruelty attitude toward animals. Not to mention what a phone was originally invented for, to talk and communicate with someone on the other end. Now that is the last thing people use phones for. I think the cell phonie is going to be one of man kinds down fall when it is all over. People don’t socialize any more. Sorry

    Gene B

  339. Kathie says:

    Try and karma will bite you in the ass. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. And if they do this we need to being down the site no matter of legalities.7

  340. Carolyn says:

    I have to ask Google what next, the child abuse app?
    Google may have the right to market this app, however, I also have the right not to use Google as a search engine. Google needs to do what is right, remove the app.

  341. Juanes says:

    Dog Fighting…sweet…. so when does the “Clubbing Baby Seals” and the “Throwing Newborns From Castle Wall” games come out… Are they really serious…. If you have ever seen a Bullie that has been fought this should make you sick to your stomach. I understand that its just a game but this concept and “fun” should never ever cross paths. Its simply bad taste, and its something that people spend their whole lives combating and feel very passionately about. Its like making a “Beat-A-Kid” app…why would you want to do that?

  342. Michael says:

    You protestors are debating a GAME!!! What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh, but I haven’t seen one of you “PC gone mad” idiots protest the games where virtual HUMANS are murdered by the thousands – and let’s not forget Angry Birds – I guess it’s okay to kill PIGS because we dont’ keep them in the house and name them fluffy or spot or whatever. Why don’t all your outraged hypocrits but your time and effort into something really worthwhile, instead of worrry about a stupid game where IMAGINARY animals fight one another. You people need to have real problems.

    • Andy says:

      I feel pretty much the same way as you do.

      • Peter says:

        One of the only two logical arguments portrayed in here, and perfectly well said. And thanks for freeing me. I’ve been waiting for one last glimmer of hope before leaving this long thread for good. I’ve had enough of the bigotry and hypocrites. Thanks again, though, seriously.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Ah, but see I’ve been told that portrayals of violence in the media have no effect on people. Often because it has not affected the person posting, which is proof of larger societal effects. 😉

        There’s also similar responses to anyone trying to, say, protest ads that mimic rape or glorify violence against women. We’re clearly overreacting (nevermind the domestic violence and rape rates). It seems, at times, to come down to the fact that people have no wish to be inconvenienced. Even if it might be harmful on some levels, it would be far worse to not produce something that features graphic rapes and murders, particularly focusing on women.

        I’m not suggesting we have to censor every sign of violence or that we need to return to the 1940’s. I do think it would be nice for people to stop and think if portraying women as the sexy victim over, over, over, over, over, over again is the best thing with our current violence rates. Or whether a scene was filmed a certain way as opposed to another and so on.

  343. tom says:

    Different strokes for different folks people, and while I’m definitely not a fan of underground, illegal dog fighting, and i love Pits, I certainly know the difference between what a tasteless video game is, and what harsh reality is.
    How did I learn this? I had some pretty good parents, they took the time to teach me right from wrong, they didn’t censor out the ugliness that humans are capable of. parents who helped me prepare for life, so that i could make sound decisions as an adult, or as father. Now, its my job, to teach my child, how its not all puppies and rainbows out there, and not hide the realities of the world behind some curtain of puritanical b.s..
    what the hell are kids under 18 doing with cell phones, or why are they playing video games for hour after hour every day, wasting away. If that’s the way you want to raise your kid, letting xbox or sony do the parenting for you, go right ahead.
    I keep bringing up kids, because thats who i assume you”re trying to protect here? You couldn’t possibly be protecting me, an intelligent adult. I’m free to make my own decisions, and as an intelligent adult, I know that playing a dog fighting game, is in no way going to suddenly influence me to go buy a pit and start training him, or that it’ll warp my view of reality, desensitizing me into thinking it ok.
    Most of all though, i certainly don’t want your opinion about what i should be doing, and for you to control my choices. If you don’t like it, read the bible (it’s rife with incest, murder, betrayal, jealousy, torture….
    You know what i find deplorable? To me, it’s the unbelievable amount of violence and hatred, the divisiveness, the horrors, that organized religion represents. I find it sickening that intelligent people, throw away all the logic they use to make every other decision in their lives, and instead rely on faith. That the most power hungry, controlling group of racist n greedy men to live in the last couple of thousand years, figured out that drilling into ur head that its beyond you’re freewill to choose, and follow blindly w/o question, their rather dubious, and subjection able, interpretation on the rules of life. Here it is, neatly wrapped for you in a 2000 year old, bronze age, book of pagan parables, just use and quote only the parts that work for you, no worries about discarding the rest. Your hypocrisy, is only shadowed by your ignorance, IMHO.
    If you don’t want children playing this, don’t get them a cell phone (or buy them a cheap one that just makes/answers calls). Its your job to make sure the keys to the absolutely incredible, yet sometimes sordid, collective knowledge of mankind that the net has become, are in your hands, and not your childs. Put a parental lock on applications, so they can’t access them (remember, you’re supplying he phone), and remember that its a game, and if you find the content disturbing, don’t play it. You’ve got the right to play whatever you want (how long you’ll have this right is debatable).
    Comparing this to a rape game, are you people fucking joking?!
    Allowing a breed of dog, that was bred for fighting n hunting, that is one of, if not the only domesticated animal with game (that it will fight to the death, like wild animals do), to let it fight another animal with the same traits, is a sick way for humans to entertain themselves, but you compare it to rape???? If 2 of the dogs (especially un clipped males) were left unattended, and came upon each other in public, i can almost guarantee that there’d be a fight right then n there, that’s in their nature. And i love pit bulls, they are the most loving, faithful, dog i have ever met.
    You have soo much bullshit being done in our names right now; wars and occupations all over the world, subjugating people into modern slavery, trading them as sex objects, starving and killing millions with missiles, with radioactive bombs, and with economic policies that make the rich richer. oh yeah, theres like a dozen games that glorify that, play those instead.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Tom: Dog fighting has been connected with domestic violence and child abuse. Men that torture and kill animals are (surprise!) more likely to hurt women and children. Fighting this culture effects more than animals, especially as violent offenders often -start- with animals and go to human beings. You can’t, as nice as it would be, conveniently separate the two. You can address it when it’s animal abuse or wait until the troubled individual moves to harming humans.

      I work in the substance abuse field, care about human trafficking, and donate when I’m not broke. That doesn’t stop me from thinking that no creature deserves this: (R rating, for blood and gore)×277.png

      Again, violence toward animals has been linked with violence toward humans, particularly in young offenders.

      You also have no idea about dog fighting. Many pit bulls are killed or given to more aggressive pit bulls because -they don’t want to fight-. To get them to fight, many are starved, beaten, and encouraged to be aggressive. The dogs are not allowed to walk out of the ring or stop. If they fail, they are often drowned, beaten, electrocuted, starved, hung, or left to slowly and painfully die. Tell me, which part of that is natural? Do dogs that fight for dominance drown other dogs? Fighting is natural for some pit bulls, but not many, many others or they wouldn’t need to be tortured so.

