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[Infographic] Pit Bull Heroes – 76 Pit Bull Heroes From 1917 – 2016

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The Ultimate Pit Bull Heroes Infographic!

From our Pit Bull Heroes Database we derived some interesting information about pit bull heroes and created the infographic titled, “Pit Bull Heroes – 76 Pit Bull Heroes From 1917 – 2016.  On the Pit Bull Heroes infographic you find data points such as what state are you most likely to find a pit bull hero, the breakdown of their heroic deed, pit bulls that died or were injured protecting their owners, most common and unusual names of pit bull heroes, awards and honors, and the story of the pit bull stray, Sergeant Stubby that became a WWI war hero.

If you know anyone who has ever doubted the heroic nature of pit bulls, please share this infographic with them!

Pit Bull Heroes Database

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Where is the good news about pit bulls?

We started to do some research and discovered a few articles where pit bulls heroically saved their owners from fires, attackers, and even bee swarms.  We thought surely someone has consolidated all the pit bull heroes into one list.  We were able to find some lists but many of the links to the original news article were broken and the list were incomplete.

Unable to find a complete list of pit bull heroes, we decided we would have to compile the list ourselves.  Well, hundreds of hours later we have completed the Pit Bull Heroes’ Database. The database includes 76 pit bull heroes, the link to the original news article, date, name of the pit bull hero, location, heroic deed, video link,  and quick summary.