  344. Cndy Colbath says:

    Why are we so bewildered when violence occurs when we actively teach and promote violence and cruelty through our entertainment? Some people apparently never make the distinction between reality and fantasy and innocent animals, and people, suffer. Please take this off the market and use your ingenuity for something worthy.
    Shame on you if you don’t!

  345. rachel says:

    I was a proud droid owner, but not anymore. Google/Android requires all apps to be approved before they’re put out on the market; Meaning SOMEONE at Google or Android looked at this app and said ‘I think this app is APPROPRIATE.’ That just sickens me. And the Kage Games LLC people had the balls to be like “well if you’re going to ban this game, why not ban Grand Theft Auto”? Because in THAT game, there are virtual repercussions for your actions; the virtual police are called and will come after you, and any person with half a brain knows the same thing would happen IRL here in the states. I doubt this game offers the same “restriction”. Do the cops get called to the fighters house? I’ll go ahead and answer that with a NO.

    They also don’t realize how they are promoting the ignorant stereotype that all pitbulls are vicious. The fight against BSL’s has probably just taken a step backward thanks to these numbskulls.

    They are disrespecting every silent animal victim of dog fighting. It may be a game to them, but it’s way, way more than that to rescue workers, police officers, and others who live every day to CRUSH dog fighting for good and save the poor dog’s souls that are involved. I hope you all will join me in saying that GOOGLE/ANDROID, THIS IS AN INAPPROPRIATE APP AND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Me says:

      “I was a proud droid owner, but not anymore. Google/Android requires all apps to be approved before they’re put out on the market”
      Sorry but you are completely wrong. They do not approve ANY apps before they are put on the market. They clearly state this. They do say that it is up to the end user to report offensive apps. Which everyone seems to be doing with this app. But remember, yesterday was Good Friday and most businesses are closed until Monday.

    • Joseph says:

      You’re thinking Apple. Apple screens everything. The Android market takes any and every app as long as you pay your developer fee. If you want to release an app people won’t like, your app won’t generate any revenue because nobody is buying/downloading it.

      I think everyone’s forgetting about Kitten Cannon over on the iOS market. You launch a cat out of a pressurized cannon, and you are judged by how far it goes, with boosters such as TNT and rockets, and traps such as spikes and carnivorous plants of Mario fame. Where is the anger towards that game? Apple screened that and let it through.

      Again, do research and you’ll discover apps you would dislike on every platform available. So either boycott everything and live without technology, or just submit your flags, tell your friends to submit your flags, and move on with your life.

  346. saltybi11 says:

    At least someone will be busy playing this game and not actually fighting dogs…

  347. Tina Scott says:

    Total kick in the butt for people trying to help abused dogs! Wrong way to teach our offspring respect for animals.(you know young kids will play this)! This is not okay to inflict pain on animals;in a game or personally.
    Please remove!

  348. Laurie Blair says:

    Ridiculous that people even spend their precious time playing video games, of all things. I mean — video games????? You can’t find something a little more productive to do??

    • Andy says:

      What do you do for entertainment then? Games are a form of entertainment, thus people play games when they have free time, much like reading a book or watching a movie, or even playing a conventional game.

  349. Hm says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many lawyers on this website! Oh wait….

  350. brains says:

    some people will just read the head line and freak out. did you know you can also play on my space and facebook . so people look before you leap and jump someones [email protected] about stupid stuff like this . spend you time feeding the poor

  351. NanaMomsers says:

    Video games are how kids learn to shoot, think violence is ok and killing is no big deal.

    This game is not a game: IT IS JUST WRONG!

    But hey, this being the FREE COUNTRY that it is and someone is making $$$$$$ – if it is yanked/banned/trashed – it will simply become more popular and profitable.

    Just sayin’

  352. John says:

    By the way, folks, you are aware that video games representing accurate depictions of the violent murders of various sorts of animals have existed since there have been video games, right?

    • Amanda L. says:

      John: I wasn’t aware that there existing ones of this nature. Angry Birds only count as comedy and the few games I played usually involved killing monsters trying to eat you. Ergh, doesn’t surprise me though.

      • Joseph says:

        In World of Warcraft, Hunters can tame pets and send them to attack other potential pets. So, I can tame a wolf (what dogs originally were) and send it to attack other wolves. You feed your pet, and you develop its abilities to be a better fighter, yet I never heard of any massive public outcry towards it, and there are millions of people playing. Again, I would not download this app, but if you are going after one depiction, you better go after all of them, or else you are just selecting a few and ignoring others.

        Why is Angry Birds considered comedy, and not this game? I could go purchase some feathered friends and use a slingshot to launch them at pigs. Apple passed this app through for iOS.

        I play Mortal Kombat. There are many ways to dismember people, and you are fighting hand-to-hand. Why are you not protesting the PS3 and XBOX 360, since the new Mortal Kombat just came out this week?

        In Call of Duty, there are parts where you sneak up on people and slit their throats at point blank. Where is the outrage that people could play it and then think they could go around and sneak up behind people and slit their throats? Going to get rid of your PC because it plays Call of Duty?

        Why just Dog Wars? Why just Android products? Search every app available and there will be plenty you disagree with for one reason or another. It’s all around you. So, take up the plow and get to farming, or just submit your flag and tell your friends to, and continue to enjoy your Android phone and life in general.

      • Amanda L. says:

        For me, rightly or wrongly, a part of it would depend on the portrayal. In Avatar (the Last Airbender) video game, you would sometimes fight animals. You hit it, it flashed red and eventually disappeared. There was no death cry, extreme, or realistic aspects of murder. I don’t find this offensive or think that it encourages kids to go beat these fantasy elements. I haven’t played Warcraft to know a) how violent it gets and b) if it mimics real elements as opposed to fantasy ones. (Basically, the difference between fighting a zombie and a realistic murder sequence that mimics real crimes.)

        If I hear of depictions on a similar level, I’ll be glad to protest them. If it’s cartoon-esque violence, I’d do more research before doing so. The issue with the game is not just that it portrays violence, but it portrays a real crime in realistic detail. A crime people are capable of going and engaging in. I can’t jump into WoW, take a magical pet and fight it. I will never be able too. The risk that I will be inspired to harm ‘real’ fantasy animals is far less.

        My understanding of Angry Birds was that it was Sonic-esque violence. You slung a bird that appeared comical and uninjured and your enemy vanished. if I’m mistaken, I totally take it back.

        I’m not a fan of Mortal Kombat, as I don’t think portrayals of gore are good or helpful. (Also didn’t know it was being re-released to protest it.) I do think the whole fantasy tournament is less of a risk than portraying a rape (a crime committed every minute) as sexy.

        Call of Duty (which I haven’t played and don’t plan to support) features consenting adults in situations they choose to be in. I’m much more tempted to write a letter now, but it’s still comparing apples and oranges. Whether I should be protesting it or not (I’m tempted, but wish to go double check what you posted), consenting adults in consensual situations /= animal abuse. MMA /= hate crime. Not letting a woman stab you /= rape.

        Can you see why people are more upset about the that whole not able to consent, happening everyone week/month and horrible deaths thing compared to supernaturals fighting in a fantasy tournament? I do actually agree with your larger points. I would love to see this kind of passion against some of these games that have this violence. I’d love to see people boycotting shows and movies glamourizing rape (I refuse to watch and boycott when I can). Until that day comes, I am going to be happy for this small step.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        Have you actually played the game? There is nothing realistic about it. Your arbitrary distinctions on what is ok and not ok aren’t very convincing. This is something that is close to you is why you want it removed. In the grand scheme of things, it is no different than other violent games.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Ewan: Haven’t played Angry Birds and I feel bad for using it is an example now. Thought from the brief glimpse I saw that it was a silly, goofy game. Apparently not. Anyway, if you don’t agree, hey, it’s your right. You can play the game or not. My job is to live with my own conscience. I do and will continue to view shootings zombies differently than a game that would, say, let you pretend you’re the green river killer.

        I don’t hate all fantasy and I get even kids stories can have some violence. I just have my own opinion on where the line crosses over.

  353. BarbaraMoody says:

    I’m disappointed that Google would have such a disturbing app. Shame on them.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      Again, as many have stated earlier, Google does not make the app. Shame on you for being so quick to judge. Do you also shame Verizon for giving service for phones that can use such an app? Do you also shame Motorola for making a phone that does not specifically block the app? Where does it end?

  354. Ed says:

    WTF? You people are ignorant to put on the market something like this! This country and the world have enough trouble with crap like this; you go on and create this to make a dollar? May whoever created and developed this burn in hell as well as the rest of your coorporatation. I only hope that there is a boycott of all products that have anything to with you.

  355. PitGirl says:

    I am a certified dog trainer who specializes in aggression. I love pits with all my heart, and to someone like me who has taken a former bait/fight dog into my life…a game like this not only disgusts and angers me, but worries me as well. This game will only perpetuate the problem of dog fighting. People KNOW that murder is completely wrong so war games, fighting games, etc. where people kill one another are on a whole different level to this game. People fight dogs and see nothing morally or legally wrong with it all the time. THAT is the reason I have a problem with this game. There is a definitive line that is being draw here, and I feel the game needs to go.
    My dog came to me from the dog warden. My dog was seized during a drug/dog fighting ring raid. He had lost a fight, and was bleeding to death from all his wounds. The scumbags had starved him to near death before the fight because he was nothing but skin and bones. He was flea/tick infested, anemic, and worst of all…they had chained him behind a shed, duct taped his muzzle shut and his legs together and left him to DIE! His pitiful cries were the only thing that let officers know he was still alive.
    When he got back to health he tried to kill anything that had four legs, my other dogs, my cat, and any other animal he came in contact with. Through extensive training, love, rehabilitation, and confidence building he is now back to being a healthy, happy, and stable dog. He’s great with other dogs, and I use him to help rehabilitate other aggressive dogs. His scars are clearly visible, but you would never know his life before if you were to see him now. He’s a totally different dog.
    People like to glamorize or sugar coat dog fighting. They don’t care for their dogs at all, and the worst part is…most of those dogs aren’t given the chance like mine is because the resources and experience to help those dogs just isn’t available. The statistic is 1 in every 600 pits find a home. That gap is steadily rising, and this game is only going to increase that number.
    Again, people won’t play a game and go out and kill someone (not a normal person anyways), but someone who couldn’t care less about an animal wouldn’t think twice about fighting some dogs for money.
    The thing that I’ve seen as a former law enforcement officer is this. If someone can play part in, and be that brutal to a dog…what are they going to be capable of doing to a person. Violence starts in degrees. People generally don’t go out and just start beating other people to death…no. They start out small. Many people start out abusing animals, then they start fighting, then move on from there. They desensitize themselves to the point that they lose the value in life in general. THAT is where things turn from bad to worse. Habituation. If someone acts violently, regardless of whether its toward an animal or another human being, they’re instinct is going to be to act violently in any situation that may ilicit that form of a reaction.
    This game is dangerous to the American Pit Bull Terrier’s reputation, it is dangerous because people will act out their virtual exploits because an animals life holds little to no value and therefore the dogs are put at risk, etc.
    I know there are those that disagree with me, who still feel it is “just a game”, but again I say that violence takes steps, and this is one step I’d like to remove.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      Your argument is weak. People that kill people don’t feel it’s wrong or else they wouldn’t do it. Same thing with dog fighting. Almost all people in the United States will feel both are wrong, and those that don’t feel it’s wrong will probably also not feel murder is wrong. Your distinction is not logically solid.

  356. Nathalie says:

    Dog fighting is a serious crime, so why are people making a game out of it? These poor pitbulls are sitting in shelters wondering why they are there – this is why. We are teaching the next generations that ‘dog fighting is okay because I saw it on a game’ My point is that dog fighting is going to become more accepted if we are turning it into a game, please stop and take this useless game off the market!!!! 🙁

  357. Christine Pitcher says:

    Dog fighting is a crime that thousands in the animal rescue field have been working to get rid of for years. Making it into a video game only glorifies a deadly and vicious trend that needs no encouragement among young people or anyone who values life. Is Android/Google so desperate for money that they will do it on the backs of defenseless animals bred and killed for sport? Isn’t it possible to develop a game that brings out the best in human beings rather than the worst? Shame on these companies for pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    • Joseph says:

      Google did not create this app, nor do they approve of any app that is released on the Android market. Kage Games did. I could release an app of something you find equally reprehensible as long as I pay my developer dues, and Google would not know what I produced unless people flagged it.

      Don’t go about protesting something if you are not well informed. Following some news article blindly can lead you down paths that can harm your future without you realizing it until its too late.

  358. I am so heartened reading all of your posts. I went all over FB as soon as I saw this. THANK YOU for sharing it. I’m encouraging an email campaign to both Google and Verizon – or any other carriers that offer Droids. I told them to pull it or I’m giving my Droid to my dogs for a chew toy. (Oh, and selling my Google stock.) I encourage you to take all of the advice above and email, post, etc. to spread the word. Those of us who work in animal rescue know that it is so hard to feel like you are affecting change. We just work like crazy to do our small part and hope it adds up. With this at least, we have a chance to send a huge message about glorifying the abuse of animals.

  359. MikeT says:

    LOL @ the dumbfuck retards who are switching their search engines and people referring to “Android” as a company. Let’s lay out some facts:

    1) The app is free. Google makes zero profit from it.

    2) Google maintains an open market. They only remove apps that contain viruses or are otherwise malware. Starting to selectively remove apps specifically because some people don’t like the content sets a dangerous precedent.

    3) In the game, so don’t actually hear or see any of the fight or anything at all.

    4) 90% of you who have a problem with this game don’t have a problem with Call of Duty (killing HUMANS–with quite graphic depictions).

    5) All right kiddies, go fuck yourselves 😀

    • Amanda L. says:

      What is it you thinking trolling will do, exactly?

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        I don’t see his post any worse than the other posts saying they would like to kill the developers of the game. At least his post doesn’t make direct threats to people as others have here.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Ewan: Touche, sir. I’ve been cringing a lot, I have to say.

  360. Mike says:

    I doubt the game will be taken down, as it is just a game. I’m NOT defending it, just stating the obvious. I am a Pit owner myself & she’s one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet.