Pit Bull Hero Story Pit Bull Hero’s Name Date City Location Heroic Deed Video Summary
Sergeant Stubby, a Pit Bull, Was the Most Decorated Dog of WWI Sergeant Stubby 7/15/1917 New Haven CT Notifies Yes Most decorated dog of WWI was a pit bull. Warned soldiers of gas, incoming bombs, and caught a German spy. Later met three presidents.
Weela, a Pit Bull, Saves 30 People, 29 Dogs, 13 Horses, and 1 Cat From Massive Flood Weela 1/5/1993 Imperial Beach CA Notifies No Weela swam across rough waters to bring food to animals trapped because of flood waters. She also saved people from crossing the river in dangerous spots.
Popsicle, a Pit Bull, Abandoned By Drug Dealers Becomes Top Drug Sniffing Dog For U.S. Customs Popsicle 4/26/1999 Buffalo NY Detects Drugs No Popsicle was found in bag inside a refrigerator at a known drug dealer. Popsicle graduated #1 from U.S. Customs drug sniffing program and helped prevent the largest cocaine shipment in U.S. history.
Benny, a Pit Bull, Shot Dead Saving Owner From Mugger Benny 3/25/2006 Oakland CA Attacker No Owner pistle whipped. His pit bull attacked the mugger but was shot between the shoulder blades and died.
Destiny, a Pit Bull, Saves 9-Year Old Boy from Abduction Destiny 7/26/2006 Fort Collins CO Abduction No Dog scares child predator away and alerts parents
Tank, a Pit Bull, Prevents Abduction of Teenage Girl Tank 8/10/2006 Kenai AK Abduction No Tank bites the abductor preventing him from taking teen girl
Pit Bull Dies Saving Two Women From Cobra Chief 2/24/2007 Manila Phillipines Animal Attack No Dog jumps in front of attacking cobra and dies saving its owner. Some sources report this article is fake to keep the Phillipine authorities from banning Pit Bulls.
Maya, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Rapists – Named Hero Dog of the Year Maya 1/24/2008 Sillicon Valley CA Attacker No Named hero dog of the year in 2008
Cisco, a Pit Bull, Drags Woman With Broken Foot to Safety Cisco 3/14/2008 New Richmond WI Pulls From Danger No Owner slipped on ice in the backyard and broke her foot. Her 100 pound pit bull pulled her out the cold and to a phone.
Two Pit Bulls Save Chihuahua From the Jaws of a Coyote Unknown 8/2/2010 Littleton CO Saves Animal No Rushes to save Chihuahua taken by two coyotes
Diamond, a Pit Bull, Willing to Die to Save Family From Fire Named spcaLA’s Hero Dog of the Year Diamond 10/24/2010 Hayword CA Fire Yes Warned father and nine year old daughter of a fire. Then found the sixteen year daughter hiding under the bed and layed with her until the firefighters arrived.
Purple, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Being Raped Purple 12/13/2010 Buford GA Rape No Dog bites attacker while owner is almost raped
Phoebe, a Pit Bull, Saves Tiny Abandoned Kitten From Death Phoebe 12/27/2010 Troy NY Saves Animal No Phoebe’s good nose discovers a stray abadoned kitten
Layla, a Pit Bull, Becomes Expert Peanut Sniffer Layla 1/9/2011 San Diego CA Notifies No Dog can point out peanuts to alert family
Angel, a Stray Pit Bull, Saves Woman and Child From Attacker Angel 2/4/2011   FL Attacker No Stray Pit defends mother and son against attacker
Gladys, a Pit Bull, Saves Baby Bunnies Gladys 3/1/2011   RI Saves Animal No Finds baby bunnies abandoned and saves them
Tank, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Fire Tank 5/23/2011 Apple Valley CA Fire No Notifies family of fire before they realize it
Bonnie, a Pit Bull, Pulls Owner From Car Wreck Bonnie 7/20/2011 Elko NV Pulls From Danger No pulls her out of a car wreckage!
Cash, a Pit Bull, Protects Pregnant Guardian From Attacker Cash 9/8/2011 Elyria OH Robber Yes Bites mugger who attacked a pregnant woman
Champion, a Pit Bull, Saves Elderly Woman Champion 9/26/2011 Carnegie PA Notifies Yes Notifies owner of elderly fallen in ditch!
Bommer, a Pit Bull, Fends Off Woman’s Attackers Boomer 10/19/2011 Bullhead City AZ Attacker No Escapes yard to save stranger from other pitbulls!
Titan, a Pit Bull, Saves Woman With Brain Aneurysm Titan 10/23/2011 Lawernceville GA Detects Illness No Kept owner from leaving house to show him wife
Dallas, a Pit Bull, Defends Home Against Bear Dallas 12/1/2011 Travares FL Animal Attack No Beats bear in a fight!