    Use this QR to go directly to the android market where this game sits to report it. Emailing ain’t going to do a damn thing.

    “dog fighting game” is currently trending (Top 10) in the Android Market, likely due to this article & others like it; all you’ve really accomplished by posting a “call to action” without bothering to actually do research on how the Marketplace works….is increase the app’s popularity.

    For those that need further reason to report this app however, here’s a comment left about an hour ago:
    “I’m 13 and I can’t wait to grow up so I can get my own pit to fight! So cool!”

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      I doubt that quoted comment is real. It’s probably someone on here posting it because they want to show the effects they feel it will have on children. A 13 year old would never really post that.

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  362. I am so heartened reading all of your posts. I went all over FB as soon as I saw this. THANK YOU for sharing it. I’m encouraging an email campaign to both Google and Verizon – or any other carriers that offer Droids. I told them to pull it or I’m giving my Droid to my dogs for a chew toy. (Oh, and selling my Google stock.) I encourage you to take all of the advice above and email, post, etc. to spread the word. Those of us who work in animal rescue know that it is so hard to feel like you are affecting change. We just work like crazy to do our small part and hope it adds up. With this at least, we have a chance to send a huge message about glorifying the abuse of animals.

  363. Mike says:

    ok…can’t post images. Hmm. Try go here: Dog Wars and click QR Code then scan it on your droid to open the market. Scroll to the bottom & report as offensive.

    • John says:

      I agree with Mike that the best option is to report the game as offensive. When reporting it, mark the reason as being the game is endorsing illegal and violent activity. Let the game developers make their case to Google why they should get their game to remain. Boycotting Google is not the answer, nor will it accomplish what you expect it to accomplish.

  364. Alison says:

    I was just about to say exactly the same as Steven Bely (23 April 10.15).

    Just because this may be legally OK, it is morally wrong, if all of the people who are defending this game are to admit that they think a game about raping children should also be released, then fine, but that really says more about you than it does about me.

    Maybe there could be a close up of the child’s tears, even have them screaming for their mum, surely that must be entertaining to most of you who find dogs ripping each other apart enjoyable?

    Some things should NEVER be acceptable!

    • Joseph says:

      Losing the ability to have a choice should never be acceptable.

      For a nation built with the freedom to choose to do billions of things every day, we sure are quick to remove choices we dislike instead of simply not choosing those choices.

    • John says:

      The reason that there is a legal (and moral) distinction between a video game in which an animal is hurt and one in which a child is raped is that while there is no evidence that either would produce any more of their respective crimes, the very existence of the game/media would cause incredible emotional trauma for anybody who had gone through that experience, enough so that it is illegal. This is obviously not the case for animals. So your comparison doesn’t work.

      • Amanda L. says:

        Let’s be clear that I am not remotely comparing myself to a child rape victim. I do find seeing abused dogs traumatizing. I’m also pretty sure that the vets, rescuers, law enforcement and countless others that worked in the dog fighter raids would disagree with you about ‘no trauma’. Many humans find evidence of torture and/or putting suffering animals to sleep to be a traumatic thing. Not on the level of rape, but certainly upsetting.

      • Joseph says:

        Actually, even if the media were to cause traumatic emotional distress to someone who lived through the event, it is still able to be presented, as you have the choice to watch/interact with said media. People, unfortunately, are raped every day, and people have loved ones murdered every day. However, shows like Law and Order: SVU and CSI exist, and they deal with these issues every single episode.

        The choice is up to each individual to determine if they can tolerate watching these shows or not, so if the person cannot tolerate these shows because it reminds them of their past experience, it is their responsibility to choose to not watch the shows. These shows are considered dramatic entertainment only, and they go ahead and state that its not for children. Since this exists, even though certain people do find the shows morally appalling, this “protection” exists over each and every form of media.

    • Adam says:

      If you’re going to start forcing morals on people, how do you decide who’s morals to use? Do you think YOU should be allowed to decide what’s right and wrong for everyone else? Perhaps you would like every woman to be forced to cover their face with a Hijab because some Muslims think that it’s immoral not to? Remember, some of them take forcing their morality on others so seriously that they became terrorists. What does this say about you?

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  366. John says:

    I understand your outrage. I honestly do. I even share your disgust for the game. However, I think that blaming Google in general for this instead of focusing solely on the maker of the game is misguided and reduces your effectiveness. Google didn’t put this game there, Kage Games put it there. You may as well blame Comcast internet for the existence of exploitive porn if your outrage is applied equally.

    Lobby to Google that the game is exploitive of an illegal and violent activity, and regardless of the developer’s claim to legal liability they are still nonetheless glorifying abhorrent illegal activity. Use their own qoute that you found (about people with a “bug up thier” you-know-what) as support for your case to Google that the developer is aware of the nature of their content and is still putting it on the app market. The game maker may even be violating Google’s rules for appropriateness– I’m unable to check right now because I’m on a mobile device, but you may want to look into that.

    When I get a chance I’ll see if I can find more avenues to pusue to get the game removed or censured. But the above is what I know off the top of my head. Good luck.

  367. kimberley richardson says:

    This “game” just perpetuates the myth that pit bulls are vicious. I have known two pit bulls and the only danger I ever faced was being licked to death! Take it down Google.

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  369. Rach says:

    Okay, so how bout a game about human trafficing…you keep russian immigrant girls chained in the basement and you get points for selling them off?? Oooo…better yet, how bout a game where you’re a plantation owner and you have to go to the market to buy negros to pick your cotton??? No? Okay, what about a game about pedophiles…you score points for luring the most kids into your van and bonus points for the more dispicable acts you do to them. How bout a puppy mill game…you breed, breed, breed em the more puppies, the more pints and when the mamas are all used up, points for slaughtering em…bonus if you let em starve to death instead. Maybe a drug empire game….you’re a drug lord and the bigger your empire the more points…PLUS the younger you get kids addicted the higher the point value!!! And of course bonus points for OD’s…especially in kids!!! HEY HEY HEY…LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!!I’M JUST TALKING ABOUT POSSIBLE GAMES…..JUST GAMES not real life…i’m not actually DOING or condoning all those things in real life and its my choice, right??? ((sarcastic tone))

    • Nicole says:

      Rach, the sad thing is that most if not all of the things you mentioned already do exist in games. We need to open our eyes to the overall filth that is promoted and celebrated in our culture and ask ourselves why, and what can we do about it.

      • Rach says:

        WOW really?? I had no idea there was a game out there where you can be a pedophile and stalk & rape children!! We need to protest that one too!! Or a slave management game…again, I had no idea…I was just being sarcastic to prove a point.

  370. Anyone who thinks this game is alright should be locked up along with the people who made it. All living things belong to GOD, and are not put here for our abuse, humans, dogs, cats, birds etc…… I haven’t seen anything this disgusting, I did not even look at it, but just the thought of anyone producing a game like this, should be put in a ring, and then see how they like fighting for their life.

  371. Suzy says:

    I am totally against dog fighting. This game is disgusting. These poor dogs are already being neglected by our law. I understand that this is a game but it still makes all those losers out there think that dog fighting is OK. I hope they pull this poison off the market.