Nikki, a Service Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Seizures Nikki 2/15/2012 Ogden UT Detects Illness No Gives owner to to 2 hours notice before seizure
Kilo, a Pit Bull, Takes Bullet Instead Of Owner and Runs Off Burglars Kilo 4/4/2012 Staten Island NY Robber Yes Protected owner from home intruder and takes a bullet to the head.
Bo, a Pit Bull, and 12 Year-Old Girl Save Unconscious Drowning Stray Bo 4/5/2012 Arabi LA Saves Animal No Bo notifies a young girl of a drowning dog.
Pit Bull Shot and Killed Defending Owners from Robbers Unknown 4/9/2012 Fort Worth TX Robber No Died to save owner and owners wife
Lilly, a Pit Bull, Pulls Unconscious Owner From Oncoming Train Lilly 5/3/2012 Shirley MA Pulls From Danger Yes Dog gets hit by train to save owner!
Lilly, a Rescued Pit Bull, Finds Help For Fallen Owner Lilly 6/11/2012 Beachwood NJ Notifies No Found help for fallen owner
Ruger, a Pit Bull, Protects Valpo Family From Home Invasion Ruger 7/20/2012 Valparasio IL Robber No Ruger the Pit Bull protected family from home invasion.
Abby, a Pit Bull, Saves Neighbor From Fire Abby 10/30/2012 Ionia MI Fire No Nonstop barking to alert neighbor of fire
Chomper & Lily, Pit Bulls, Help Cops Catch Thief Chomper & Lily 12/4/2012 Midvale UT Notifies Yes Helps police nab a car thief
Pit Bull Saves Woman From Rapist Unknown 1/5/2013 West Columbia SC Rape No Saved owner from being raped and possibly killed by two intruders
Pit Bull Trio – Stella, Noah, & Silas – Saves Owner From Gas Leak Stella, Noah, & Silas 1/30/2013 Loganville WI Detects Gas Yes Owner was alerted to a gas leak while sleeping.
Baby, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From Fire Baby 2/13/2013 Wellston OK Fire Yes Nudged owner awake and then went back into the flames to save the other dogs.
Creature, a Pit Bull, Finds Missing Woman Suffering From Dementia Creature 3/1/2013 Piscataway NJ Notifies Yes Finds a woman with demential in a ditch.
Cain, a Pit Bull, Saves NY Woman From Burning House Cain 5/4/2013 Long Island NY Fire Yes Barked to alert owner of Fire. Saved her life.
Louie, a Pit Bull, Saves Mom and Baby From Home Invasion Louie 5/7/2013 Bethany OK Robber Yes Chased guy posing as UPS out of house
Lefty, a Pit Bull, Takes Bullet For Owner Lefty 7/22/2013 Accomac VA Attacker No Pitbull loses leg from bullet wound, saves family
Elle, a Pit Bull, Named 2013 Hero of the Year Elle 10/8/2013 Roanoke NC Therapy Yes Helps people with fear of dogs
TatorTot, a Pit Bull, Saves 4-Year Old Boy TatorTot 10/9/2013 Brooklyn Park MN Detects Illness Yes Dog smells low blood sugar levels in boy
Jack, a Pit Bull, Saves Cat from Coyotes Jack 10/12/2013 Tampa FL Saves Animal Yes Pitbull fights off 2 coyotes to save cat!
Chako, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Abusive Partner Chako 11/9/2013 Richmond VA Attacker Yes Got stabbed 12 times to save her owner!
Mercy, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Machete Wielding Intruders Mercy 11/17/2013 Edmonton Canada Attacker Yes A pit bull saved a woman from being attacked by a machete
Champ, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Mugger Champ 1/15/2014 Little Rock AK Attacker No Dog saved owner from getting mugged at home
Peaches, a Therapy Pit Bull, Helps Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing Peaches 1/15/2014 Charlotte NC Therapy No Helped the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Hunter, a Pit Bull, Saves Family Two Weeks After Adoption Hunter 3/13/2014 Detroit MI Detects Gas Yes Notices gas leak, saves family
Major, a Pit Bull, Calls 911 While Owner Has Seizure Major 5/12/2014 Zanesville OH Detects Illness Yes Vet owner has seizure and dog calls 911.
Ace, a Pit Bull, Saves Deaf Boy From Fire Ace 7/23/2014 Indianapolis IN Fire Yes Wakes up deaf boy to alert him of house fire
Blitz, the Pit Bull, Saves a Woman From Her Estranged Husband Blitz 8/24/2014 Holland MI Attacker Yes Pit bull saved a female neighbor who was being attacked by her estranged husband.
Hades, a Pit Bull, Carries Child Away From Bee Swarm Hades 8/28/2014 Oregon City OR Pulls From Danger Yes Saves kid from bees by giving him a ride away from danger.