  372. Soms says:

    Wow. This makes me feel incredibly sick. I understand that we have the option to download and play or not to, but this is just a horrible display of how violence has been integrated into our society as an every day thing. Will we be raping in the next game? This is just so sad.

  373. James Clark says:

    Please show some responsibility, some common sense and remove such a terrible example of amoral attitude from our midst. Show some class for a change and simply do what is right.

  374. Cathy says:

    Michael Vick did jail time for his animal abuse and SO SHOULD THE PEOPLE AT ANDROID AND GOOGLE SHOULD DO THE SAME for promoting this disqusting game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. Karen Pauli says:

    THIS IS SICK!!!! It ranks right up there with snuff films!!! You have just set humane education back a century!

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      If a single app can set humane education back a whole century I don’t think the education was that great to begin with.

  376. Nicole says:

    First of all, dog fighting is vile. I hope we can all agree on that. A video game or app about dog fighting is also vile. But we definitely need to look at the bigger picture. I can’t protest a dog fighting app if I don’t first protest all the video games that are specifically about killing humans. And maybe we should be protesting all of those. What does it say about our society that from a very young age, we find graphic violence so entertaining? Video games, movies, music, books, everyone talks about the celebration of gratuitous violence, but no one really does anything about it. We all know people who love gory movies and grew up on murderous video games but haven’t enacted any of that stuff in real life. Does that mean it’s OK to celebrate violence and suffering? These are the questions we have to ask ourselves. A dog fighting app is just one example of a disturbing cultural phenomenon.

  377. John says:

    This has nothing to do with Google.

    The Android Market is open which gives it freedom of speech and protected under amendments. The whole idea is if we start censoring applications than we are going down a slippery slope. What other apps will be censored? I am against dog fighting, but there are games out that are violent, take Call of Duty for example. It is a game where people can shoot other humans, even pedestrians and civilians. What about Grand Theft Auto where you can engage in sex with a prostitute and then kill her; sounds familiar in something that happened in Long Island.

    There are many video games that are violent, and that’s alright – they are just video games. Studies have shown that video games are not linked to violent behavior.

    Dog fighting is horrible and Android should make this game for mature audiences. But to say that this game should be removed and to boycott Google for owning the Android Market is a slippery slope that will lead to something similar to China’s censorship of the internet. Google is open. Google is free. The internet has many horrible games on it, lets hold the W3 Cosortium responsible. No, the internet is open just as Google’s Market Place is, hold content providers responsible, not the infrastructure.

    Michael Vick engaged in dog fighting activities far worse than this game. Boycott the NFL as well if you decide to boycott Google. I don’t know about you but as an American I couldn’t give up watching football, and as an internet user I couldn’t give up Gmail.

    • Amanda L. says:

      John: First off, let me note that I do get why people are worried about censorship. I’ve read about Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China. I’ve seen the silliness in America around, say, Harry Potter. I don’t want to live in a police state or take away everyone’s rights, though I suspect I have some views that differ from your’s.

      That said, a lot of you seem to making a lot of assumptions along the line of the former domino theory. One country would lead to another and another becoming communist, we’d become the enemy, and it’d all be over. You don’t know for sure what would happen, none of us do. It may well turn into it a nightmare. It could also easily turn into one controversial ruling that’s overturned. Or, at best, one app -might- be removed and life would continue to go on.

      America has gone back and forth about censorship. Sometimes it has been abused, sometimes people are screwed over for the sake of free speech. Things seem to be becoming more progressive, overall. Your leap to the worst possible ending is a -guess-, which is not more or no less accurate than mine. People have protested before and sometimes even gotten something removed. The end or the continued sex and violence trend and media has not been effected much, as it’s still going strong.

  378. minhan says:

    Hi,I am from China,welcome to my space.

  379. ilovejuice says:

    What is sick about this? If you OWN a dog (like the law says right?) then you can do whatever you want with it.

  380. slynnette says:

    This game is getting a LOT of free publicity here. No doubt it’s an irresponsible and disgusting creation, but remember how much more popular GTA became after so many protested it? People who never heard of GTA rushed out to buy it, just to see what the fuss was.

    • Andy says:

      It’s a shining example of reverse psychology. Those who are into the idea of a game will buy it, but then there’s the people who buy a game due to the complaints it received. This blog post and the associated comments and replies (and all those on other sites) are essentially free marketing for the game. On the Android Market, it currently has 4/5 stars and as soon as I can, I’ll be downloading the game and looking at it in detail, from an academic point of view to see what all the fuss really is about and also about its realism.

      I’ll subsequently be posting it on my blog in order to show my finding, because I doubt that the majority of people who have complained about it have actually played it at all. Even though I saw only a few minutes of the game, I still didn’t see much in the way of realism. Now granted, some may consider the game t be in bad taste, and that’s understandable, but I can’t see anything that would imply the game teaches people how to get into dog fighting. That’s like saying a first person shooter teaches people to shoot guns; it’s an outlandish assertion to make.

      Anyway, kids really shouldn’t be allowed play 18+ games. If there’s really that much of an issue with kids playing them then maybe people and parents need to be more strict about selling them to under 18s… that would solve more problems than ranting and raving about how “immoral” or “terrible” a game is. Contrary to popular belief, games are not just for kids and the sooner people realise that, the better.

      • Amanda L. says:

        My main objection to the game is that it adds to the media portraying dog fighting as cool/manly/whatever. There’s a scary amount of people with this perception and I cannot help but feel have it in game form adds to that. If, if it were not something that was as accepted as it is, I might feel differently. I’d at least find it less harmful on that end.

      • Andy says:

        What about the likes of GTA, Call of Duty or the Battlefield series? Do you not think that it adds to the perception that guns and killing people are cool? This game follows exactly the same principle as those, even if the characters aren’t human. Additionally, there have been games where you can shoot or kill animals… what about those?

      • Amanda L. says:

        Know I know how violent they are? Yes, yes I do. (I don’t think shooting a zombie trying to eat you is the same thing as killing random prostitutes.) I don’t play many video games and not violent ones, so I had no clue it was out there to protest it. I was feeling better about Call of Duty until I learned you could shoot civilians. heh.

        Oddly enough, I don’t play hunting games either.

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  382. TINA YOUNG says:

    this is sick i will no longer use google i’m against abuse to anything it is a sick to know there is people that support this kind of stuff.

  383. Steve says:

    You guys are the only sick ones here. Jeez, it’s just a game…

  384. Dawn says:

    Remove. Not appropriate. Totally sickening

  385. Geez, if you’re going to rage at least rage at the right target. Yes, Android is owned by Google. However the game was not developed by Google. It was developed by Kage Games.

    It would be like getting all pissy at Microsoft because some third party developed a game you find objectionable that runs on Windows.

  386. Richard Stallman says:

    You guys need to take a chill pill. It’s just entertainment.
    No sane adult is going to start a dog ring just because they played this game or heard a Michael Vick joke. Idiots.

    • Amanda L. says:

      We do have the right to object to material we find offensive. You don’t have to agree that it’s harmful. If other people do, they’ll do what they feel they need to. Such is life.

  387. Terri says:

    I suppose I am beyond shock that somebody would design and promote a game like this – but to have it accepted is quite shocking. I cannot imagine the type people who will lay down money in order to spend time on something that I feel is socially sick. Yes, I do realize that it is a ‘game’ but can you nay sayers not get the fact that citizens are working hard towards securing some updated legislation that will see the lives and safety of our pets (and other animals) protected by law and their criminal owners finally being tried for their inhumane neglect, torture and worse that they have knowingly inflicted on them. And for those that just don’t “get it” – and see it as all good fun…please stay away from kids and don’t own pets. The lack of empathy is unbelievable. Do yourselves a favour: update yourself on Michael Vick and what he did to his dogs in the name of ‘sport’. Google dog fighting. If it doesn’t make you disgusted…then you outta think why. If you still think it would be cool to play out Virk’s torturous behavior towards those innocent dogs. as a fantasy game……then you need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you think it’s fun. It’s a living hell for many dogs. Think about it please.

  388. Becca says:

    Some quotes from wiki…

    “The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.”

    In places where dog fighting is outlawed, its clandestine culture is believed to be directly related to other crimes and to community violence. Peripheral criminal activities that sometimes occur at a dog fight include illegal gambling, racketeering, drug trafficking, Prostitution and gang violence. As with other criminal enterprises, communities often suffer from the unlawful activities occurring in their neighborhoods. Animal advocates also cite desensitization to violence and animal cruelty as an unwelcome corollary of dog fighting, particularly among child spectators.

    I have already posted my objection to the game to Android. It is sick. It makes you wonder.. how many real dog fights have the makers of this game attended or even organized in order to create a game about it?

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      I don’t think you understand the spirit of your quote. Free speech shall not infringe upon the rights of others. This game in no way infringes upon anyones personal rights. The quote you are referring to is for yelling fire in a movie theater or making libelous and slanderous claims about an individual.

  389. stephen leuw says:

    How irresponsible Google must ban this

  390. Andy says:

    I have to wonder… have any of the people who complained about this game actually played it? If you look at the more recent games in the GTA series are more realistic than the early games; have people played those either? At the end of the day, neither of the games are real, and if someone is not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, then they really shouldn’t be playing games in the first place. Also, kids really shouldn’t be allowed to play games that are meant for adults!

    It’s apparent to me that all the complaints about this game have resulted in much greater publicity for the game (meaning more people will want to download it to see what the fuss is about, amongst other reasons), for as everyone knows, there’s no such thing as bad press; the people protesting the game have essentially done the complete opposite of what they intended to do! Secondly, threatening violence against the developers of this game is just totally pointless, as it erodes your argument against the game completely, especially given you’re threatening actual physical harm against a person, which last time I checked was against the law in any country.

    The game is at the end of the day a simulation, thus while it depicts a realistic scenario (as many games do), it’s still not reality. I have played many violent games in my time, and I feel no inclination to act violently towards a person as a result. It seems that the only time a violent game makes someone prone to violence is when someone is protesting against it, and even then I am left wondering if they have actually played it at all! This is an extreme irony in my eyes.

    My friend downloaded and played the game because he wanted to know what all the fuss was about, but he gave up before he ever got to the actual fighting, but I honestly can’t see what the fuss is about, given you can tell it’s a game and not real at all. It’s not like playing the game will result in actual deaths, given all the dogs in the game are simply just a pile of pixels.

    The fact that people are boycotting Google products because the game exists on the Android Marketplace is highly amusing to me, given that they had nothing to do with the development of the game. If you lot really feel that strongly about stopping dog fighting and dispelling the myths surrounding pits and related breeds, then instead of sitting on your arses complaining about this game, you should be out there trying to actively educate people because in the grand scheme of things, if this game gets removed, it won’t be a victory by any stretch; this game will still exist, even if it’s not on the Android Marketplace and dog fighting will still go on.

    The existence of this game has no real bearing on whether or not dog fighting will be around; if people want to get into it, they don’t need a game to help get them into it!

    Lastly, the US isn’t the only country in the world that accesses the Google Marketplace, so what makes people think one country has sway over what the rest of the world has access to? All these protests and arguments are a waste of time at the end of the day and accomplish nothing. The energy put into all this complaining about the game could have been put into actually helping the animals out. Instead, we have people saying “This game is bad, ban it!”, which at the end of the day accomplishes nothing.

    I agree with who ever said earlier that people only complain about this game’s existence in order to make them feel better about themselves because they’re doing what they think is a Good Thing. It isn’t even close. There’s a lot of actual, terrible things going on in this world, and everyone seems to be more into shouting about it as opposed to doing something about it. If you all really feel that strongly about dog fighting existing and combating ignorance towards pit bulls and other breeds considered dangerous, then put your money where your mouth is, and do something constructive as opposed to talking about it!

    Like I pretty much said earlier, threatening actual harm/violence towards the developers is going to do nothing at the end of the day, and it makes you look really bad in any reasonably-minded person’s mind.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      I played the game as well. I have a feeling 99% of the most aggressive comments here have never even played the game. There is nothing realistic about it. It is a few barely animated sprites. The original mortal kombat is a much more gruesome game.

      • Andy says:

        It doesn’t surprise me that most people who complain about it haven’t played the game; they’re disgusted with the idea of it, meaning they’re essentially trying to suppress a thought, which makes me think of 1984. If someone is going to protest something, they really need to experience it themselves (with certain exceptions, mainly if it’s life-threatening) before doing so. At least then they’ll either be informed enough to protest it, or they’ll realise it’s not worth protesting and will put their energy into more worthy causes.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Andy: “At the end of the day, neither of the games are real, and if someone is not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, then they really shouldn’t be playing games in the first place. Also, kids really shouldn’t be allowed to play games that are meant for adults! ”

      We can’t keep firearms from people like Kip Kinkel and Jared Loughner. If you find a way to keep violent material from the severely mentally ill, please feel free to share.

      • Andy says:

        There’s always going to be exceptions to the rule. If someone really wants, or wants to do something they shall, regardless of if it’s illegal or not. You can’t prevent everyone from doing something.

        Also, I have no idea who Kip Kinkel and Jared Loughner are, so the names mean nothing to me.

      • Amanda L. says:

        “If someone really wants, or wants to do something they shall, regardless of if it’s illegal or not.”

        Yes and no. Some things can be prevented or made far more difficult. I’d like to see more care with the gun laws in some states. Most of us can agree that something deemed ‘homocidal/psychotic’ is not the ideal gun owner choice, as much as we values our rights. (I don’t want a total gun ban, I just want people that scream ‘I am homocidal’ and scare their colleges for good reason to not have such easy access).

        Kip Kinkel was a mentally ill teenage boy. He wrote essays about violence and was flagged as having problems by teachers. His parents had him in therapy. He was obsessed with guns and they brought him guns. He shot up his high school. Jared Loughner was an obviously mentally ill man that was flagged as ill at his school and by his family. He was still easily able to get a gun and shoot people up at a political rally.