Jinx, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From Fire Jinx 9/2/2014 Springfield MO Fire No Pit bull woke up a sleeping mother and her one year old baby from a fire.
Buddy, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Fire Buddy 9/12/2014 Mansfield OH Fire No Buddy wakes owner from certain death by fire
Calie, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From 3 Alarm Fire Calie 9/20/2014 Chelsea MA Fire Yes Notifies man of fire in house before alarms do
Messiah, a Pit Bull, Saves 72-Year Old Owner By Detecting Low Blood Sugar Level Messiah 10/23/2014 Hudson Falls NY Detects Illness No Also smells low blood sugar levels in owner.
Tiger, a Pit Bull, Saves Owner And Goes To Get Help For His Medical Emergency Tiger 11/3/2014 Toledo OH Notifies No Found neighbor to come give his person help
Trigger, a Pit Bull, Saves Child From Labrador Dog Attacking Her Trigger 11/20/2014 West Palm Beach FL Animal Attack Yes Pitbull saves little girl from attacking lab!
Lou, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From Fire Lou 1/20/2015 Carbondale PA Fire Yes Barked to alert sleeping family of fire in house
Tank, the Pit Bull, Saves Family From Rabid Racoon Tank 2/12/2015 Norwich CT Animal Attack Yes Tank saves family from a rabid raccoon.
Thor, a Pit Bull, Stopped An Armed Robbery Thor 2/15/2015 Saco ME Robber Yes Thor, a pit bull, prevented an armed man from robbing a gas station.
Shrek, a Pit Bull, Saves Family From a Fire Shrek 3/2/2015 Farnham NY Fire Yes Pit bull warned family of fire.
Isis, a Pit Bull, Protects Owner From a Drunk Boyfriend Isis 3/6/2015 Hazel Park MI Attacker Yes Isis, the pit bull, saves owner from a destraught boyfriend.
Pittie, a Pit Bull, Saves Kitten Pittie 3/16/2015 Dallas TX Saves Animal Yes Kitten was abandoned and pitbull nursed it!
Raja, a Pit Bull, Saves His Human’s Life During Fire Raja 4/8/2015 Indianapolis IN Fire Yes Raja saves owner from a raging fire
Ember, the Pit Bull, Notifies Owner of Son Collapsing With a Seizure Ember 6/3/2015 Monroe OH Detects Illness Yes Son collapses with a seizure and Ember, the families pit bull notifies the mother of her son’s plight.
Sweet Dee, the Family Pit Bull, Saves Owner After Suffering a Heart Attack Sweet Dee 6/22/2015 West Roxbury MA Detects Illness Yes Sweet Dee the family pit bull wakes up wife after discovering husband has had a heart attack in the family room.
Chief, a Pit Bull, Saves 3-Year-Old From Bear Attack Chief 7/20/2015 Long Valley NJ Animal Attack Yes Chief, the family’s pit bull saw a bear running towards a 3-year-old and bite the the bear in the leg and chased the bear out of the yard.
Jonie, a Pit Bull, Saves Chachi Jonie 7/23/2015 Savannah GA Saves Animal Yes stray pit saves stray chiuahuah
Leala, a Pit Bull, Saves Two Year Old Life After Finding Him Face Down In Pond Leala 8/1/2015 New South Wales Australia Notifies Yes Dove into a pond to save a drowning two year old and unable to pull him out notifies parents.
Pit Bull Protects Toddler Abandoned in the Woods Unknown 10/15/2015 Jacksboro TN Notifies Yes Mother high on meth abandoned her toddler in the woods. A pit bull in the neighborhood layed next to the child and protected him throughout the cold night.
Lucy, a Pit Bull, Dies Protecting Family From a Knife Wielding Attacker Lucy 10/20/2015 Fort Meyer FL Attacker Yes Lucy dies protecting family from a knife wielding attacker.
Dulce, a Deaf Pit Bull, Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Dulce 1/9/2016 Savannah OH Detects Gas No Saves from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Droggie, the Pit Bull, Saves Owner From Screwdriver Wielding Attacker Droggie 1/12/2016 West Covina CA Attacker Yes Pit Bull steps in to save owner from a man attacking with a scewdriver.
3-Legged Pit Bull, Levi, Shot While Protecting Owners Levi 1/28/2016 Janesville WI Robber Yes Pit bull shot protecting owner from a robber.
Precious, a Pit Bull, Dies Protecting Owner from Alligator Precious 6/25/2016 LaBelle FL Animal Attack Yes Pit bull dies protection owner from an alligator.
Hero, Stray Pit Bull Stabbed Five Times Saving Woman From Attacker Hero 7/29/2016 Knoxville TN Attacker Yes Stray pit bull saved woman from a knife wielding attacker.