        My point was that we cannot manage to protect people when life and death are on the line. The idea that video games will be better enforced is improbable. It shouldn’t be as the expectation isn’t unreasonable, but there it is.

  391. Jain Parsons says:

    This is a definite WTF moment. Its hard enough trying to stamp out this barbaric practise which causes unbelievable suffering- not only the poor fighting dogs but, more often than not, someone’s beloved stolen pets who are used as bait dogs. Ban it now and stop encouraging animal cruelty. Dicks!

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  393. EMoore says:

    What kind of sick SOB would come up with an app like this anyway and even sicker SOB would even consider marketing such. This world is violent enough, dogs are abused and tortured and you want to glorify such actions in a game? WTH? Dogs are living creatures, made by God just as you and I were and why in the world would you want to have a game app to glorify them being tortured, forced to fight and killed? This is an outage and needs to be pulled. The person that came up with it should be ashamed of themself. Pull it, don’t glorify violence against animals.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      The Android marketplace does not actively market any app. It is what’s referred to as a repository. There is a huge difference.

  394. Pingback: Please complain!
  395. April Cutcher says:

    Unbelieveable with all the people in the world trying to stop this
    horrific act of violence against innocent animals..WTF ?????
    We need to make this known worldwide and boycott these
    people. Put this on Youtube and make it go viral !!!!!!

  396. karen lyons kalmenson says:

    google with all the power of you
    think of what good you could do
    what you choose, sadly instead
    is produce an app,that
    encourages bloodshed
    stupid is, as stupid does
    do you want this to be
    your google buzz:(

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      They do not produce the app. I see a lot of ignorance flying around here about Google’s involvement. I think less than 1% of the posters actually understand how little involvement Google has in this whole thing.

      • Me says:

        Because they can’t look past the title
        DOG FIGHTING GAME RELEASED by Android/Google

        They don’t bother to read past it and can’t differeniate that Android and Apple are not operated in the same manner. IMO, I think the title is purposely misleading to stir an emotional outburst from the masses. It wouldn’t have the same affect if it said Kage Games releases dog fighting game on Android/Google. Kage Games is not a common household name like Google. Also, BSL News has stated that they feel it’s foolish to go after the developer. So, they have no REAL interest in removing the app completely, just from the Android Market.

  397. Crystal B. says:

    Dog fighting in any form (realsitic or not) is socially inappropriate and unacceptable. Get Real???? Hundreds of thousands of dogs are put down every year because of the perversity this game glorifies. Thousands of bait dogs are murdered, maimed, and treated inhumanly for this sport. Where do you think the ideas come from? I am in dog rescue, I have witnessed both of my examples at the shelters waiting for the court case. Horrible…and most dogs are put down after the case goes to court.

  398. Adam says:

    While I agree that this app is in poor taste and will offend people. I am even more disgusted that so many of you are ready to demand that it be pulled from the market. There are many, many games out there that are in poor taste, and glorify illegal behavior. We may not agree with them, but censorship is wrong. Once you start censoring, it’s impossible to know where to draw the line. Suddenly everyone is subjected to YOUR idea of right and wrong. Not to mention, you’re suggesting that other people are incapable of deciding for themselves what is or isn’t ok for them. How would you like it if your favorite movies or books were destroyed, never to be seen again, because someone else thought there was something inappropriate about them?

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      I find the hypocrisy amazing. I’ve seen posts on here calling for people to be shot, tortured, put in a ring, etc, etc. Very few on here seem to have any sort of rational head about this whole thing. It’s an angry mob at this point with no real direction. Google is all about free speech. Free speech is easy to defend when the topic is not controversial, but I think Google has done a good job instead of the slippery slope censorship Apple has shown. For example, when there was an app that attempted to “fix” homosexuals, Apple let it through to make the Christian right happy, but then pulled it to make the homosexual community happy. It is a slippery slope that I don’t think would set a good precedent.

    • Rach says:

      Okay Adam, so you’d be defending a game where the user assumed the role of a pedophile and the purpose is to lure children to your house? The more dispicable the act you do to them, the more points you get. That game would be okay to be put out there cuz GOD FORBID we censor anything, right??? What about a game where you are a plantation owner and you run your plantation by managing the aquisition of blacks to pick your cotton? You buy more to produce more cotton and you whip the ones that get out of line for extra points….these games would be okay to you and should be out there for people to CHOOSE whether or not to play them, right?? There IS a LINE for basic right and wrong, whether it has to do with people or animals, and MOST people know when that line has been crossed, but for some they need to be TOLD otherwise who’s to stop devolpers from making games such as the ones I put forth?? You can’t defend this game and not defend a potential game where you assume the role of a rapist and you score points for every person you rape, or a game about the KKK where you develop a communitiy of Klansmen and go around hanging black people for points. There IS a line and this game crossed it.

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        All of the games you mentioned would not violate the TOS for the Android market. In all of those situations the apps would be allowed to stay. You may not like them (a lot of people may not like them), but that’s the great thing about free speech. You can not force morality upon people. Sergay Brin’s (of Google) family has no doubt suffered more persecution than most on this board, and I’m sure he’d defend his company’s position of free speech.

      • Andy says:

        Who is to say that similar games haven’t been made and you just don’t know about them? If people weren’t so focused on saying “this game is bad, kill the developers!”, then most people wouldn’t have heard of it. Instead, with all the complaints about the game, MORE PEOPLE have “bought” it. Except, in this case the game is free, though what I said applies to any game that is controversial.

      • Rach says:

        Well Ewan, you’ve obviously NOT done your research because ALL of the games (except the puppy mill one) WOULD violate the Android Market Developer Program Policies under the Android Terms of Service.

        “Content Policies

        Our content policies apply to any content your application displays or links to, including any ads it shows to users and any user-generated content it hosts or links to. In addition to complying with these policies, the content of your app must be rated in accordance with our Content Rating Guidelines.

        *Illegal Activities: Keep it legal. Don’t engage in unlawful activities on this product”

        The preceding is an exact quote from the android market TOS, so as you can see, nobody has to force morality on anyone when it’s spelled out in black and white….no illegal activity is allowed to be depicted, so all of my hypothetical games would never make it and as dog fighting is illegal, I am confident that this game will be removed as well and Sergay Brin (of Google) will do so with an apology.

      • Rach says:

        Aaaaand…found ANOTHER piece of the android TOS that is applicable….

        Illegal Activities
        Android market should not be used for unlawful purposes or for promotion of dangerous and illegal activities. If found engaging in such activity, we may deny access to Android Market, terminate your account, notify law enforcement authorities, or take other appropriate action.

        Once again, there’s no question that dog fighting is dangerous and illegal, and there’s no question that this game promotes said activity, ergo it violates the TOS and will eventually be removed.

    • Amanda L. says:

      Adam, it’s okay if we, personally, do not feel censorship is a greater evil than this game. You don’t have to agree and I respect that you don’t. I just hope you’ll extend the same courtesy to us.