Renters Insurance in Vancouver, WA

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Any insurance cover gives you a lifeline caution against sudden lose of property and damages. Whereas some things are inevitable, it is always good to be proactive. Have you ever wondered what would happen to you if you lost your house belongings to either fire, theft, wind, vandalism and other things? It can be very hard trying to get back to replace what you had built for many years and worse still if you have to pay your tenant for damages on the property. If you live in Vancouver, WA, you can stay safe by taking a Renters insurance cover.

Here is a breakdown of how you can benefit from the insurance policy and what it covers:

It is good to note that you are entirely responsible for the house you have rented. If you do not have an insurance policy then you are at a big risk of losing all that you see in your house, and pay your tenant for property damages where it applies. Things like vandalism, theft, fire or calamities like wind cannot be stopped from happening but you can get a cover that will ensure that you stay put even after they come and are long gone. The cover allows you get back where you were and all other damages are paid for. All this is covered in the property coverage policy.

Imagine if someone sues you for an accident incurred at your house and you have to compensate for damages. What about the dog accidentally biting someone? You need to also think of the damages on your household members and take up a liability cover. It pays for all damages that may be caused by your pets, household members, your properties, and others. In case there will be a court procedure, the policies waives all the cost incurred.

I believe you are now in a position to appreciate what the Renters policy covers and how you can benefit from it. Take a wise decision, get to the policy providers sites, choose what suits you best, and get a cover.

Renters Insurance in Renton, WA

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When you secure a mortgage for a home, normally, one of the conditions is that you are required to secure homeowners insurance. However, renters are often not subject to a similar requirement. Nevertheless, getting a renters insurance policy when you are renting a house or apartment is an excellent idea. We’ll cover a number of ways that renters insurance protects you and your possessions.

Why Get Renters Insurance in Renton, WA?

A renter’s insurance is a type of insurance that protects the renter, as well as their property. You’ll need to select a coverage amount and a deductible amount. The deductible is really what you are comfortable with. Obviously, a higher deductible will have a lower premium.

Even though your landlord should have homeowners insurance, this will only protect his property. Again, if there is any damage to your own possessions, they will not be covered by his policy. Make sure you have renters insurance so that you will be protected in the event of a loss to your possessions.

Keep in mind, in apartment buildings, you may have less control over things like fires occurring in adjoining units. Your renters insurance in Renton, WA can protect you. Should the worst happen and a fire damages or destroys your home and possessions, you may have a hard time replacing everything that has been lost on your own. Renters insurance can help cover much of the replacement cost, so you do not have to pay it all on your own.

You Need Liability Coverage

When someone visits you in your home, you can be liable for any injury that happens to them, even if you do not own the property. And if your dog bit them, they may decide to sue you. You’d be on the hook for damages if you did not have the proper insurance. A good renter’s policy can help cover the costs of a successful lawsuit.

Virtually everywhere in the world faces some risk of natural disasters, whether it is from tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Make sure the replacement cost of your goods is covered by having a proper renters insurance policy in place. It’s stressful enough trying to manage and recover during a disaster. Not having to worry about the costs of replacing your goods is some form of relief in a time of worry.

Renters Insurance in Yakima, WA

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Renters insurance is a highly important thing to have when renting a place to live. The world is unpredictable, and a variety of things can happen that can alter the state of people’s possessions as they are living in such a place.

Renters insurance in Yakima, WA allows for people to be properly covered should anything happen to their possessions. Such a service is something that is preventive in nature, but it necessary all the same.

For a monthly premium, people can effectively secure the benefits of the service and be protected if anything happens. Such an investment is not made in a fearful way, but in a prepared one.

The premium allows for the person to retain all of the privileges associated with their coverage, and creates a contract between the person and the agency that will ensure that they are paid if their property is destroyed in an unfortunate event. Possessions are highly valuable, and being financially protected is prudent.

Should possessions get stolen or damaged or destroyed, the renters insurance in Yakima, WA will pay out an amount that will pay back the person based on the estimated worth of their goods and the size of their loss. This compensation will aid the person in getting new possessions and recouping their losses.

Due to laws that exist regarding the nature of renting, possessions that are in a rented property may not be protected by the landlords insurance. Therefore, getting covered by an agency of your choice may be critical in nature.

This is especially important for college students. Due to often being located in places that are not able to offer the absolute best in quality and protection, students may not have the best protection against various unfortunate events. Also, the portability of their items makes it easy to be stolen. Therefore, a student with renters insurance in Yakima, WA will have an easy time settling after an unfortunate event.