  399. [email protected] says:

    This is disgusting that people this is an acceptable “GAME” for people to play. Maybe those who download it should have a police officer and animal cruelty investigators show up on their doorstep to search their home. I have fostered numerous dogs who were owned by these scumbags who fight dogs. Some of them have been in the news recently for having her ears tied off with rubber bands. Thank god for her that she is now in an amazing home with people who love her instead of being used for bait. She’d probably be dead by now and she’s only 6 months old. This is not fun, this is not a good thing to promote, and whoever came up with this is a real piece of garbage.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      “Maybe those who download it should have a police officer and animal cruelty investigators show up on their doorstep to search their home.” That’s the most unamerican thing I have seen on here today. Should the police show up on your doorstep for reading communist literature on the Internet? Same thing.

  400. anyone who thinks dog fighting is a joke is just sick and should go visit shelters of animals that survived fights and survived being eating by a dog, its not a nice sight

  401. Amanda says:

    This is disgusting that people think this is an acceptable “GAME” for people to play. Maybe those who download it should have a police officer and animal cruelty investigators show up on their doorstep to search their home. I have fostered numerous dogs who were owned by these scumbags who fight dogs. Some of them have been in the news recently for having her ears tied off with rubber bands. Thank god for her that she is now in an amazing home with people who love her instead of being used for bait. She’d probably be dead by now and she’s only 6 months old. This is not fun, this is not a good thing to promote, and whoever came up with this is a real piece of garbage.

  402. Bill says:

    This game is sick, and the people that are defending it, saying it’s “just a game, and entertainment” disgust me. would you be saying the same thing if there was an app called “KKK”, where you hunted down black men to hang? What’s going on with our society?

    • Rach says:

      AMEN to that! I posted earlier posing the question…what abt a game about human trafficking or pedophiles or drug lords or puppy milling….just a game right?? People who use that argument are clueless!

      • Ewan McGigger says:

        No, you are clueless. Free speech is free speech. You may not like a game that is created with that premise, but it does not violate the TOS of the Android market and I would argue it be allowed to stay. That’s the thing about free speech, you can’t defend it only for the things you agree with. The Android market has never taken a game down purely because of content (only if it is a virus or malware). What makes this special? Nothing.

  403. Tana says:

    Most violent games bother me and outrage me. Especially, that they are made to be played by our children, youth. The idea that a game involving dog fighting has been developed is deeply disturbing. I think it should be pulled immediately. I think as a society and game designers we need to rethink violence as entertainment. What is the point. We have been training our youth up though media for years. They embrace some of the violence that is happening in the world. Many are war supporters at young ages. Violence is everywhere-cartoons, video games, movies, TV, commercials, in their homes. It is not a wonder that after some of my 4th grade students witnessed a SWAT team and many officers responding to a scene, while they waited at the bus stop and looked through the windows of their apartments, that it was “so cool”, “so awesome”. That made me SICK. Just like this does.

  404. Arwen says:

    I find it kind of silly that this game/app is considered “disgusting”, yet people are more accepting of games where wild animals are captured and forced to battle against each other (Pokemon), where theft and beating up/killing people are main objections of the game (Grand Theft Auto), or even where two humans viciously fight each other with sometimes super-human powers to the bloody death (any side-scrolling fight game). These are things that are totally unacceptable and would land people in jail if done in real life, but in a mere game they are acceptable. Why should a game featuring dog fighting be considered worse or less acceptable?

    Oh, and whilst on the topic of Pokemon, because I saw someone defend it earlier…

    In the game, you go around CAPTURING WILD ANIMALS and using them to do your bidding in battle. BATTLE. A fight between two Pokemon is called a “Pokemon battle.” They use a variety of attack and defense techniques against each other, until one becomes “too weak to continue fighting” and “faints”. Then the winner receives money! Obviously, Nintendo made the game as friendly and non-graphic as possible so that they can market it to kids. But is it really all that dissimilar to dog or cock fighting?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating this dog fighting game. But I think it’s kind of silly to make such a big deal about something that isn’t actually harming anyone or anything, when there are games out there that are far worse, politically, morally, and graphically. And as stated by people before me, boycotting Google and Android is a silly move, guys. If you don’t like it, you should complain directly to the company that produced the game.

    • Arwen says:

      main objectives*, not main objections, sorry.

      • Rach says:

        So by ur logic, my game suggestions earlier of slave management and pedophile antics would be okay, right?? I mean its not “actually harming anyone or anything”…your words not mine.

      • Arwen says:

        Rach, it isn’t letting me reply to your comment, so I’m replying to my own. I’m not justifying the subject material as “okay” or “acceptable”. The subject material of certain games is ALWAYS going to be controversial (i.e. beating up a hooker and stealing her money, hijacking a car, capturing wild animals for your own benefit, etc. etc. etc.). There’s even a game that allows you to be a god (Black & White). You can either be a benevolent god, or an evil god who gains followers and worshipers by setting fire to villages, sacrificing people, and smacking your “holy creature” around. Is it morally right? Hardly. But at the end of the day, a simulation is just a simulation. And I would think that most of the people who play video games can identify the difference between the game and real life, and would not be influenced to act out the way a character might in a game.

        Would a game portraying “slave management” or “pedophile antics” really be any better or worse than a game that positively reinforces (through the unlocking of achievements or the gaining of experience or money) theft, abuse, violence, pollution, and other morally unacceptable behavior?

      • Andy says:

        @Rach: To be honest, a game to do with slave management (or has slave management as an aspect of it) could be considered more acceptable if it were based within a more historical context. Now granted, in these modern times the sort of slavery that is likely being mentioned here is considered to be wrong, but about 200+ years ago, people thought nothing of having a slave, hell even in Roman times, it was considered acceptable to have a slave.

        @Arwen: I doubt I could really add to what you have said, other than I agree with it all.

        Point being though that through cultural differences and shifts in society, some things are considered acceptable or wrong, or switch between them, depending on how a particular society or civilisation considers things; what’s wrong to one country or society may not be to another, and forcing one person’s moral standards upon another is infringing on their rights. At the end of the day, this game isn’t real, and as of yet there is no conclusive evidence that people playing this game have been involved with, or will get involved with dog fighting.

        If there is a reputable, unbiased source that proves that violent games cause violence in people, then by all means link it, because until then, people’s assertions of this so-called “fact” are nothing more than opinion.

  405. joshua says:

    this is the most disgusting piece of garbage that i have seen in a long time. on top of fostering animals that were intended to be used as bait, i’ve been into homes and backyards to rescue fighting dogs. that is no life to live, and any person who thinks this game is “awesome” deserves to live in the small wooden boxes in the hot hot heat, filled with their own feces, and maybe if they are lucky, if they are lucky, the water bowl might be filled that day. find the person that made this app, and let them be crucified in public as a promoter of garbage in society.

    • Ewan McGigger says:

      Hypocrite. You think an appropriate punishment for someone who has created games or satire is physical abuse?

  406. joyce Hagan says:

    Outrageous!! OMG….Did you do this to get attention..?
    Are you a dog fighter yourself….how can you be so insensitive….you are promoting dog fighting….is this legal? You are showing total lack of responsibility…
    I will quit using Google and advise others to do the same…

  407. David bailey says:

    Ths is not appropriate and should be band from the site.